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Whats A Good Age To Start Considering Scholarships

How to get an equestrian scholarship? | Ep.20

The first year that colleges will start to consider potential scholarship awardees is the Junior year of High School, which makes riders around 16 years old. But its always good to get a jump start on the process and make sure that the coaches know your name before your Junior year comes around.

Taylor Searles, a student at Auburn, said:

I was 16 or 17 at the time and even thinking of college then was terrifying. I had to go visit some just to see what college life was like and when I got to Auburn it immediately felt like a big family and the team is just so close. Obviously, I liked the team more than other schools, but just the feel on this campus I was in love with, and I knew that if the team didn’t work out, that I would still want to go to school at Auburn.

From Wrong Turn To Ivy League

Shariah Harris became part of the program when she was about 8 years old. Her mom was driving in Fairmount Park and took a wrong turn onto the dead-end street and discovered the stable.

We saw other Black children riding, and my mom wanted to figure out a way to get us involved in riding, Harris says. We went inside and met Lezlie, and she gave us an application. A few months later, both my brother and I were accepted into the program. My older sister soon followed our path and joined the program, too.

Work to Ride influenced Shariah Harriss decision to attend Cornell University and play for the womens varsity påolo team.

Polo is the main focus of the WTR program, though some riders want to focus on jumping. Those who work hard, keep up their grades, and meet the program requirements travel across the country and around the world to play as part of the team. Harris quickly became a rising star in the sport.

As a high school senior, she was named the U.S. Polo Associations National Interscholastic Player of the Year. Her skills earned her a spot playing high-goal polo for Postage Stamp Farm at the 2017 Silver Cup tournament. She became the first Black woman to play in high-goal polo, the top tier of polo in the United States.

In just a decade, Harris has collected a lifetime of memories. She says one of her favorites was her first trip to Nigeria to play in the Unicef Cup tournament. Her sister went too, and it was the first time they had left the United States.

United States Hunter Jumper Association

The United States Hunter Jumper Association has more than 50 grants and scholarships readily available, offering more than $90,000 in funding to support members across the nation who hold a current paid membership with the USHJA. Individual grant or scholarship criteria are outlined in the application. Members are encouraged to visit and look more into what their zone is offering.

$25,000 Hamel Family Scholarship for Further EducationThis award is designed to encourage further education among equestrians. The USHJA Foundation awards up to $25,000 to be used for college, graduate, trade or professional school to one USHJA member each year. For more information, please go to

Horsemans Assistance FundThis program was established to provide emergency financial support to active USHJA members who require assistance as a result of accident or illness. For more information and eligibility requirements, please go to

Gochman Grant for USEF Pony Finals Presented by Collecting Gaits FarmThis award is offered to three young pony riders to give the opportunity to attend and compete at USEF Pony Finals. For more information and eligibility requirements, go to

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College Preparatory Invitational Scholarships

The College Preparatory Invitational offers a variety of scholarships for equestrians in grades 8-12 that are participants in its horse shows, which take place annually in both Florida and New Jersey.

Youth Equestrian Development Association

Scholarship  Optimum Equine

IHSA/YEDA National Achievement AwardThis award, sponsored by the Youth Equestrian Development Association , goes to the YEDA alumni rider that achieves the highest placing in individual western classes in any IHSA western division. The scholarship award is $250, and the YEDA member would have to have been on a YEDA team and competed for at least one season to be eligible. For more information, visit

Scholarship Incentive FundThis scholarship was designed to provide support for competition members who are graduating seniors based on their individual performance. Applicants must be a YEDA member during their senior year of high school to receive a distribution. For more information, please visit

Tim McHugh Dodge Jeep Senior Achievement ScholarshipThis $1,000 scholarships due date is March 1, and the winner will be announced and presented at the YEDA national championships. The winner will receive their award and a certificate to recognize their outstanding achievement. For more information, please visit

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Teresa L Mcdonald Ihsa Scholarship Challenge

The Teresa L McDonald IHSA Scholarship Challenge is offered to current Intercollegiate Horse Show Association members. The participants take a non discipline specific horsemanship test, with high scores from each regionmoving on to compete at a national level. The top ten scores at the national level receive a scholarship.

The Anson Wh Taylor Memorial Scholarship

The United States Pony Club and The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource co-supports this grant. The beneficiary of the honor should be a current member of the Pony Club and should be either active or have been part of efforts towards land protection. Candidates should be in their senior year of high school and have been acknowledged at an establishment of advanced education at the hour of applying for the scholarship. They should likewise have kept a base 3.0 GPA and accomplished a C-2 affirmation or above from the club. A repeat scholarship might be offered if the beneficiary continues on showing the promise, yet the scholarship may not be granted multiple occasions sequentially to a similar individual.

Provided By: Pony ClubApply Now

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National Reining Horse Youth Association

The Reining Horse FoundationThe National Reining Horse Youth Association members are encouraged to apply for seven annual scholarships provided by this program based on financial need, academic achievement, and reining involvement. Three scholarships valued at $2,000, two at $1,500, and two at $750 are awarded. For more information, please go to or

Youth Team TournamentYouth contestants from each affiliate championship youth contestants can receive an application and turn it in within seven days to be eligible to receive a $1,000 or $800 scholarship. For more information, please go to

John McQuay Memorial ScholarshipThe NRHyA awards a $2,500 John McQuay Memorial Scholarship to the highest scoring individual in combine Youth 13 & Under and Youth 14-18 classes at the NRHA Derby. For more information, please go to

Varsity Reining Club Points that are received throughout the year are counted at the end of the year for both age divisions, and scholarships are awarded based on point earnings. For more information, please go to

Amy Schenkel Equestrian Scholarship

Florida 4-H Horse Program Scholarships

This scholarship shall be awarded by the Office of Student Financial Assistance annually to one or more undergraduate students demonstrating high academic achievement and participating on the Miami University Equestrian Team. Nominations shall be provided by the Coach of the Equestrian Team to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

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Intercollegiate Equestrian Foundation Scholarships

Students across the United States are eligible for Intercollegiate Equestrian Foundation Scholarships, which are awarded annually at the IHSA National Horse Show. Qualified applicants are in financial need for higher education, and exhibit strong histories of equestrian experience and involvement. Undergraduates with strong academic transcripts are encouraged to apply.

Mountain King Ranch Equitation Grant Presented By The Colorado Hunter Jumper Association

Launched in 2021 by 2020 ASPCA Maclay Champion Dominic Gibbs, the Mountain King Ranch Equitation Grant offers the opportunity for a CHJA rider to travel to Wellington, FL for a week of training with Beacon Hill Show Stables during the Winter Equestrian Festival season. The grant covers most expenses along with six days of lessons, a six-day lease of a horse, and more. Any Colorado Hunter Jumper Association junior member is eligible, regardless of of level or experience. The application requires written responses and self-reflection, two photographs and two uploaded YouTube videos of your riding.

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Do I Need My Own Equipment Or Does The Team Provide It

All team members ride in breeches and riding boots for English and jeans and boots for Western, . The Hunt Seat team is sponsored by GPA Helmets and Heritage Gloves. Also, at the beginning of the year, all team members are able to work with sponsors Ariat, so that riders can procure show and schooling clothes. Thanks to sponsorship, the attire is usually available at discount rates. The team also has a large collection of show clothes that team members may borrow. Each horse is fitted to its own tack and use of private saddles is not permitted.

What Can I Do To Build The Skills To Make Me Successful In Collegiate Riding


Learn the basics of horsemanship, build a solid foundation in your chosen discipline, and ride as many different horses as possible! The collegiate competition format is based on catch riding unfamiliar horses, so becoming comfortable with a range of mounts will be very helpful in any collegiate riding pursuits.

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Get Recruited To An Equestrian Team

Winning is a collaborative effort between horse and rider, but much of the success in equestrian sports lies with rider nuances, including equitation or appearance, and horsemanship. Stand-out riders open doors to scholarships to some of the best academic universities in the country. Use your passion and equestrian skill to land access to college. The NCAA offers some excellent tips on preparing for recruitment, including this suggestion: Riding videos submitted to campus equestrian programs for review should demonstrate your skill level, but also your versatility. Your attire should accurately represent the standard for whatever equestrian style you are engaged in.

NCAA requirements include registration with the athletic Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. Remember to follow recruitment rules, like the one prohibiting student-athletes from communicating with college coaches prior to their high school junior years.

What Is The Structure Of Intercollegiate Horse Shows

This is a very cursory primer on the often confusing world of intercollegiate showing. For full details, visit the IHSAs website at All riders are placed in a division corresponding to their skill level, from Walk/Trot to Open, based on the IHSA rules. Throughout the regular season, riders compete in their division and earn points for finishing first through sixth place. The coaches use their discretion at determining how often riders show: they consider strategically when they want their riders to point out of their division into the next one. Points are also part of the process used to determine who will advance to the post-season.

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The Work To Ride Equestrian Scholarship Program

An innovative equestrian scholarship program in Philadelphia allows disadvantaged youth to ride on a polo team if they keep their grades up.

Inside Philadelphias Fairmount Park, the rush of the city falls away into the peaceful tranquility of wooded trails and open space. Tucked away on a dead-end road, Chamounix Equestrian Center has made its home inside the 2,000-acre municipal park. The stable is widely known for its sold-out summer camps, popular year-round lesson program and boarding opportunities, as well as a unique equestrian scholarship program called Work to Ride.

Intercollegiate Equestrian Federation Scholarships

Advice For Riders Vying To Be On A College Equestrian Team

The Intercollegiate Equestrian Federation offers multiple general scholarships to equestrians in undergraduate programs membership to IEF is not required. The four main scholarships are in honor of founding or significant members of the IEF: The Jack Fritz Memorial Award, The Joan Johnson Memorial Award, The Emily Jane Hilscher Memorial Award, and The Margaret Maggie Blackmon Memorial Award.

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Helen Gurley Brown Foundation Genius Grant

Genius Grants allow individuals to pursue their dream and to create magic. Genius Grants are typically awarded to change-makers that have demonstrated a commitment to solving challenges across different fields or are proven leaders in their community. Through these grants, the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation aims to empower innovative individuals and support their passion projects so that they can bring their brilliant idea to fruition.

How Is The Training In The Usa Structured

Usually five riders from the university team compete against another team. On the day of the competition, pairs will be put together with one rider per university. They then have to compete against each other on the same horse drawn by lots in one of the following disciplines:

  • Dressage: As in Germany, the riders must show a precise and harmonious harmony when carrying out the lessons. However, the horse is drawn to the rider.
  • Show jumping: In this discipline, riders have to overcome a course of eight to ten obstacles with their horse.
  • Horsemanship: Here the horse and rider show different lessons in different gaits of the horse according to a certain pattern.
  • Reining:Reining is similar to horsemanship, only there are additional tasks such as spins and sliding stops added.

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Equestrian Grants & Scholarships Every Rider Should Know About

The equestrian community is generous, and many people and organizations are invested in the future of our young riders and up and coming professionals. The next generation is the future of the sport itself. Weve compiled grants and scholarship designed to boost young riders and grant exciting opportunities in the sport.

To Discover More Details About Each Opportunity Select The Respective Tile Below

Equestrian Scholarships

In an effort to fulfill the vision of bringing the joy of horse sports to as many as people as possible, US Equestrian offers several grants and scholarships for our youth members. US Equestrian believes that our youth is the future of the industry, and helps provide the means for individuals to create solid intellectual and experiential foundations through their education and hands on learning.

All grants and scholarships are to be used towards educational purposes, with the goal of helping the individual further his or her equestrian knowledge or improve his or her horsemanship abilities. The requirements and deadlines for each grant or scholarship are different, however any recipient must be an active competing member.

If you have additional questions, please contact Emily McSweeney at

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Why Does It Cost Money To Be On The Team

Equestrian is a club sport at Stanford, which means that the team is student-funded. We do get some funding from Club Sports and the ASSU. Team members work with The Stanford Fund every quarter to raise money for the team. These are all ways to keep our team dues as low as possible, but it still costs money to travel to shows, care for the horses, and pay our coaches.

How To Land A Scholarship At A Division Iii School

There are some very well-respected and fiercely competitive equestrian programs among Division III colleges, but athletic scholarships for D3 schools are prohibited by NCAA rules. In order to draw top talent, Division III colleges use alternative scholarships that reward students for academic performance. As a rule, scholar-athletes are well-positioned for landing college aid, but it is imperative to put forth a strong GPA if you expect to get a scholarship at a strong equestrian school in Division III. Financial need also plays a role in evaluating scholarship candidates at Division III colleges. Stand-out riders, with financial hardship and strong high school transcripts are marked for scholarship assistance.

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American Quarter Horse Foundation

The American Quarter Horse Foundation recipients are selected based on academic achievement, financial need, and Quarter Horse involvements, as well as an applicants leadership and communication skills. Applicants must submit an application form with financial information, three reference letters or appraisal forms, and a high school or college transcript. Students applying for a state or regional scholarship will also need to provide proof of membership in their state. For more information, visit

Usea Worth The Trust Scholarship

Lander University Equestrian Team

The USEA Worth the Trust awards $4,000 to amateurs to pursue educational opportunities within the sport of eventing. Riders over the age of 16 how have declared amateur status are eligible and the scholarship can be used on clinics, lessons, working student positions, or learning from equine professionals including vets, course designers, and judges.

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