Dental Scholarships For Minority Students

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How Do I Borrow Money For Dental School

Penn Dental Medicine $1 Million Scholarship Challenge

Great question! Students can borrow money for dental school the same way they did for undergrad, applying for Federal Loans through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . Alternatively, students can apply for private loans or Health Resources and Services Administration Loans.

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Grants For Dental Hygiene Students

Another source of financial aid may come in the form of grants. These are typically need-based rather than merit-based, and can come from federal, state, or local government departments, corporations or local businesses and foundations, trusts, and non-profit groups. Some grants require repayment, while some do not.


This program helps Arkansas residents attend a few out-of-state accredited health and medical graduate or professional programs that are unavailable in Arkansas, including accredited dental schools. The grant allows students to pay in-state tuition, even though they are non-residents, or attend out of state colleges for reduced tuition. Applications are rolling and reviewed on a monthly basis.


These federal grants are for undergraduate students who have not yet earned a bachelor’s or professional degree and who have a clean criminal record. The amount awarded depends on a student’s financial need, college costs, their status as a part- or full-time student and whether they attend school for a full academic year. Students can receive this grant for only twelve semesters or six years.

$100 to $4,000

Students must fill out a FAFSA to receive this federal grant. Priority goes to students who receive a Federal Pell Grant, with the most financial need. Not all schools accept this grant, and both the number of grants/amounts given depends on an individual school’s available FSEOG funds.



Dental School Scholarships: Government And Private Sources

Dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists are always in great demand. These are solid career paths that offer lucrative employment possibilities, but they come with sizable college costs attached. Luckily, there are a great number of scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a career in dentistry. Federal and state governments, universities and professional associations all sponsor scholarship programs aimed at dentistry students. These programs can go a long way toward helping you cover the sizable costs of your college education, and put you firmly on the path to a rewarding career in dentistry.

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Additional Aid For Dental Hygiene Students

While scholarships help reduce school costs and need not be repaid, they may get students only part of the way through college, or may cover only a small portion of tuition and fees. Learn about other options schools offer to ease funding frustrations, and how to request local grants or federal financial aid.

Federal And State Scholarship Opportunities

Medical School Grants &  Scholarships for Women: Dental &  Other Health ...

Dentists are a vital component of the healthcare industry, and the role of dental health in the prevention of disease and the maintaining of general good health can not be overestimated. Many areas of the country, particularly rural and urban communities, are experiencing a shortage of qualified dentists and dental related professionals.

To address these shortages, Federal and state governments offer scholarship incentives for students interested in pursuing dentistry as a professional career. Some of the most notable Federal scholarship programs for dental students include:

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Arthur L Haisten Scholarship

This scholarship has been established in honor of Dr. Arthur L. Haisten, who served as Dean of the College of Dental Medicine for thirteen years. Criteria for award of the scholarship to the student will be as follows: The Arthur L. Haisten Scholarship will be awarded to the student who hasdocumentable financial need strictly to meet dental education expenses, who has a satisfactory academic record and has demonstrated personal integrity and character becoming of a professional.

Doctor Of Dental Surgery

DELTA DENTAL FOUNDATION DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP DDS This scholarship is presented to one dental student from each class who demonstrates excellent academic achievement and leadership skills.Recipient: Rachel Boler

ROBERT J. ALBER SCHOLARSHIPThe Alber Scholarship is awarded in honor of Dr. Robert Alber to students who reside or have resided in Noble, Elkhart, LaGrange, or Kosciusko counties.Recipients: Scott Linton, Taylor Hatfield

BOONE FAMILY DDS SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is awarded to third or fourth-year dental students who have improved their grade point average following their first year and have continued to show improved scholastic performance with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference is given to students who are Indiana residents, in the middle 50th percentile of their class, and express and interest in Prosthodontics. Recipient: Alyssa Zhao

STEVEN L. BRICKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Faculty, students, and friends of Dr. Steven L. Bricker established this scholarship for a student who demonstrates excellence in oral diagnosis. Dr. Bricker served as chair of the Department of Dental Diagnostic Sciences.Recipient: Mikki Jaramillo

CHARLES BYER AND MS. MARGARET BENNETT SCHOLARSHIPThis scholarship is presented to a second, third, or fourth-year dental student who has a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to those students from the following Indiana counties: Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Jasper, or Newton.Recipient: Julia Gruver

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Which Dental Schools Offer Scholarship Programs

Accredited schools of dentistry offer dental school scholarships. University of Pennsylvania, New York University, and University of Washington may offer awards to incoming dental students. The cost of attendance may vary between public and private schools. Private schools could be more expensive and 4 years may cost over $106,204 using the last data from the NCES. More selective and Ivy League schools tend to come with a higher annual tuition.

The American Dental Education Association

Closing Americas Smile Gap | Diversity In Dental Prof

The American Dental Education Association administers a variety of scholarships for dental students. The ADEA/GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Preventive Dentistry Scholarship is available to predoctoral dental students who have demonstrated a high level of academic excellence in the field of preventative dentistry. The annual award is $2,500. The ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship for Dental Hygiene Students Pursuing Academic Careers is open to students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene. Two $3,000 scholarships are awarded every year. Other scholarships and eligibility information are available at the ADEA website.

Who: Must be an ADEA individual member enrolled full-time in a U.S. dental school, with a demonstrated interested in preventive dentistry. Must be nominated by dean or deans designate Amount: $2,500

Who: Currently enrolled dental students with one or more years of school remaining. Amount: Ten $10,000 scholarships and twenty-five $5,000 scholarships. Both are non-renewable.Deadline: June

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National Health Service Corps Students To Service Loan Repayment Program

S2S LRP provides up to $120,000 in tax-free student loan repayment to medical or dental students in their final year of school. Award recipients commit to provide primary health care at an approved NHSC site in a Health Professional Shortage Area of greatest need after graduating. Service commitment is full-time for at least 3 years or part-time for 6 years. Award recipients must be a U.S. citizen or national and enrolled in an eligible medical or dental degree program at a U.S. accredited school. Installments are paid annually in a lump sum. When applied to qualified health professional student loans, these can significantly lower overall student debt by reducing accrued interest. S2S recipients may continue service through the NHSC Loan Repayment Program and could potentially pay off all educational debt.

Minority Dental Student Scholarship

Students awarded funds under this program may receive up to $2,500 for their second year. Up to 25 awards are made annually. Applications must be obtained from and submitted at UDMSOD. Additional information for application eligibility may be obtained through the American Dental Association.

*Applications and all supporting documentation must be postmarked no later than June 1. Notification of funding decisions will be made after December 31.

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Ub Sdm Student Awards

All students accepted into the University at Buffalo DDS program are considered for scholarships and there is no separate application. Among the selection criteria are: academic performance and achievement, a broad range of intellectual interests, demonstrated leadership, commitment to interests other than academic work and unique life experiences that may contribute to a dental career, and disadvantaged status.

The School of Dental Medicine offers approximately 20 different scholarships to students in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of the DDS program. These scholarships are generally awarded on the basis of need, academic achievement, and/or service. Please contact us for more information.

American Dental Hygienists Association

CODA honors dentistry prof  Pediatrician receives faculty scholarship ...

The ADHA, founded in 1923 is the largest national organization of dental hygienists. With over 185,000 registered members, they work to advance the profession, promote licensure, research and education. As a member, you also may receive dental school scholarships, grants and special events.

U.S. students enrolled in a bachelors dental hygiene program are eligible for . Students must also have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and be student or professional members of ADHA. Two recipients each receive a one time award of $1,000.

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Scholarships For Dental Hygienists To Apply For In 2022

Dental hygiene students have many classes and are expected to take biology, chemistry, and other science-based courses. This can turn out to be highly stressful for dental hygiene students.

Most of the time, dental hygiene students in a dental hygiene program focus on their medical or dental school and achieving a dental hygiene education. They can find it hard to find time to socialize or make friends, with most of their time taken up by the dental hygiene programs they are in. Academic achievement is essential to these students pursuing health professions, and financial assistance can go a long way in their academic careers.

Regional Private Financial Aid And Scholarships


The Foundation for the Carolinas provides financial assistance to single mothers over age 25 who are legal residents of North or South Carolina. Applicants should be full-time students at an accredited North or South Carolina institution, seeking either a four-year undergraduate degree, a two-year nursing degree, or a two-year degree through the CPCC health careers program.


This foundation provides scholarship assistance to medical and dental students who reside in St. Lucie County, Florida, with preferential consideration for students intending to return to St. Lucie after graduation. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited program full time and have a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Scholarships can be renewed for up to three years if required GPA holds. Applications close in June.


Shelby County, Ohio’s community foundation provides two scholarships for Shelby County students with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 who wish to pursue a certificate or an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in medical and health professions. Selections are based on financial need, academic success, community and school service, and recommendation letters. Applications close in June.


$1,000 to $5,000


The University of Colorado provides two current Black dental school students with scholarships. Applicants must be enrolled in the University of Colorado’s School of Dental Medicine. The application deadline is in March.

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How Do You Get Dental School Scholarships

Aspiring dentists with a solid grade point average or financial need may qualify for a dental school scholarship. Dentistry scholarships are one way to pay for pre dental, dental and dental hygienist programs. Local communities, government, national associations, ROTC and colleges offer dental scholarships. If you meet their eligibility requirements, there are directions on how to apply.

As a rule, it take four years to earn one of two professional degrees in dentistry. A Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine either must be from a CODA accredited dental program.

About 20% of practicing dentists limit their niche to one of nine recognized specialties.

  • Dental Public Health
  • All of these fields take an extra two to four years for a post doctoral certificate or masters degree. Its more like four to six years for oral and maxillofacial surgery programs which lead to a joint MD degree. According to the NCES, tuition and fees for a graduate degree was an average of $18,416 per year. If you multiply it by 4, thats roughly $73,600 plus fees, dental equipment and required health insurance.

    Scholarships From The Government

    Closing Americas Smile Gap | Dental Diversity

    Dentists are a vital component of the healthcare industry, and the role of dental health in the prevention of disease and the maintaining of general good health can not be overestimated. Many areas of the country, particularly rural and urban communities, are experiencing a shortage of qualified dentists and dental related professionals.

    To address these shortages, Federal and state governments offer scholarship incentives for students interested in pursuing dentistry as a professional career. Some of the most notable Federal scholarship programs for dental students include:

    Students pursuing degrees and careers in dentistry should also look to their state governments for possible scholarships and loan forgiveness programs dedicated to the needs of dental students at all stages of their college careers. State sponsored scholarships are typically award-for-service programs, and recipients will be required to complete a predetermined term of service providing dental care in a designated critical need facility or under-served community.

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    Appzen Stem Scholarship For Racial Justice

    Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: May 30, 2022 | National

    AppZen, developer of the worlds leading AI platform for modern finance teams, has established the AppZen STEM Scholarship for Racial Justice, to support Black students pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields.

    Applicants must identify as Black or African American, and be high school seniors, high school graduates or current postsecondary undergraduates, who plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university for the entire upcoming academic year. In addition, applicants must be planning to pursue a major in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics .

    Scholarship recipients will earn a $3,000 award for undergraduate study.

    Opening April 2022

    Ametek Foundation Inc International Stem Scholarship

    Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: May 31, 2023 |

    AMETEK Foundation, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist residents of China, Serbia, the United Kingdom and the European Union who plan to continue their education in a STEM field.

    Applicants must be residents of the European Union or the United Kingdom to apply for the scholarships offered in France and in the United Kingdom OR be residents of Serbia to apply for scholarships offered in Serbia, OR be residents of China to apply for the scholarship offered in China.

    All applicants must be in their final year of upper or higher secondary school or be current technical or university level students, and planning to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at one of the following universities for the entire upcoming academic year:

    • Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

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    Indian Health Service Health Professions Scholarship Program

    The Health Professions Scholarship Program is for American Indian and Alaska Native students, who are members of their Tribe , enrolled in health professions and allied health professions programs. Priority is given to graduate students and junior- and senior-level students unless otherwise specified. The scholarship pays for full tuition and fees at the recipients institution as well as stipend support. Recipients also receive a one-time payment for educational expenses such as books, equipment, etc.

    Prospective applicants should note that acceptance of funds through this program incurs a service obligation. Recipients must fulfill a minimum two-year service commitment at an Indian health facility after graduation. Recipients who fail to complete their academic program and/or fulfill the service obligation must repay funds received through the program.

    The online application, instructions, and deadlines are available here.

    The above information is for individuals currently in or starting the DMD Program.

    How To Find Scholarships For Dental Hygienists

    Distinguished Minorities in Dentistry Mentorship Program » College of ...

    High school and college graduates can look for medical and science-based scholarships by going through multiple college sites and seeing the type of scholarships they have that dental hygiene is factored into.

    Another way of finding financial aid opportunities for a future dental hygienist, those in dental school, or a dental hygiene department is by signing up for the American Dental Hygienists Association or the American Dental Education Association. Both can offer a dental hygiene scholarship to aid a student who needs federal student aid or financial aid.

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    National Private Financial Aid And Scholarships

    $2,500 for tuition and fees, $500 for travel to the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition

    The American Dental Education Association awards scholarships to two dental hygiene students pursuing either a baccalaureate or graduate degree in dental hygiene, and who show interest in an academic career. Applicants must be enrolled as either part- or full-time students at an ADEA Member institution, and must be ADEA individual members.

    $5,000 for tuition and fees, $500 for travel to the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition

    The American Dental Education Association provides scholarships supporting two predoctoral dental students who exhibit strong commitments to becoming dental educators. Applicants must be enrolled in a degree program at an ADEA-member institution and must be ADEA individual members.


    This scholarship through the American Dental Education Association and GlaxoSmithKline supports 12 predoctoral dental students who demonstrate academic excellence in preventative dentistry. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students in a dental school in the U.S. or Canada, be nominated by their dental school’s dean or dean’s designate, possess stellar academic records, and be ADEA individual members.


    $100 to $1,000

    $5,000 – $25,000

    Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

    Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: | National

    The Scholarship is a double sized opportunity for future engineers. 100 high school seniors like you will win $40,000 for college and a guaranteed paid internship at Amazon!

    To apply, you must be a high school senior planning to pursue a bachelors degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering or another computer science related field of study from an accredited 4-year college or university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and must either be currently enrolled in or have completed a high school or college dual degree course where computer science is the subject. Example courses include:

    • International Baccalaureate Computer Science Course
    • Advanced Placement Computer Science A or Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
    • Computer science through a college dual enrollment program
    • Other High School course where only Computer Science is taught

    Recipients of the award receive a renewable $10,000 scholarship at an accredited four-year college or university as well as a paid summer internship at Amazon after their freshman year of college.

    Opening November 2022

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