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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Scholarships for transfer students in STEM programs

Students who are current members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at a community college may be eligible for competitive transfer scholarships offered by PTK. Visit the PTK website to view and apply for current opportunities. You may be required to log in with your PTK membership information to search and apply for awards.

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Pearson Scholarship For Higher Education

Amount: $5,000

Any student who is a member of Phi Theta Kappa has a shot at the Pearson Scholarship for Higher Education $5,000 Scholarship, which was created to help students planning to transfer to a four-year university from any community college. The minimum requirements are at least a 3.5 GPA and between 12 and 36 semester hours.

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Are There Scholarships For Transfer Students

Scholarships for transfer students exist, and they come in many forms. Some transfer scholarships focus on community college students transferring to an in-state universities, whereas others are available to students going out of state to another university to complete their bachelor’s degree. Transfer scholarships can cover the cost of a few classes, out-of-state tuition, and sometimes full tuition.

Transfer Scholarships And Financial Aid


A Lake Forest College education prepares you for the future, invests in your potential, and sets you on the path to success. We offer up to $34,000 a year in merit-based scholarship for transfer students.

Our Forester Flagship Program offers qualified in-state students 100% of the Colleges tuition covered in grants and scholarships.

Entering with over 27 hours of coursework

Applicants entering with over 27 hours of completed coursework will be evaluated through a holistic review process. Using your transcript, letters of recommendation, interview, and test scores , we will offer a scholarship of up to $32,000 annually in recognition of your achievements.

Entering with up to 27 hours of completed coursework

Use your weighted high school GPA or your SAT score or your ACT score to see the scholarship you could be eligible for.

Not on the grid? You can still apply. At Lake Forest College, we know that our students are more than just a number. We are searching for interesting, well-rounded students to add to our diverse community. Our holistic admission process takes into consideration your engagement with the College, accomplishments in and out of the classroom, leadership potential, course preparation, and more.

Applying test-optional? No problem.

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Financial Aid Grants & Scholarships For Transfer Students

All transfer applicants admitted into a Champlain degree program will automatically be considered for Champlain’s merit-based scholarships. All admitted applicants who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be considered for Champlain’s need-based scholarships, which are awarded to those with demonstrated financial need. There are no additional scholarship applications to complete.

Scholarships are awarded based on achievement, need, and other characteristics, and are guaranteed to renew annually as long as the student remains enrolled full time. Some scholarships you may be eligible for include:

  • Single Parent ScholarshipThis scholarship is available for Pell-eligible single parents, whom are undergraduate students and Vermont residents, and participating in the Champlain College Single Parents Program. Learn more.
  • New American Student ScholarshipThis need-based scholarship is for Vermont’s refugee and asylum students who are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant.
  • CCV ScholarshipThis scholarship is available for students transferring to Champlain College from CCV.

Other financial aid options are available. Learn more about scholarships & grants at Champlain College. To get started, apply for financial aid.

Boston University Transfer Scholarships

Boston University awards a few full-tuition scholarships for transfer students. Qualifications vary from scholarship to scholarship. Some require nominations from certain community colleges in the area, and some are available to students who have graduated from one of the Boston Public High Schools. Also, if you are a Phi Theta Kappa member looking to transfer to Boston University, there is a merit scholarship you can apply for. Be sure to check out the scholarship website for more details on these scholarships.

Amount: Full Tuition

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Northwood University Transfer Scholarship

Amount: $4,000 to $9,000

Northwood University provides a variety of scholarships for transfer studentsand all of them come with the option to renew each year! Students with a GPA of at least 2.7 will be considered with their admissions application, but keep in mind that some scholarships have limited funds, so not all eligible students will receive an award.

Can Transfer Students Get Scholarships

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  • Top scholarships with upcoming deadlines

    Although transfer students often save money by attending two years of community college, this doesn’t change the fact that transferring to a four-year institution is still incredibly expensive. With college costs steadily rising, it’s important to take charge of your financial plan. To start qualifying for hundreds of exclusive scholarships,!

    The average cost of tuition is $16,518 at public universities and $38,185 at private universities, so finding a viable scholarship program can be vital to helping transfer students attend universities. Fortunately, not only can transfer students get scholarships but there are even scholarships designed for transfer students specifically. So, if you are one of the many transfer students concerned about financial aid and the steep cost of attending a university, rest assured that you can find and apply for plenty of scholarships.

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    Admissions Checklist For Transfer Students

    If youre eager to complete your admissions process, youre not alonewere excited too! With a few simple steps, youll be well on your way to joining our confident community of leaders and learners:

    Step 1 | Apply using the online transfer application.

    Step 2 | Submit transcript

    • Transfers who have completed less than 24 transferable hours, must submit
    • high school transcript/GED diploma
    • ACT/SAT/CLT scores .
  • First-year students applying for a spring semester transfer may submit an unofficial grade report with your transfer application. However, you must submit an official transcript from your completed semester before the first day of class.
  • Step 3 |Once you receive your admission letter, log in to your application portal to pay your enrollment deposit.

    New Mexico Tech Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

    Amount: $6,000

    Renewable for up to three years, the New Mexico Tech Phi Theta Kappa $6,000 Transfer Scholarship is open to members of Phi Theta Kappa planning to transfer to New Mexico Tech. You should have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and 45 transferable credits to be up for consideration with your admissions application.

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    Dual Credit Legacy And Partner Scholarships


    -Partner scholarships: Affiliated with a partner organization like Dare2Share or Young Life

    -Legacy scholarships: Be the child or sibling of a currently enrolled or graduated student

    -Partners in Christian Education scholarships: Attendance at certain Christian high schools

    If youre looking for a faith-based scholarship for transfer students, Colorado Christian University can help. This private, Christian university offers scholarships for graduates of Christian high schools, relatives of current or graduated students and even members of Christian organizations. Youre eligible for up to $1,250 a year in assistance for up to four years based on these scholarships.

    CCU offers many other awards for transfer students, including scholarships for financial aid, academic excellence, memorizing books of the Bible and musical performance.

    National Society Of Accountants Scholarship

    Which US colleges accept transfer students from India (studying at an ...


    -Commitment to major in accounting

    -Statement of goals

    You can earn up to $2,000 in scholarships from the National Society of Accountants if you plan to earn a four-year degree in accounting. It doesnt matter if youre still enrolled in a two-year community college program or have already transferred to a university. As long as you plan to major in accounting and currently enrolled in full-time classes, you can apply for this scholarship.

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    Talent Based Grants And Scholarships

    Athletic GrantsAthletic grants are awarded to outstanding athletes who agree to participate in an intercollegiate sport for the University. The number of awards and the amounts are determined by coaches and the Athletic Director.

    Choir and Band Scholarships Awarded to students with outstanding vocal and/or instrumental abilities who will participate in the University Chorale or band. The numbers of awards are determined by the Director. Students who are interested should contact the Director of the Chorale or Band.

    Scholarships And Grants For You

    No Morningside experience looks the same, and neither will your financial aid package.

    Morningside will work with you to examine your unique financial circumstances and help create an award package designed just for you. We want your college decision to be based on quality and fit before price, which is why our office of financial planning works hard to make Morningside an affordable choice for full-time students through a combination of scholarships, grants, and/or need-based assistance.

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    Barancik Access Leadership Scholarship

    This one-year scholarship is available to students with ties to Sarasota and/or Manatee counties. Students can be incoming first year in college or incoming transfer students.

    Funded by a grant from the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation, this scholarship will help students in their first year at New College, reducing or eliminating financial barriers that might otherwise prevent a high-potential student with ties to the Sarasota/Manatee area from benefiting from the exceptional preparation for future success and leadership that a New College education can provide. Scholarship amounts: up to $5000 for students residing on campus, up to $2500 for students residing off-campus. Amounts may vary according to other gift aid in the student financial aid package, and eligibility for need-based gift aid as determined by the FAFSA.

    The total financial aid package may not exceed the Cost of Attendance. Instructions on how to apply will be sent to transfer applicants and admitted students through April 2023. Transfer applications for this scholarship will be accepted through May 1, 2023.

    Loyola University Chicago Transfer Scholarships

    University of Baltimore receives $5 million scholarship grant for veterans, transfer students

    Loyola University Chicago offers scholarships to academically qualified transfer students that range from $12,000 to $19,500. These students have at least 20 credit hours of transferable coursework. These scholarships even get better, for they are renewable up to three years for full-time students. For more information on scholarships available for students transferring to Loyola University Chicago, please visit the scholarship website.

    Amount: $12,000 to $19,500

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    What Is The Difference Between The Financial Aid Office And The Accounting & Finance Office

    The two offices have separate administrative functions. The Financial Aid Office, located on the first floor of Bradley Hall, determines eligibility for grants, loans and work study. Located on the third floor of Bradley, the Accounting & Finance Office is responsible for billing and collecting payments from students for university charges.

    National Society Of Accountants Scholarship Foundation

    The NSA Foundation supports students majoring in accounting who exhibit academic achievement, leadership ability, and financial need. Students at an accredited two-year college may apply after their first semester grades or during their second year if they are transferring to a four-year institution, as long as they are committed to major in accounting for the rest of their time in college. Visit the scholarship website for more information.

    Amount: $500 to $2,200

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    Material Handling Education Foundation


    -Demonstrated commitment to materials handling, logistics, and supply chain management

    -Enrollment at an accredited university

    -Full-time enrollment with at least a B average

    You can earn up to $6,000 in scholarships if youre transferring into a four-year program at an accredited university. If you plan to major in Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering or a related field, the Material Handling Education Foundation wants your application. This scholarship does not require an essay, but you must have three letters of recommendation from the material handling community, and you are encouraged to submit classwork related to the field.

    -Attend an accredited, four-year university in Alabama

    -Documented financial need

    Minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale

    Johnson & Wales Transfer Scholarship

    Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship


    Accepted into Johnson & Wales University

    Meet academic standards

    Johnson & Wales University welcomes transfer students with up to $12,000 in assistance. You can attend any campus, including online courses, from any degree program. Whether youre interested in Culinary Arts, Sports Management, or a pre-professional degree, you can apply this scholarship to your studies. JSU offers an experiential educational approach, meaning youll get hands-on experience and graduate ready to hit the ground running in your new career.

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    Need Based Financial Aid

    All students are considered for merit-based scholarships as part of the admissions application. These scholarships are awarded without any regard to financial need. Students looking to apply for additional need-based financial aid must file the FAFSA. In addition to University funded grants, other types of need-based financial aid include federal grants, loans and work study as well as state grants for Maryland residents.

    Bridgewater College Financial Aid


    -Minimum of a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale more assistance is available for students with higher GPAs

    -Enrollment at Bridgewater College

    As a small liberal arts college, Bridgewater College prides itself on offering a unique, welcoming college environment to every student, including transfer students. You can earn over $25,000 a year in assistance based on your academic achievement. Bridgewater is especially generous to students transferring from community colleges. Members of the Church of the Brethren, the Christian tradition associated with Bridgewater, are eligible for additional assistance.

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    What Are The Eligibility Requirements To Receive Federal And State Financial Aid

    To receive Title IV federal grants, loans and work study as well as state financial aid, a student must:

  • Enroll at least part-time
  • Be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Be accepted into a degree program
  • Be seeking a first bachelor’s degree
  • Not be in default on any previous loan or owe a refund on any previous grant
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress according to the University’s requirements
  • Not be convicted for possession of sale of drug
  • Tau Sigma Honor Society Scholarship

    NYU Community College Transfer Opportunity Program

    Amount: $500 to $5,000

    The Tau Sigma Honor Society is an honor society created exclusively for transfer students. Their main goal is to promote the involvement and leadership of transfer students within their university. Each year, The Tau Sigma Honor Society Scholarship offers awards for transfer students throughout the country ranging from $500 to $5,000.

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    Transfer Science Scholarship At Monmouth University In The Usa For 2022/2023

    The Transfer Science Scholarship is a $3,500 scholarship given to all students who complete an AA, AS, or AAS degree at a community college in New Jersey. Students are required to:

    • Have a total GPA of at least 3.25 at the community college
    • Enroll as a full-time student in a Monmouth School of Science major.

    The Office of Undergraduate Admission will automatically review all students, and there is no additional application process for the Transfer Science Scholarship. This award is renewable each year if the student has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, is enrolled full-time , and is pursuing a degree in a School of Science major.

    Do Transfers Get Financial Aid

    It depends! Some colleges will offer generous financial aid for transfer students, while others may not commit to meeting 100% of demonstrated need for accepted transfer students. We always recommend talking to a financial aid officer at the college in question.Luckily, when it comes to federal aid, transfer students are just as eligible as anyone else. That means youll still be eligible for the Pell Grant if your finances qualify you. You can also take out federal subsidized loans, Parent PLUS loans, and more.

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    Phi Theta Kappa Member

    Twenty-five scholarships have been designated for Phi Theta Kappa members who will graduate with an AA or an AS degree or have completed 60 semester hours of earned transferable credit. The scholarships are open to qualified students from any institution. A GPA of 3.5 at the two-year institution is required, along with a letter of recommendation from the Phi Theta Kappa campus advisor. The stipend is $1,000 for in-state students, $2,000 for out-of-state students. The award is for one year and is renewable.

    Financial Aid Maximum Limits And Other Terms And Conditions Of Scholarships

    Study Abroad Scholarships

    All scholarships, grants, and financial resources you receive are subject to being reduced if the combined total reaches your maximum Cost of Attendance. If you feel that you have additional educational costs that exceed your standard Cost of Attendance then you can contact the Student Financial Aid office to see if there is an opportunity to appeal to increase your COA. Even if your COA is able to be increased it does not mean that all of your financial aid scholarships, grants, or other resources can be increased.

    All Mizzou scholarships are not transferable among other campuses of the University of Missouri System unless specifically indicated. Mizzou scholarships are only available in the fall and spring semesters .

    If you are dismissed from the University for any conduct reason you will lose your Mizzou scholarship. If renewal criteria are met at the conclusion of the academic year , you may regain eligibility in the future. However, any semester for which you were suspended will count as part of your eight-semester maximum eligibility for your scholarship.

    If you fail to meet the minimum renewal criteria of total hours completed for the academic term and/or cumulative GPA at the end of your Spring semester, your scholarship can only be reinstated if a scholarship appeal is submitted and approved. For information on appealing, please visit our Scholarship Appeals page.

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