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Types Of Graduate Degrees

WT Graduate School – Scholarships

There are many different types of graduate degrees out there. I recently published this blog post which outlines most, if not all, of the various types of undergraduate and graduate degrees that are out there.

One important callout I want to make is that some graduate scholarships will specify if they are open to all graduate students or only masters students, whereas others will not. If you’re a doctoral student and you are not sure if a scholarship is open to you, I highly recommend reaching out to the provider directly to clarify if you’re eligible before starting your application.

Now, back to the topic at hand!

Without further ado , keep reading for our short yet diverse list of great scholarships for graduate school students.

Grants For Grad School

While scholarships are usually based on past achievements, grants are awarded based on your financial need. As a graduate student, you may be eligible for federal or state grants, and some nonprofit organizations issue grants as well. For example:

  • American Association of University Women: Through the Career Development Grant, women going to graduate school to advance their careers or change fields can get up to $12,000. To qualify, the applicant must be studying education, health, medical sciences or the social sciences.
  • TEACH Grant: With a federal TEACH Grant, you can get up to $4,000 per year to pay for your graduate degree. However, you must commit to teaching in a high-need subject for at least four years in an elementary or secondary school that serves low-income students. Otherwise, your grant is converted into a student loan and must be repaid with interest.
  • California State University Grant Program: This program gives eligible graduate students that are California residents up to $7,176 to pay for their degrees. Awards are determined by financial need and the degree youâre pursuing.

Managing Your Private Scholarships

Notify EWU

If you receive a private scholarship, you need to report it to EWUs Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

102 Sutton Hall

When and where are private scholarship funds sent?

Ask your donor to send your private scholarship funds to EWU at least one month before the term starts. You want to make sure your funds are available on the first day of classes.

Private scholarship checks may be mailed to EWUs Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Be sure your donor includes your name and EWU ID number or date of birth on the check.

102 Sutton Hall

How do I get the funds?

Your private scholarship awards will be evenly split over the school year, giving you one-third of the funds each term. If you meet all the requirements, your funds are applied to your student account the week before classes start. Any funds left, after your EWU bills are paid, will be released to you on the first day of the term.

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Pi Sigma Alpha Members

Are you politically-minded? If you belong to the National Political Science Honor Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, you might qualify for one of five Howard Penniman Scholarships for Graduate Study. Each one is worth $2,000 toward payment of costs related to graduate studies in political science. Applications must be received by May 1. Scholarships are only for students entering their first year of graduate study. Applicants must submit a completed application form, statement of involvement, statement about graduate study and career goals, letter of nomination from Chapter Advisor, letter of recommendation from two faculty members, official school transcript and passport-style black and white photo of applicant. Winners are announced on June 15. To find out more, visit

Tips For Winning Graduate School Scholarships

Reservation Counter General Scholarship  $1,500  Apply biannually by ...

So now you know where to look for scholarships, but how do you make sure you get chosen? Well, there is no way to guarantee that youll win all the scholarships you apply for, but you can increase your chances.

For scholarships that require an essay, make sure that your essay answers all parts of the prompt. Look for any ramblings or extra information that doesnt pertain to the subject of the fast. Also, make sure that your writing is clear and engaging. Having an essay that is boring and hard to read is an easy way to lose the sponsors attention when they try to read your response.

If you are writing about the research youve done, highlighting the exciting parts of your results or further applications of your findings could be helpful.

Another way to increase your chances of winning is to go for scholarships with smaller award amounts. Many students go for the significant ticket dollar amounts to win big and get the most money possible. But, many students will apply for these same scholarships for this reason. Making the pool of students youre competing against more minors gives you a better chance of winning.

The more you keep winning, many of these smaller award amounts will build up to a more significant amount, so dont be afraid to go after smaller fish.

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Paying For Graduate School

While graduate school can be expensive, earning a masterâs degree can have a positive return on your investment. And by utilizing grants, fellowships and scholarships for graduate students, you can lower your education costs so you donât need to borrow as much money to pay for school. With some extra work and a little luck, you may be able to completely avoid graduate student loans.

School Of Education Undocumented Student Scholarship

The School of Education is pleased to offer financial support to incoming and current undocumented and DACAmented students enrolled in any School of Education program . In recognition of the social change efforts that many of our undocumented students are engaged in, the scholarship responds to the social, cultural and political stressors undocumented and DACAmented students face. Awards will be given in the amount of up to $5,000 dollars.

Application Process

Interested applicants must complete the online application for the School of Education Scholarship for Undocumented Students. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis. Our committee seeks to make decisions within four weeks after application is submitted. Your application will be reviewed by a group of School of Education faculty and staff dedicated to supporting undocumented and DACAmented students. Your application will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact

Eligibility Requirements

  • Incoming or current student in any School of Education program
  • Candidates with financial need will be prioritized, but all will be considered
  • Priority will be given to applicants who are actively engaged in education advocacy, immigrant rights, or other work related to supporting undocumented students

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Scholarships For Graduate Students : What You Need To Know

The number of graduate students in the U.S. has tripled since the 1970s. Receiving a graduate school degree can help set you up for your desired career, bump up your salary potential, and allow you to follow your passion. However, at the same time, going to graduate school can leave you with even more debt than you left undergrad with.

For some grad school programs, there is an obvious ROI. However, others might leave you unsure of how able you’ll be able to pay back your debt in the years after school.

This is why it’s essential to find scholarships for graduate students that help you pursue your field of study while minimizing your debt.

While it might be discouraging to find so many of the scholarship resources online discussing undergraduate opportunities, there are also plenty of funding options for grad students. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Great Scholarships For Graduate Students


As more recent college graduates head back to school instead of entering todays rather challenging job market, more organizations are creating scholarships for graduate students to pursue an advanced degree.

Not only is enrolling in graduate school a great way to concentrate on a specific field and increase marketability to future employers, but it also pays off as a smart fiscal move for the future. In fact, the U.S. News and World Report found that workers with a masters degree or higher earn 30 percent more each year than those with just a bachelors degree. If you want greater career advancement and employment opportunities, read on to learn more about the scholarships for graduate students that are available to help you reach your fullest potential in higher education.

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Foster G Mcgaw Graduate Student Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Provider: American College of Healthcare Executives

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Enrolled full-time in a graduate program
  • Not previously a recipient of this award or the Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship

Application Requirements: Transcript, 3 letters of recommendation, essay, resume

Sponsored by the American College of Healthcare Executives, The Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship aims to reduce the burden of paying for graduate studies and to make it easier for outstanding students to achieve their healthcare career goals. The award grants $5,000 to graduate students enrolled in relevant programs. That includes MHA, MPH, and healthcare administration MBA programs, among others.

Get matched to scholarships

North American Interfraternal Foundation Members

Are you a former member of a sorority, fraternity or honors organization? Check out the North American Interfraternal Foundation scholarship awards for graduate students. Scholarships and fellowships are awarded to graduate members of professional and social fraternities and sororities. Awards offered by NIF include James H. McLaughlin Scholarship, Lloyd D. Balfour Fellowship, Mary Louise Roller Panhellenic Scholarship and James Anson Fellowships. Find out more at

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Transfer Eagle Scout / Gold Award Scholarship

Award Criteria

  • Submission of the General Scholarship Application
  • Submission of Eagle/Gold application found in the “Recommended” list under the “Opportunities” tab in the MSU scholarship portal.
  • A copy of the award certificate or letter from the council leader must be uploaded into the MSU scholarship portal.
  • Must have attained the level of Eagle Scout or Gold Award upon the time of enrollment
  • Eagle Scout and Gold Awards cannot be combined
  • Community college transfer students must have completed at least 48 hours of transferable community college courses applicable to a bachelor’s degree at MSU with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Must be a community college transfer student

Scholarships For Graduate Students: Conclusion

25 Full scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate ...

At the end of the day, I hope that one or more of these scholarships is up your alley! If not, it’s no sweat! The best way to find scholarships for graduate school is to head over to our scholarship search.Using this tool, you can get more personalized results based on your area of study, home state, and more.

If youre still in the process of applying to graduate school and comparing programs, I also recommend checking out each programs financial aid page. That way, you can see what scholarship opportunities each may offer and also compare costs while you’re there.

Finally, if youre looking to head into law, a medical field, or business, and you need scholarships for graduate school, be sure to check out these resources:

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Here Are 26 Of The Top Scholarships For Graduate Students

This list contains scholarships specifically for graduate students. Keep in mind, however, that many generic college scholarships are also open to graduate students. So its always worth checking out scholarship search engines in addition to curated lists like this to make sure you have access to all the available options.

Dr Rosemarie Giovino Reading Specialist Scholarship

Awarded to a current graduate student who has completed the following two required courses within the Reading Specialist Program:

  • SPED/READ 7016 Understanding the Structure of the English Language
  • SPED/READ 7017 Psychology of Reading Development and Disabilities.

This scholarship is not available to extended campus students.

Students must provide a letter of recommendation from the instructors and maintain a 3.5 GPA. Preference will be given to students currently enrolled in or completing any Wilson Language Training component. This scholarship is non-repeating.

*Award decisions will be made during the spring semester, and students will be notified by email. Funds will be available for student use during the next fiscal year.

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What Qualifies As A Graduate School Scholarship

If a scholarship requirement is for graduate students, then undergraduates and high school students cannot qualify for them.

For a student to qualify for scholarships for graduate students, only postgraduate students enrolled in grad school can apply. Grad school scholarships are a type of financial aid or federal student aid that helps students achieve a graduate degree through grad school.

University Of Baltimore Students

A Guide to Scholarships for International Students 2022-23 | Road to Success Ep. 0

Were you accepted into a degree-seeking program at the University of Baltimore? You may qualify for one of the UB Foundation Scholarships for graduate students. Each has different requirement including an application, transcripts, proof of GMAT, essays and letters of recommendation. Fall students must submit scholarships applications by June 1 and spring students must submit by December 1. Business students may want to consider the France Merrick Business Scholarship. Other graduate scholarships include the UB/Towson MBA Merit Scholarship, Henry A. Heinmuller Graduate Scholarship Fund, Wachovia MBA Scholarship, Graduate Business Association Scholarship, William H. Thumel, Sr. Graduate Scholarship, Laurence F. Milan Jr. Graduate Scholarship in Accounting, CLA Humanities Scholarship, Graduate Initiative Scholarship, Howard County General Hospital Award, Theodore and Helen Wilson Scholarship and Shady Grove Graduate Initiative Scholarship. To get all the details visit the UB Foundation Scholarship Application at

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Get More Scholarships For Graduate School Delivered To You

Going Merry makes finding and applying to scholarships a breeze. Just register, complete a profile, and immediately get matched to scholarships based on your personal information. Then, start submitting multiple scholarship applications at once. Save documents, reuse essays, and spend less time applying to scholarships, and more time boosting your chances of winning. to get started.

Private Graduate School Scholarships

There some great private organizations that offer scholarships for students pursuing their masters or doctoral degrees! These scholarships support graduate students of all stripes including medical school students, law school students, business school students, masters students, and doctoral students!

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Consider Inexpensive Online Options

Online educational programs are becoming increasingly popular, especially after the pandemic. You can find a lot of reputable online graduate programs through Coursera. Schools offer a wide breadth of programs through Coursera, including iMBAs. There are also many scholarships available specifically for online students.

How To Find Graduate School Scholarships To Apply For

Scholarship Awards

Looking for scholarships can be complex and lengthy, especially if you dont know where to look. But, many resources are available to help students look for scholarships.

The internet is the best place to start if you need help looking for scholarships. Many websites are dedicated to collecting and showcasing scholarships to students in need. These websites are helpful because you can filter out scholarships you know you wont qualify for. You can also bookmark scholarships you dont qualify for now but maybe suitable applicants in coming semesters.

Your advisor, another department, or degree program students are great resources for finding scholarships. These people are likely familiar with scholarships that your school sponsors or may not be super popular, making your chances of winning better. Consulting with your advisor is always a good idea as their job is to help you succeed. If they cant help you with applications or places to look for scholarships, they can refer you to another administrator or school resource for help.

Another good place to look for scholarships is local businesses or organizations to see if they sponsor scholarships for college students. This is an excellent idea if you live in a city where the college has a significant presence, even off-campus.

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Are Grad School Scholarships Taxable Income

Generally, no, grad school scholarships are not considered taxable income. However, this is only true if you are enrolled at an eligible college, in a program, and are using the funds for school-related expenses. These expenses include but are not limited to tuition, textbooks, parking fees, and lab fees.

If it is found out that you have used scholarship funds for expenses unrelated to your degree or college expenses, then these funds may be considered taxable income. Check the description and other fine print of the scholarships you apply for to see if there is a requirement for how the awarded funds are used.

Gedu Book And Technology Funds

If presently enrolled in a General Education course, you are eligible to apply for a small amount of funding for materials for your GEDU course. The funds are available to USF School of Education graduate students enrolled in a General Education course this semester and unable to meet immediate, essential academic expenses due to a temporary financial hardship. Funds may be used for academic expenses related to current GEDU coursework. This can include required books for GEDU courses and/or technology . The limit for funding is $100.00 per student.

  • Deadline for Summer Scholarships: July 5
  • Deadline for Fall Scholarships: December 5
  • Deadline for Spring Scholarships: April 5

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Foundation Graduate Scholarships

Deadline: August 15th

With the goal of promoting lifelong learning, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation offers both merit and need-based scholarships annually for up to $2,500 for full-time graduate students who are enrolled in at least their second year of graduate studies at an accredited degree-granting institution. Qualified applicants must demonstrate community service involvement, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and submit three letters of recommendation.


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