Merit Based Full Ride Scholarships

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What Act Score Gets You A Full Tuition Scholarship

How I Got $500,000 in College Scholarships (WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU) national merit/applying early/ECs

In college admissions and scholarships there are rarely any absolutes. This goes for GPA, but also ACT and SAT scores. Generally, the higher your test scores, the better. However, test scores are not everything and other factors like grades, classes, essays, activities, and interviews are likely to be considered.

What Is A Full Ride Scholarship

A full ride scholarship is traditionally thought of as an award given to an applicant for meeting specific requirements defined by a university that covers all tuition costs, room and board, books and other fees related to attending a university.

There are many ways to receive a full ride scholarship. Someone could say to you I received a full ride scholarship to attend this university and the details behind who is covering all costs related to attending the university could vary greatly.

This article will cover all the different ways a future domestic or international student can get their cost of attendance completely, or nearly completely, covered. It is our hope that after reading this article you will have additional ideas on how you can achieve this goal.

Maximizing Your Chances Of Fully Funding Your Education

With the average cost of college reaching $34,740 in the 2017-18 school year, students and parents are looking for ways to reduce the cost of higher education. While most scholarships and grants can chip away at the total cost, there’s usually some left to be covered unless you’ve earned a full ride scholarship. Full ride scholarships cover the cost of tuition and more, removing the difficulty from paying for an education. These scholarships are available to all types of students, too, and there are plenty of full ride opportunities available.

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Washington University In St Louis

John B. Ervin Scholars Program: This is a program meant to foster a more diverse campus at WashU. Ervin Scholars gain access to a comprehensive program that includes orientation, meetings with university and community leaders, academic support and advising, and special events. Ervin Scholars are also expected to engage in the campus community and participate in community service projects.

Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program: This full-ride scholarship recognizes students of exceptional merit, with noteworthy academic and leadership achievements, and a penchant for community service. Through this scholarship, students gain access to a special orientation, meetings with university and community leaders, academic support and advising, the Rodriguez First Year Seminar, and other special events.

Danforth Scholars Program: Specifically for students passionate about community service, this scholarship may cover half or full tuition. These funds are renewable for each year of the students undergraduate study, provided that they maintain certain academic and character standards.

John B Ervin Scholars Program

85 Colleges With Full

The John B. Ervin Scholars Program offers full ride scholarships for international students. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, room and board, and a $2,500 stipend for books and supplies.

The program is open to undergraduates enrolled in an accredited four-year institution in the United States. International students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and demonstrate financial need. The deadline for the scholarship is March 1.

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College Of Engineering And Physical Sciences Industry Scholarship

Awarded to:

  • First-Year Applicants to the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


  • Variable each scholarship covers a significant portion of a students tuition, fees, and room & board for four years of undergraduate education at UNH.

How to apply:

  • Early action applicants who are competitive for the CEPS Industry Scholarship will receive an email inviting them to apply shortly after they receive their admit decision to a major within UNHs College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.
  • All finalists will be invited to participate in a Zoom video interview as part of the scholarship review process in early March.
  • Applicants will be notified of the results by mid-March or early April.

Criteria and restrictions:

University Of Maryland College Park

Banneker/Key Scholars: A prestigious merit scholarship at the University of Maryland, College Park, Banner/Key Scholars are available at two levels of funding: partial and full. Full awards cover the entire cost of tuition, room, and board. Partial scholarships provide $8,000 to in-state students and $12,000 to out-of-state students. All Banneker/Key Scholars receive a book allowance and are offered unique opportunities such as internships, cooperative educational experiences, and study abroad programs.

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Nacme Program Grant Link

The SU National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Program Grant is a $1000 grant awarded to selected students admitted to the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Students must be admitted and enrolled in ECS , demonstrate financial need and have filed for financial aid, and have minority status as defined by NACME .

The award is renewable provided the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.75, remains enrolled in ECS, and files for financial aid annually.

Negotiating Your College Costs

Full Ride Scholarships for Athletes [Types of Scholarships]

To negotiate a better deal on your entire cost of college, you must be desirable to the universities youre applying to. Top 50 schools have a long line of high school seniors trying to get admitted who are exceptionally qualified therefore, to be successful in negotiating a better deal you must be strategic in your process. Pick solid smaller schools that are trying to grow the program you are interested in.

If you dont have top notch grades, emphasize your academic potential. You must present yourself well with strong social media profiles yes, schools look at these before awarding scholarships. Display strong community involvement and let them know you are a community leader in your field of study.

You also must apply to competing schools and let them know their competition is offering a better deal which means you must have a better deal with which to negotiate. And you must negotiate in an appropriate manner, which I will cover in a different post.

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Scholarship In Action Merit Scholarships Link

The Scholarship in Action Merit Scholarships are awarded to 11 upper-class students selected to receive a $6,000 scholarship. Juniors will be awarded for two years, and seniors for one year. Three of the recipients will be from The College of Arts and Sciences. The remaining eight undergraduate schools and colleges will receive one scholarship each.

To be eligible, students must have:

  • Entered the University without a merit scholarship from SU
  • Completed two years of study at SU and achieved junior status during the first semester of the scholarship
  • Earned an overall grade point average of 3.0
  • Demonstrated scholarship in action in their time at SU
  • A rising junior who applies but does not receive a scholarship may reapply for his or her senior year. To maintain their scholarships, students will be required to meet the same academic standards that are required for other academic/competitive scholarships.

    Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs

    What Is A Full

    Getting a scholarship that fully covers tuition costs is most students’ dream. It’s hard to believe there’s something even better out there the full-ride scholarship. These scholarships are special because they cover not only tuition but also other basic costs such as room and board, books, travel, and supplies.

    For most private schools, this means you’re getting more than $200,000 of expenses covered with these scholarships.

    Unlike financial aid, which many schools offer to students based on what they and their families can afford to pay for their educations, these scholarships are based entirely on merit.

    The idea is that these schools think certain students are specialso special that they want it to be a no-brainer for you to choose to attend their school. As a result, they’re going to try their hardest to make you want to partner with them for the next four years.

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    Is There A Difference Between Full Ride And Fully Funded Scholarships

    No! Both phrases are used interchangeably to refer to a scholarship that covers the cost of attendance .

    The main difference between these two phrases is the perception of the student and the applicant.

    A student who is offered a full-ride scholarship often thinks that their financial burden of attending college is taken care of. They may not realize that they still need to pay for other expenses such as transportation, entertainment, and personal expenses. Receiving a fully-funded scholarship means that the student knows that a scholarship is not a substitute for working and is perfectly fine with covering the remaining costs themselves.

    Read The Fine Print About Scholarship Renewal

    Full Scholarship List

    Certain schools might require you to submit evidence that youre maintaining a certain GPA or meeting other requirements to remain eligible for your award.

    Its essential to stay on top of any continuing obligations to your schools financial aid office.

    Need-based financial aid will also need to be renewed, so make sure you understand what the FAFSA renewal process entails!

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    Project Lead The Way Link

    Project Lead the Way scholarships are offered to selected students who are admitted to the College of Engineering and Computer Science and are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Students should complete the Project Lead The Way Application Form by Jan. 15 of their senior year of high school to notify the Office of Admissions that they have taken at least two PLTW courses during high school.

    Say Yes To Education Link

    Say Yes to Education, Inc. is a national, nonprofit education foundation committed to dramatically increasing high school and college graduation rates for urban youth. The Syracuse chapter of Say Yes to Education is a department within the Central NY Community Foundation and functions as a collaborative partnership among Syracuse University, the Syracuse City School District and many private colleges and all of the SUNY/CUNY schools. SUs Say Yes to Education Scholarship covers tuition, fees, and books through funding provided by SU. The scholarship amount includes aid received from the NYS Tuition Assistance Program and Syracuse University merit awards. Students must adhere to Syracuse University deadlines throughout the admissions and financial aid process and certify with Say Yes Syracuse by completing the Say Yes Syracuse online application.

    Syracuse University participates in the following Say Yes to Education programs:

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    Georgia Institute Of Technology

    Stamps Presidents Scholars Program: Recipients of Georgia Techs Stamps Presidents Scholars Program receive an award covering tuition, fees, housing, meal plan, books, academic supplies, personal expenses, and a stipend during the first year for a laptop. Scholars also receive $12,000 of enrichment funding to cover expenses such as international experiences, unpaid internships, unpaid research, and conferences. A total of 40 students are awarded the scholarship annually20 students from Georgia and 20 students from out of state.

    Top Full Ride Scholarships For High School Students In December 2022

    Merit Scholarships: How to get 6-figures in Scholarships for College! Top Colleges w/ Merit!

    A full ride scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship that covers tuition, room and board, expenses for books and other fees, and oftentimes money for expenses such as a laptop. Some even include bonus money that will help fund a research or study abroad experience over the summer.

    Some colleges and universities may also award full ride scholarship recipients other benefits including the opportunity to be part of an honors program or preferential residence hall selection.

    Jump ahead to:

    If you are wondering how to get a full ride scholarship, you are in the right place! Keep on reading to learn about how you can find and win full ride and full tuition scholarships!

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    The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Scholarship

    The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship benefit package covers full tuition and mandatory fees at Lehigh University. In addition to tuition and mandatory fees, scholarship Cadets are provided a book allowance of $1200 per year, as well as a monthly stipend. Lehigh University provides a supplemental room & board scholarship for those Cadets that make the commitment to serve as an Army Officer upon graduation. For more information on how to apply for an Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship, please visit

    Phanstiel Scholarship Program Link

    The Howard and Louise Phanstiel Grant provides assistance to Syracuse University students from middle- income backgrounds who are U.S. citizens and who have demonstrated examples of academic success and community leadership. The Phanstiel Scholars program aims to ensure that talented students with leadership potential, both in the classroom and the community, can be a part of the SU experience and earn a degree from Syracuse University. The Phanstiel Scholars will benefit financially and will have access to a group of mentors who will offer support and guidance in a program encompassing philanthropy, financial literacy, and mentoring. To encourage a spirit of philanthropy, and to support the academic and personal development of the Phanstiel Scholars, students will participate in three important activities associated with the grant:

    • Recipients will participate in an annual lecture that helps to promote the value of giving back to ones individual community and the community at large.
    • These students will be required to submit a one-page personal statement outlining the philanthropic efforts which they have been engaged in throughout the year.
    • Scholars will participate in SUs Financial Literacy program, to ensure that they will manage their future success and finances.

    Students will be considered for this grant upon their admission to Syracuse University no application is required.

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    What Is Full Ride Scholarship

    A full ride scholarship is a scholarship that covers all of the costs of attendance, including tuition, room, and board at a particular school or program. The U.S. government and many private organizations offer full-ride scholarships for international students. These scholarships are usually awarded to international students who have excellent academic records and demonstrate strong financial needs.

    Full-ride scholarships are very competitive. To be considered for one of these scholarships, you will need to have excellent grades and test scores. You should also have extracurricular activities and leadership experience.

    Free Tuition Plus Scholarships

    Full Ride Scholarships


    Free Tuition Plus Scholarships are an invitation for qualifying students to consider a tuition-free future via New York States Excelsior Scholarship program, plus the added support of Oswegos First-Year Merit Scholarships for high-achieving students. Those who may qualify for Excelsior Scholarship will be identified as Free Tuition Plus scholars and as such will benefit from reminders and communications aimed at helping them achieve and maintain an Excelsior Scholarship at Oswego.

    These scholarships are available in two monetary levels and are awarded to incoming first-year Excelsior Scholars who have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence with a strong record of classroom achievement in a challenging college preparatory curriculum.

    Free Tuition Plus Scholarship Levels


    Fall 2023 Free Tuition Plus scholarships are renewable for four years by maintaining full-time status, a minimum 3.00 GPA, and housing requirements*.

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    What Scholarships Are Available To First

    All admitted students, regardless of nationality, are considered for academic/merit scholarships for which they are eligible. In general, admitted students awarded scholarships have excellent academic credentials and exhibit exceptional leadership skills.

    Most merit-based scholarships do not require an application for financial aid. However, we strongly encourage merit award candidates to complete the forms required for need-based aid, if they believe that they may need financial aid in addition to their merit award. Merit award recipients who have applied for need-based financial aid will be considered for any need-based aid for which they qualify beyond the amount of the merit award.

    Do You Need A Minimum Gpa Or Sat/act Score For A Full

    Some full-ride scholarships require recipients to possess a certain GPA or achieve particular test scores, but theres no hard-and-fast rule that you need to graduate at the top of your class or earn a jaw-dropping score on the SAT/ACT to be considered for a full-ride scholarship. That said, the better your grades and test scores are, the stronger scholarship candidate you become and the less likely you are to fail to qualify for an award.

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    Invest In Success Scholarship Link

    The Invest in Success Scholarship is awarded to first-year and transfer students in good standing, who in their first semester completed 15 or more credits with at least a 3.75 grade point average . For the scholarship to renew, first and second-year students must successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each Fall/Spring semester with a 3.25 cumulative GPA. Effective Fall 2022: Third, fourth, and fifth-year students must complete a total of 30 credits each year with a 3.25 cumulative GPA. .

    How Do I Apply

    100% Scholarships for International Students at Stanford University | Road to Success Ep. 02

    Freshmen admitted to the Columbus campus for autumn semester are automatically considered for most merit awards if we received their complete admission applications by our November 1 early action deadline. However, three scholarships require additional steps or have different deadlines .

    More FAQs

    Should I file the FAFSA?

    Yes. All students are highly encouraged to file the FAFSA by February 1 to receive priority consideration for the widest range of need-based scholarships, loans, grants and Federal Work-Study. Visit Student Financial Aid for more information.

    If I submit multiple test scores, which do you consider?

    Ohio State has adopted a test-optional policy for 2023 applicants. Please read the Testing FAQs.

    When considering students for admission, scholarships, or Honors and Scholars selection, we consider the best official composite / combined score from a single test administration. Ohio State does not mix sub-scores from multiple tests or adjust scholarship values for higher test scores received after the scholarships published deadline .

    Are transfer students eligible for merit awards?

    No, transfer students are not eligible for merit award consideration.

    Do you offer scholarships for National Merit Scholars?

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