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Liberty University Scholarships 2023

New Scholarship For Middle Class 15 Second | Liberty University

Scholarship name: Liberty University scholarshipsVarious organizationsProgram: Bachelor, master, and PhDApplying procedure: OnlineOfficial website: Liberty university

Do you want to study at Liberty University but are still confused due to your financial barrier?

Then no need to worry. Here is the information on all scholarships Provided by the Liberty university that breaks your financial barrier.

Unashamed Project Scholarship Contest

Live unashamed for Christ and win a $10,000 scholarship to Liberty University. If you are a high school junior or senior, you can win a scholarship to Liberty University by telling them your story of how you represent and proclaim Christ.

Provided By: Liberty University

Eligibility: Must be a residential studentDeadline: March 21, 2018.

Which Scholarships Are Available For Liberty University Students

$5,000 and $2,500 scholarships are available for entering freshmen at LU and Scholarship for Liberty University Students. Continuing students can apply for a minimum of three , maximum of five scholarships. Up to 100 awards are available each semester. Five-year awards in total amount to $10,000 per student.

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Liberty University Scholarship Application

A new scholarship program is available exclusively to students enrolled at Lynchburg, Virginias Liberty University. The program is designed to award $30 million in scholarships over three years, with specific scholarships being awarded as part of a quantum leap forward plan by North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson.

To apply, applicants must meet all criteria set forth by Hudson and his team. Applicants must also be able to prove their financial needs and demonstrate a desire to improve America. Once applications are received, those that do not meet these criteria will not receive funding.

In addition, any applicant who has been convicted of a felony will not be considered. This can include non-violent felonies such as marijuana possession, shoplifting, or check fraud.

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First off, if you havent heard about congressman Hudsons Quantum Leap Forward Program its because he wants you to focus on his application process and requirements rather than him or his charity.

He doesnt want people to see him or hear from him unless they win so lets make sure we respect that by avoiding personal details like where he lives, what school he went to etc. We dont want anything other than whats written in front of us on our application.

Liberty University Scholarship For Online Students

Scholarship Opportunities

The school is offering students a new $5,000 scholarship to assist with their education. Theyre calling it the Blast Off Scholarship and it covers up to three years of tuition.

The scholarships are available to all current students who have been accepted into an online program, will enroll in any new undergraduate degree program, and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA through their first semester.

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How Much Financial Assistance Is Offered

$19,608 is the standard Liberty University’s freshman financial aid offer. Around 92.0% of freshman students obtain financial aid, the majority of which is in the form of scholarships and grants.

Reducing the Cost

Loans technically come under the umbrella of ‘financial aid’, but the only true discount off of the cost of college is a grant or scholarship that you do not need to pay back.

What About College Loans?

Worried about the student loans that might be included in a financing offer? Look at the average amount of debt per student at Liberty University.

Rawlings School Of Divinity Programs

  • Doctoral Programs
  • Rawlings School of Divinity Doctoral Rates
  • $395 part time Less than 7 or more than 15 credit hours per hour
  • $2,750 full time 7-15 credit hours per semester
  • Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs
  • Rawlings School of Divinity Graduate and Post-Graduate Rates1,2
  • $395 part time Less than 9 or more than 15 credit hours per hour
  • $2,750 full time 9 15 credit hours per semester
  • Rawlings School of Divinity Graduate and Post-Graduate Rates
  • $275 part time Less than 9 or more than 15 credit hours per hour
  • $2,475 full time 9 15 credit hours per semester
  • 1

    Masters of Theology Post-Graduate programs will be assessed the same rates as Graduate students in the Rawlings School of Divinity, which is $395 for less than 9 or more than 15 credit hours, and a block rate of $2,750 for 9-15 credit hours.


    The Ed.D. in Christian Leadership does not qualify for the School of Divinity block or part time rates. Students in this program are charged the standard full time and part time rates for online Doctoral programs.

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    Awards For Women And Minorities

    AAUW Re-entry Woman Scholarship: This supremely beneficial scholarship program awards $1,200 to distressed female students in a community college or four-year undergraduate program who has experienced challenges inside and outside of their schooling and who are returning to earn a degree. To apply, you must be at least 23 years old and have completed at least 20 college-level credits. Physical education and remedial class credits are not eligible. In addition, you must live or attend a school in North San Diego County, including the northern city of San Diego in California.

    The Zonta International Foundation awards 32 $2,000 scholarships to American female students in business degree programs every year. They also award six international scholarships at $8,000 each. Online students are welcome to apply as well. This special award program is dedicated to the empowerment of women as they pursue their undergraduate and masters degrees with the intention of creating prominent female leaders in the world of business.

    eQuality Scholarship Collaborative Awards: Over the past 30 years, eQuality has awarded over $1.4 million dollars in awards to residents of Northern or Central California . All gender identities and sexual orientations are eligible to apply although you must have demonstrated service in the LGBTQ community, in addition to providing academic achievement, leadership, and proof of special or hardship circumstances.

    West Virginia Convention Of Southern Baptists

    Four Liberty Elementary students get hundreds in scholarship money

    Amount: 100-percent tuition. Awarded annually and will expire in the summer of each year.

    EligibilityFor Liberty University Online Scholarship:

    • Awarded to one WVSBCV youth and one senior pastor
    • Must be a current SBCV member church with church membership established before January 2010
    • Student is responsible for all fees.

    Additional Information: Must provide a new church letter in the summer semester each year to re-apply. Fax letter on church letterhead, prepared and signed by church official, other than the student that includes the following: name, student ID number, position in the church , and name of the scholarship applying for.

    Fax 582-7246 Attn: LUO online Scholarships or email Does not include Ph.D. in Counseling, Ph.D. in Theology and Apologetics, or Doctor of Ministry coursework. Doctoral Divinity programs will be considered upon appeal. Discount is limited to one degree per student. For questions about this award, email . For a list of qualifying churches visit

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    Student Loans And Debt

    The second consideration after understanding the cost of college is determining how to finance it. Some students are fortunate enough to have some form of family financial assistance, but student loans end up financing a significant portion of higher education in the U.S. 56% of Liberty University students receive U.S. Federal Student Loans with an average annual Federal Loan aid amount of $5,602.

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    Scholarships At Online Schools

    Colorado State University-Global Campus Scholarships: CSU-Global Campus provides dozens of distance education degree programs and offers eight outstanding scholarship opportunities to assist associate, undergraduate, and graduate students. Awarded every trimester, they include the Academic Excellence Scholarship, Degree Completion Scholarship, Boundless Opportunity On-The-Horizon Scholarship, Diversity Advocate Scholarship, U.S. Military Personnel & Family Scholarship, Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship, Career Enhancement Scholarship, and the CSU Global Mission Scholarship.

    Arizona State University Scholarship: Arizona State University is another of the countrys premier providers of distance education programs, which are supported by a multitude of scholarship and award opportunities, such as the Regents High Honors Endorsement for undergraduate students of all kinds. They also offer scholarship opportunities in the fields of History, Asia Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies ranging from $500 to $5,000.

    Florida International University Scholarships: FIU offers many different opportunities for online students to reduce their tuition through awards, such as the Bright Futures Scholarship or the First Generation Scholarship, all of which are applicable to any degree type in the university. Scholarship amounts offered vary from between $500 and $15,000, depending on the program.

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    What Is A Good Gpa For A Scholarship

    Some grant advisory groups just consider candidates whose GPA meets a specific limit. Least necessities leasing from around 2.0 on the lower end to 3.75 or higher for serious scholastic grants. A 3.0 GPA or higher will, by and large, offer you a fair chance at meeting all requirements for an assortment of grants.

    Liberty University Online Offers Tuition Rates Among The Lowest In The Country

    Liberty University *ONLINE*  Homeschooling for College Credit

    Our goal is to help make your online degree decision easier by providing you with the facts upfront. Liberty Universitys tuition rates are among the lowest in the country, and we offer a variety of payment methods as well as discount opportunities. Tuition for all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs has not increased in 7 years. While many other online colleges have raised tuition, Liberty has been able to keep costs low as a nonprofit university.

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    Best Scholarships For Online College Students

    Saving money for college can be an incredibly daunting task, but tuition rates should not keep interested applicants from applying to the online school of their choice! There are dozens of awards and scholarship opportunities available for which distance education students can apply that will drastically reduce their expenses from year to year. From $500 to $25,000, each award program offers the chance for individuals to manage their finances while working through school.

    This list of scholarships for online college students was composed considering the broadness of the scholarship availability, schools that offer exciting award programs, and those that assist women and minorities, as well as members of the armed forces. Most of the scholarships are based on merit and need and will provide excellent opportunities for students of all ages, levels, and majors.

    How To Find Liberty University Scholarships

    All Liberty University Scholarships are listed on the universitys website but scattered around different pages. You will have to spend hours finding and carefully reviewing each scholarship to see if you qualify for it. Remember that you can always ask the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

    You can also look for external scholarships, but this is even more difficult because not all scholarships you bump into are legit.

    There is a way for you to get a list of all the scholarships you qualify for without breaking a sweat and wasting hours on research. , and we will assist you in finding Liberty University scholarships that will be the best fit for you in minutes!

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    Scholarship For Liberty University Students

    Scholarship for Liberty University Students, As we want to entail, Liberty University decided to help students and find the best ways to pay for students online education. But in the aspects of scholarship. As a student, you can get 1000 dollars and 96% of Liberty students receive financial aid or scholarship that falls under 25 different scholarships.

    Liberty University students looking to fund their education now have the opportunity to apply for scholarships in exchange for their work as a missionary after graduation.

    These scholarships are funded by donations from families who want to help Liberty students, and this new program will enable these students to have an easier time paying for school so they can focus on making an impact in their community through mission work.

    Students applying should be full-time, live on campus, and be majoring in one of the following areas: business administration, social work, nursing, or communications. Scholarships for Liberty University Students are very important but remember that before diving into it, we must discuss the main things related to scholarship as well as its attached factors.

    Degree Completion Application Fee

    You Did It A Liberty Scholars Surprise Admission

    All graduating students must complete a degree completion application through their ASIST account. A $100 degree completion application fee is automatically assessed when the application is submitted, not upon degree conferral. This non-refundable fee is not contingent on the students attendance at graduation events or activities.

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    Liberty University Online Scholarship Eligibility:

    Each scholarship has unique requirements and deadlines. Make your college tuition more affordable with scholarships.

    Review the Liberty scholarship packages below and apply to those that you are eligible for. The earlier you act, the more scholarship opportunities are available.

    Choose A Program Designed For You

    No matter what your passion, youll find your place at Liberty University. We innovate degree programs that prepare you for the careers of today and tomorrow.

    With 15 colleges and schools including a law school, medical school, and school of divinity and more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to choose from, youre sure to find the one that fits!


    When it comes to choosing a college, finances make a difference. Thats why at Liberty, we believe in offering you a top-notch education thats also affordable. Discover how Liberty can help you keep your college costs down.

    For residential students


    At Liberty University, we believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue higher education, and it’s our job to keep private education affordable. Explore the many ways a Liberty education can be an affordable one.

    For online students

    Academic Excellence

    Liberty University is institutionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and certain programs have earned additional field-specific accreditation as well.

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    Top 10 Scholarship Of Liberty University

    Liberty University spends a huge amount of money every year to award scholarship to eligible and outstanding students. It provides scholarships to students who are residential as well as who are enrolled in online programs. So, everyone has equal opportunity to get a scholarship in Liberty University. The top scholarships of Liberty University are:

    All You Ever Wanted To Know About Liberty University Scholarships

    Apply for Give Me Liberty Easy Scholarship and win $1000. An online ...

    If you are looking for quality education with a solid Christian foundation, Liberty University in Virginia is probably your dream school. It isn’t super expensive, but its tuition fees are still too high for an average student.

    Dont let these high fees scare youyou can apply for financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants. Check out DoNotPays comprehensive guide and find out everything you need to know about Liberty University scholarships!

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    How Much Is Available In Grants & Scholarships

    The stats below refer to aid which is offered by Liberty University.

    81.0% of new students were offered scholarships at Liberty University, averaging $10,039 per person. This puts it in the top 40th percentile of all colleges nationwide.

    1,101 freshman students also received federal grant aid. About 30.0% of Liberty University freshmen obtained grants around $5,418 a piece.

    See the average level of grants and scholarships freshmen get by looking at the graph below.

    What’s the Difference Between Scholarships & Grants?

    Scholarships are awarded due to merit or special ability, while grants are given due to financial need.

    How Does Scholarship For Liberty University Students Work

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid Scholarship for Liberty University Students determines how much financial aid you get. To submit your FAFSA, though, you have to provide tax information from your parents.

    If your parents earn less than $50,000 a year, you can use IRS Data Retrieval Tool on FAFSA to automatically fill in those tax forms with data from a previous years taxes.

    • For example, if they made $40,000 last year and plan on making at least that much again next year and will once again be filing their taxes as married filing jointly you dont need to add their income in to determine how much federal financial aid youll get.
    • However, if your parents make more than $50,000 per year, you cannot use DRT because it only works for people who are eligible to file an IRS Form 1040A or 1040EZ.
    • If thats the case for you and your family, then you must manually enter all of your parents income into section 5 of FAFSA by using W-2s and other documents such as Social Security statements.
    • Dont worry about getting anything wrong here: Youre not penalized for mistakes unless it results in an overpayment of financial aid. Just remember: Your school wont know what amount of money to give you until after receiving all of your information through both parts of FAFSA!

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    Who Can Apply For A Scholarship For Liberty University Students

    All students who are currently enrolled in a Liberty University program of study can apply for Scholarships for Liberty University Students. Whether youre already a student at LU, hoping to transfer from another university, returning to school after time off, or coming straight out of high school, we encourage you to consider applying.


    • Because your degree is more than just paper it will help you get on your way towards success in life and your career. In fact, according to U.S News & World Report, a degree from LU can help graduates earn a higher salary than those with similar credentials but no college education.
    • And while tuition may be expensive, there are many ways to pay for college that dont involve taking out loans. Thats why our scholarship application process is designed to be quick and easy so that students like you can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time focusing on what really matters getting an education!

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