Desert Storm Veteran Dependent Scholarships

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The United States Coast Guard

Wounded Veteran gets called in and gets a BIG SURPRISE!

The Coast Guard Foundation administers a variety of grant and scholarship programs designed to benefit the children and spouses of active-duty, retired and deceased Coast Guard personnel. These programs are a combination of need-based and merit-based awards, and include the RADM Arnold I. Sobel Scholarship, the Commander Ronald J. Cantin Scholarship and the Fallen Heroes Scholarship. These and other financial aid programs offer much needed assistance to the children and spouses of Coast Guard service-members who are struggling to meet the rising costs of a college education. Award amounts vary depending on program, school of attendance, academic achievement and financial need.

Professional Standards For Teacher Educators

In some parts of the world specific standards of professional practice have been developed for, or by, teacher educators. These set out the range of competences that a member of the teacher educator profession is expected to be able to deploy, as well as the attitudes, values and behaviours that are deemed to be acceptable for membership of the profession).

Scholarships For Children Of Vietnam Vets

Children of Desert Storm veterans have a number of options for grants and scholarships based on their father or mother being active in the military when the United States helped Kuwait force the Iraqis from their country. These programs were established by veterans looking to help other veterans and their families meet the financial obligations a student incurs by going to college.

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Health Education Professions Scholarships

When youre pursuing an advanced health care degree, the last thing on your mind should be how youre going to pay for it. The U.S. Army can help with one of the most comprehensive scholarships available in the health care field The F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. Qualifying students receive full tuition for any accredited medical, dental, veterinary, psychiatric nurse practitioner, psychology or optometry program, plus a generous monthly stipend of more than $2,000.


The U.S. Army health care team will pay 100 percent of your tuition for a graduate-level health care degree for any accredited medical, dental, veterinary, psychology or optometry program in the United States or Puerto Rico.


The U.S. Army Medical Department can help take away the worry of how youll pay for school. The F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program is available to qualifying students who wish to earn professional degrees from accredited medical, dental, optometry, veterinary, psychiatric nurse practitioner, clinical or counseling psychology programs. We will pay 100 percent of your tuition, plus we will also pay for required books, equipment and most academic fees. Qualifying medical and dental students are also eligible to receive a $20,000 sign-on bonus.


Research Into The Teacher Educator Profession

Free College Tuition For Retired Military Dependents

The teacher educator profession has also been seen as under-researched empirical research on professional practice is also scarce.

However, the importance of the quality of this profession for the quality of teaching and learning has been underlined by international bodies including the OECD and the European Commission.

Some writers have therefore identified a need for more research into “what teachers of teachers themselves need to know”, and what institutional supports are needed to “meet the complex demands of preparing teachers for the 21st century”.

In response to this perceived need, more research projects are now focussing on the teacher educator profession. Several academic journals cover this field.

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Scholarships For Children Of Veterans

If one or both of your parents are currently serving or have served in the United States military, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Some of these scholarships for the children of veterans are available to students who have had a parent serve in any branch of the military. Others are reserved for students with a parent who has served in a specific branch, such as the Army or Marines. Organizations that offer these scholarships include the Military Commanders Scholarship Fund, the American Veterans National Scholarship Program, the Heart of a Marine Foundation, the Air Force Aid Society and many others. In order to apply, students may need to maintain a minimum GPA or have financial need. Additionally, students may be required to submit an essay, demonstrate leadership qualities or provide letters of recommendation. If youre the child of a veteran, continue reading below to learn more about scholarships that you may be eligible for.



How Our Scholarships Work

We raise money from members dues, contributions, and our annual Golf Tournament and Members Dinner.

Scholarship applications are accepted online and by mail. Our scholarship panel then meets to rate each application and pick the top recipients.

Fifteen to twenty scholarships are handed out ranging from $1000 to $5000. These funds can be used to pay for tuition, housing or other university related expenses.

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Scholarships For Dependents Of The Retired Military

Several organizations offer scholarship assistance to the dependents of former military personnel who have been wounded and are disabled because of wartime service. Organization sometimes limit eligibility to biological children, and sometimes offer scholarships to grandchildren or stepchildren. Some scholarships for dependents of disabled veterans have certain age requirements an applicant must meet.

Submit All Of The General Documents Required Outlined Below:

Start of War in the Middle East | Desert Storm (Marine Reacts)

All applicants must submit all of the below documents:

  • Recipient SOP send both pages of signed HFS Recipient SOP.
  • Essay: 750-1000 words on the topic, What degree do you plan to pursue? How will this degree impact your future? The essay is to be double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font.
  • Proof of FAFSA for the current school year.
  • Every undergraduate HFS recipient must apply for Financial Aid by completing an annual FAFSA.
  • HFS recipients are not required to use any federal education loans they may be eligible to receive. The FAFSA is a requirement to determine Pell Grant eligibility only, which does not subject the applicant to debt or repayment.
  • Veterans and Service Members only are required to submit the following:

  • Disabled veterans must provide confirmation of application for Chapter 31 Veteran Readiness and Employment GI Bill benefits. All disabled veterans are required to apply for Chapter 31 benefits. One document from below needed:
  • Copy of the VA Form 22-1900 OR
  • A VA letter stating Chapter 31 application denied and/or exhausted OR
  • Copy of confirmation email received when applying for Chapter 31 benefits OR
  • Copy of VA letter Summary of Benefits stating applicant as unemployable.
  • Spouses Applying on Their Service Members Death are required to submit the following:

    • A VA letter stating application denied and/or exhausted OR
    • Copy of confirmation email received when applying.

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    Top Scholarships For Children Of Veterans

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    To simplify the scholarship hunt, we’ve compiled a list of top scholarships for children of military families.

    »MORE:How to Get a Scholarship

    The Afcea Educational Foundation Education Scholarship Opportunity

    These $2,500 merit-based scholarships are available to active duty military or U.S. military veterans of the Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan or Iraqi Freedom Operations who are enrolled part-time or full-time in an eligible STEM major degree program. Students must be sophomores or juniors to apply. More info about the AFCEA Educational Foundation Education Scholarship.

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    Veteran Dependent Scholarships For Military Spouses

    #1: The Folds of Honor Higher Education Scholarship

    According to its website, Folds of Honor was founded in 2007 to provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of fallen and disabled servicemembers. Though the 2020 application window is now closed, you can learn more about the Folds of Honor Higher Education Scholarship here.

    #2: Hope For The Warriors Scholarships

    Hope For The Warriors is an organization whose unique scholarship program celebrates and rewards the spouses and caregivers of post-9/11 veterans. Since its inception in 2006, the program has awarded over 140 scholarships totaling more than $412,000 an average of more than $2,900 per scholarship.

    Currently, there are five scholarships available through the Hope For The Warriors foundation:

    • The Honorary Scholarship for post-grad and graduate students
    • The New Beginnings scholarship for students pursuing an associates degree
    • The Restoring Family Scholarship, which is only available for Gold Star Spouses
    • The Restoring Hope Scholarship for students pursuing a masters degree in social work
    • The Restoring Self Scholarship for students pursuing a bachelors degree in any field

    #3: NMFA Military Spouse Scholarships

    Please note that these scholarships are intended for military spouses and are not open to dependent children. However, additional scholarships for kids of veterans are available through Fisher House, which operates the Scholarships for Military Children Program.

    Induction Of Beginning Teachers

    Veteran Education Grants

    Teaching involves the use of a wide body of knowledge about the subject being taught, and another set of knowledge about the most effective ways to teach that subject to different kinds of learner it, therefore, requires teachers to undertake a complex set of tasks every minute. Many teachers experience their first years in the profession as stressful. The proportion of teachers who either do not enter the profession after completing initial training, or who leave the profession after their first teaching post, is high.

    A distinction is sometimes made between inducting a teacher into a new school , and inducting a new teacher into the teaching profession .

    A number of countries and states have put in place comprehensive systems of support to help beginning teachers during their first years in the profession. Elements of such a programme can include:

    • mentoring: the allocation to each beginning teacher of an experienced teacher, specifically trained as a mentor the mentor may provide emotional and professional support and guidance in teacher training, induction is limited to the provision of a mentor, but research suggests that, in itself, it is not enough.
    • a peer network: for mutual support but also for peer learning.
    • input from educational experts .
    • support for the process of self-reflection that all teachers engage in .

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    Scholarships For Military Families

    Eligibility Requirements for Children & Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans & Service Members .

    Veteran or Service Member:CSDDV provides scholarships for Florida resident dependent children and un-remarried spouses of Florida Veterans and Service Members whose official military and residency status have been certified by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Scholarship Funding for Children and Spouses:CSDDV provides funding for tuition and registration fees at an eligible Florida public postsecondary institution or an equivalent amount at an eligible Florida private postsecondary institution.

    Visit: for more information.

    Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program This program allows institutions of higher learning in the United States to voluntarily enter into an agreement with VA to fund tuition expenses that exceed the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate. The institution can contribute up to 50% of those expenses and VA will match the same amount as the institution.

    A Letter From A Past Recipient:

    Dear VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association,

    I am writing to thank your Association for the generous scholarship. I was very excited and appreciative to learn the I had been selected from a superbly qualified pool of candidates. I will be attending North Central College in Naperville, IL with a likely major in Mathematics and will also be playing on the soccer team. By awarding me this scholarship, if has lightened my financial burden and decision on wanting the full college experience of attending a college and rooming there as well. Also, it allows me to focus on the most important aspect of school learning.

    The VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association is a tax exempt organization under 501 formed for members of VII Corps who served in Desert Storm, including military, civilian, and family members.

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    Scholarships For Military Children Program

    This is a merit-based program that considers the academic achievement of a student as well as her community involvement activities, work experiences and the required essay. Winning applicants receive $2,000 for the current academic year. Applicants need to reapply annually to keep on receiving funds. Applicants must be unmarried and under the age of 23 to qualify. GPA requirements are 3.0 for high school seniors and 2.5 for undergraduates. This scholarship is open to all children from every military branch of service, past and present.

    Submit Additional Supporting Documents As Needed:

    5 ways disabled veterans can prepare for a recession

    Applications for the Heroes Fund Scholarship are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The below additional documents may be requested to complete our review of your application.

    • Excerpts of Military Medical Records that document combat-related onset/nature of injury/condition.
    • VA document that verifies initial onset of injury/condition as having a combat-related onset.
    • Copy of military award citation, NCOER or OER, or other official military document showing combat-related action/service

    The Heroes Fund Scholarship is sustained through the generous donations of Liberty University supporters. Contributions for this scholarship may be made through a variety of methods. The most common are listed below:

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    Air Force Aid Society

    Established prior to the 1988 to 1989 academic year, the AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Program has awarded 99,530 need-based grants to children of active-duty, retired, killed-on-duty, and reservists who served in the Air Force. Each grant is worth $2,000. AFAS also sponsors the AFAS Merit Scholarship program, which awarded $5,000 to 37 students for the 2013 to 2014 academic year. AFAS uses Scholarship Management Services to administer the grant and scholarship programs.

    Professional Knowledge And Competences Of Teacher Educators

    Being able to educate teachers requires different knowledge and skills than those required to teach pupils or students.

    Teacher educators’ fields of knowledge

    Some recent research has highlighted the many fields of knowledge that are required by teacher educators these include knowledge about: the pedagogy of teacher education learning and learners teaching and coaching and the profession of teacher educator itself. In addition, teacher educators need to know about the specific contexts their students will work and working in and the subjects they will teach. More experienced teacher educators need expertise in: curriculum development and assessment the wider context of teacher education, the way it is organised, and in research.

    Multiple identities

    The complexity of the tasks of the teacher educator arises in part because, as research has shown, they have multiple professional identities. . While some of those who carry responsibility for the education of teachers do self-identify as ‘teacher educator’, others may self-identify rather as ‘researcher‘ or ‘academic‘ others may relate primarily to their academic discipline, such as ‘chemist‘ or ‘geographer.’


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    Desert Storm Veterans Memorial Scholarship

    During Operation Desert Storm, Michael Fishkin, D.O.73, and fellow physician Mark Connelly spent six months in a remote Middle Eastern desert, treating soldiers, preparing for chemical attack and talking about their loved ones. Unfortunately, Dr. Connelly never saw his again: A rocket-propelled grenade took his life on Feb. 28, 1991.

    The character and courage of his friend inspired Dr. Fishkin and his wife, Ellen, to create the Desert Storm Veterans Memorial Scholarship at DMU. Every year, the scholarship helps a high-achieving third-year osteopathic medical student who demonstrates an interest in military medicine.

    We wanted to do something for DMU, because I am what I am because of the University, says Dr. Fishkin.

    He also wanted to invest in future generations of military medics. The most meaningful medicine Ive practiced is military medicine to make sure our kids have someone to take care of them, he says, referring to the nations youngest soldiers. When they cry out for a medic, they need someone there to let them know they will be taken care of in a hostile, foreign place.

    Military Commanders’ Scholarship Fund

    Scholarships For Daughters Of Disabled Veterans

    Every year, the New York chapter of the American Logistics Association awards scholarships to children of select active duty, reserve, National Guard or retired members of the United States military.

    How to qualify: Students must plan to enroll full-time in a two- or four-year college or university. Awards are only for undergraduates and require a 3.5 minimum GPA. Selections are made based on academic achievement, community leadership, extracurricular participation, work experience, outside appraisal, financial need and family circumstances.

    When to apply: The application periods begins in December. Learn more.

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    The United States Army

    The US Army sponsors a variety of scholarship and grant programs designed to help the families of service-members find the necessary funds for college. These programs are intended to help the spouses and children of army personnel achieve their college ambitions. The following financial aid programs are currently being supported by the United States Army.

    • The Survivors & Dependents Assistance Program offers financial assistance to children, aged 16 26, of army personnel who have been disabled or killed in the line of duty. The program is also open to the children of service-members who have been declared missing in action, or who have been detained as a prisoner of war. The program offers up to 45 months of educational benefits to eligible students who are enrolled in approved undergraduate, graduate, or vocational studies.
    • The Spouse Education Assistance Program provides grant money to the eligible spouses of active-duty or retired Army personnel. Applicants must be enrolled at least part-time in an accredited college or university. Scholarship funding is available for fall and spring semesters only.
    • The Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program supports the educational ambitions of Army spouses who are currently stationed overseas. Applicants must be enrolled in approved college or university, and must take a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester. Full time students are eligible for 4 years of financial support.

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