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What Does The Us Presidential Scholarship Provide

Crafting a Successful GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Application (Part 1 of 3)

This scholarship is not like a traditional college grant. It doesnt provide students with funds to support their higher education.

Rather, it is a distinguished academic recognition program that accepts 161 high school students every year.

Has networking ever been tough for you? Have you found it difficult to connect with others in a professional setting? High school students who win the Presidential Scholars program are awarded endless networking opportunities.

A students spot in this program begins with an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. Here, all students will receive a medallion at a distinguished ceremony put on by the White House.

This trip doesnt end here. In fact, this is just a small highlight of the program. During their time in D.C., students will get the chance to:

  • Attend receptions, ceremonies, and recitals held in their honor
  • Visit historical monuments and museums in the area
  • Bond and share ideas with like-minded students
  • Discuss issues that concern both America and the rest of the world with other students
  • Interact with accomplished national and international figures including authors, scientists, educators, musicians, and government officials

The goal of this program is to give students a support system they can use throughout college and even beyond their college education. This programs unique factor makes it much more valuable than other awards available to high school students.

How Much Are Presidential Scholarships

Unlike other scholarship programs, a Presidential Scholarship through the Presidential Scholars Program does not have any monetary value. Rather, it provides scholars with invaluable experiences and opportunities that other students don’t have access to.

The vigorous application process ends with an exclusive, all-expenses-paid trip to Washington D.C. in June to visit the white house, where each selected scholar is presented with a Presidential Scholars medallion to honor their academic achievement. Scholars will also visit historical monuments and attend recitals, events, and ceremonies during their once-in-a-lifetime stay.

During the all-expenses-paid trip to Washington D.C., scholars have the chance to meet national figures such as renowned authors, scientists, educators, musicians, and government officials. Scholars can discuss social and global issues with like-minded people. These events can be a catalyst for something greater. There are endless opportunities to network among accomplished peers and to create lasting connections for a long-term career.

While the Presidential Scholars Program does not recognize students through awarded scholarship money, it can definitely help in earning other forms of financial aid. The academic acclaim alone is sure to stand out on any merit-based scholarship you apply for. Scholars can go on to earn an undergraduate degree with connections already set up for what comes after college.

How To Get The Presidential Scholarship

The university considers the following factors:

  • Academic achievement
  • Exceptional academic achievement is extremely important.
  • First-year students must have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.8/4.0 will be invited to apply.
  • Many applicants will have completed AP, IB or advanced coursework and will have demonstrated a keen interest in acquiring knowledge within and outside of the classroom.
  • Community, civic and co-curricular involvement
  • The Presidential Scholarship application includes short personal statements and allows you the opportunity to present your unique experiences and accomplishments in these areas.
  • Our Presidential Scholars demonstrate their commitment to understanding their role in society, contributing to the greater good and modeling this commitment through leadership and sustained community involvement.
  • Personal statement prompts:
  • In addition to completing a basic questionnaire, you must respond to the following prompts in 125 words or less each.
  • Service can be completed in formal or informal settings, such as through school, a community organization, a place of worship, or on your own. Reflect on an import service opportunity you have had. How did your actions improve the lives of others?
  • Injustice can be experienced on a personal and/or societal level. Please share a social justice issue that resonates with you and explain what you have done or would like to do to support this cause.
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    How To Get The Us Presidential Scholarship: 2021 Guide

    by Michael Chigbu | Mar 3, 2021 | The GrantEd Blog

    Attending a post-secondary institution is super expensive. And for underrepresented students, even more so.

    According to a survey published by, the median student debt is notably higher across most minority races than it is for white students.

    Our team at Minorities to Majorities is dedicated to helping underprivileged students secure the support they need to attend college. We believe that pursuing higher education shouldnt be a stressful endeavor. It also shouldnt result in a mountain of debt that takes a lifetime to pay back.

    To help you achieve your goals, we have created this guide on how to apply for the Presidential Scholarship.

    Below, youll learn more about what this award is, how to apply for it, and the eligibility requirements you must meet.

    How Many People Apply To Be Presidential Scholars

    Presidential Scholarship Shareables IG Post Requirements

    The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program does not have open applications. Applications are by nomination only, so students must be invited to apply.

    For the general component, each Chief State School Officer may nominate ten male and ten female candidates who meet the U.S. Presidential Scholars candidacy requirements. This tops off the general program at approximately 4,000 candidates. Candidacy is based on the outstanding scholarship of students, residing in the CSSO’s jurisdiction.

    Members of the YoungArts Program who are high school seniors and meet all of the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program requirements can be one of 60 candidates nominated by YoungArts to become Presidential Scholars in the Arts. Other partner organizations can each nominate up to 40 candidates from their individual programs.

    In the career and technical education fields component, each CSSO can nominate up to five candidates. The committee dwindles this total down to 60 semifinalists for the final round of evaluations.

    Presidential Scholars are selected annually by the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. The rigorous selection process chooses 121 Presidential Scholars from the general component, while 20 selected students from the art component and 20 selected students from the CTE component each make it to the final selection, respectively. In total, this adds up to the 161 annual scholars.

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    What Is The Us Presidential Scholarship

    This program is run by the U.S. Department of Education. Its a very selective and highly prestigious program for high school seniors in the U.S.

    It was originally organized by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. Every year since then, it has celebrated high school students achievements in many areas including community service, leadership, and academic education. Since its inception, the program has recognized more than 7,500 students for their outstanding accomplishments.

    When this recognition program was first founded, it mainly recognized students in career and technical fields. Today, it takes its recognition one step further by also highlighting students with talents in the creative, visual, and performing arts. For example, scholar Julian Cook won several years ago for his powerful baritone singing voice.

    Most of the winning students are selected based on their broad academic achievement. Around twenty high school students will secure a spot based on their accomplishments in the technical education fields. Another twenty students will be recognized for their accomplishments in the performing arts.

    How Are Scholarships Awarded

    Eligibility to receive scholarships is determined after a holistic review of the application for admission, the scholarship application, and FAFSA or Institutional Methodology. Applications are evaluated on a competitive basis. Award decisions are based upon a combination of grade point average and other factors, including but not limited to the following:

    • Participation in leadership activities such as student government, service organizations or student activities
    • Community service
    • Work and family obligations
    • Special talents
    • Potential for success based upon academic performance through the completion of an academically rigorous program, e.g., class rank, AP credits, honors classes, IB program, foreign language, number of college credits while in high school
    • Completion of a writing sample

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    Application Deadline And Additional Important Dates

    • : Presidential Scholarship Application & Essay Form becomes available.
    • : All application materials mentioned in application instructions must be completed and turned in by this date at 11:59 p.m. No exceptions will be made.
    • Please note: You must also submit all official admission application documents to EMU by this deadline to be qualified.
  • Students will be notified about moving on to second round by this date.
  • : Save the Date! All selected finalists will be welcomed to campus to continue on in the competition.
  • If you have questions regarding The Presidential Scholarship, contact the Office of Admissions staff at , or email .

    How To Win The Us Presidential Scholars Program

    Navy officer, volunteer teacher awarded President’s Scholarship

    The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program is a very prestigious scholarship that aims to support high-achieving high school seniors. Started in 1964, this program has since awarded thousands of scholarships to high school students.

    Jump ahead to:

    Keep reading to find out more about the Presidential Scholars program including how to apply, what the application consists of, and what recipients win!

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    What Can I Win

    Unlike other scholarship programs, the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program does not award a monetary scholarship.

    Instead, students chosen as Presidential Scholar will receive an expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. and are presented with a medallion at a special ceremony sponsored by the White House.

    In addition to the trip and the White House awards ceremony, scholars receive a ton of non-monetary benefits like:

    • Network with leaders: Gain access to important national and international figures, including government officials, educators, authors, musicians, scientists and other accomplished people.
    • Experience Washington, D.C.: Opportunities to attend recitals, receptions and ceremonies held in their honor and visit D.C. museums and monuments.
    • Meet accomplished peers: Gain the chance to exchange ideas with similarly motivated and accomplished peers, and to forge friendships that last a lifetime.

    In short, while students do not receive money, the Presidential Scholars program is a highly prestigious designation, with the award in the prestige it signals and the networking opportunities it provides.

    What Is The Scholarship About

    The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to a freshman or first-time student who demonstrates exceptional academic excellence through high test records and class grades. As mentioned earlier, a lot of universities offer presidential scholarships to students including international students. The 2023 Boston College Gabelli Presidential Scholarship for Undergraduate Students is one of them and you can apply now with what you have. You can begin your scholarship application right now by clicking below or you can get more enlightened by reading further

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    About The Presidential Scholarship

    The Presidential Scholarship is a renewable, merit-based award covering full tuition, room, board , the general fee, and the cost of textbooks for eight semesters. Representing diverse intellectual, social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, Presidential Scholars are transformational leaders both on and off campus who have demonstrated a love of learning and a commitment to enhancing both their local and broader civic communities. 25 Presidential Scholarships are offered annually.

    Each year, the University awards a portion of Presidential Scholarships to historically underrepresented students who have demonstrated leadership in their ability to make significant academic and social contributions to their school and communities. Eligible candidates are considered for both the Presidential Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship for historically underrepresented students.Examples of historically underrepresented students include but are not limited to those who identify as low-income , African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian/Native Alaskan, Asian/Pacific Islander, and/or those who are the first in their family to pursue a college education. Eligible candidates for the Presidential Scholarship for historically underrepresented studentsmust be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, although international students are welcome to apply for the Presidential Scholarship.

    Make A Difference Be A Presidential Scholar At La Sierra University

    Boston University Presidential Scholarship Program

    Two students from the Freshman class of Fall 2022 will be chosen to receive this prestigious award.

    Students who qualify to compete for the Presidential Scholars program will:

    • Have a High School GPA of 3.5 and higher.
    • Demonstrate outstanding citizenship by improving the world around them through service, missions, volunteerism, and leadership.
    • Be admitted to La Sierra as an incoming Freshman for Fall 2022.

    To Apply for the La Sierra University Presidential Scholars program:

    • Be admitted to La Sierra University.
    • Provide an essay of no more than 1000 words in response to the following statement: “La Sierra University is committed to preparing students to seek, to know and to serve. Please share ways in which you have sought to understand and to serve the world around you, and the impact this has made upon your life and those you have served.”
    • Provide a Curriculum Vitae describing your service-related accomplishments over the last four years.
    • Submit these documents to the Enrollment Services Office via email before Thursday, March 31, 2022. Send your e-mail to:

    La Sierra University is proud of students who manage to balance their academic achievements while maintaining a spirit of volunteerism.

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    The Us Presidential Scholarship Annual Timeline

    The invitations are typically sent out to students around mid-to-late-January. For 2021, the invitations were sent out during the week of January 18. The committee will send these invitations via mail or email depending on the information they have on file for each student.

    Students are expected to submit all application materials by the end of February. The deadline for 2021 was February 24th by 6 p.m. EST.

    The committee will announce the semifinalists in the middle of April. There are normally around 500 students announced as semifinalists.

    In June, all the winning high school students will meet in Washington, D.C. for the National Recognition Program.

    The 2023 Presidential Application Is Now Open

    The Presidential Scholarships are Montana State University’s most distinguished academic awards, recognizing scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership and unique personal qualities. Scholarship recipients receive annual tuition waivers, a generous stipend and priority registration. Recent Presidential Scholars have gone on to receive such renowned awards as the Goldwater, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell scholarships. As Ambassadors of the university, they reflect its highest ideals through demonstrated leadership and public service, and are in the process of leaving a unique fingerprint on their world.

    The Presidential Scholarship is a rigorous, competitive application. Recipients of the scholarship routinely have a 3.9+ GPA and are ranked in the top 3% of their class. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to determine if you are a competitive candidate for the award.

    The Presidential Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen with high school GPA’s of 3.7 or higher. If you do not have a 3.7+ GPA but feel you are a competitive candidate for the scholarship, please contact the Honors College at . Students must apply to MSU and receive their MSU ID number before they can access the Presidential Scholarship application.

    Applicants will need to complete the general scholarship application in Cat $cholarships before gaining access to the supplemental questions for the Presidential Scholarship application.

    Instructions to apply are as follows:

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    All You Need To Know About Boston College

    Boston College was founded in 1863. The school is a private Jesuit research university and a liberal arts college located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Boston College was founded by the Society of Jesus, this explains why it has maintained its Roman Catholic Jesuit religion. The university has 8 established colleges:

  • Woods College of Advancing Studies.
  • Boston College is popular for being a highly selective school for undergraduate admission, with over 9445 undergraduates and nearly 5,000 graduate students and a total of 175 international applicants. The school is also ranked as one of the top universities in the United States, it also ranks #5 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, #50 in Best Value Schools and #3 in Best Catholic Colleges in America.

    Courses offered

    Boston College offers Bachelors degrees, Masters degrees and Doctoral degrees. It has a campus size of 405 acres. Popular majors the school offers include Finance, Economics and Psychology. Some of its Bachelors degrees include Accounting, Applied Economics, Art history, Criticism and Conservation, Drama and Dramatics, Elementary Education, Environmental science, Linguistics, General Mathematics, General Psychology, Social Sciences, Theology, etc.

    Scholarship Benefits And Deadlines

    Introducing the 2020 U.S. Presidential Scholars!

    The Stamps Scholarship provides the following for up to four academic years :

    • Cost of tuition
    • Cost of mandatory student fees
    • Cost of housing
    • A seven-day meal plan
    • A $2000 yearly living expense stipend
    • A one-time $10,000 enrichment fund to be used for the purposes of study abroad, research, or other enrichment activities during the scholars GSU career
    • Opportunity to compete for a paid University Assistantship to explore research and engaging work experience in an academic department
    • Access to individualized classes and mentoring opportunities

    Presidential Scholars receive the following benefits each semester for eight semesters:

    • Cost of tuition and fees
    • Cost of mandatory student fees
    • Cost of housing
    • A yearly living expense stipend
    • A one-time $2,500 stipend for credit-bearing study abroad expenses
    • Opportunity to compete for a paid University Assistantship to explore research and engaging work experience in an academic department
    • Access to individualized classes and mentoring opportunities

    This award totals up to about $28,000 per year depending on in/out-of-state student status and University Assistantship participation.

    To be considered for these scholarships you must:

    For questions regarding the Stamps and Presidential Scholarships, please contact the Honors College at .

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    ***if You Have Applied For The Presidential Scholarship Your Scholarship Application Will Also Serve As Your Application To The Honors College****

    Please visit the Office of Admissions for additional information regarding MSU Scholarships. MSU also has a scholarship program for students identified as National Merit Finalists. Information regarding the National Merit Scholars program can be found at:

    Additional information regarding Financial Aid available from Montana State University can be found by following this link: Office of Financial Aid Services.

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