Delaware State University Full Ride Scholarship

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Scholarships Administered By Delaware Colleges

Central Michigan University apologizes for giving students full-ride scholarships by mistake

Delaware SEED Scholarship Program

Deadline: Must meet all institutional deadlines to apply for admission, complete the FAFSA and submit all required forms.

Eligibility: Provides tuition for eligible students enrolling at Delaware Technical Community College or the University of Delawares Associate in Arts program.

The SEED scholarship can be applied to an associate degree, diploma, credit certificate, bachelors degree, or workforce training program at Delaware Tech. The free tuition can be applied to five years of courses .

Award: Provides tuition for eligible students at Delaware Technical College or the University of Delawares Associate Degree program after other financial aid received is deducted from total tuition costs. Does not cover books, fees, or other related expenses.

Contact: Delaware Technical Community CollegeFinancial Aid Office, Owens Campus, 302-855-1693Financial Aid Office, Terry Campus, 302-857-1040Financial Aid Office, Stanton Campus, 302-453-3706Financial Aid Office, Wilmington Campus, 302-434-5552University of Delaware, Student Financial Services, 302-831-2126

Inspire Scholarship

Financial Aid At Delaware State University

The majority of Delaware State University undergrads use financial aid to finance their education. In 2022, 2,926 of the 4,051 undergrads enrolled received financial aid. Delaware State University meets 77% of the demonstrated financial need for undergraduates.

The average financial aid package for a full-time, first-year student is around $11,863 a year. Around 87% of Delaware State University undergrads take out student loans to cover any remaining costs. Delaware State University graduates who have student loans graduate with an average of $36,812 of student loan debt.

The average debt for each loan type varies.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans
Private loans 15%

Most students take out institutional or government loans, because they tend to have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment options than private loans. Loans from the federal government can be subsidized or unsubsidized. Subsidized loans do not accrue interest during school, while unsubsidized loans begin accruing interest at the time the loan is issued. If students do no qualify for enough federal loans to cover the cost of tuition, some take out private loans. Parents can also take out ParentPLUS loans, which are government loans for parents who are helping their children pay for college.

Scholarships At Delaware State University

Some students may receive grants and scholarships to help pay for college. Unlike loans, scholarships and grants do not have to be paid back.

In 2022, Delaware State University awarded 2,084 need-based scholarships to students, giving away total of $300000 thousand to help students with financial need cover the cost of school. An additional $17.3 million in merit-based scholarship money was awarded to students without demonstrated financial need.

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Top Delaware Scholarships In 2022

Delaware might be known as one of the smallest states, but when it comes to finding Delaware scholarships, it is boundless! The first state offers something for students at every level of study. Our list includes specific opportunities for aspiring teachers and nurses, as well as plenty of scholarships to help fund whatever major interests you! Our list has something for all scholarship seekers, so keep reading to find a match or two!

Jump ahead to:

  • Eligibility: High school seniors who are residents of Delaware. Have a 3.0+ GPA and 1290+ SAT or equivalent ACT score. Enroll full-time at Delaware State University. Complete the FAFSA
  • Amount: Full tuition, required fees, room, board, and books at the University of Delaware
  • Deadline: Opens December 1 and closes in late February

State Grants For Delaware Students

ASSIST Student Athletes

Delaware has quite a few college grants and scholarships available to its students and updates its page regularly to keep individuals abreast of any new or removed awards. Keep reading to learn more about these awards, how you can apply, and further information about financial aid in the state.

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% Of Students Get Any Aid

This is 11% HIGHER than the average for Public schools, which is 86%.

This is good news – more students getting financial aid means students at Delaware State University are likely getting a pretty good deal on their education. It could also mean the school skews toward lower income students.

Next, we’ll look at actual aid amounts and student debt to dig deeper.

I Have A Very High Gpa Why Wasnt I Awarded Any Scholarships

Make sure to read all of the eligibility requirements. Remember, you must have a valid FAFSA on file with the Office of Financial Aid. If your Student Aid Report does not contain an EFC, then your FAFSA is not valid. Also, you must have some amount of financial need. Also, many scholarships have specific eligibility requirements aside from GPA that you may not meet.

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Delaware State University Tuition Information

In 2022, tuition for full-time students at Delaware State University was $7,038 a year for in-state students and $16,960 a year for out-of-state students.

On average, college tuition rises about 3% year.

If these numbers seem daunting, remember, the total cost of tuition isn’t necessarily what you will have to pay to attend a school. Many students find the actual cost of college is a lot less than the total tuition after grants, scholarships, and tuition discounts are applied. And, student loans can make thecost of college more manageable until you’ve finishing school and found a job.

Financial Aid For Specialized Studies

Five Baltimore Students Surprised At School With Full Ride Scholarship

In addition to the wide range of general scholarships and grants available to state residents, Delaware also offers a number of financial aid programs targeting students with very specific career goals. These programs address the need of the state to recruit and retain professionals in critical need areas such as healthcare and education. These are award-for-service programs, in which students receive full or partial loan forgiveness in exchange for a commitment to work within the state at their chosen profession for a predetermined term of service.

The state of Delaware currently offers the following career specific financial aid programs:

Resident students of Delaware have access to some of the most impressive financial aid programs offered by any state in the country. The scholarships, grants and loan forgiveness programs discussed here are only the tip of the iceberg. Delaware residents looking for ways to fund their college education are encouraged to visit Delawares Higher Education Office for details on these and other financial aid programs.

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How Generous Is Delaware State Universitys Financial Aid

The grant dollar amounts weve seen so far have included aid from all sources – both federal and institutional. Schools dont have much control over how much federal aid students can qualify for , but they do their own financial aid dollars and how theyre used.

To figure out how strong Delaware State Universitys own financial aid program is, well look at how they award their own financial aid dollars. The more students receive aid directly from the school , and the bigger the award amounts, the better the financial aid program.

Lets see how generous Delaware State University is with its students:

Average Grant Award: $8286

This is $1017 HIGHER than the average for Public schools, which is $7269.

Altogether, this is great news – at Delaware State University, MORE students get financial aid, and each award size is HIGHER. This means students have to rely less on loans to pay for college and will likely graduate with less debt.

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Net Price: The Quick And Easy Way

If you want a quick, general idea of your annual Net Price at Delaware State University, here’s a handy chart showing the net price of real students. All you need is your family income.

If your family makes between… Your Net Price will likely be around…
$0 – $30,000
$110,000 and up $8163

Note that these values may be a few years old, and today’s prices may be a bit higher.

As we’ll discuss next, your exact Net Price will depend on other factors like the number of family members and total assets, but this represents the typical Net Price.

Net Price: The Most Accurate Method

Most schools have an updated Net Price calculator available. To find it, just google “Delaware State University Net Price Calculator” – the official tool should be one of the top search results.

Often the school will ask for more information than just income:

  • The number of people in your household
  • The number of family members in college
  • Parental wages, income, and assets
  • Student wages, income, and assets

This will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and you’ll get a specific net price that’s more accurate than the table above.

% Get Any Grant Money

PIC of Delaware

This is 17% HIGHER than the average for Public schools, which is 73%.

Although its useful to know how many students get grant aid, its also important to know how much grant aid people tend to receive. The bigger the average grant award, the better.

So how much grant money do students at Delaware State University tend to receive?

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Academic School Year 2023

Application period : January 9, 2023 to April 30, 2023

Delaware State University Foundation scholarships have been made possible by a generous commitment from donors. The Delaware State University Foundation supports students who have demonstrated a commitment to completing their education and have met various criteria as specified by our donors and scholarship awarding committee.

Returning / current DSU students and transfer students who wish to be considered for a Delaware State University Privately Funded Scholarship should review the information below.

Christa Mcauliffe Teacher Incentive Program

The Christa McAuliffe Teacher Incentive Program is for state residents enrolled in a Delaware college working toward teacher certification. Preference is given to applicants planning to teach in a critical need area as defined by the Delaware Department of Education. Teacher shortage areas in 2022 2023 are:

  • Technology Education

The award amount is $5,000 per year, not to exceed cost of tuition, mandatory fees, and other direct educational expenses. The prize is renewable for up to three additional years with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

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How Much Debt Is Typical For Students At Delaware State University

Aside from grants, the other major way to pay for college is with student loans. Student loans arent free sums of money – you borrow a certain amount to attend Delaware State University, and then pay it back with smaller monthly payments after you graduate.

The more student loan money you borrow, the more debt youll end up with after graduation. Ideally, you want to minimize your student debt as much as possible. Less debt means less of a financial burden once you leave school.

Its generally a bad sign if a school has many students taking out a lot of loans. This indicates that graduates have to worry about paying back big sums of money once they leave school.

To address the amount and type of debt that students take on, this section will cover:

Lets see what students at Delaware State University have to deal with:

State Of Delaware Scholarships

3 Southland College Prep Charter High School Seniors Earn Full-Ride College Scholarships

Unless otherwise noted, these programs are funded by the state of Delaware administered by the Delaware Higher Education Office and require Delaware residency and U.S. citizenship or eligible non-citizenship status. If you have questions about state-sponsored aid, contact:

Delaware Higher Education Office The Townsend Building 401 Federal St. Ste. 2 Dover, DE 19901302-735-4120 1-800-292-7935 toll-free


Funding for DHEO scholarships is dependent on State of Delaware budget resources, which are finalized July 1 each year.

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Other Financial Aid Opportunities For Delaware Residents


Delawares 529 college savings programThe Delaware College Investment Plan is sponsored by the state of Delaware and managed by Fidelity Investments. It provides parents, grandparents and others a tax-advantaged way to save for a childs college education. Any earnings grow tax-deferred and qualified withdrawals are free from federal and Delaware state income taxes. Withdrawals can be used to pay for qualified higher education expenses. The Delaware Plan offers various investment options.

To obtain an enrollment kit, call the Wilmington Investor Center at 800-201-5380 or visit

Academic Common Market

Regional tuition-savings agreement

The Academic Common Market is a tuition-savings agreement between 15 Southern states that are members of the Southern Regional Education Board . If your degree program is not offered at a public college in Delaware, you may be eligible to attend an out-state college and receive in-state tuition at a public college that participates in the ACM.

To be eligible for the ACM, you must be:

  • A Delaware resident whose degree program is not offered at Delaware State University or University of Delaware.
  • Accepted into an eligible baccalaureate or graduate-level degree program selected for the ACM by a participating college. Note: The ACM does not include first professional degree programs, such as pharmacy, medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry, theology or law.
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    Average Private Loan: $13494

    The average private loan amount at Delaware State University is $13494. This is $3948 HIGHER than the average for Public schools, which is $9546.

    The percentage of students getting federal loans is greater than those getting private loans, which is a good sign. This means lower-interest federal loans are usually enough to pay for Delaware State University.

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    Delaware Students Awarded Full

    Congratulations to this years merit scholarship awardees! Merit scholarships are competitive scholarships awarded by DDOE to students for their academic performance, participation in school activities and service to the community.

    I was so excited when I received the notification for earning this award, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity! In the fall, I will be attending the University of Delaware as a part of the Honors program while majoring in nursing. I love helping others and giving back to my community, which is why I believe nursing will be a great fit for me. This scholarship will be a major help for my family and I in covering the many costs of college, and I cannot wait to see what U of D has to offer! Ashley Cook, Appoquinimink High School

    Earning this scholarship is truly an honor and blessing. This scholarship means a lot to me because it will allow me to achieve my educational goals without having to worry about covering the costs of my education, and for that I am thankful. It is also meaningful to me because Ive worked hard in my school and community, and earning this scholarship is a result of that. I am planning to pursue a degree in nursing. I chose nursing because of my interest in healthcare and my desire to help others. I would like to work in underserved areas to be able to make a difference in others lives by providing healthcare to those in need. Cierra Holmes, Seaford High School

    Why Do I Have To Complete A Fafsa

    Assist Student Athletes

    The Privately Funded scholarships and the Alumni Legacy scholarship are awarded based upon both financial need and merit. Recipients are not required to have a high need, but some amount of need is necessary. Please do not assume your financial need is not low enough! Complete the scholarship application anyway. Students with very low need may be awarded scholarships as well as those students with high need.

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    Herman M Holloway Sr Memorial Scholarship

    The Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Memorial Scholarship is for residents of Delaware enrolled in full-time studies at Delaware State University. High school seniors must have an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and a combined score of at least 1000 on the SAT or the equivalent score on the ACT.

    The award offers full tuition, required fees, room, board, and books. It is renewable for up to three additional years with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

    If You Thought College Wasn’t In Your Future Think Again

    College tuition doesn’t always fit into every budget, and finances sometimes keep good students from going to college. That’s why the SEED Scholarship program was started in 2005. This free-tuition* program was expanded in 2021 to include Delawareans of all ages who would like to pursue an academic degree or a workforce training certificate.

    The SEED scholarship can be applied to an associate degree, diploma, credit certificate, bachelors degree, or workforce training program at Delaware Tech. The free tuition can be applied to five years of courses .

    *Course fees and books are not covered by the SEED Scholarship.

    If you have SEED or financial aid questions, please visit Student Support for assistance.

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    How Much Does Delaware State University Cost

    Knowing what a school costs is Step #1 in managing college costs. Theres more to think about than just the tuitionyou also have to factor in where you’ll live, what you’ll eat, and more while attending Delaware State University.

    The “Cost of Attendance” is the total amount of money the average student has to pay, WITHOUT any financial aid, to attend a particular school. Think of it as a schools sticker price. It includes not just Delaware State University tuition and fees, but also room, board, textbooks, and personal expenses.

    The Cost of Attendance breakdown for Delaware State University differs depending on whether youre in-state or out-of-state student – in-state students can expect lower costs for tuition and fees.

    Choose your state of residence here for the most accurate info:

    Heres the Cost of Attendance breakdown for Delaware State University:

    • Tuition and Fees $7336$15692
    • Other Expenses$2138
    • Typical Total Cost for In-State, On-Campus StudentsTypical Total Cost for Out-Of-State, On-Campus Students $21581 $29937
    • Typical Total Cost for In-State, Off-Campus StudentsTypical Total Cost for Out-Of-State, Off-Campus Students $25808 $34164

    $8356 more than if you were an in-state studentExclusive: Want to get into Delaware State University with higher chances?Learn how to improve your SAT score by 160 points.

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