How To Apply For Music Scholarships

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Tips To Apply And Secure Music Scholarships

How to Find Music Scholarships in 2021

Check for instruments with low enrollment rates

Instruments with low enrolment rates in colleges and instruments that have lesser people playing them in the society usually have higher scholarship propensity. This is because many organizations interested in music that wouldnt want such instruments to phase out because of lack of players would be interested in offering scholarships to students who are willing to learn such instruments.

Send in applications early

Avoid waiting till its almost time for the deadline before you send in your scholarship application. Sending in your application ahead of time will give you the grace of being among those to be first considered.

Most times late applications are not even reviewed at all because by that time the reviewers have already found enough qualified applicants.

Apply to several openings and opportunities

Dont limit your application to just one school or just one scholarship opportunity. There are so many opportunities out there that one can grab. Applying to one out of a hundred opportunities is like throwing in all your eggs into one basket.

Apply for as many opportunities as possible as this increases your chances of securing a scholarship. This is not just eligible for only music scholarships, whichever thing it is that you want scholarship for, do not limit your application to just one opportunity.

Be sure you qualify before you apply

Do your Best in the Audition

Understand the criteria and work in accordance with it

Sb& o Scholarship Essay Contest

Presented by School Band & Orchestra Magazine, the SB& O Scholarship Essay Contest offers $1000 to five high school students. The contest asks each applicant a very simple question: Why did you join band and why do you stick with it?

The answer to that question must be no more than 250 words long.

Past winners have come from all over the United States, including Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.

Applications must be submitted by April 30theach year. The winners will be announced in the June issue ofSB& O Magazine.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Rushing through the application process is the fastest way to ensure that youll make mistakes and get disqualified. Successful scholarship recipients start working on the process as soon as possible. You should also give yourself a target time to have everything completed about two weeks before the submission deadline. This includes letters of recommendation, your performance video, and all of the written work. Giving yourself plenty of time to complete the application will help you avoid errors.

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Scholarship Application Letter Templates & Samples

Whether you are writing a scholarship application letter to gain admission to a university or college, appeal for financial assistance, or apply for further postgraduate studies, you can download and use our Free and premium templates and quickly customize them to fit your specific needs and objective. Download our templates today and get started on your scholarship application.

Application Letter for Scholarship 01

What Happens If I Am Unable To Enroll Will I Lose My Award

Music Scholarship Poster

If you have extenuating circumstances. academic year scholarships or fellowships may be deferred enrollment for up to one year. Approval is required by your area coordinator and/or the funding unit/division. Deferment of enrollment and awards are approved on a case-by-case basis. If you think you will have to defer your enrollment please contact the and your area coordinator.

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Identify And Understand The Criteria

When considering music or other school scholarships, make certain that you understand what the individual, acceptance board, or organization is asking for, and tailor your application towards it. It wont do any good to add irrelevant information. In fact, it could actually hurt. One of the most important aspects of completing a scholarship application is how it demonstrates your ability to follow directions. If you omit a certain item or neglect to add some small part, your entire application could be rejected.

List Of Available Music Scholarships

  • Associated Male Choruses of America, or AMCA scholarship
  • Bemidji state music scholarships
  • Emil and Ruth Beyer composition awards
  • John Lennon scholarships
  • IOWA scholarship for the arts
  • Ellis competition for Duo-pianists
  • Chopin Foundation of the United States scholarship program for young pianists
  • Appalachian state Elmer and the Lynn White scholarship award
  • James A. Hyter vocal music scholarship
  • Fran Morgenstern Davis scholarship
  • CBC spouses Heineken United State performing arts scholarship
  • Catherine Gold Chism scholarship
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    Why Do Universities Offer Music Scholarships

    Universities like to encourage musical talent among their students, so they can nurture a music community on campus. As part of the scholarship you will be asked to participate in musical performances whilst you are there and you will be paid for it. A nice way to earn a bit of extra money while doing something you enjoy.

    There are also some music scholarships which are offered by charities or musical associations to music students who are studying at one of the UKs music colleges.

    Loren L Zachary Annual National Vocal Competition For Young Opera Singers

    How to Get Scholarships in Music and Pay For Your College Education

    Your search for college tuition isnt over until you sing. Sing in front of the judges for this scholarship at either the New York or L.A. regional competitions for a minimum of $1,000 for making it as a finalist and up to $50,000 if you win. This scholarship requires singers ages 21 to 35 to submit six arias as an application and perform two if selected for the finals. The age requirement gives freshmen and sophomores two extra years to warm up their vocal chords and entices upperclassmen with money to start paying off those student loans. If your high notes can break glass, you wont have to break the bank with this prize money.

    Find Your College or University

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    Can You Get Scholarships For Band

    This is a commonly asked question amongst prospective college students every year, especially among those with interest in music generally and specifically Band lovers. Of course, the answer is a big yes, you can get scholarship for band and there are several of them available yearly.

    To get a scholarship into college to pursue a career or passion in band, it is best to start pursuing a dream in music or specifically band from an early stage so that by the time youre ready to apply for such scholarship you would have gained a lot of experience and built a portfolio to help give you an edge over many other applicants wholl also be vying for the same opportunity as you.

    The Presidents Own Concerto Competition

    The United States Marine Corps is known for accepting the few and the proud. That tradition extends beyond soldiers and to musicians as well.

    The Presidents Own United States Marine Band, a part of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, hosts an annual Concerto Competition for high school musicians.

    Winners will be invited to appear as guest soloists with the Marine Band. They will also be awarded scholarships ranging from $2500 for the first prize to $1000 and $500 for the second and third prize.

    To enter, high school musicians must record themselves performing a selection from the official repertory list. They should be accompanied by piano or a band/orchestra.

    The video, as well as an application and letter of recommendation, must be submitted by November 15th. Finalists will be notified by January 1st of the following year.

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    Music Scholarships To Sing Or Play Your Way To College

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    What Not To Include In Your Letter

    If you are studying in music, a $500 scholarship is available to you ...
    • Avoid adding your weaknesses: Do not mention any of your weaknesses. Since many people will be sending in their applications every day, you dont want to come off as the weaker applicant, thereby reducing your chances of landing the scholarship.
    • Dont use an informal tone. Always be professional when writing the letter. You dont know who will be reviewing your application, so make sure that you stick to a formal tone.
    • Never submit your cover letter before proofreading. After drafting your letter, make sure to go through it several times to ensure it is free of any errors and that every detail is well captured.
    • Avoid adding unnecessary or untrue information: Since you are trying to sell yourself, dont exaggerate too much. At times, honesty is the best policy. Dont lie be simple and straight forward in your writing.
    • Do not hide your need for financial aid: Remember why you are writing the application. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help.

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    What Sets You Apart

    Studies show that students studying music or performing arts perform better across all academic subjects.

    Students that major in music or a related field often have higher GPAs, score higher on their SATs, and receive more academic honors than those who don’t.

    The National Honor Society offers several scholarships that recognize these academic achievements including the Perfect GPA Scholarship and the Highest Honors Student Scholarship.

    Are you fortunate enough to excel both academically and musically? If so, there are plenty of scholarships out there designed for talented and eager students just like you.

    Aalborg University International Phd Positionsin Music Therapy Denmark

    Want to conduct research in the applied use of music in health, education and social service programs? Then, become a part of a learning community founded on problem-based learning principles and apply now for the PhD Scholarship in Music Therapy Research offered at Aalborg University. Researchers can apply for the academic year 2023-2024.

    The grant is directed toward the PhD in music therapy research undertaken at the Department of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University. The applicants must have completed a five-year masters program in music therapy to be eligible for the Award, i.e., tuition fee coverage, living and accommodation expenses, and more. The research project will be aimed at music therapy but can also be in art-based therapies or associated fields.

    Wonderful offer for overseas students in Denmark.

    Aalborg University is a Danish public university ranked250th in the overall world university rankings and 8thin the world, and best in Europe, within the field of Engineering. The university has high-quality of core activities that help create solutions to complex societal challenges regionally, nationally, and globally.

    Application Deadline: The application process will end on 17th April 2023.

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    Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship

    For African American or Black musicians currently attending high school in an area represented by a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship may be available.

    Ten scholarships of $5000 each are awarded by the CBC to students working towards a degree in any one of the performing arts, such as dance, drama, and music.

    The application process involves the submission of a two-minute performance video and a five-minute personal statement video.

    In the former, students provide a record of their best work. In the latter, they explain how the award will help them achieve their goals.

    Additionally, students must also submit an application, transcript, and two letters of recommendation.

    The CBC makes their Performing Arts Scholarship available between January 3rd and April 30th of each year.

    Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Scholarship

    How to Find & Win Full Ride Music Scholarships

    Cant swing your finances to fit your music dreams? Head on over to the king of swing, Glenn Miller. Instrumentalists and vocalists could earn up to $3,000 for just an application and a submission video. Dont worryyou dont need a trombone, a zoot suit and a booming Miller sound to make it in this competition. The competition seeks musical leaders of tomorrow above any one sound. Your metaphorical conductor stick for the future of music matters way more than the notes you throw down.

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    Music Publishers Association Scholarship

    Who doesnt love sitting around your birthday cake? Your loved ones surround you, singing For Hes a Jolly Good Fellow right before you blow out the birthday candles and wish that you could afford the fee to use Happy Birthday on the air. Well, it happens on TV at least. If you know the reason why we cant use Happy Birthday on the air, explain to those that still wonder. And do it for some cash. The Music Publishers Association, the oldest musical trade company in the United States, will award the winner of their scholarship contest up to $10,000 for the best 30-second to three-minute creative video on the Importance of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law. Anyone between the ages of 13 and 25 can win the prize to further their education in music, supporting the MPAs mission to educate the musical community about intellectual property laws and protection.

    Top 10 Music Scholarships 2022/2023

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    Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club

    Are you a resident of Mississippi who loves the King of Rock and Roll? The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club created a scholarship in his name. This scholarship gives a total of $10,000 out to the winners. First place winner gets $5,000, second place gets $3,000 and third place gets $2,000. This scholarship is open to all graduating Mississippi high school seniors. Each spring, a panel of judges reviews submissions and narrows it down to 10 finalists. Finalists then perform in front of the club members who determine the winners by voting. This scholarship makes opportunities real you get that Elvis spiritits like hes touching the future, Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club head of scholarship, Diane Whitt said. So pull out your blue suede shoes and submit your application.

    Lets hear it for the boys. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the worlds oldest and largest national fraternal society for men, awards six scholarships each yearthe Undergraduate General Scholarships, Graduate Scholarships, James H. Patrenos Memorial Scholarship, Christopher Patterson Memorial Scholarship, W. Eldridge and Emily Lowe Scholarship and Delta Iota Alumni Scholarship. Ranging from $500 to $7,500, these scholarships honor the best and brightest of up and coming male musicians. Applicants must submit an online application, an academic achievement form, a high-quality headshot and an essay. Who knows? Maybe one of the winners will be the next Springsteen, Mercury or Sinatra.

    Music Scholarships & Grants

    Music Scholarships

    In keeping with our founders philosophy that music education should be available to anyone, VanderCook College of Music is committed to maintaining affordable, competitive tuition. VCM awards financial assistance to 100% of its full-time undergraduate students. Our Financial Aid staff works to maximize aid through scholarships, grants, and loans.

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    Conductor’s Choice/faculty’s Choice Award

    Recipients of this award are automatically advanced to the final round of scholarships without being required to submit a recording in their application. These awards are available for incoming students of any major, and recognize talented individuals who have exceeded the bar for musical excellence through participation in approved honor ensembles, receiving similar awards, winning competitions, etc. They may also be given directly to students who demonstrate excellence in a meeting/lesson with our faculty.

    You are automatically eligible to receive this award if you have participated in any of the following:

    • A high-school All-State/Honors Ensemble

    Top Music Scholarships In September 2022

    Music is such a passion for certain students that they want to make a career out of doing what they love. While a career as a music teacher is rewarding for many, there are other options, including audio engineering, video game sound design, and music therapy. Whatever musical career path you decide upon, you can undoubtedly use a few scholarships to help fund your education.

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    Keep on reading to learn more about our top music scholarships including eligibility, award amount, and application deadlines!

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