John B Brownie Young Scholarship

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The Davie County Crosby Scholarship

Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University

TheDavie County Crosby Scholarship is the only piece remaining from the CrosbyScholars Program in Davie County. Thankfully, their committee decided to usethe remaining money to create an endowment to invest in students throughscholarships. This scholarship recognizes excellence in academic performancewith recognition for school and community service.

The Davie County Crosby Scholarship is available to a high school senior exhibiting academic excellence and exceptional community service.

Davie County Hospital Foundation Scholarship

The Davie County Hospital Foundation Scholarship is available to applicants of any age pursuing a career in healthcare. High school students must have completed AP Biology and plan to pursue coursework in a Medical or Allied Health field. College students must currently be enrolled in a Medical or Allied Health curriculum and must have evidence of course work in a Medical or Allied Health area of study.

Bobby & Bernice Knight Scholarship

Bobby and Bernice Knight were wonderful dedicated partners for more than fifty-eight years. The partnership ended sadly with Bobbys passing in 2011, but Bernice has taken action to keep that partnership alive through this scholarship.

Bobby was an all-around athlete and outdoor sportsman all of his life. He enjoyed golfing, hunting, and fishing. His last love was flying. According to Bernice, Bobby was like a boy at Christmas when he got his pilots license. He actually bought his first plane before he got his license.

Bobbyhad a good navigation system in life and in business too. He was an ethical,trustworthy, family man. Bobby moved toMocksville to serve as the State Farm agent where he remained for 33 years. Hispartner Bernice was always with him, and they worked together while raising theirfamily. Bobby shared his many talentswith his community and church, where he faithfully served. He was elected and served the people of DavieCounty well for 3 terms as County Commissioner.

During his life, many awards were given from State Farm. He received the Life Traveler Award, State Farms highest designation, eight times. State Farm called him a knight in shining armor when they recognized him for his service. Their commitment to helping students continue their education through this scholarship is a wonderful gift to the community that Bobby would be so proud of.

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Davie County Training School Central Davie High School Reunion Scholarship

In 1925, the JuliusRosenwald Foundation provided the impetus and shared the funding for theconstruction of the Colored School on Campbell Road in Mocksville. RosenwaldSchool, the first name of the school, began with grades 1-8. By 1934, it hadexpanded to grade 11, and school year 1946-47 the 12th grade wasadded. Extra-curricular activities were limited, books were old and smelly andcounty and state transportation was not available. Magalene Gaither, formerstudent, said that these limitations provided a respect for learning. You hadto do the best with what you had, she said. It instilled pride andconcentrated attention to skills and tremendous social graces.

The original DavieCounty Training School building burned down in 2002 and, to be sure that itsmemories were not lost forever, former students came together to start ascholarship fund which would preserve the memory of this school and the peoplewho learned and taught there.

The Davie County Training School Central Davie High School Reunion Scholarship is available to a high school senior or college student who is a descendant of a Davie County Training School or Central Davie School Graduate/Attendee.

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James & Esther Wall Scholarship

35th Annual Asheville Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast in ...

James and Esther Wall believed in education and in supporting young people who wish to pursue a career in Education. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wall were dedicated teachers who worked to educate students and make Davie County a better place to live and work.

Mrs. Wall taught high school English andelementary grades for 30 years, 25 in Davie County. She had high expectationsbut cared about her students and worked to help each of them achieve success. Mr.Wall taught History for 32 years, 30 in Davie County. He sparked an interest inthe History of our county in many of his students because of his love of DavieCountys History.

Mr. Wall served on the Town ofMocksville Board for 20 years. He hasbeen referred to as an historian, educator, and statesman. In October 2008, hewas presented with the Order of the LongLeaf Pine to honor his tremendous volunteer service to our community.

Mr. Wall is the author of A History of the First Presbyterian Churchof Mocksville, and an updated edition in 1997. After completing his firstbook, he was encouraged by Miss Flossie Martin and other community members towrite a definitive history of Davie County.

After some five years of part-time research and writing, Mr. Wall published the History of Davie County in 1969 and two updated editions in 1985 and 1997. He, with his wifes help, has also recorded other historical data over the past fifty years.

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John B And Brownie Young Memorial Fund

Wilson, NC
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Jim Tutterow Memorial Scholarship

Davie High School was ready to initiate a tennis program but had no coach. Principal Jack Ward approached one of his youngest faculty members and asked him to be the Tennis Coach. The young man was not even a tennis player but he was one to accept a challenge! He researched and read everything he could find about the game and its fundamentals. With patience he shared the knowledge he had acquired from study to youth wanting to be tennis players. He launched an almost unbelievable tennis program. In the spring of 1976, the Davie High boys won the North Piedmont Conference tennis championship. Jim Tutterow was named the Conference Tennis Coach of the Year.

Noone ever lived that had any more heart or greater will than Jim Tutterow.Knowing that he was the victim of cancer, an illness from which few escape, hedevoted his full resources and energy to teaching, coaching, and helpingothers. The popularity of the game of tennis in Davie Countyand the expanded number of courts is a tribute to the heart and will of JimTutterow.

He was not only a History teacher, he was a historian. He taught his students far more than one could ever find in a history book He researched and wrote a complete history of his church and community. He was also assistant historian for the county. He was active in community activities, always working and striving to make life better for others. His contagious smile always made a sad day brighter.

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B Edwin & Ivy Nell Boger Family Scholarship

Edwin Boger is ahardworking man who spent his life working with his hands to build a successfulfarm and a successful life. Edwin didnt just use his hands though he has abrilliant mind and a real knack for investing.

Ivy Nell is a farm wife and homemaker, who worked alongside Edwin growing their farm and family! The Bogers raised their children in a faith filled home giving them a strong foundation.

As Edwin & Ivy Nell haveaged, now in their mid-80s, it has become more and more important to them, andtheir family, to invest in others through a scholarship. The B. Edwin & Ivy NellBoger Family Scholarship bears their name but comes with the support of theentire family.

The B.Edwin & Ivy Nell Boger Family Scholarship is available to a well-rounded high school senior pursuing a Trade Degree needing financial assistance. Renewable for a second year with minimum GPA requirement of 2.75.

The Extra Mile Daric Beiter Scholarship

Joseph Joyce Fought Like Gladiator & Gets Life Sentence For Murder Of John Paul McDonagh

DaricBeiter was a loving husband, brother, son, friend, teacher, and to countlessyoung people, coach. Thanks to the vision and generosity of wife Michelle and acommittee of young people, Daric will always be remembered in Davie County.

InDecember 2011, The Extra Mile, Daric Beiter Scholarship was opened at theDavie Community Foundation as an Acorn Fund. The fund grew through futureearnings and gifts into an endowment to award scholarships annually. Because ofDarics love for running, a 5k fundraiser is being planned for the spring withproceeds added to the scholarship.

DaricBeiter was a beloved history teacher and track and cross-country coach at DavieHigh School. Daric died on his 37th birthday, leaving a shockedfamily and community. According to then Davie High principal Jeff Wallace, Welost a track coach and a teacher, but more importantly, a guy the kids couldtruly relate to. When he got 70 to 80 kids out for cross-country, I knew theywere there for some other reason than just to run. Shawn Rider, a studentteacher and assistant track coach when Daric died said Daric lived his life toserve others.

Daric encouraged his students to go the extramile, and through his scholarship fund, he will do just that by helping youngpeople continue their education. Daric will be missed by all who knew him buthis legacy will live on as he helps Davie High students long into the future!

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John And Rose Caudle Scholarship

John grew up in the Farmington community and graduated from Farmington High School in 1943. Rose was born in Frankton, Indiana. Her family moved to Farmington in 1939. She graduated from Farmington High School in 1944. Rose and John quickly formed a close relationship and were married November 21,1944.

John volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Corps as an aviation cadet. His combat experience as a tail gunner on a B-29 was from Tinian Island in the South Pacific for combat missions over Japan.

John was discharged from the U.S. Air Corps on January 31, 1946. John and Rose soon afterwards set up housekeeping in Farmington. This marriage was blessed with three wonderful children Patricia, Linda, and Robert. They immediately got involved in community activities. They were active members of Farmington United Methodist Church. John and Rose loved working with young people by getting them to participate in church and community activities. Rose served as a Sunday School teacher for several years. She also was the manager of the Farmington School cafeteria which kept her in contact with many local youths.

They built a house on Farmington Road in 1955. It quickly became a gathering place for many for many of the youth in the community.

Both are in their nineties and continue to support projects that advance opportunities for young students to further their education.

Helen C Gantt Memorial Education Scholarship

Helen C. Gantt knewat an early age that education and hard work would play a significant role inher life. Her mother was a high schoolhistory teacher while her father owned and operated a welding shop afterserving in the US Navy. Both of her parents valued education and challenged herto put forth her best effort academically.

After graduating fromAppalachian State with a teaching degree, Helen settled in Davie County in 1968to begin teaching and raising a family. She raised two children that still reside in Davie County and share her passionto make a difference. As an educator,Helen had the opportunity to make lifelong friends and touch the lives of herstudents. To this day, her children areoften reminded of how she made learning fun and the way she took time to listenor to offer assistance after school so that one child would not suffer or feelleft out. Her giving spirit andinfectious smile lit up the day for many of her students.

Giving in to anentrepreneurial calling, Helen stepped away from teaching and opened GanttPersonnel Inc, in 1988. She had nowaccepted the challenge of helping those in the community find jobs in order tohelp support their families. Herstaffing agency would go on to touch the lives of more than 30,000 employeesbefore closing in March of 2005.

The Helen C. Gantt Memorial Scholarship is available to a high school senior or college student pursuing a degree in Education.

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Judge George Fuller Memorial Scholarship

GeorgeThomas Fuller was the first-born son of George and Frances Fuller on January 3,1947. He was raised on a tobacco farm with his three siblings. An avid reader,George had a bright mind and could always be found with a book in hand. Afterhigh school, flying became his passion. Although poor vision prevented him frombecoming a commercial airline pilot, he was not discouraged. George became aflight instructor and mastered stunt flying. He continued to fly planes andgliders for pleasure until his health prevented him from doing so.

Uponencouragement from his wife Elizabeth, George obtained a college education andthen decided to aim even higher and pursue law school. He served as anassistant District Attorney where he honed his skills and became the leadassistant prosecutor in as many cases as his experience permitted. In 1981 hewas appointed to fill a judgeship in the 22nd Judicial District,serving four terms. He earned a reputation of fairness and justice. Georgeunderstood the hardships of life, believed that they could be overcome, and hada lack of tolerance for those who would harm or interfere with anyone makingthat effort. He told new judges, do what you think is right, let the Court ofAppeals decide what the law is.

The Judge George Fuller Memorial Scholarship is available to Alexander, Davidson, Davie, and Iredell County high school seniors with an emphasis on academics and need for financial assistance .

Rosa And James Clyde Cook Sr Memorial Scholarship

jimmydewar: Fun old photos

James Clyde Cook Sr. was born in 1900 and his wifewas born in 1902. They had ten children together, five girls and five boys. Mr.Cook ran a garage at his home for many years, eventually moving his business tothe corner of Highway 158 and Redland Road in Davie County. It was in thebuilding attached to the grocery store owned by Mr. Duke and Effie Smith andnow known as Andys Grocery.

Mr. Cook worked on cars, trucks, and anything thatneeded fixing. In his day, Davie County was more farm country than it is today,so he worked on the farm machinery if something broke down, even making partsfor machinery if the farmer needed the part and no part was available or thefarmer could not afford to buy the new part to fix it. Mr. Cook was also anelectrician, wiring many of the homes in Davie County when electricity firstbecame available.

Mrs. Cook was a homemaker, helping raise the tenchildren. She enjoyed working in her garden, yard, and with her flowers.

They taught their children the value of hard work,trust, and respect for their fellow man. All five of their boys followed intheir fathers footsteps, becoming mechanics, owning garages at their homes,working after hours from their mechanical jobs at other businesses and afterretirement.

The girls were all homemakers and worked in thetextile plants. After working hours, they came home and helped with housework.

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Jim Bremer Memorial Scholarship Fund

As an honor student and Boy Scout, Jim was dedicated to hisstudies and his community. At the timeof his death, Jim was about to start his Eagle Scout project. He loved boating, fishing, and playing soccerand baseball. History interested Jim andhe enjoyed visiting historical sites, especially Revolutionary War and CivilWar battle fields. Classmates remember Jim by his animated and likeablepersonality once someone met Jim, chances are they would become good friends.

One classmate said: When I think back on memories of high school,it is so easy to picture his face and feel the general good mood he invoked ineveryone. He puts others before himselfand always wanted to ensure his friends were taken care of. For instance, I as well as others spentcountless times with Jim waiting to be picked up from the church bus stop. He refused to allow anyone to wait alone.

Even as good a student, an athlete, a friend and a son Jim was, hemade a poor decision to take his Fathers car without permission. Hurrying home, he ran off the road and hit atree. After a battle of valor, Jim died the next day. When Jim received his drivers license hedecided to be an organ donor. Thus, evenin death, he continued to help others. That is why this scholarship was established, not only to honor Jim, butmore importantly to help those who need assistance in furthering theireducation.

Dr David L Gilbreath Scholarship

David Gilbreath is abeloved pastor, coach and community friend. His service has touched the livesof adults and young people throughout Davie County.

In 2017 Davids churchfamily discussed ways to honor him for 30 years of dedicated service to themembers of Eatons Baptist Church. They came to the conclusion that somethingpermanent to remember David while investing in a young person provided theright answer. Church members and friends made contributions to create the Dr.David L. Gilbreath Scholarship.

The scholarship isendowed and will be awarded forever, reminding future generations of thespecial service of David Gilbreath to our community.

The Dr. David L. Gilbreath Scholarship is available to a high school senior with an emphasis on local church involvement, faith and character.

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Miller Building & Remodeling Scholarship

The Miller Building & Remodeling Scholarship is available to a high school senior or college student pursuing a degree within the Construction Industry, including Trades such as Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, HVAC, or Construction Management. Preference is given to hands-on related fields.

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