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What Is The Gates Scholarship

Best Friends From Norwalk High School Earn Exclusive College Scholarships

The primary mission of the Gates Scholarship is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in all majors. By offering outstanding scholars better educational opportunities, the program aims to develop a diversified group of future leaders for America.

Each year, 300 student leaders are selected for the Gates Scholarship, with each winner receiving funding for the full Cost of Attendance to an accredited four-year US university or college.

Compared with other impressive corporate scholarships, the Gates Scholarship is especially comprehensive and generous. In addition to funding, it offers a wide structure of support, guidance, and mentoring.

Overall, the Gates Scholarship provides the following:

  • Renewable educational funding: The scholarship covers any unmet need and self-help aid for up to five years.
  • Online support services: Services offered to scholarship winners include academic support, mentoring, professional advice and guidance, and help with financial literacy.

The total amount of aid you’re eligible to get will depend on your amount of unmet need. Unmet need is the difference between your school’s Cost of Attendance and the amount you’ve received in grants and/or scholarships. The larger your unmet need is, the larger your scholarship award will be.

Guide To Scholarships: How They Work And Ways To Earn Them

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College students apply for and earn scholarships every year to help with schooling costs. Scholarships can vary in amount and qualifications depending on the organization awarding them. If you are attending college soon, you may want to learn more about scholarships and how they can help you manage the cost of a degree. In this article, we cover what scholarships are, how they work, their sources, where you can find them, how you can use them and tips for earning them.

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Are Other Financial Aid Funds Available To Me

We encourage all students to complete a FAFSA at After receiving their SAR , students should monitor their email and/or MyCSN Communications Center, as well the Financial Aid webpage, for messages from CSN Financial Aid concerning the institutional application process.

FAFSA applicants who have completed their FAFSA by the posted academic year CSN application deadline are considered for State and Institutional grants.

Please consider applying for CSN Scholarships through our CSN Scholarship Web Portal.

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How Much Do The Recipients Receive Each Year

Millennium Scholars will receive up to $20,000 per year through graduation. For example, a sixth grade scholar will receive that amount until he or she graduates from Barrie School seven years later as long as yearly expectations are met. The cumulative value of a scholarship will range between $20,000 and $140,000 depending on a recipients entering grade level.

What Is The Gates Scholarship Application Timeline

Lake City High School Senior awarded Gates Millennium Scholarship

This year, the Gates Scholarship application is expected to open on July 15, 2022 the deadline for submission will be September 15, 2022. Selections will be made in April 2023, with awards given out from July to September.

Below is the annual timeline for the Gates Scholarship:

Phase 1

  • Phase 2 application opens
  • Phase 2 application deadline
  • Finalists announced interviews for finalists
  • New class of scholars announced
  • Fall: Scholarships disbursed to winners

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What Do I Need To Do To Receive Funding

Scholarship Activation:

All new Millennium Scholars are required to submit an Acknowledgement of Award to the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program, Office of the Nevada State Treasurer. Students can do so online at , or by submitting the signed paper copy of the Acknowledgement form provided in their Award Package by mail.

Activation at CSN is not required as all colleges and universities participating in the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program are provided information for all eligible students. At CSN Millennium Scholars must enroll in a minimum of nine credit hours in each spring and fall semester and must have a major declared with the CSN Office of the Registrar to receive funding.

All students who are eligible for the Millennium Scholarship, are enrolled in at least 9 credits, and have a major declared with the CSN Office of the Register are automatically funded each semester. Students who are enrolled at either a State College, or University, and at CSN should submit a Millennium Scholarship Funds Waiver Form at the institution they do not wish to receive funding. This will avoid overfunding between two institutions and consequently having to repay Millennium Scholarship funds that were disbursed at one of them.

Social Security Number Disclosure:

If you are declaring your major online, please be sure to select DCS as your Academic Program.


How Many Students Apply For The Gates Millennium Scholarship

The scholarship program is highly competitive with only 1,000 students selected out of over 50,000 applicants. GMS scholars who choose to pursue graduate studies in the areas of education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health and science are eligible to receive continued funding.

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Nevada Scholarship Opportunity For Daca And Dreamer Students

Nevada State College is a proud partner of TheDream.US, a national scholarship fund for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or Temporary Protective Status eligible DREAMers.

The scholarship is open to:

  • Current High School seniors who will graduate with a GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Students who earned or will earn a high school equivalency diploma by the end of the academic year with a score that is equivalent to a GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Current community college students who will graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or greater by the end of the academic year
  • Community college graduates with a GPA of 3.0

Find out if you qualify by visiting:

For more information, contact:

Scenario : You’ve Made It To Phase 2 Of The Gates Scholarship

What is Scholarship? – Quick and Easy Explanation

The following three tips are for high school seniors who’ve made it past the Phase 1 questionnaire and are ready to get started on the much heavier Phase 2 application for the Gates Scholarship.

#1: Plan Ahead

Recall that you’ll need letters of recommendation for this part of the application. It’s important to give your recommendation writers as much time to write their letters as possible.

And since you’ll only have about a month after you move to Phase 2 before your application is due, it’s imperative that you find and secure a recommender as soon as you are told you’re a semi-finalist.

#2: Invest in Your Essays

If the Gates Scholarship evaluators only cared about your grades and resume, they wouldn’t ask you to write essays. So how can you ensure that your essays are great?

First off, make sure you’re answering every part of the essay prompt in your response. Most essay questions have multiple parts!

You also want to elaboratedon’t just provide a list as a response or give a yes/no answer. The evaluators want to see that you’re thoughtful and have put time into your application.

Another tip to keep in mind is to make your goals clear. Why do you want the Gates Scholarship? You don’t want to worry about paying for college, sure, but how will winning the scholarship affect your long-term and short-term academic and/or career goals? Most importantly, how will it enable you to be the person you want to be?

#3: Choose Your Recommenders Wisely

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Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship

In 1999, Governor Kenny Guinn signed the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program into law. There is no application to be considered for this program. Annually in July, Nevada School districts and charter and private schools submit student eligibility data directly to the Nevada Treasurers GGMS Office.

Strategies: How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning The Gates Scholarship

Every year 300 scholarships are awarded through this program, but that doesn’t mean the Gates Scholarship isn’t competitive.

If you want a chance at winning this prestigious scholarship, you’ll have to dedicate yourself 100% to the application process. Winners come from all over the country, with many scholarship recipients ending up at prestigious colleges.

The strategies I’ll present here won’t just help you strengthen your application for the Gates Scholarship but will also help you more generally with your college applications.

The best candidates for the Gates Scholarship will be motivated, high-achieving students with strong resumes, transcripts, and test scoresbasically, the students who prepare themselves well for college.

As you might expect, the best way to effectively implement the strategies below will be to start the scholarship application process as early as possible. We’ve divided the strategies into two sections depending on where you’re at in school and the application process.

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Millennium Students With Documented Disabilities

Complete the Millennium Students with Documented Disabilities Form if you are a student with a documented physical or mental disability or who was previously subject to an individualized education program and are requesting to enroll with Millennium Scholarship support in fewer than the minimum semester credit hours or an extension of the expiration date for funding.

What Do You Need To Apply For The Gates Scholarship

Advice from previous winners of the Millennium Point Scholarship ...

Before you get to work on your Gates Scholarship application, you’ll need to gather some important information.

From your guidance counselor, you’ll need to get the following:

  • Your full academic record
  • Your Enrollment Verification

From the college/university you plan to attend, you’ll need the following:

  • Your college acceptance letter
  • Your Financial Aid Award letter

You’ll also need some family financial information, including the following:

  • Your status as either a dependent or independent student
  • Your personal gross annual income from the past year

Next, you’ll need to prepare names, dates, and descriptions of participation for the following:

  • A list of your leadership roles and experiences
  • A list of community service experiences
  • A list of employment experiences

Finally, you’ll need to have your SAT/ACT scores handy.

All applicants must make a MyTGS Profile and apply through their online account.

Note that the Gates Scholarship application process consists of two phases, with each phase having its own application and selection process.

The Phase 1 application consists of a questionnairethat’s it! If you get to Phase 2, you’ll need to submit another application that’s a bit denser and will take more time this one includes another questionnaire, essays, updated transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

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What Is The Nevada Promise Scholarship

The Nevada Promise Scholarship is a unique scholarship established by the Nevada Legislature for Nevada high school graduates to attend community college. As a last-dollar scholarship, the Nevada Promise Scholarship can cover up to three years of tuition and other mandatory fees not covered by other gift aid.

Millennium Scholarship Parent Information

As the parent of a Governor Guinn Millennium Scholar, you are probably curious about how the scholarship will work. This page is intended to answer most of the questions that you may have.


Please visit the Millennium Office to find general information regarding eligibility. The important thing to remember is that an application is not required your student is automatically eligible if they meet the criteria, and they are identified for the Millennium Scholarship as described in the next session. Your student must also declare a major at each Nevada institution where they plan to attend. After that, the student must maintain eligibility by completing the minimum number of credits and maintaining the minimum GPA requirement.

Steps to Receiving the Millennium Scholarship


All post-secondary institutions are bound by the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act , which stipulates that information about a student generally may not be released to a third party without the student’s signed release. While your student was in high school, FERPA allowed information to be released to you as the parent, but once they matriculate to a post-secondary institution this process changes. If your student would like us to release information to you, they must log into their MyTMCC and manage third party releases.

Dollar Value

The dollar value of the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship may seem confusing, but basically, Millennium Scholars receive:

  • Great Basin College
  • Summer

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    First Off What Are Scholarships

    College scholarships are a form of financial aid designed to help cover the cost of education. Although they dont need to be repaid, they may come with a few strings attached. For example, some scholarships require students to maintain a certain GPA level or participate in a sport throughout the school year to receive scholarship money.

    Scholarships can come in relatively small amounts or huge sums that cover the entire cost of tuition . They can be publicly or privately funded, or a combination of the two.

    How Do Scholarships Work

    Writing a Winning Essay for the Gates Millenium Scholarship Pt. 3

    If you have your sights set on attending college, youll eventually need to figure out how youre going to pay for your education. For many students, the answer is college scholarships. Unlike student loans, college scholarships are a free gift that you dont need to pay back. They can be given to you for any number of reasons: for getting good grades, for having unique talents, and for being a generally awesome person.

    Plus, theres no limit to the number of college scholarships you can apply for. You can literally rake in so much scholarship dough that it exceeds the cost of your tuition!

    Needless to say, applying for college scholarships is definitely one of the better strategies for financing your education. But how do scholarships work, anyway? To clear up some of the confusion, Tallo is dishing out everything you need to know about college scholarships.

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    What Do I Need To Apply

    If you think you are eligible, great! But, before you apply, you will want to gather up all the information you will need. The list includes:

    • Your class ranks
    • List of leadership roles and experiences
    • Employment experiences
    • Community service experiences

    The Gates Millennium Scholarship is one of the best there is. If you can apply, its a must do before you go to school. It can provide you with all your unmet financial needs for all four years. There are not many scholarships that can compare to such great opportunities!

    We Are Excited That You Are Interested In The Millennium Scholars Program And Would Like To Learn More If You Have Any Additional Questions Feel Free To Contact Us At: Millennium@psuedu

    Application Process

    Can I apply to the Millennium Scholars Program after I have enrolled at Penn State, or if I am transferring to Penn State from another college or university?

    No. Only current high school seniors can apply to the program. Learn more about the application process on our How to Apply page.

    Can I start at another Penn State campus and be a Millennium Scholar?

    Learn more about the application process on our How to Apply page.

    If I do not receive an offer for admission to the Millennium Scholars Program, can I still participate in some way?

    Learn more about the application process on our How to Apply page.

    How much does it cost to apply to the Millennium Scholars Program?

    There is no additional application fee to apply to the program. Learn more about the application process on our How to Apply page.

    Can I appeal the decision if I am not selected to participate in the Millennium Scholars Program?

    Learn more about the application process on our How to Apply page.

    Do I have to participate in the Summer Bridge program, or can I begin my studies during the fall semester?

    Learn more about Summer Bridge on our Summer Bridge page.

    Can I participate in the Learning Edge Academic Program instead of the Millennium Scholars Programs Summer Bridge?

    Learn more about Summer Bridge on our Summer Bridge page.

    Life as a Scholar

    Can I have a Study Abroad experience while I am a Millennium Scholar?
    How long will it take to graduate?

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    Can I Get The Millennium Scholarship At Two Institutions Simultaneously

    Co-Enrollment between:

    • Community College and State College or University, or
    • State College and University, or
    • University and University

    Students may co-enroll in two eligible institutions with the approval of their Home institution.

    The Home institution is the college/university at which the student is enrolled in a program of study leading to a recognized degree or certificate. This institution has the discretion to approve co-enrollment. The Host Institution is the college/university at which the student takes classes and then transfers credits back to the Home institution.

    The student must submit the co-enrollment form to the Home institution. Each institution has its own co-enrollment policy and procedure. Co-enrolled students are not required to declare their major at their Host institution. If CSN is the Home institution, the student must declare his/her major with the Office of the Registrar. Co-enrolled students must be enrolled in 12 credits or more between two institutions. The Millennium Scholarship will pay for a maximum of 15 semester credits between both institutions.

    There is no co-enrollment in the summer semester. Please review “Summer Enrollment” in the text above.

    Gates Millennium Scholars Program Awards New Scholarships To 1000 Low

    Global Futures Studies &  Research by The Millennium Project

    FAIRFAX, Va. — The Gates Millennium Scholars program announced its newest class of scholarship recipients. With these awards, 1,000 highly motivated low-income minority students from 48 states and the District of Columbia will be able to attend college without the burden of tuitiona barrier that often prevents qualified youth from earning their degree.

    “Too many talented students of color are being forced to curtail their education and career ambitions because of financial constraints,” said Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which established the GMS program in 1999. “With this scholarship, we hope these extraordinary young people can attend college, earn their degree, and go on to make an impact in their professions and their communities.”

    The federal Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance reports that 4.4 million Americans will be unable to attend four-year colleges in this decade because of financial constraints. This is particularly disturbing at a time when jobs requiring a college degree are the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy. The GMS program was created to encourage and support low-income racial and ethnic minority students who are academically gifted to complete undergraduate and graduate programs.

    This year’s group of scholars was chosen from 48 states, ranging from Alaska to Puerto Rico.

    The Optimist

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