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What Matters To The Navy Rotc

How to Earn a Marine Corps NROTC Scholarship

Like NROTC, the process is opaque and there is not a point total that they use. The Marine Corps awards scholarships by Recruiting District so it is important to have a good reputation and be known within your District. The following is a map of the districts:

You must be a solid performer with very good SAT/ACT Scores , with a good high school GPA. Navy ROTC-Marine Corps option is best sitting.

Unlike Navy ROTC, the Marine Corps does not take into account your college major.

Sea Devil Prep Program

Sea Devil Prep is a pilot program to provide a Navy commissioning opportunity for highly motivated and exceptional candidates. The Arizona State NROTC Sea Devil Prep Program prepares Midshipmen-Candidates to succeed in the NROTC curriculum.

Arizona State University will provide in-state resident tuition and fees, on-campus housing, and on-campus meals for a one-year NROTC preparation program as Midshipmen-Candidates. Provided the candidates meet the criteria listed, they will be awarded a national NROTC scholarship to Arizona State University at the conclusion of their first year. In order to apply the student must be eligible for in-state tuition.

NOTE: Sea Devil Prep Midshipman-Candidates will be on a 5-Year college track. The first year as Midshipman-Candidates, and another four years on a National Scholarship as full Midshipman within the unit.

Similar to the National NROTC Scholarship, you must apply to both ASU and the Sea Devil Prep Program. For more information, view the Sea Devil Prep Flyer. To apply, download the application and return in entirety to the unit contact email, . The application deadline is January 15th and the scholarship award notification date is March 1st.

Were Here To Help With Dodmerb

The entire medical clearance process can be overwhelming, especially since it potentially jeopardizes your scholarship. If youre looking for additional guidance and clarification throughout this process you can schedule a one-hour consultation with us, or take our online course to help you understand how to avoid some of the top mistakes students make and how to navigate the waiver process. We give you clarity and a plan of action.

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What Are The Eligibility Requirements For An Nrotc Scholarship

You must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be 17 years old by Sept. 1 of the first year of college and younger than 27 on June 30 of the year in which you are eligible for graduation and commissioned status. An age waiver may be granted for prior active military service.
  • Be a high school graduate or possess equivalency certificates by Aug. 1 of the same year that entrance into the four-year NROTC Program is anticipated.
  • Be physically qualified Navy or Marine Corps standards.
  • Have no moral obligations or personal convictions that will prevent conscientious bearing of arms and supporting the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.
  • Apply for and gain admission to NROTC colleges. However, notification of admission must be received before the scholarship can be activated.
  • Achieve qualifying scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the American College Test .
  • Only those credits earned as of the date the applicant hits the submit button count.
  • If a high school graduate AND has completed a term of college prior to submitting their application, all college credits earned are counted towards the credit limit.
  • If a high school graduate AND is enrolled in college, all college credits anticipated to be earned by June of the application year will count towards the credit limit.

How To Join Nrotc At Ohio State

Recruiting Station Sacramento

Looking to obtain a NROTC National Scholarship? Heres what you need to know:

High School Students

If you are a high school student looking to apply for a NROTC 4 Year National Scholarship, you can begin your application at the link below. Once initiated you will be contacted by your local Navy Recruiter, who will guide you through the application process and assist with any questions you have.

Officer Interviews

If you are in the process of completing your NROTC National Scholarship application and want to conduct an Officer Interview with a Active Duty Staff member at NROTC Ohio State, you can contact the Recruiting Officer, LT Spencer, by to set up an Officer Interview.

Didnt receive a NROTC Scholarship?

Eligible high school students that didnt receive or apply for a NROTC National Scholarship and college students with more than 2 years of college remaining can apply to be a College Program option here at NROTC Ohio State.

College Program options are students who participate in all NROTC unit activities but did not receive a National Scholarship. College Program options generally have the opportunity to apply for three, two or one-year NROTC scholarships based on the candidates actual performance in the program.

Current College Students

Contact Us


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What Does The Nrotc Scholarship Pay For

The Scholarship pays for the following:

  • Tuition and school/class related fees.
  • Book stipend. This amounts to $375 a semester. For several majors, this will pay for most books. For others, like engineering, it may not cover all your books.
  • Uniforms. Both Corps of Cadet and Midshipman uniforms.
  • Monthly allowance. All scholarship students will receive $250 a month. This allowance increases by $50 each year.
  • Summer training pay.

If I Dont Receive A 4

Absolutely! Our staff is dedicated to helping you in every way reach your goal of becoming an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. We have 2 or 3 year scholarships available and encourage you to set your sights on them early. Competitive applications for these opportunities include completion of Calculus and a high GPA. If you were not selected for a 4-year scholarship out of high school, but strongly desire to attend UHM, be a member of the Corps of Cadets, and eventually an officer, there are many opportunities for you!

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Navy / Marine Corps Scholarships

  • Four-Year Scholarship: Full tuition, partial fee coverage, $750 book stipend, uniforms, and subsistence allowances are provided to students enrolling in a four-year degree program at participating NROTC colleges.
  • Deadline: Students should begin the applications process during their junior year of high school. The deadlines are at the end of January for the school year you are applying for. Contact a Navy recruiter for complete timeframes.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Select a Tier 1-3 college major
  • Receive minimum scores of 520 Math and 530 Verbal on the SAT and 21 Math and 22 English on the ACT
  • Pass the Marine Corps physical fitness test
  • Minimum combined score of 1000 on the SAT and a minimum combined score of 22 on the ACT
  • Minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test score of 74
  • Service Commitment:
  • A minimum of five years for most applicants, 12 years for medical or dental school students
  • At least four years for Marine Corps or Navy Nurse Corps scholarships
  • Two- or Three-Year Scholarships: Full tuition, partial fee coverage, $750 book stipend, uniforms, and subsistence allowances provided to students for the remainder of their bachelors program at a participating NROTC college.
  • Deadline: Speak with a Navy recruiter for precise deadlines. Applications are generally due at the end of January during the year you wish to enroll.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Meet the basic requirements of the four-year NROTC scholarship
  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.5
  • Service Commitment:
  • What Does The Nrotc Scholarship Not Pay For

    How To Get Selected for an ROTC Scholarship

    The Scholarship does not pay for: Parking, Meal Plans. If you elect for the scholarship to be applied to your tuition and fees, at other schools, this means that you will pay for your room and board. At Texas A& M University, if you have an NROTC scholarship and apply the scholarship to your tuition and fees, you may utilize the Patriot Scholarship.

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    What Careers Are Available To Me In The Navy Or Marine Corps Upon Graduation And Commissioning From Nrotc At Usf

    Through the Naval ROTC program, we commission students into the Navy and Marine Corps as front line officers e.g., surface ship officers, submarine officers, pilots, Navy SEAL officers, infantry officers, etc. The careers available to students commissioning into the Navy are detailed here and the careers available to students commissioning into the Marine Corps are detailed here.

    Notably, we do not offer medical careers through the NROTC program at USF. Additional information about becoming a nurse through the NROTC program is available here.

    Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions:

    A: If you dont earn a scholarship by the end of your sophomore year, you may apply for Advance Standing. Advance Standing if granted will provide the Midshipman with the $350/400, , stipend every month during the school year for the remaining two years. Upon graduation the Advanced Standing Midshipman receives the same commission as the Scholarship Midshipman. If the Midshipman has not been granted Advance Standing by the beginning of the junior year, he or she will be disenrolled from the ROTC program.

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    Navy Nurse Corps Nrotc Program

    • Available to students interested in pursuing bachelor of science degree in nursing .
    • If selected for scholarship, selectee must major in a nursing degree program leading to BSN.
    • On graduation, Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program midshipmen commissioned as reserve officers in Navy Nurse Corps.
    • Nurse NROTC eligibility and selection procedures same as regular four-year NROTC Scholarship Program requirements.
    • Academic, physical and military requirements differ slightly from regular NROTC.
    • Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program not for those pursuing any other medical program.
    • Each unit professor of Naval Science is assigned two Tweedale Scholarships each year.
    • Program focused on students majoring in specific technical fields.

    Criteria for selection:

    There Are A Variety Of Ways To Achieve Your Goal Of Becoming A Navy Or Marine Corps Officer Through The Nrotc Program


    Students enter the NROTC Four-Year Scholarship Program through national competition and are appointed midshipmen in the Naval Reserve. While enrolled, a four-year-scholarship student receives government-provided tuition, fees, $375 per semester for books, uniforms, and an allowance of up to $400 per month. Upon graduation, students are commissioned with a minimum five-year active duty service obligation. Scholarship Program students must include in their degree program courses in English, calculus, cultural awareness, physics, national security policy, and naval science and participate in three summer training periods of approximately four weeks each. If you are a Junior or Senior in High School, please follow the link to the Navy NROTC scholarship application website. Applications are open from 1 Apr of your HS junior year to 31 Dec of your HS senior year.

    For students not possessing a 4-year NROTC scholarship, please review FAQ question 4 on application for the NROTC College Program. Students who enroll in the College Program are eligible to reapply for the National Scholarship and be nominated for 3- or 2-year “Sideload” scholarships.

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    When Is The Scholarship Application Deadline

    Applications may be submitted from 1 April until 31 January of the following year. Completed applications will be processed as they are received. Notifications of early selection will begin in September.

    1 April online application opens 31 Dec 2020 online application closes 31 Jan 2021 deadline to submit update material for previously processed application 15 Feb 2021 deadline for NRD to have all completed packages in the mail to NSTC

    Cooperative Room And Board Scholarship

    Recipients of Navy or Marine option NROTC scholarships to Tulane University and who also live on campus will also receive the benefit of the Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship, graciously offered by Tulane University. All scholarship students in good standing with the unit and who live on campus will automatically receive this scholarship each semester: no application process is required. This scholarship covers the standard costs of on-campus room and board for up to eight fall or spring semesters, with an option for an additional year of benefits in certain situations for those who qualify. At present rates, this award is worth approximately $14,000 per academic year.

    Please visit for further details.

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    How Does The Rotc Program Work

    Many U.S. high schools have 3- to 4-year JROTC programs run by various branches of the military. You may be eligible to enroll in your schools JROTC program starting in 9th grade. Weve provided links below to the detailed curriculum offerings for each type of JROTC, along with details about co-curricular activities you can participate in as a high school cadet.

  • Army : Raider Fitness Challenges, drill formations, air rifle competitions, and first aid for emergencies
  • Navy : Navigation instruction, communication electronics, drill ceremonies, ship handling, naval science
  • Air Force : Flying model programs, drill formations, flight science, management principles, astronomy
  • : Color guard, drill formations, air riflery training, volunteer service, color guard ceremonies
  • Coast Guard : Nautical science, drill formations, calisthenics activities
  • As a high school student, you can still prepare to enter a college ROTC program, even if you havent participated in JROTC. Start researching prospective ROTC programs early so you have time to apply for training and scholarships.

    Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation

    NROTC scholarship

    The Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation is equivalent to the Navy option National Scholarship and may be used at one of the 21 HBCUs and MSIs across the nation that offer NROTC. Applicants may be of any gender, race, or ethnic background and must meet the exact same Navy option National Scholarship eligibility requirements. The MSISR Scholarship may be used at the following two cross-town affiliates of Tulane NROTC:

    Dillard University

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    Benefits Of An Nrotc Scholarship

    Navy ROTC scholarship recipients receive:

    • Full tuition at public and private schools affiliated with Navy ROTC
    • A monthly stipend of $250-$400
    • A $750 annual allowance for books and supplies
    • Possible but not guaranteed: monetary offsets for room and board if on a NROTC scholarship

    The average cost of tuition and fees at a private college in the U.S. is currently around $38,000 . The Navy ROTC scholarship is one of the most generous scholarships, as not all branches offer the option of paying the high cost of private college tuition.

    On average, this scholarship is worth upwards of $152,000 for private colleges, leaving Navy ROTC scholarship recipients only with the cost of room and board.

    Seaman To Admiral 21 Program

    The STA-21 program was designed to provide enlisted sailors a top-notch college education and a commission. There are programs which lead to a commission in the unrestricted line as well as many of the restricted lines.

    While there are many Universities you can attend under the STA-21 Program, the University of Nebraska offers some distinct advantages:

    • Tuition rates fall within the $10,000 a year limit of the STA-21 Program.
    • You will qualify for in-state tuition.
    • Our small unit size allows for individual attention.
    • You are immediately placed in leadership roles and provide much-needed enlisted insight.
    • Families live in safe communities and attend excellent schools.
    • Lincoln enjoys a low cost of living while maintaining a high standard of living.


    Visit the Navy’s website to apply to the STA-21 program. If you are considering attending the University of Nebraska, feel free to contact us.

    Participants in the STA-21 program will:

    • Be granted Montgomery GI Bill benefits to pay for courses after the service member’s STA-21 funds are exhausted, as long as payment is for different courses and not combined to pay for the same course.
    • Receive full pay and allowances including BAH and BAS for their enlisted pay grades
    • Be eligible for enlisted advancement
    • Receive up to $10,000 per year, paid to the university to supplement the costs of tuition, fees, and books.
    • Upon successful degree completion, be commissioned as active duty Ensigns in the United States Navy .

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    Colleges That Offer Navy Rotc And How To Choose A Program

    Many different colleges and universities across the U.S. have Navy ROTC programs, developing leaders of tomorrow by preparing students to become officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. You must be enrolled in the following list of Navy ROTC colleges or universities in order to participate.

    Some schools offer additional financial incentives to Navy ROTC scholarship recipients. Weve created a complete list of Navy ROTC scholarship benefits to help you make that crucial decision of which school is the best fit for you or your student.

    If your goal is to commission into the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps, earning a scholarship and a degree through the Navy ROTC program is a fantastic opportunity. Especially when you consider the possibility of free room and board, making this scholarship potentially worth up to $80,000 per year.

    What Are The Nrotc Scholarship Details

    NROTC Scholarship

    All Navy ROTC colleges provide the following benefits. Many schools provide even more:

    • Receive full tuition at a participating NROTC college or university.
    • Have all mandatory undergraduate fees covered.
    • Get a stipend for textbooks and uniforms. Currently $750 per academic year .
    • Receive allowances each academic month: Freshmen – $250/month, Sophomore – $300/month, Junior – $350/month, Senior – $400/month.
    • Go on three summer training cruises. Get paired with Naval Officers in the fleet and spend part of your summer gaining on-the-job experience in various areasincluding aboard a nuclear submarine, with aircraft carriers and aviation squadrons or on warships operating at sea. Also get exposure to the Marine Corps.

    A number of different scholarships are available through the Navy ROTC program, including:

    • Four-Year National Scholarship: The most well-known scholarship with funding for all four years of your undergraduate degree. Two and three-year scholarships are also available.
    • Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Program: For students interested in attending a Historically Black College & University , Hispanic-Serving Institution or Minority-Serving Institution .
    • NROTC Preparatory Program : For students who have great potential for the NROTC program but lack necessary standardized test scores or advanced course completions.
    • Seaman to Admiral Program: For Enlisted Sailors to go back and get their college degrees as a part of an NROTC school.

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