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College Scholarships For Engineering Majors

GIK Institute | Mechanical Engineering | Scholarships and Aids | Undergraduate Admission

Florida International University hosts a noted Engineering and Computing Department, which sponsors dozens of scholarships. The Southern Gear and Machine, Inc. Scholarship is specifically designated for Mechanical Engineering students. Applicants must be residents of Dade County and be able to prove financial need. Each applicants academic performance is considered as part of the evaluation process.

West Virginia University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department puts forth nearly two-dozen annual scholarships for students pursuing engineering majors. Among them:

  • MAE Merit Scholarships go to outstanding undergraduates with double-majors in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering.
  • The Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award for Women is reserved for a stand-out graduate level female student in the department.
  • The Hansen Inc. Scholarship program awards $800 each, to students in their third or fourth year of undergraduate studies, and to those qualified participants enrolled in the schools graduate program.

The Center For Women In Technology

CWIT supports UMBCs commitment to diversity at all levels and its efforts to create a campus community rich in intellectual, cultural, and ethnic diversity. CWIT helps the University achieve its regional and national mission by identifying those areas in science, technology, and engineering where women are significantly underrepresented, attracting well-qualified female students to UMBC through special scholarship initiatives such as the CWIT Scholars Program, and working with departments and other campus partners to help make UMBC a welcoming place for women in engineering and information technology. CWIT also supports the University in its efforts to attract private and public funding to achieve its mission. For more information, please visit the CWIT website.

Grants For Mining Metallurgical And Petroleum Engineering Students

Several associations offer scholarship support to engineering students pursuing careers related to the mining and petroleum industries. For example, the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers administers several scholarship programs, including the Lewis E. and Elizabeth W. Young Scholarships for students attending school in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Virginia.

Other programs available from AIME include the Benjamin J. Fairless Scholarship and the John S. Marshall Memorial Scholarship.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers offers several scholarships to petroleum engineering students at both the undergraduate and graduate level, including the SPE Foundation Gus Archie Scholarship, the SPE Star Scholarship and Fellowship and the SPE Foundation Nico van Wingen Graduate Fellowship.

The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society also provides scholarship funding to students in engineering programs related to mining and metals. Available programs include the $5,000 J. Keith Brimacombe Presidential Scholarship, the $2,000 Extraction & Processing Division Scholarship and the $2,500 Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division Scholarship. TMS scholarships are available to undergraduate students of either sophomore or junior standing.

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Need Financial Help Acquiring Your Engineering Degree

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, commonly referred to as the STEM subjects, offer some of the most lucrative grant and scholarship opportunities for students in the United States. Through the second half of the last century, the American student body began to fall behind their international peers in academic competitiveness, especially in the critical STEM fields. Over the last couple of decades the Federal government has pressed for a new emphasis on the sciences, and in particular engineering, leading to an increase in the availability of financial aid for students pursuing degrees in STEM related fields.

Grants for engineering students come from a variety of sources, including the Federal Government, Colleges and Universities, and Corporations and Professional Associations. Many of these grant programs target women and minorities as a way of diversifying a field that has been historically dominated by white males.

Engineering majors will find it easier to find suitable grant programs by determining early in their academic careers which field of engineering they wish to study. By focusing on the specific engineering fields in which they are interested, students can bypass those grant programs which are unsuitable, and concentrate on pursuing those that best suit their needs and status. The most common engineering specialties include:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Sharon Dbanks Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

Uon bachelor of mechanical engineering (hons)

This scholarship is aimed to provide fruitful academic opportunities to women high school seniors who are seeking to study mechanical engineering. Aimed especially at mechanical engineering in transportation, it offers significant financial assistance to deserving students.

Moreover, to apply for it students should have a minimum 3.0 GPA and should have graduated from any school in Oregon or Southwest Washington. It is primarily competitive and merit-based as well as their academic records. Furthermore, candidates belonging to minorities are encouraged to apply for the same.

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Scholarships For Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Germany 2022

Scholarships for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany:

A master in mechanical engineering in Germany is a two-year course available for those graduating in any engineering field or a related discipline. Mechanical engineers are in high demand worldwide, and Germany is no exception, given its flourishing automotive, industrial, manufacturing, and other business sectors.

Grants For Transportation Engineering Students

The Institute of Transportation Engineers makes annual financial support available to graduate-level students of transportation engineering in certain parts of the country. Students in Texas may qualify for support through the $1,000 Texas District Fellowship.

The $1,000 Western District Fellowship is available to students residing in Idaho, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Alaska, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington.

In addition, the $2,000 Transoft Solutions Inc. Ahead of the Curve Scholarship is available to transportation engineering students throughout the United States and Canada. All applications must be submitted by April 1 to be eligible for consideration.

Undergraduate biomedical engineering students may be eligible for financial support through the C. William Hall Scholarship, administered by the Society for Biomaterials. Applicants must be of junior or senior standing in order to apply. The annual deadline for application falls on February 14.

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University Of Michiganann Arbor

At the University of Michigan, they provide thousands of ways for their students to engage in the engineering landscape. Michigan Engineering is the top-ranking department that collaborates within the countrys number one public research institution. It also ranked as one of the top ten engineering schools in the nation and among the top 15 schools in the world. It offers 17 undergraduate programs and grants degrees at the Bachelors, Masters, and PhD levels.

Rank: 5thTuition: $26,336 per year and $49,508 per year Enrollment: 3,285

The Berto Diaz Engineering Scholarship

Stanford Scholarships: Kyle Tsai, Mechanical Engineering

Multiple recipients, $1,000

The Details: This scholarship is for high school seniors entering a 4-year mechanical engineering program. It was established in memory of Roberto Ugo Diaz.

The Deadline: February

Website for more information and to apply for this scholarship:

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Dan And Vicky Hancock Scholarship For Mechanical Engineering Excellence

The Dan and Vicky Hancock Scholarship for Mechanical Engineering Excellence, established by Dan and Vicky Hancock, provides financial support for students pursuing college degrees in the field of mechanical engineering.

A Kettering graduate, Dan enjoyed a 43-year automotive engineering career at General Motors where he served as Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances. A longtime SAE member, Dan is an SAE Fellow who served on the SAE Foundation Board of Trustees, the SAE International Board of Directors and is the former SAE International President. In 2011, Dan was elected to the National Academy of Engineering – one of the highest honors an engineer can receive.

Dan and Vicky believe strongly in helping others and giving back to the community through their many philanthropic and volunteer activities.

  • One scholarship will be awarded each year for $5,500 .
  • One scholarship will be awarded annually for $7,500* from applications combined. *Award amount may be subject to change.
  • Recipient will be selected by the SAE Scholarship Committee and notified by the end of June.
  • This scholarship will be paid into your account at your selected university in July/August.
  • It can be used for tuition or any other incidental school expenses.

Applications accepted for the 2022/23 academic year beginning January 12, 2022.

Reasons For Studying Master In Mechanical Engineering In Germany:

  • The country is home to a flourishing mechanical engineering industry that witnessed excellent revenue and job growth over the last few years.
  • Germany has a globally acclaimed education system, with special recognition for its research-based curriculum.
  • Close to 300 out of 426 German universities do not have tuition fees.
  • The country offers great prospects for research and learning and excellent employment avenues for mechanical engineering graduates.

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Mechanical Engineering Scholarships Opportunities

The Mechanical Engineering department offers various scholarship opportunities to current and incoming students to the college of engineering. These wide ranges of scholarships are to be awarded to our prominent Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students who meet the qualifications to help meet their educational needs. No application is necessary. All Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students will automatically be considered on a competitive basis.

Names of some of the scholarships may not appear in the list above and are updated as we raise additional funds. Scholarship award recipients are decided by the undergraduate scholarship committee.

Scholarships For Women Engineers

CWF Hamilton and Co Ltd Masters Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering ...

Female engineering students should consider applying for the many scholarships available from the Society of Women Engineers. The SWE offers almost 20 scholarships to incoming freshmen engineering students, ranging in value from $1,000 to the $7,000 Anne Maureen Whitney Barrow Memorial Scholarship.

Over 50 separate SWE scholarships are available to continuing undergraduates, while approximately 20 SWE scholarship programs are open to graduate students. The SWE also offers several scholarships to students returning to school after an interruption in their learning, including the $2,000 B.K. Krenzer Memorial Reentry Scholarship and the $1,500 Olive Lynn Salembier Memorial Reentry Scholarship.

In addition to all of these nationally available scholarships administered by the Society of Women Engineers, state and regional SWE chapters also offer scholarships to students attending college in many areas. While many SWE scholarships are open to engineering students in all disciplines, others are limited to students in specific concentrations.

Most SWE scholarship programs require that an applicant have a grade point average of at least 3.0, and some are reserved for student members of the SWE. The annual deadline to apply for SWE scholarships is February 15.

Although not limited specifically to engineering students, the organization Graduate Women in Science offers fellowship awards of up to $10,000 to female students pursuing a graduate degree in any branch of science.

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Top 6 Mechanical Engineering Scholarships For High School Seniors

High school can be full of fun and joyous times. However, it can also be the time that can land students under immense stress, especially when it comes to college applications. While many colleges already offer a much-subsidized fee for the learners, others offer plenty of scholarships that can be bagged by the high school senior through merit and academics.

By reducing the financial obstacle, it aids in empowering academic and professional ambitions. Receiving a scholarship eliminates financial worries for students. As a result, high school seniors get more time to study, learn, and earn higher marks. Speaking about the financial advantages, scholarships are particularly interesting to young candidates who are just starting their employment careers. Accepting a scholarship can also provide access to a variety of educational institutions and job prospects.

Grants For Plastics Engineering Students

The Society of Plastics Engineersoffers a variety of annual scholarships to engineering students who plan to pursue a career in the plastics industry. Available scholarships include the $4,000 SPE Foundation Scholarship for both graduate students and undergraduates, the $2,500 Lew Erwin Memorial Scholarship for doctoral candidates and the $3,000 Plastics Pioneers Association Scholarship for undergraduate engineering students.

The SPE also awards several grants to engineering students in specific regions of the country, such as the $2,000 Pittsburgh Section Scholarship and the $6,000 Gulf Coast Hurricane Scholarship for students studying in a Gulf Coast state. SPE scholarships are awarded on the basis of an applicants financial need and academic record. The annual deadline for application is February 15. Electronic applications may be downloaded from the SPE website.

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California Institute Of Technology

Take the next step in your career with an advanced degree from Caltech Engineering. Caltech Division of Engineering and Applied Science is comprised of 7 departments. It provides world-renowned educational resources as well as unparalleled opportunities for both basic and applied research. Their faculty work to invent the technologies of the future at the edges of fundamental science.

Rank: 5th

Monterey Bay Officer Spouses Club Scholarship Award

EEA’s National Scholarship Test | GATE & TRB Courses | Mechanical Engineering

Multiple recipients, Varies

The Details: This is a merit-based scholarship available to military dependents of active duty, retired, or deceased military members that are living in the Monterey County area or military dependents of Naval Postgraduate school alumni living anywhere. Selection is based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and essays. Students need to be seeking a degree in a STEM field. They also must be an MBSC member, an immediate family member of an MBOSC member, an immediate family member of any active duty, retired, or deceased military member in the Monetary Bay area, or be a dependent of someone in NSA Monterey, NPS, POM, DLFIC, FNMOC, the Coast Guard, or any alumni from a military post on the Monterey Peninsula. They can be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, at a full-time or part-time level.

The Deadline: June

Website for more information and to apply for this scholarship:

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American Association Of Blacks In Energy Scholarship

Multiple recipients, $5,000

The Details: This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors who intend to enroll next semester in an accredited college and university pursuing a business, one of the physical sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Students must also be underrepresented minorities such as African-American, Hispanic, or Native American.

The Deadline: March

Website for more information and to apply for this scholarship:

Grants And Scholarships For Computer Science

Computer science is concerned with the scientific and mathematical methods of information technology and related applications. Computer science is directly related to engineering as it is concerned with the design and development of all types of computer components. The scholarships and grants geared specifically toward computer science include:

  • The Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship provides opportunities and benefits to students pursuing doctoral degrees in various fields including computer sciences and engineering. Applicants must be full-time students pursuing a doctoral degree and senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students working toward a degree in engineering and physical, computer, mathematical, or life sciences can apply. Throughout the fellowship period, students must continue full-time enrollment and conduct research areas of interest to the department. The financial benefits include a yearly salary of $36,000, full tuition and fees, $5,000 academic allowance for the first year and $1,000 for every following year, and the ability to renew the fellowship up to four years. Students can apply at the DOE website: .

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Canadian Mechanical Engineering Awards Bursaries Prizes And Scholarships

Royal Military College of Canada Engineering Division
Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Design Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Carleton University Faculty of Engineering and Design Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, School of Architecture and the School of Industrial Design

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship

Engineering Technology Scholarships

The Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships to approximately 1500 undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities per year, who are pursuing their degree at universities, universities of applied sciences , or universities of the arts .This is one of the best Scholarships for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany.

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Grants For Chemical Engineering Students

Chemical engineering students should apply for grants and scholarships made available by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The $5,000 John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship is available to an undergraduate junior or senior chemical engineering student with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Fifteen Donald F. & Mildred Topp Othmer National Scholarship Awards are awarded annually and valued at $1,000 each.

The AIChE also administers the $15,000 Carboline-NACE Foundation Scholarship for students pursuing a bachelors degree in corrosion engineering at the University of Akron.

Best Engineering Schools And Scholarships In Us 202:

If you are thinking about declaring engineering major but still searching the Best Engineering Schools and Scholarships in US, then stop worrying. To help prospective engineering student explore programs and schools, we have compiled the following list which has the top engineering schools of the United States. Also apply for Study in UK without IELTS Fully Funded Scholarships.

Take a look at the well-known schools appropriate for engineering students in the U.S. You can narrow your search by tuition, ranking, and enrollment with the U.S. News rankings of the top engineering schools.

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Ametek Foundation Inc International Stem Scholarship

Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: May 31, 2023 |

AMETEK Foundation, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist residents of China, Serbia, the United Kingdom and the European Union who plan to continue their education in a STEM field.

Applicants must be residents of the European Union or the United Kingdom to apply for the scholarships offered in France and in the United Kingdom OR be residents of Serbia to apply for scholarships offered in Serbia, OR be residents of China to apply for the scholarship offered in China.

All applicants must be in their final year of upper or higher secondary school or be current technical or university level students, and planning to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at one of the following universities for the entire upcoming academic year:

  • Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

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