Do Colleges Offer Scholarships To Transfer Students

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Do Colleges Offer Transfer Students Grants

Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

< p> I’m an incoming freshman, and I’ve been given a reasonable grant from my U. I missed the application deadline for a school that I now plan on applying for a transfer to. However, I’m unsure as to whether transfer students are given equal consideration for grants/scholarships as students applying as potential freshmen. This is very important to me if I’m unlikely to get a grant as a transfer student, then I will need to seriously consider going to a less expensive school. I will, of course, apply to several colleges.< /p>

< p> Depends entirely on the school – each will have its own policy. My daughter received a grant as a transfer student to a private university. However, we have no idea if she would have received more had she applied as a freshman the first time around. < /p>

< p> < /p>

< p> That’s how I’d describe the grant I’m attending my current school with. It’s enough to cover my room and board and my school fees. I’m hoping for the equivalent. While more would fill me with joy it seems very unlikely.< /p>

< p> It definitely depends on the school, but just as a broad generality, transfer students will be offered less grant aid than freshman applicants.< /p>

< p> Since you already have identified the school you’d like to transfer to, why not just ask them?< /p>

< p> Smith gave my younger D a very generous grant as a transfer student.< /p>

Loyola University Chicago Transfer Scholarships

Loyola University Chicago offers scholarships to academically qualified transfer students that range from $12,000 to $19,500. These students have at least 20 credit hours of transferable coursework. These scholarships even get better, for they are renewable up to three years for full-time students. For more information on scholarships available for students transferring to Loyola University Chicago, please visit the scholarship website.

Amount: $12,000 to $19,500

The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

UNC offers degrees in over 70 courses of study through fourteen colleges and the College of Arts and Sciences. At Carolina, you can study any of more than 70 majors, which is a lot to choose from. UNC offers extensive support to students making the transition from community colleges. The Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program identifies academically talented students from 2-year colleges and supports them on both campuses.

Founded In: 1789Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 8,591 USD, Out-of-state 33,673 USDFinance and Admission Office Contact: 966-3621Website:

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How To Find Scholarships For Transfer Students

We created this list of 20 terrific transfer scholarships to help you do just that, but this can be your starting point.

There are many scholarships out there that transfer students can apply for. Winning no-essay scholarships and essay contests are just a couple ways you can fund your education now and once you transfer to that four-year college.

For more help finding scholarships, we recommend using a scholarship matching service like our FREE tool,

University Of Central Florida

UT Martin offers community college students transfer scholarships ...

Located near Orlando, Florida, UCF is quickly becoming one of the largest universities in the country.

For a Florida resident who lives off campus, tuition and fees are almost $6,000 per semester thankfully, theres a transfer scholarship to offer some relief.

For Florida residents transferring in with an associate degree, the scholarship offers $500 a semester for four semesters, for a total of $2,000.

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Patricia & Armen Oumedian Scholarship


-Resident of West Michigan or currently employed by a West Michigan Kettering Co-op business

-Demonstrated financial need

-Minimum of a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

After graduating from Kettering University, Armen Oumedian wanted to help other students complete their education. He and his wife Patricia have funded many scholarships over the years, all focused on the West Michigan area and Kettering University.

Students living in West Michigan, including Flint, are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. By completing an application, students are placed under consideration for over $1 million in annual awards, whether they stay in the area and attend Kettering University or head elsewhere for a college education.

Top 10 Scholarships For Transfer Students 2022/2023

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    Study Hard For The Sat Act And Other Tests

    Colleges look closely at SAT and ACT scores when considering students for full-ride scholarships. Consider hiring a tutor and taking practice tests to ensure you score the highest grades possible. Individual colleges will have different thresholds, but many colleges that offer full rides expect SAT scores in the top 1-2%.

    Can I Get Scholarships As A Transfer Student

    3 Places to Find Transfer Scholarships for CC Students

    When you transfer to another university, you will probably still have to worry about high tuition fees. If you transfer to a more affordable school, tuition will be lower. But, you will still most likely need scholarships and financial aid to pay for the rest of your degree.

    When transferring to another institution, you might lose a scholarship that you receive. Many scholarships award students to attend a specific school or program.

    Whatever the case, finding new scholarships will be key. The good news is that being a transfer student can open up new scholarship opportunities.

    There are many scholarships that target transfer students. There are also many general scholarships that transfer students can apply for. You should apply to as many of these as you can to keep all your options open.

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    What Kind Of Schools Offer Full

    As you look through the list of schools below, you’ll probably recognize at least some of the names. A lot of the schools on this list are very good schools, but apart from a few notable exceptions, you’re not likely to see top schools in the country giving out full-ride scholarships. Why is this?

    Full-ride scholarships are meant to lure top, super-attractive students who have a lot of choices. It’s the school’s way of telling you that among the student population, you really stand out. These full-ride scholarships are merit based, meaning that in your grades, extracurricular activities, and/or leadership skills, you’ve worked harder or achieved more than the average student.

    At the most competitive schools, full rides are extremely rare. Pretty much all applicants to these schools are going to be high achievers across the board, making it a lot harder to pick out who the real stars are.

    Do Transfer Students Who Are Transferring From Community Colleges Qualify For Scholarships Or Financial Aid

    All of the above scholarships will be available to community college students who are applying to four year colleges or universities. In fact, some states have special programs for students who transfer from in-state community colleges to in-state colleges .You will also continue to qualify for federal aid such as the Pell Grant, Stafford Loans, unsubsidized loans, and Parent PLUS loans. Its also a good idea to reach out to the college youre transferring into, as they might have resources for local scholarships to apply to.

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    Are International Students Eligible For These Scholarships

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of scholarships of any kind are only available to US citizens, or at least people residing in the United States. In the article below, we mention some scholarships that international students are eligible for, but it isn’t a complete list.

    If you’re an international student and are interested in a particular full-ride scholarship, we recommend researching the scholarship online to see if it mentions if international students are eligible. If you can’t find the information online, your next option should be to contact the school’s scholarship/admissions office to ask them about scholarships for international students.

    Freshman Scholarships Vs Transfer Scholarships

    Understanding the National Merit Scholarship Program

    < p> Is it really better in every situation for a student to go in with a freshman status vs. a transfer status in terms of scholarships?< /p>

    < p> Here is the situation: D is homeschooled and will graduate HS with her AA. She is doing fantastic at the community college . Unfortunately, her ACT is only a 22. < /p>

    < p> She can apply as a freshman and all the advisors have said she will easily get into the state university she wants to go to. Since her ACT is so low, will she really have the opportunity for multiple freshman scholarships?< /p>

    < p> On the other hand, she could begin taking summer classes right after graduation at our local satellite. That would allow her to finish her BS in three semesters. Her plan is to go right into a master’s program so she would like to finish her undergrad as soon as possible. This option would mean she would go in as a transfer student. Is there a reason this shouldn’t be an option in terms of scholarships?< /p>

    < p> She will not qualify for any need based scholarships.< /p>

    < p> Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!< /p>

    < p> It is VERY doubtful that shed get much/any merit as a transfer student. Schools give merit to their incoming frosh because THAT is what helps them with rankings. Transfer students do nothing for the school.< /p>

    < p> That said, her ACT is also too low for any merit at many schools. Has she tried the SAT?< /p>

    < p> Some do much better on the SAT and often she only has to do well in the Math + CR sections. < /p>

    < p> wakeup,< /p>

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    What Is A Full

    Getting a scholarship that fully covers tuition costs is most students’ dream. It’s hard to believe there’s something even better out there the full-ride scholarship. These scholarships are special because they cover not only tuition but also other basic costs such as room and board, books, travel, and supplies.

    For most private schools, this means you’re getting more than $200,000 of expenses covered with these scholarships.

    Unlike financial aid, which many schools offer to students based on what they and their families can afford to pay for their educations, these scholarships are based entirely on merit.

    The idea is that these schools think certain students are specialso special that they want it to be a no-brainer for you to choose to attend their school. As a result, they’re going to try their hardest to make you want to partner with them for the next four years.

    Where Should You Look For A Full

    If you’re hoping for a full ride, you might want to look at schools that are safe for your grades, test scores, and extracurricular achievements. If you’re scoring much higher than the average admitted student, you’ll have a better chance of getting scholarship money.

    You might also want to consider colleges you’ve not heard of before. A lot of these schools offer top academic experiences but lack the name recognition of other schools. Thus, they are trying to attract student superstars who can help raise their profiles.

    Of course, even if you apply to the schools on the list below, expect competition to be fierce. Don’t bank everything on getting one of these scholarshipsthey’re very tough to come by! This is why it’s important to go after other forms of college money as well, such as traditional need-based financial aid and other independent merit-based scholarships.

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    How To Apply For Aid

    Students who are considering transferring to U-M should apply for financial aid. Those transferring to U-M from community colleges and from two- and four-year colleges and universities should follow the application instructions for New Undergraduates. Information for students who are applying for winter term admission is also included on the deadlines page.

    If you are a current U-M student and you want to reapply for financial aid, see the instructions for Current Undergraduates.

    Ready To Make The Process Easier And Apply For Scholarships For Transfer Students


    Were on your side when it comes to navigating scholarships and paying for college. Thats why we created Going Merry!

    You can search and apply for scholarships with us as your one-stop shop for all things scholarships. Just and create your free profile, see what we match you with, and click apply! Its that easy.

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    Lebanon Valley College Transfer Scholarships

    There are several scholarships available for students planning to transfer to Lebanon Valley College. Students with a GPA of at least 2.75 and 15 transferable credits who plan to be full-time students at LVC are automatically considered for merit scholarships. Please visit scholarship website for more details.

    Amount: Up to $27,000

    University Of South Florida

    Located in sunny Tampa, Florida, the University of South Florida is close to the beach!

    USF offers the Frank H. Spain and Betty E. Gillies Community College Transfer Scholarship, which awards $5,000 to the top transfer applicant from each community college in Florida. To qualify, you must have an associate degree.

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    Meet With Your Academic Advisor

    Meeting with your academic advisor allows you to ask questions about the transfer process and get more insight into whether such a move is right for you.

    Another benefit of reaching out is learning how to transfer college credits. Your advisor can help you fill out the correct forms, request transcripts, and provide information about possible transfer agreements the school holds with other institutions.

    What Other Scholarships Are Available At Utoledo

    The Most Transfer

    Many UToledo academic colleges, departments, and organizations offer scholarships. We encourage you to search our scholarship database.

    Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

    Each fall semester, we award five $1,000 scholarships to Phi Theta Kappa members transferring to UToledo.


    • 3.5 cumulative transfer GPA
    • A completed application for UToledo admission, official high school transcripts or GED scores, and official transcripts from all previous institutions attended

    Scholarship Deadline: June 1

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    What Colleges Give Transfer Scholarships

    There are a good number of colleges which offer transfer scholarships. Grand Valley State University, for example, offers transfer scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 per semester. The University of Alabama also has a wide variety of transfer scholarships, some of which range up to full tuition. Oftentimes, these programs are set up for in-state students who graduate from a community college.

    Massachusetts Bay Community College Scholarship Award

    For selected transfer students from Massachusetts Bay Community College who have been nominated by the college

    • Amount: Full tuition
    • Deadline: Nominations must be submitted no later than March 1. Only open to September-term transfer applicants
    • Requirements: Minimum 3.5 GPA at MBCC and must be a graduate of one of the Boston Public High Schools
    • Minimum of 60 transferable credits

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    Msu Transfer Student Scholarships

    Mississippi State University is proud to provide the many scholarships for transfer students of both in-state and out-of-state students.

    These scholarships require a competitive GPA on a minimum of 48 transferable community college hours and excellent leadership and service activities.

    To be considered for Phi Theta Kappa, private, and leadership & service scholarships, the General Scholarship Application must be submitted.

    All scholarships are awarded on a funds-available basis.

    Provided By: Mississippi State UniversityCourse: Degree coursesAward: Total $48,000 and covers the cost of tuition for two yearsEligibility: Transfer students

    How Do You Qualify For A College Transfer Scholarship

    Transfer Student Scholarships: Are they the best source of money for college?

    As a college transfer student, you may qualify for college scholarships based on financial need or merit. For need based awards, you must file a FAFSA. You must apply by a priority deadline. Merit scholarships are about academic excellence. For these, you must meet the schools grade point average and test score range.

    Eligible applicants may also need a certain number of completed college credit hours, earned at an accredited institution. Criteria might also include full time enrollment. This may equal from 12 to 15 semester hours per academic year, depending on the school.

    Some scholarship application might also ask for the following info:

    • Letter of acceptance
  • Concordia College of New York Fortress Grant for Transfer Students
  • Concordia College of New York Scholarship for Transfer Students
  • North Park University Academic Scholarship for International Transfer Students
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette Associate Degree Academic Transfer
  • Stevenson University Honors Scholarship for Transfer Students
  • Drury University Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
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    Application Deadline & Renewal

    For maximum consideration, community college transfer students must have their admission application and transcript information submitted to UC.Transfer scholarships can be received over four full-time, in-class semesters assuming the student is enrolled full-time at UC, makes satisfactory academic progress and earns at least a 3.2 GPA for PTK award and 3.0 for other scholarships.

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