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Environmental Consortium Of Colleges And Universities

The BEST Scholarship Websites (2020)- Testing Every Site on the Internet

The Environmental Consortium of Colleges and Universities was established in 2004 to advance our understanding of the cultural, social, political, economic, and natural factors affecting the region. By promoting collaboration among its members, the Consortium works to provide ecosystem-based curricular and co-curricular programming aimed at improving the health of the regional ecosystem.

Phi Beta Kappa Society – Key into Public Service Scholarship

Phi Beta Kappa Society will award up to 20 Key into Public Service Scholars a $5,000 undergraduate scholarship and participation in a conference with training and mentoring opportunities on specific pathways from liberal arts and sciences education into active citizenship and public service.

The Society invites applications from students majoring in arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, or social sciences with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, who expect to graduate in between Fall/Winter of 2022 and Spring of 2024. Phi Beta Kappa membership is not required to apply. U.S. citizenship is also not required. This application will close at 11:59 PM EST on January 23, 2022.

Additional Scholarship Websites


Best Websites To Search For Scholarships

Do you want funds to support your studies? Are you looking for the best scholarships? Do you want to know where you can get the support? If yes, you are in the right place. You can consider scholarships to get financial support for your studies. There are options for all types of students. You can get one based on your level and other criteria. Before going ahead, you will have to be aware of the available options. In the following, we will cover the top 10 websites. You can go through them to know more about student scholarships. After going through them, you can consider the one that fits your specific condition.


If you want a free website for your scholarship search, you can consider visiting Fastweb. It has around 1.5 million scholarships. You can check the database to find the most suitable one for your study. Many students find this website worth considering for its great database. Also, you will receive emails based on your specific requirements. You can create an email id to get a flood of emails about scholarships. As you have many options, you can find a few suitable ones.











Detailed Scholarship Articles:

Scouring The Web For Scholarships Look No Further Weve Rounded Up The Best Scholarship Websites For College Students

Scholarships are the best way to fill the gap between what you may receive in financial aid and what you still need to pay for school. There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships out there so where do you start? No need to worry. Weve found the best scholarship websites for college students to start your search!

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Best Scholarship Websites In 2022

10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships

When it comes to finding scholarships, there are many options out there. We know your time is valuable, and thats why you only want to use the best scholarship websites when it comes time to find opportunities to fund your education. Thats why weve put together a guide of our picks for the best scholarship websites.

In this list, well explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Well let you know what each website is best used for, and what their shortcomings are. Finally, well include reviews of some other popular sites that didnt make the cut.

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How Many Scholarships Can I Get

Generally, there is no limit on the number of scholarships you can get. You may apply for as many awards as you want and can accept any of them that you win. Be aware that the amount of need-based financial aid you qualify for may be reduced based on the amount of gift aid you receive.

Further Resources:

Other Best Scholarship Websites To Check Out

These 15 scholarship databases are great to find free college money fast online. But, theyre certainly not the only places for finding scholarships. Every college student should visit the U.S. Department of Education website. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid here. The online form determines your eligibility for need-based national scholarships and grants. For example, the Federal Pell Grant will award up to $6,345 for the 2020-21 academic year based on household income. For 2020, the Federal TEACH Grant is providing $3,764 max to education bachelors and masters majors who will teach in high-need disciplines. The FAFSA form is also needed for the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

CVO Staff

This concludes our list of the best scholarship websites.


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The Problem Surrounding Scholarship Searches

Well first off, you need to understand who offers scholarships. They are offered by educational bodies, universities, governments, companies, religious organizations, NGOs, individuals, professional bodies, etc.

You can have a friend or family member who might point out some scholarships foryou to look at, but most of us dont always have that.

Opting to look for these opportunities online is what most of us do, but checking all these websites individually is such a lengthy task, as some of these opportunities are hidden within their sites and you really need to dig deep.

Luckily, there are websites which have done the hard work for you. They collate all this information for you, to make your scholarship search bearable.

Trust me, the scholarship application process is usually lengthy and its better if you spend that time preparing the application, instead of searching for the scholarships.

Good news is that with the right websites, you get to know of all these scholarship from all over the world in one place. All you have to do is look for the right one for you.

I also find it useful and convenient to sign up to get their newsletters, and youll get emails every week about opportunities.

Lets kick off with the list now:

Best Websites To Find College Scholarships

How To Find Scholarship To Study Abroad 10 Best Websites To Search For Scholarships.

  • What Are You Waiting For?
  • We all know how expensive it is to attend college. With it being so expensive, you should do everything you can to make college more affordable. One of the most common ways to do this is by getting a scholarship. Many people believe that scholarships are only for people with outstanding grades. This is not true, even if you do not have good grades, there are still plenty of options to receive a scholarship. Here are some great websites where scholarship opportunities can be found.

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    When Is The Best Time To Apply For Study Abroad Scholarships

    Many study abroad scholarships have similar deadlines, which often depend on the start dates of the academic year in the relevant country. For fall admission, scholarships for international students can be found up until the late summer months, and for winter admission youll often have until late in the fall to apply. For exact dates, be sure to check the details provided on the website of the scholarship provider and note them down in your calendar so as not to miss a key deadline.

    Follow The Application Requirements

    Some scholarships require you to write an essay on a specific topic or provide evidence of excellence in extracurriculars like athletics or music. Other awards are far simpler, requiring no more than your personal information and details about your college plans. With some of these easy awards, you might be able to apply in just a few minutes right on the website with your profile.

    You may want to apply for all the easy no-essay scholarships first and then work on the longer applications. Or you might want to do the harder ones first so you have time to fine-tune your personal essays. Either way, make sure you follow all the requirements for each award so you dont miss out because of an incomplete application.

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    Website To Find Merit Scholarships

    Before looking for external scholarships at the websites above, it is certainly worth looking for merit scholarships they can automatically qualify for if your child hasnt already chosen their university.

    Merit scholarships are one of the largest sources of funds for college, making it possible to significantly reduce your childs college bill, or even achieve a free ride.

    We recently found this website, the Merit Scholarship List, that has aggregated merit scholarship information from universities all over the country. Wendy Nelson, a mother who helped her own children graduate debt free created this database and we are big supporters of it!

    Access to the information costs $20/month but could save you tens of thousands of dollars. With this list, you and your student can search by a variety of criteria, including the school they wish to attend, state, or other options, like a talent they happen to possess.

    The best part is you can filter for merit scholarships that they automatically qualify for based on certain test scores. This makes it an excellent resource for identifying merit-based scholarships for which your child may qualify.

    The Top 5 Websites To Find International Scholarships

    8 Best Websites to Find Scholarships

    The idea of paying money for school can be daunting. But luckily there are thousands of people and companies willing to help students out with their schooling. Here is a list of five websites that are great for Canadian students looking to find American scholarships:

  • Scholars4devScholars4dev is a handy and easy to use website for international students to find scholarships. There are plenty of search options and categories that tell you exactly how many scholarships are available to you. You also need to check out their scholarship lists because they offer in-depth looks into scholarships specific to country, area of study and amount. If you want an easy laid out list of scholarships that you can quickly apply to, Scholars4dev should be your first stop.
  • American ScholarshipsMy favourite part about is that it requires you to make a profile with all of the data necessary to find you your best scholarship matches. This saves tons of time in the future. First, youre only shown scholarships that you can apply to, no time is wasted checking each and every scholarship for requirements. Also, since its a profile you never have to enter in all of that information again because filling out those forms takes a couple minutes away from time you could be finding scholarships.
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    Scholarships Grants Fellowships And Other Student Funding

    Find and compare scholarships for college students, college grants, fellowships, federal financial aid and other forms of student funding to cover expenses for international Bachelors, Masters and PhDs worldwide.

    ScholarshipPortal is the best scholarship website for international students looking to meet their financial needs. Browse comprehensive scholarship lists available for a wide variety of destinations abroad. Start your scholarship search by choosing a study location and selecting one of over 1000 opportunities for student financial aid available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, China, the United States, Australia, and many others.

    Apply for a university scholarship in a degree subject that interests you from top MBA scholarships, engineering scholarships, scholarships for law schools and medical schools, as well as art, sports or music scholarships, and many more.

    How To Find Scholarships

    Regardless of your background, GPA, interests, and financial situation, there are dozens of scholarships out there that are perfectly catered towards you. You just need to know where to begin to find scholarships. First things first: if you already have an idea of where you want to attend college or university, consider reaching out to your dream schools financial aid office or college admissions office. If you are lucky, there may be several scholarships geared particularly towards prospective students at your desired university. Scholarships are extremely competitive, and they become more competitive the greater the application pool is. Theres a good chance that school-specific scholarships, or local scholarships, may have fewer applicants, which will give you a competitive edge in the cut-throat competition.

    Next, one of the easiest and most effective ways to land a college scholarship is to look online on college scholarship websites. Numerous scholarship websites can help you find a scholarship that is catered towards you. Sometimes, a scholarship finder will have you create a profile so they can send scholarships to you based on your background. Perform new searches on the best scholarship websites regularly to find new scholarships. Every month, new scholarships may be available, and scholarship deadlines occur throughout the academic year. Here are other free resources that you should certainly take advantage of during your scholarship search:

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    How To Apply For Scholarships Through Fastweb

    First, you have to log in to your account to apply for scholarships at Fastweb. Then, from here you can view scholarship matches and see which college scholarships you qualify for right now.

    Also, you can indicate which college scholarships you are or are not interested in. Fascinatingly, you can also specify which scholarships youve already applied for.

    Click here to create a free Fastweb account.

    Start Your Scholarship Hunt Today

    The Best Scholarship Websites For Finding Money

    There are scholarships available for students from all walks of life. Whatever your experience, background, interests, and academic record, you can find a scholarship to qualify for. Whats important is to spend time researching and completing as many applications as possible.

    If you want to prepare yourself better for scholarship applications, here is Go Degrees quick guide to applying for merit scholarships!

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    How To Apply For Scholarships Through Scholarshipscom

    Firstly, you have to register to view scholarships in the database. Actually, it is the only way the platform will be able to deliver the most relevant scholarship opportunities in your direction and rule out scholarships that you dont qualify for.

    Next, you can easily apply for scholarships from your scholarship matches page.

    For more information or to apply for a scholarship for which you are interested, click the Apply Now button on the scholarship page.

    Then, youll be directed to the scholarship providers website, where you can then find out exactly how and where to apply.

    Click here to register to

    What Makes A Scholarship Platform Great

    For many prospective college students, applying for scholarships is an integral part of the college application process.

    With tuition, textbooks, and room and board becoming increasingly expensive, scholarships provide much-needed funding opportunities for students who might otherwise not be able to afford higher education, or would have to rely on even larger student loans that could take decades to repay.

    But when it comes time to search for relevant scholarship opportunities, online scholarship platforms sometimes create more confusion and frustration than they solve.

    Many platforms are outdated and filled with defunct or expired scholarships, while others simply list the exact same scholarships as their competitors, which makes it difficult for students to find unique opportunities. For students who are trying to make important decisions about their college career, many scholarship platforms are simply not particularly helpful.

    Many platforms are outdated and filled with defunct or expired scholarships, while others simply list the exact same scholarships as their competitors.

    Being bombarded by ads and unintentionally signing up for frequent and unwanted spam emails are all-too-common occurrences when perusing scholarship platforms.

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    A Roundup Of The Best Sites To Research International Scholarships

    Studying in the United States offers unparalleled opportunities to grow personally and prepare for a career after college. For aspiring international students, there are many reasons to study in the U.S. However, when it costs more than $34,000 a year on average to attend a private U.S. university, knowing where to find international scholarships can be the difference between studying abroad and staying home.

    Fortunately, there are many scholarship resources available to help international students pay for college, beyond part-time job banks or work-study programs. In addition to scholarships, these resources can help you find loans, grants, financial aid and more.

    Check out our list of the top 15 scholarship sites to fund your higher education at a U.S. university.

    University Of The Peoples Scholarships

    Top 10 Sites To Find The Best Scholarships To Bring Down Your ...

    Online college websites such as UoPeople offer a wealth of resources, not just for scholarships for their own school, but for other online schools as well. Many of UoPeoples scholarships are focused on specific heritages such as Vietnamese, Brazilian, Haitian and more. There are many other types to choose from such as scholarships for women and or for those adopted. With the mission that no one will be turned away because of their finances, University of the People is a great starting place for internationals looking for college scholarships!

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