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Helen Richards Henderson Scholarship

Alicia Nájera Memorial Scholarship – School of Social Work

This endowed scholarship was established in 1998 by Ann E. Henderson to honor her mother, CSW Professor Emeritus Helen R. Henderson. The scholarship is awarded to a masters-level social work student who is a single mother and who demonstrates promise in the field of social work. Special consideration is given to students who share Helen Hendersons interest in mental health and concern for professional development.

Scholarship Funding For Social Workers

A career in social work is a noble calling that requires a unique dedication to the welfare of others. Social workers provide a vital service to the communities in which they serve, and it is often only through their dedication that the disadvantaged are able to find the help and support they need in times of crisis. A career in social work can take many paths, and students may find themselves working with children and families, abuse survivors, or the mentally and physically disabled. Social workers may find themselves employed by the state, in schools or in public healthcare facilities.

Social work offers a wide range of professional possibilities, but it also requires an extensive education. While there are some professional positions open to graduates with a bachelors degree, most social work requires a masters or doctorate degree. For students interested in pursuing a career in social work that means further schooling, and a greater financial burden. But there are many scholarship opportunities dedicated to helping students achieve their professional ambitions, and pursue degrees and careers in social work. These scholarship programs may be supported by government funding, private endowments, professional associations, or colleges and universities.

National Association Of Black Social Workers Scholarship

The National Association of Black Social Workers is an organization for social workers of African ancestry or who are part of the Black community. It awards scholarships for active NABSW student members to support their schooling. Eligible applicants must be enrolled full-time in undergraduate, master, or doctoral degrees.

A statement of purpose addressing your professional goals, previous experience, and educational background is required. You also need to submit a letter from your school stating your current academic standing with the university. You should also provide an official transcript. If not available, you must send your undergraduate transcript.

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Is A Masters In Social Work Worth It

Yes, a masters degree in social work program is worth pursuing especially if you are aiming for an advanced career in social welfare and development. An advanced degree provides opportunities for higher positions, a more competitive salary, and generous benefits. These programs will also help you develop the soft skills you need for a career in social work.

You will also find many organizations that are offering a variety of scholarships and financial aids for MSW students that can help you in your educational needs. These are available for deserving students with a good academic record and who are engaged in the public service.

General Social Work Scholarships

social work scholarships

Truman ScholarshipsAmount: Up to $30,000The Harry S. Truman Foundation scholarships support students looking to make a difference in advocacy, nonprofit, and public service. Truman Scholars receive the scholarship as well as the opportunity to participate in leadership development courses and special internships.

John A. Hartford Foundation Fellowship GrantsAmount: VariesThe foundation is primarily focused on furthering the field of gerontology and has various active grants available in universities all over the United States.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies AwardsAmount: VariesISTSS has various awards and scholarship opportunities for students who have made significant contributions to the field of traumatic stress through clinical work, research, or advocacy.

Davis-Putter Scholarship FundAmount: Up to $10,000This is a need-based scholarship fund for students actively advocating for peace and social justice in their community and on campus. Grantees are often active in the struggle against homophobia, racism, and sexism, or in building foundations for economic justice and peace.

Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial MSW ScholarshipAmount: $5,500This scholarship is available through the National Association of Social Workers and is awarded to masters candidates committed to working in African-American communities. Recipients usually have experience working in health and mental health organizations.

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Mayors Graduate Scholarship Program

An opportunity for full-time New York City local government employees with undergraduate degrees to study at accredited colleges/universities in the metropolitan area. The Silver School funds a maximum of five new MSW and DSW students at up to 50% tuition only reduction scholarship. Please review the Mayors Graduate Scholarship Program website for more information.

Applicants to the Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program will receive a decision on their scholarship application by early May.

Social Work Degree Scholarships Grants And Loans

Social Work degree scholarships, grants, and loans are all ways you can pay for an undergraduate and graduate degree in Social Work. A Social Work degree is a worthy investment for altruistic students wishing to give back to their communities in this helping profession. After all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that social work jobs are growing faster than average by 12 percent through 2030.

The only problem is that college tuition is also escalating. Becoming a social worker requires investing in at least four years of post-secondary education. So get prepared to foot a hefty bill for a Master of Social Work for clinical practice. The average cost for a masters degree is $20,335 each year. Thats disconcerting for many, considering the mean annual wage for social workers is only $45,900. Luckily, the following types of financial aid are available to cover your tuition burden.

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The Brooklyn Section Of National Council Of Jewish Women Inc

The Brooklyn Section of National Council of Jewish Women, Inc. is offering their annual Social Work scholarship. They offer this one-time scholarship to a student who will attend an accredited Social Work program, graduating in June 2023 or in June 2024. This scholarship is being offered to a New York City Resident.

Brooklyn Section, NCJW, Inc. is a non-gender, non-denominational organization devoted to improving the quality of life for women, children and families.

  • Academic excellence indicated by the applicant’s high school transcript and undergraduate and/or graduate transcript.
  • Three letters of reference from supervisors or faculty members.
  • A letter from the applicant stating community service, educational plans and career goals.
  • Telephone number, address and e-mail where student may be reached.
  • COMPLETED information must be submitted AT ONE TIME to Brooklyn Section, National Council of Jewish Women, Inc. 1001 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY 11223, or emailed to: , Attention: Scholarship Committee NO LATER THAN APRIL 13, 2022.
  • Our scholarship will be presented to the recipient upon proof of full matriculation to the college, as indicated by a letter from the Bursar or Registrar attesting to classes for the Fall 2022 term.
  • All requirements must be submitted in one packet with the exception of proof of matriculation.
  • You can reach us at 718-376-8164 or via e-mail at .

    Degree In Social Work Scholarships

    My Journey as an HBCU Graduate Student

    Social work scholarships are typically awarded to particular groups of people. They could be granted based on your background, field of study or where you or your parents work or have worked. For example, some scholarships are geared toward students focusing on a specific field of study like mental health. As another example, a scholarship could be awarded if a student is a part of a military family.

    While some scholarships could only be a few hundred dollars, full or free-ride scholarships could cover everything, including your tuition and living expenses.

    Although the terms scholarship and fellowship are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Usually, the money received through a scholarship is a gift with no obligation to pay it back. A fellowship typically requires the recipient to complete an internship or other service commitment to pay off the funding they received. This commitment could be for one or more years depending on the terms of the fellowship.

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    The Vern Lamarr Lyons Memorial Msw Scholarships

    Description: This scholarship is administered by the National Association of Social Workers foundation and is awarded annually to students earning their scholarships for masters in social work. Candidates must demonstrate an interest in working in, or have experience working in, a health or mental health clinic that serves African American communities. This scholarship is awarded in the name of Vern LaMarr Lyons, a social worker and NASW member who died while waiting for a heart transplant. Lyons devoted her life to addressing health concerns that had detrimental effects of African American communities.

    Award Amount: Award amounts vary based on the project annual earnings of the fund.

    Number of Awards: The number of scholarships awarded depends upon available funds and the number of applicants.

    Eligibility: This award is available to members of the National Association of Social Workers who are enrolled in an accredited masters-level social work program and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

    Click here to visit the website to find out more about The Vern LaMarr Lyons Memorial MSW Scholarships.

    Additional Scholarships Grants And Fellowships

    CSWEs Minority Fellowship Program: The program is designed to reduce health disparities and improve behavioral health-care outcomes for racially and ethnically diverse populations by increasing the number of culturally competent masters-level behavioral health professionals available to serve them.

    Jewish Scholarship Service of Greater Pittsburgh: JSS is accepting scholarship applications! Apply today if you are a Jewish high school senior or student enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or technical school with financial need with residency in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington or Westmoreland county. Apply by March 2, 2021:

    Realizing the increasing cost associated with graduate school education the School of Social Work has put together a listing of external scholarship and financial aid opportunities for our students.

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    Study Of Aging Scholarship

    Allen Proctor, a clinical instructor in the CSWs practicum program for more than 25 years, was instrumental in establishing this scholarship through a distribution of assets from Salt Lake Metropolitan Services for the Aging. The award is made to outstanding students who have demonstrated commitment, capacity, and promise for a career in gerontology and direct service or field placement in gerontology.

    Pi Gamma Mu Scholarships

    Master of Social Work

    Pi Gamma Mu members will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship worth $1,000 or $2,000 to support their masters degree in social work. The organization awards the scholarship each year to 10 students.

    To submit your application, fill out the provided online application form with the required information. Additional eligibility requirements include your resume, three recommendation letters, and academic transcripts. A personal statement of why you want to pursue a career in social sciences is also required.

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    Consuelo W Gosnell Memorial Scholarship

    National Association of Social Workers members enrolled in an accredited MSW program can receive this graduate scholarship. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA to qualify. This scholarship amount is awarded to deserving students based on the expected annual earnings of the organization.

    All NASW non-members interested in applying for the graduate scholarship may join the organization using the NASW website. Scholarship applicants should send a biographical essay stating their professional goals. The scholarship also requires two letters of recommendation from professionals and a copy of your most recent transcripts.

    Scholarships Available Through Other Sources

    You may be eligible for other scholarships, through the University or through outside sources. University scholarships can be found in the PSU Scholarship Database. Additional scholarship opportunities may be found on the External Scholarship Resources section of the Student Finances Scholarship page.

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    Trkiye Scholarships For International Students And Requirements

    Scholarships for international students in Turkey are designed to encourage foreign students to study in Turkey and help them have a successful experience. The scholarships are offered to those who have good academic performance and financial needs.

    The Türkiye Scholarships For International Students program provides scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies at universities in Turkey.

    The Türkiye Scholarships For International Students program is available to students from countries outside Turkey who wish to study at Turkish higher education institutions. This program aims to promote internationalization within the Turkish higher education system by attracting talented students from around the world.

    The scholarship is worth 250,000 TRY per year . Students will receive the scholarship for up to three years, subject to good academic performance.

    Scholarship benefits include:

    • Accommodation in student dormitories or on-campus apartments
    • Free medical insurance
    • One return ticket per year
    • A monthly allowance of 300 TRY
    • An orientation week in Ankara and Istanbul during which you will be able to meet Turkish students and staff from your university as well as other international students studying in Turkey.

    Requirements for Scholarship:

    To be eligible for a Türkiye Scholarship, you must:

    Procedure for Application:

    To apply for a scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an international student
  • Government Of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship And Requirements

    Move to Canada For FREE With Your Family Via Scholarship || Including Automatic Scholarships

    The Government of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship for MSW is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to students enrolled in the Master of Social Work program at .

    The scholarship amount is $10,000 per year for up to three years. The scholarship is available to students from Brunei Darussalam who are pursuing the MSW degree at UOL.

    The Government of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship for MSW is open to citizens and residents of Brunei Darussalam, as well as those who have resided in Brunei Darussalam for at least five years. It is also open to permanent residents of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom who are not citizens of one of these countries.

    Requirements for Scholarship:

    The Government of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship is offered to students who are pursuing a Masters degree in social work. The scholarship provides a monthly stipend, tuition fees, and accommodation.

    To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

    • Be a citizen of Brunei Darussalam or have permanent residence status in Brunei Darussalam
    • Be enrolled in an accredited Masters degree program at an institution of higher learning in the U.S. or Canada
    • Demonstrate financial need.
    • Apply for the GBS Online Application System by January 31st.
    • Submit your transcript and other documents by February 28th.
    • Wait for an email from GBS confirming that your application has been received and processed.

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    Scholarships For Social Work Students To Apply For In 2022

    Many professions can support and meet the needs of the local community. Social workers are part of this list. Often, unsung heroes, these professionals are always needed.

    Before these essential professionals can become the backbone of social and mental health care, undergraduate and graduate students are studying to earn a degree. The undergraduate and sometimes graduate education required to move into social work can be expensive. Still, financial assistance is open to only these students who can help.

    Does Social Work Pay Well

    This is an important question to consider when deciding how much you can afford to take out in student loans. According to the 2020 BLS data, social workers have a median salary of $51,760 per year.

    This is on the lower end of the spectrum as far as college-educated salaries go. So, if you are interested in becoming a social worker, you should be sure to budget very thoughtfully to ensure that you dont take out more in debt than you can afford to pay back.

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    Whats The Best Way To Apply For Social Work Scholarships

    A key strategy that gives you the best chances when applying is to put more effort into a handful of scholarships that you feel confident about applying to rather than applying to a lot of scholarships that you only put minimal effort into. This is especially true for longer extended responses. If you feel like you have a story that could set you apart from other applicants, you may find it beneficial to spend more time on that application versus other shorter ones that arent specific to your experiences.

    Global Korea Scholarship Funded By The Korean Government And Requirements

    Scholarships For Masters Degrees In Social Work

    The Global Korea Scholarship is funded by the Korean Government. The scholarship is designed to support international students who wish to study in Korea. It offers a full-ride scholarship that covers tuition, accommodation, and living expenses for up to four years.

    The Global Korea Scholarship is open to international students who are applying for undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs at any of the universities in Korea. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic excellence, financial need, and the personal circumstances of the applicants.

    Applicants should be proficient in the English language and have an excellent academic record with at least a high school graduation diploma or college degree from an accredited institution.

    They should also show evidence of leadership skills and community service activities through letters of recommendation from their teachers, employers, or other respected individuals who can attest to their character qualities such as integrity, teamwork spirit, leadership potential etcetera.

    Requirements for Scholarship:

    The Global Korea Scholarship is an international scholarship program funded by the Korean government. Applicants must be citizens of a country outside of Korea, and must meet the following criteria:

    • They must be in their final year of high school or have completed at least one year of undergraduate study
    • They must be planning to study abroad in Korea at a Korean university
    • They must have a GPA of 3.2 or higher

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    The Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship

    Description: This scholarship is awarded based on applicants character, ability, and financial need. To apply for this scholarship, students will need to provide references from academic deans, professors, or advisors employers and/or personal associates. Students must also maintain a certain GPA and provide the foundation with academic transcripts.

    Award Amount: Award amounts vary based on recipients needs. The Foundation will award eligible students up to $8,500 annually.

    Eligibility: This award is available to students who have a minimum 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale and are enrolled in a full-time graduate program approved of by the Foundation. Students must also be under 40 years of age at the time of application for the scholarship.

    Click here to visit the website to find out more about The Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship

    An Additional Note on Scholarships:

    Students interested in pursuing a career in social work should contact their State Departments of Higher Education for information on other scholarships, grants, and loan-forgiveness programs that they may potentially qualify for.

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