Florida Bright Futures Scholarships Requirements

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Gold Seal Cape Scholars

Florida Eases Rules On Bright Futures Scholarship Program

The Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars program, or GSC, is awarded to students who are enrolled in career education or career certificate programs that earn associates degrees and want to continue on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. To qualify for the GSC, you must:

  • Earn a minimum of five postsecondary credit hours through CAPE industry certifications
  • Complete 30 service hours

Students who meet these requirements can earn funding for a maximum of 60 credit hours put toward earning a Bachelors of Science degree or a Bachelors of Applied Science degree.

New Bright Futures Rules Changing College Plans For Florida Students

Most new Palm Beach College Students were going through orientation earlier this month, but Jake Seiler was wrapping up his first three courses. Despite earning the highest SAT scores of his two siblings 1100, on six attempts Seiler didnt score high enough this year to earn the Bright Futures Florida Medallion scholarship his

If I Do Not Complete My Classes Am I Required To Repay Bright Futures Funds

If you drop or withdraw after the disbursement process for your scholarship has started, you are required, by the state of Florida, to repay Santa Fe College for any credits for which Bright Futures paid. Note: If the drop or withdraw was due to an extenuating/critical situation, please inform the Financial Aid Office to see if you may qualify for a Bright Futures Appeal.

The College will pay this to the State on your behalf, and schools who are participating in State programs are permitted to seek repayment of this amount from the student.

  • Any amount that the College repays for this process will be billed to the student, creating a student financial obligation to the College.
  • If a student does not pay funds due to Santa Fe College to cover their balance, the students records will be placed on financial hold.
  • A financial hold or obligation means you will not be permitted to register for classes or receive transcripts until the balance is paid.

If you do not repay the Bright Futures funded classes dropped or withdrawn, or successfully appeal, by the end of the current academic year, you will not be eligible for renewal or funding for the subsequent academic year. Repaying after the end of the current academic year deadline will clear your financial obligation to Santa Fe College, but may not allow you to be eligible for Bright Futures.


Other Repayment Situations

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Florida Gold Seal Cape Scholars

The Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars program provides a fixed payment per credit hour which varies with program of study. The program is designed for students who already received an Associates Degree and are seeking a Bachelors. This program is less competitive than Florida Medallion Scholars and Florida Medallion Scholars. Its GPA and test score requirements are less strict. Here is an outline of the award amount you can expect from the scholarship, based on your field of study.

Private School Award Amounts


Like we mentioned above, the Bright Futures program awards a different amount of money to students who are attending a private, in-state college.

When you attend a private school, awards are calculated on a per-hour basis . You’ll have to do some simple math to figure out how much your award will be worth…and how many of your overall expenses it will cover.

Private School Award for FAS Students

For FAS students, the award is calculated with this formula:

Cost Per Credit/Clock Hour x Credit/Clock Hours Enrolled + College-Related Expenses Stipend = Total Award Amount

Here’s the amount you’ll receive per credit hour if you attend a semester-based institution:


For more information on how Bright Futures applies to private universities, check out this chart.

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Bright Futures Requirements 2022

The Bright Futures program is an amazing opportunity for Florida residents to earn a full ride to college. But in addition to being a high-paying opportunity, it is very competitive and has a strict set of requirements. The requirements outlined in the Bright Futures handbook can be overwhelming, and may deter students from applying. So, weve done the hard work for you, and made the requirements more readable! Read on to learn all about the Bright Futures scholarship requirements. Our article covers the Academic Scholars, Medallion Scholars, Gold Seal CAPE Scholars, and Gold Seal Vocational Scholars programs. Well also cover the ways in which requirements have been altered by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Government Watchdog Recommends Tougher Bright Futures Requirements

Bright Futures money is being targeted again, this time by a government watchdog group that says the state should raise requirements for the merit-based scholarship program. The lottery revenues which fund the scholarships arent stretching as far as they used to. Lawmakers made changes to the Bright Futures program in recent years, as more college

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Can I Restore Or Reinstate My Bright Futures Scholarship

One-Time Restoration Opportunity

After your first year of funding, if your cumulative GPA is below 2.75, you may use that summer to increase your GPA. If, at the end of the summer term your GPA is still below the minimum 2.75, you will have until the end of the second year to bring the GPA up to at least a 2.75. You may then apply for a One Time Reinstatement at the Bright Futures website through the state of Florida. The summer term may be used for GPA renewal ONLY after first year of funding.

You are not eligible for Reinstatement/Restoration if your GPA falls below 2.75 after the first year.

For more information about restoration, visit the “Renewing Your Award” section on the Bright Futures website.


If you are an eligible student who did not receive funding during the previous academic year you may be able to apply for scholarship funding as a reinstating student.

If you are a first year in college student receiving Bright Futures, your summer grades and hours earned after the spring evaluation may be used if necessary, to meet the scholarship renewal requirements. To use this provision, you must submit an appeal for reinstatement to the Financial Aid Office, which will notify the financial aid office that you would like to submit a grade and hours update to the Bright Futures/OSFA office with the adjusted cumulative GPA and/or hours.

For more information about reinstatement, visit the ” Renewing Your Award” section on the Bright Futures website.

Bright Futures Gpa Requirements:

Eligibility for Florida’s Bright Futures scholarships expanded

The minimum GPA requirement for the Florida Academic Scholar award is 3.5, while the minimum GPA requirement for the Florida Medallion Scholar award is 3.0. Again, most students are held back not by the GPA criterion, but by a lack of test results. Maintaining a college GPA of 3.0 for FAS scholars and a GPA of 2.75 for FMS scholars is required to continue the scholarship for all four years. If each year equals 30 credit hours, students must maintain those GPA criteria each year to be eligible for financing the next year until they have completed their full 120 credit hours. Both the FAS and FMS awards need the following high school classes for your high school coursework:

4 English classes, with significant writing in three of them,4 Math subjects, each at or above the Algebra I level, FMS Natural Science has three classes, two of which have lab work, 3 Social Science courses, 2 World Language lessons in the same language, taken successively. If you only take three math courses , you may be in danger. If you want to be considered for a Bright Futures Scholarship, you should complete four English and four math classes, even if your high school does not require it.

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About Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Bright Futures is a Florida scholarship program that helps students pay for college. Florida Academic Scholars, Medallion Scholars, and Silver Scholars are different types of Bright Future scholarship programs.

Each Bright Future program has its own requirements that must be met in order to receive a Bright Future scholarship. Once requirements are met and a student receives their award then there are several ways they can use it towards their tuition.

The Bright Future scholarships can be used in many ways including attending an out-of-state university

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program has two components: Academic Scholars Award and Medallion Scholars Award. The program is available for both in-state and out-of-state students, who must have a minimum of an A average to be eligible.

Differences Between The Bright Futures Programs

If you meet all the requirements listed above, congratulations! You may be in the running for a Bright Futures scholarship. Our next step will be to provide an overview of each Bright Futures program. Well show you what the award amounts are, and what educational tracks they are meant for. Once you find the right fits for you, read on to learn about each programs requirements.

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Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Requirements

The GSV program is a bit less competitive in terms of its academic eligibility requirements than the FAS or FMS programs. Although this makes it a great fit for some students, keep in mind that the GSV award can only be used to fund a career education or certificate programno four year college degrees.

In order to qualify for the GSV program, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must have a minimum weighted 3.0 GPA in non-elective high school courses
  • Must complete 30 service hours by high school graduation
  • Must take at least three full credits in a single career and technical education program
  • Must achieve a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA in your career education classes
  • Must achieve the minimum score on the ACT, SAT, or P.E.R.T. test

If youve taken both the SAT and the ACT, you unfortunately cant mix and match section subscores between the two tests to meet minimums you can, however, superscore across multiple test dates for the same test. All minimums must be met for either the SAT or ACTbut ultimately, you only have to take either the SAT or the ACT, not both!

This chart outlines GSV test score minimums:

Can I Appeal If I Do Not Meet Renewal Requirements For Bright Futures

Florida Bright Futures Requirements: SAT, ACT, GPA, and More

A scholarship appeal should only be submitted when you did not meet scholarship criteria based on extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Please refer to the Bright Futures Appeal Worksheet available on the financial aid appeals web page.

Florida Department of Education Office of Student Financial Assistance

Contact Number: 1-888-827-2004

For easy access to program information, application and award status, students are responsible for regularly checking their State account on the Bright Futures Website.

Santa Fe Colleges Bright Futures State School Code is 012.

Title IX Disclosure

The Office of Financial Aid is required to report incidents of sexual violence or sexual harassment disclosed to the Title IX Coordinator for follow-up and possible investigation. If you have experienced any form of sexual violence and would like to speak confidentially to a counselor for support, please contact the Counseling Center by phone at or by visiting Building R, Room 227.

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More On Florida Bright Futures Scholarships 2022

There are three award levels in the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship: The Florida Academic Scholars Award, Florida Medallion Scholars Award, and Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award.

The three scholarships are easily renewable, which means you can significantly reduce your university costs for the Florida Bright Bright Future Scholarship for several years.

However, you may find it difficult to submit the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship application form. It turns out that much of the process is streamlined and automated you will not have to go through too many obstacles to apply.Eligibility requirements are slightly different, but if you meet these requirements, the application process should be fairly simple.

What If I Do Not See My Bright Futures Award On My Account

When Will I See My Award?

Each year Florida Bright Futures Scholarship awards are typically not available for you to view on your eSantaFe account until mid-July before the upcoming fall term begins. If you do not see the scholarship award on your eSantaFe but believe that you are eligible, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Take the following steps if you do not see your Bright Futures award on your account in My FA Status:

  • Check the eligibility requirements above and be sure you currently meet all of them.
  • Review eSantaFe to ensure you have completed the Florida residency process and that Santa Fe College has received your proof of high school completion.
  • your name in your account matches your name in eSantaFe.
  • your Social Security number in your account matches the Social Security number in eSantaFe.
  • you have indicated that you will be using your scholarship at Sante Fe College .
  • you have selected all the appropriate terms you will be using your scholarship at Santa Fe College.
  • If you need assistance verifying these items contact OSFA at 827 – 2004.
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    How Do You Submit An Application

    Much of this process is automated, which means you won’t have to do much extra work outside of submitting the FFAA and keeping an eye on your application to make sure everything is processed correctly. Here are all the steps you should take to make sure you submit a complete and successful Bright Futures application:

    What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

    Florida gives students more time to qualify for Bright Futures scholarship

    To be initially eligible for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship , you must:

    • Have a Social Security Number that matches between Santa Fe College and OSFA.
    • Complete the Florida Residency process at Santa Fe College.
    • Be a degree seeking student, enrolled in a program that is eligible for your type of Bright Futures scholarship.
    • Associate in Arts Degrees: The Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars program and Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars program will not fund AA programs.
    • Baccalaureate Degrees: The Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars program does not fund BAS degrees. For the Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars program, to get funding for a Baccalaureate Degree, you must complete an Associate in Science that articulates to a Bachelor of Science OR Bachelor of Applied Science.
    • If you have graduated from your program and not fully admitted into another program, you are not degree-seeking and no longer eligible for the scholarship.
    • Prerequisites are not covered when you are not admitted into a program of study.
  • Meet all applicable deadlines so that the scholarship can be processed.
  • Per state rules, there are processing and compliance deadlines. If your scholarship eligibility is determined beyond processing deadline, funds may not be paid out by the state.
  • The deadline to be determined eligible, repay for dropped/withdrawn or other unearned credits, and/or to be disbursed is 2 weeks prior to the end of Summer of the academic year.
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    Different Types Of Bright Futures Programs

    Heres what you need to know to understand which scholarship is right for you.

    • Florida Academic Scholar : The FAS scholarship awards recipients 100% of the cost of education at a Florida public college or university about $25,000 across four years of college. For the high GPA and test score requirements, this scholarship can be tricky to earn.
    • Florida Medallion Scholar : The FMS scholarship awards recipients 75% of the cost of education at a Florida public college or university, or about $19,000 across four years of college. While FMS scholars do receive 25% less funding than FAS scholars do, the reduced GPA and test score requirements mean this scholarship is awarded to many deserving students every year.
    • Gold Seal Vocational Scholar : The GSV scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a certificate degree or vocational degree. GSV scholars earn up to 60 credit hours of funding for an applied technology program or up to 72 credit hours worth of funding for a technical degree program.
    • Gold Seal CAPE Scholar : The GSC scholarship is designed for students who earned an associates degree through the CAPE program who will go on to earn a Bachelors of Science/Bachelors of Applied Science at a Florida school. The GSC award fully funds 60 credit hours, or about two years worth of classes.

    Alternate Ways To Qualify For Fas And Fms Scholarships

    Students who dont meet the test requirements listed above may still be eligible for the FAS or FMS. If you received any of the following awards, you are exempt from testing requirements:

    • National Merit Finalist and Scholars
    • National Hispanic Scholars
    • Advanced International Certificate of Education
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma

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    Whats In The Florida Department Of Educations Budget Request

    The Florida Department of Education wants to spend an additional $126.77 per student and $40 million on school technology, according to the agencys preliminary budget request. The draft budget is one item on a busy State Board of Education agenda tomorrow. The board will also discuss whats next in hiring a new education commissioner and

    Half As Many Students Will Meet Tougher Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements

    Bright Futures

    About half as many students will qualify for Bright Futures scholarships when the school year begins this fall as did during the current year, according to new estimates from the Florida College Access Network. Thats because lawmakers have steadily increased requirements for the primarily lottery-funded scholarships, raising minimum scores required on the SAT and ACT

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    How Do I Apply For A Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

    Eligibility and application criteria are available from your high school guidance counselor, or the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program website.

    You must apply for the scholarship by submitting the Florida Financial Aid Application online to the Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance .

    • You must submit the application by August 31st following high school graduation. If you do not apply for the scholarship by the deadline you may not receive the scholarship.
    • Generally, all eligibility requirements must be met by the time of high school graduation, but ACT/SAT test scores taken through June 30th are accepted for eligibility purposes.
    • When completing the application you will need to add Santa Fe Colleges school code in order for the Financial Aid Office to receive your scholarship information.
    • Please verify your legal name and Social Security Number before submitting the application. Inaccuracies will delay your scholarship award.

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