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Ginny Frankenthaler Memorial Scholarship

Master of Library Science: What You Should Know

Deadline: June 1st

This scholarship is sponsored by the Southeastern Library Association . It is granted every two years for $1,000 to a beginning professional librarian who is in pursuit of an ALA-accredited masters degree in library and/or information science in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, or West Virginia.

Potential leadership must be demonstrated by applicants, and they are to hold a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, and agree to work for one year in a library in the Southeast.

The Association Of Jewish Libraries Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is attending, or has been accepted to, a graduate program in library science. Applicants should be focused on Judaica Librarianship and should demonstrate a strong future commitment to this field. The AJL Scholarship is awarded only to students who are attending ALA approved programs.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

  • Applicants must be able to submit a letter of acceptance from a graduate program, or must submit proof that they will be continuing in their current graduate program.
  • You must submit proof that you have worked in or for a Judaic library or similar institution, and that you will continue to pursue work in this field.
  • You must complete the application form and submit a brief personal statement.
  • The deadline for applications is generally April 1st of every year.

Apply For Scholarships Specific To Your Coursework

Library and Information Science is a growing field that offers a wide range of professional opportunities for students with a passion for research and raw information. As the digital age continues apace, library sciences will take on an even greater importance as entire archives of information will need to be cataloged, indexed, and stored on new mediums. Traditional libraries, both public and private, will also demand a steady influx of talented librarians with the ability to collate texts and ephemera with an eye towards the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Students interested in majoring in Library and Information Science will find a variety of scholarships designed to help them pay for their college education. The majority of scholarships and fellowships for Library and Information Science are dedicated to students working towards their Masters degree. That being said, there are still a good number of scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students enrolled in library science courses. Scholarships for Library and Information Science are typically supported by colleges and universities, educational foundations, and national library associations.

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The History Of Library Science Education

The first American library science school was founded at Columbia University, by Melvil Dewey, in 1887. Library science has included archival science, which includes the organization of information resources that serve the needs of selected groups of users. Library science is important for:

  • How people interact with technology and classification systems
  • The acquisition, evaluation, and application by people in and out of libraries, including cross-culturally
  • The training and education of library careers
  • The ethics guiding library organization and service
  • The legal status of information resources and libraries
  • Computer technology applied science used in records management and documentation

Apply For New Zealand Aid Programme 2023 Scholarships For International Students

Library Science, Masters Degree
  • University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University New Zealand, Massey University, University of Otago, University of Waikato +1 More, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Undergraduate, PhD, Bachelor, Masters, Postgraduate
  • wide range of subjects, varies on the basis of nationality of student
  • International Students, Commonwealth Countries various regions

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Allen Smith Endowed Scholarship For Slis Up To $34000

This award was established in August 2008 by SLIS Dean Michèle Cloonan and friends, family, and colleagues of the late Allen Smith, a former SLIS professor. Through the estate of Allen Smith, a gift was made to this scholarship fund in 2009. This endowed scholarship annually supports one or more SLIS students who are in good academic standing and have financial need. First preference is given to one or more SLIS students with demonstrated interest in oral history, reference, and/or humanities.

Brooks Mcnamara Librarian Scholarship

Application Deadline: May 30th

This scholarship was established for the purpose of honoring the beloved theatre historian, scholar, and educator who founded the Shubert Archive. This scholarship award is presented annually for $500 by the Theatre Library Association for promising individuals interested in the performance of art librarianship.

Outstanding accomplishments in performing arts libraries must be shown by eligible recipients while enrolled in a Master of Library and Information Science degree or archival training program in the U.S.

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California Library Association Scholarships

The Reference Service Press Fellowship is open to college seniors or college graduates who have been accepted in an accredited master’s degree program in library/information studies or graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited master’s degree program in library/information students who will have completed no more than eight credits when the award is given.

Amount: Approximate Deadline: Limited To:

CALA provides a number of awards, grants and scholarships for students of Chinese descent.


The $3,000 Karen Gersten-Sternheim Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually by the SLA-SCC to a student member pursuing a career in special librarianship.

Amount: Approximate Deadline: Limited To:

American Chemical Society provides a scholarship for designed to help persons with an interest in the fields of Chemistry and Information to pursue graduate study in Library, Information, or Computer Science.


Library Science Vs Librarianship

100% Scholarships for International Students at Harvard University | Road to Success Ep. 03

There is no general agreement in the distinction between librarianship and library science. They are somewhat interchangeable. They differ most in connotation. Most librarians use the term library science as a terminological variation meant to emphasize the technical and scientific foundations and their relation to information science. Library and Information Science is not the same as information theory, which is a mathematical study of the information concept.

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Masters In Library Science

A Masters in Library Science is a relatively new degree. According to the ALA, the degree is often referred to as the MLS. There are various other names for ALA-accredited degrees. They include:

  • Master of Library and Information Studies
  • Master of Librarianship
  • Master of Information Studies

The program determines the name of the degree. The ALA accreditation committee evaluates programs based on how they adhere to the Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies Standards for Accreditation rather than the name of the degree. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline is usually required to be admitted to a Master of Library and Science program. The ALA accredits 65 programs from 60 institutions in the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico.

Is An Online Master’s In Library Science Worth It

Some people strictly associate librarians with traditionally printed books and assume that this role is no longer needed in our digitally-oriented world. However, a need still exists for tech-savvy information specialists who can help people source and interpret information. In fact, according to the BLS, the demand for librarians is projected to grow by 9% over the next decade, creating 13,000 new jobs. Public librarians earn median annual salaries of $60,820, nearly 45% more than the median U.S. wage. The promising job growth and salary outlook indicate this degree may be worth the return on investment.

A need exists for tech-savvy information specialists who can help people source and interpret information.

Earning this degree online may enhance a students digital skills, provide greater flexibility that suits their schedule, and allow them to choose from a broader selection of programs that fit their budget without ever leaving home. However, earning a master’s degree can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition even if its online. Depending on personal circumstances, this may not be the best option for all students, but a career in librarianship is not necessarily out of the question. According to the BLS, library technicians and assistants working with librarians only require a postsecondary certificate or even a high school diploma in some cases.

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Careers With A Master’s Degree In Library Sciences

Graduates with a master’s degree in library science work in universities, museums, schools, government organizations, and hospitals. According to the ALA, students need a master’s degree in library science if they desire to become a public librarian employed by the government or a senior-level school librarian. Furthermore, many libraries require applicants to have master’s degrees from ALA-accredited programs. Below is a list of potential career paths that students can pursue with this degree, including some salary and career outlook data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics :

Medical Library Association Grants & Scholarships

Monique Libby Receives ARL Scholarship  Smithsonian Libraries / Unbound

The MLA offers a variety of grants and scholarships to students who are studying for their degrees in information and library sciences, and who are specializing in working in medical libraries. Information about these extensive programs can be found on the grants and scholarships section of the MLA website.

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Ala Accreditation And Programs

The ALA Office of Accreditation serves the general public, employers, students, and information and library studies Master’s degree programs by promoting the advancement of library and information educational studies. The office ensures equitable and fair accreditation reviews of information and library studies programs. It provides validation and external review of Master’s level information and library studies program.

The ALA Office promotes inclusiveness and diversity information and library studies education. The ALA accredits information and library studies Master’s programs across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. The review process is conducted by an external panel of academics and practitioners who review the programs and verify they meet the Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies. The ALA-accredited Master’s programs are found in universities and colleges.

Health Sciences Librarianship/health Informatics Degree

An ever-expanding health sciences knowledge base has driven the development of health science librarianship and health informatics. After WWII, there was an increase in medical research funding in the U.S. It lead to a growing volume of information. The burgeoning information was seen as a problem and an asset. There was a delay in the transfer of potentially actionable information and front-line clinical practitionersâ utilization.

Solutions included introducing communication and information technologies and evidence-based medicine. Health informatics did not exist before late in the 1970s, except as branches of medical electronics or medical physics Librarians initially dealt with the information explosion challenge. Many research areas of health informatics were mapped out by health science librarians.

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The American Library Association Scholarship Program

The ALA offers a variety of scholarships to students pursuing their masters degrees in library science. Students can apply for general scholarships or scholarships in special areas of study. Minority students are also encouraged to apply for one of the ALAs diversity initiative scholarships.

The ALA Scholarship portion of the ALA website provides information on the various scholarships and grants available. Note that you must be attending or planning to attend an ALA-approved program in order to be eligible for these awards.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

  • Complete an online application, including a personal statement.
  • Assure that you have three professors or employers who are willing to fill out the required online reference form.
  • Have copies of official transcripts sent from the institution which awarded your bachelors degree, and any other college or university you may have attended.
  • In general, applications are due by March 1st.
  • Recipients of these awards will receive a phone call about their scholarship after June 1st. Other applicants will receive an email after July 1st.

School Of Library And Information Management Scholarships

Apply For Free + Scholarships For International Students

There are multiple scholarship opportunities available to SLIM students each academic year. For more information for each scholarship, please visit the ESU Scholarship Library. To apply for SLIM scholarships, please contact your advisor for details.

These include:

  • Beth Warner Josserand & Bruce Josserand Scholarship
  • Glennie & John E. King Scholarship
  • SLIM Endowed Scholarship
  • Sarah R. Reed Beta Epsilon Chapter Beta Phi Mu Scholarship
  • John, Valeta & Richard Richel Scholarship
  • Theda Ashley Scholarship
  • Arne H. Richards Memorial Scholarship
  • Toedman Florence S Trust Scholarship
  • Judy M. Pitts Memorial Scholarship
  • Elsie Howard Pine Library Science Scholarship
  • Dorothe Tarrence Homan Memorial Scholarship
  • Mildred B. Loeffler Scholarship
  • Furbur Martha Kruse Lib Science Scholarship
  • H.W. Wilson Foundation Scholarships
  • Dow Scholar Award

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Grants Student Loans & Fellowships

Enjoy research and having a variety of information at your fingertips, while helping others find the data that is much needed for them? Then library science, also known as library and information science, is the degree for you. Whether you enjoy public libraries which support your community, or academic libraries like those found on university campuses, library science provides an enriching background with great career opportunities. Also beneficial are the career opportunities that lie in law schools, medical schools, art organizations, hospitals, and public schools. Each of these environments needs librarians with the appropriate education to manage their information and guide those seeking specific data.

And, since a masters degree is essential for library science students, the need for financial support is important as well. There is financial assistance available to you. Just like a large library full of valuable information, seeking scholarships and other financial aid to defray the cost of a higher education, takes guidance, research and perseverance.

Frederic G Melcher Scholarship

Deadline: March 1st

This scholarship is sponsored by the ALAs Association for Library Service to Children . It is presented annually for $6,000 to two outstanding men and women who have the intention of earning a Master of Library Science degree to work in librarianship of children to serve youth up to age 14.

The basis on which recipients will be chosen is on their leadership qualities, academic achievement, previous library work experience, citizenship, personal qualifications, and commitment to working with children in any kind of library.

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Catholic School Teacher’s Tuition Waiver

This waiver covers one half of the regular graduate tuition for full-time teachers, administrators, librarians and guidance counselors who are employed by a Catholic elementary or secondary school while studying at Catholic University. The student must be in a degree-seeking. Read more about the discount

Jacqueline And Marshall Kates Scholarship

Business graduate student wins Brock Library OpenCon Scholarship ...

This addendum to the original deed of gift for the Jacqueline and Marshall Kates Scholarship, which was established in 1999 by Marshall and Jacqueline Kates ’73LS, will allow for greater flexibility in the selection of students to receive scholarship support from this endowed fund. Income from the fund shall support deserving SLIS students, with first preference given to those interested in working within a one-person special library. If no such student can be identified, this award shall be given to a SLIS student working within a small special library. All other terms of the original deed of gift shall remain in effect as written.

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Law Librarianship & Legal Information Services Degree

Specializing in Law Librarianship is a pathway to a broad range of challenging, exciting, and interesting professional opportunities. Some law librarians that work in law firms ensure attorneys have all the business and legal information that is relevant to high-stakes litigation cases. Others work in local, state, or federal courts. They provide judges and their clerks with the background information needed to administer justice in our nationâs tradition. Others take on the responsibility of organizing and operating libraries that serve law students and professors as they study, research, and write about the law. There are public service options such as prison libraries and public law libraries in which law librarians help constituents locate legal information.

Library Management And Administration Degree

There are subtle distinctions in administration, management, and organization, which are of importance to administrators, managers, and organizers of learned, industrial business, or academic enterprises and institutions. The study is useful and applicable to library and information science, as well as sociology, psychology, mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and public administration management.

Organizing is the process of doing or making arrangements for work. Management furnishes the needed facilities, equipment, and tools to achieve the objectives and tasks assigned. Administration is the art of inspiring and directing people. Excellent organizational skills are a necessary antecedent to administering efficiently. Administration presupposes something tangible that only organization can supply. It creates the techniques that fulfill the purpose of an institution at minimum cost and effort.

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Digital Library Science Degree

A digital library is a database found online that includes video, audio, still images, text, and other formats of digital media. The content consists of digitized photographs or print as well as digital content that is originally produced, such as social media posts, and word processor files. Besides storing content, they provide a way to organize, search, and retrieve collection content.

Digital libraries vary in scope and size. Organizations and individuals maintain them. The digital content is either stored locally or can be accessed through computer networks. The information retrieval system can exchange with other systems through sustainability and interoperability. Online or digital archives contain the primary sources but are likely described individually instead of in collections or groups. The content is easily reproducible.

Coalition For Networked Information Paul Evan Peters Fellowship

DAAD Scholarship |Get Paid to study in Germany (Fully Funded)

These fellowships are awarded in honor of CNI founder Paul Evan Peters and strive to award candidates who embody the spirit and work ethic of Peters. This fellowship is awarded every other year and provides funding of $5,000 per year for two consecutive years of study in a masters program in library sciences, information sciences, or another closely related field. Applicants should be focused on using advanced technology in the field of information sciences.

The Paul Evan Peters Fellowship is a distinguished award that recognizes the outstanding potential and dedication of budding professionals in this field.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

  • Please note that you must be a US Citizen or permanent resident in order to apply for this fellowship.
  • Applicants must have been accepted into a masters program in this field or must have already entered a masters program at the time of application.
  • The CNI will next award this fellowship in 2012. Check the Paul Evan Peters Fellowship website frequently for updated information about application deadlines and procedures.

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