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The Best Marching Band Scholarships For Music Aficionados

Color Guard – Georgia Southern University Army ROTC

The scholarships listed below are for students who are musicians or marching band members. Weve also collected a list of several school-specific scholarships available from universities with renowned marching bands. If you are a dedicated marching band member, dont be afraid to apply for several scholarships.

Without further ado, lets get started.

Do Color Guard Scholarship Exist

If you are thinking about a college to attend, there is no doubt in your mind that one of the deciding factors will be the cost of tuition and education. Although scholarships can help offset some of the costs, many students still have to come up with a sizeable sum of money on their own.

If you are interested in a career in performing arts and would like to pursue a college degree in color guard, then you may want to consider applying for a scholarship. In this article, we will discuss what color guard scholarship exist and how to find them.

There are many scholarships specifically designed for students who wish to pursue a career in color guard. These scholarships can come in the form of grants or loans, but the most important factor is that they are given out on a selective basis.

The best way to find out if there is a scholarship available that pertains to your chosen field is to start researching your options. You can find information on various color guard scholarship websites or by contacting the organization that hosts the scholarship event you are interested in.

Keep in mind that not every scholarship is available to every student, so be sure to ask about eligibility requirements before submitting your application. Once you have identified.

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2. Make sure youre ready to commit

Scholarships can be difficult to win, but if you arent ready to commit to your art, its not going to happen. You need to be 100% invested and willing to do what it takes. Show schools that youre ready by visiting their practice schedules before they even ask for an audition date, take a deep breath before performances, communicate with coaches and teachers frequently, and always maintain high grades in school. In short: Practice like you mean itand then do it again tomorrow. If you dont prepare yourself first, no one else will help you succeed when things get tough in college.

3. Research your options

4. Begin Application Process Early

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State Service Scholarship Program

Recognized by the Georgia General Assembly as an institution that produces outstanding young men and women who desire to serve our state and nation with honor and distinction, the State Service Scholarship program provides qualified Georgia Residents with a full scholarship to attend Georgia Military College as Cadets on the Corps of Cadets while serving part-time in the Georgia National Guard. The recipients of this extraordinary scholarship are selected for not only their academic abilities, but also their potential as future leaders in the Georgia National Guard. This program provides for up to 42 new full scholarship awards annually, based on state funding allocations. We accept new applications for any new term.

Students considering this program should fully understand their obligation to enlist and serve in either the Georgia Air or Army National Guard which requires successful completion of Army Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training or Air Force Basic Military Training and Air Force Technical School to learn a selected job skill. After which they are required to serve a minimum of one weekend per month and a 15-day training period during the year ,typically as a member of a military unit while they attend GMC as a full-time cadet, living on the Milledgeville campus and participating in the Corps of Cadets program.

Chris King Memorial Scholarship

Revolutionary Days â Kettle Creek, Washington, GA

ALL CLASSES are invited to nominate a junior or senior classmate for the Chris King Memorial scholarship. Chris was a LHS 2015 graduate who passed away in April 2016. His family has established the scholarship in his memory. This is not an academic scholarship. The recipient will be a student who best exhibits the qualities that Chris was known for: kind, helpful, accepting of others, never willing to put others down, one to befriend underclassmen, and one to divert attention from those feeling embarrassed.

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Michigan Marching Band Endowed Scholarship Funds

The Michigan Marching Band has many strategic endowments that provide annual funding that is critical to the bands long-term success. The Betty E. Cummings Marching Band Scholarship and the Connie Keicher Memorial Scholarship are two of the most desired marching band scholarships available.

Betty E. Cummings, retired University of Michigan Senior Research Administrator, founded the scholarship to be granted to a worthy member of the University of Michigan Euphonium Section.

The Connie Keicher Memorial Scholarship, on the other hand, was founded in 1989 by Connies family and friends. It is named after a young lady who overcame physical challenges throughout her life. The scholarship is given to a junior member of the band who demonstrates same determination, hard effort, and the capacity to overcome adversity as Connie.

Top 16 Marching Band Scholarships In December 2022

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Below is a list of scholarships for students who are musicians and those who participate in marching band. Weve also compiled a list of some school-specific scholarships, offered by universities with prominent marching bands. If youre a driven marching band member, dont hesitate to apply for multiple scholarships. College is expensive, and with the help of these opportunities, you can capitalize on your passion to make it more affordable.

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Step One: Online Application And Fee:

Submit your online application by 6:00 PM EST Monday, April 11th, 2022 at the following link:

Items to be included in the online application:

  • Full body photo in either performance attire or black leotard
  • 1 letter of recommendation from either your band director or guard instructor
  • Copy of UGA acceptance letter
  • Pay your $40 non-refundable auxiliary audition fee by April 11th, 2022: *Please note that we typically require a physical from a doctor in order to audition. We will only require completed physicals from candidates who are invited to callbacks on April 23rd, 2022.

Blue Ridge Community College Screamin Eagles Marching Band Agreement

University of North Georgia Color Guard: Senior Military College Army ROTC

BRCC students can join the BC Screamin Eagles Marching Band and perform music and drill at all home football games and at various other campus and community events throughout the fall semester. All students with previous experience in wind instruments, percussion, guitar, electric bass, keyboards and college guard are welcome to participate in the marching band.

To be eligible BRCC student must:

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What Are The Requirements For A College Color Guard Scholarship

Colleges and universities offer scholarships to members of college color guards. In order to qualify for a scholarship, you must be a member of a college color guard and meet the requirements set by the scholarship provider. You may need to be admitted to the university, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and demonstrate excellence in your marching skills.

The University Of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Band Scholarships

Students must be enrolled in at least 15 semester hours and have an institutional GPA of 2.0 or above to be eligible for the scholarship. Furthermore, scholarship recipients may take an imbalanced load as long as they complete 30 total earned credit hours per academic year.

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Texas State University Band Area Performance Grants

Band Area Performance Grants are given to students based on their performance abilities, musical promise, and service to the School of Musics Department of Bands. These marching band scholarships are restricted in number and vary in value depending on the need for a certain instrument in the ensembles and the students musical ability.

Grants for participation in concert ensembles are given to both music and non-music majors. Students must be enrolled at Texas State University to be considered for the rewards. They must be a part of either the Wind Symphony or the Symphonic Winds. Participation also necessitates a successful audition for placement. Most significantly, they should show musical progress and constructively contribute to the ensemble environment.

Eastern Illinois University Panther Marching Band Scholarships

Commandantâs Message â Georgia Military College

Outstanding potential Panther Marching Band students are encouraged to apply for a one-year scholarship of $250 to $1,000. All non-music majors are eligible for awards for their first year of Panther Marching Band participation. Students must post a short video showing various items in order to apply for Panther Marching Band Scholarships.

For instance, woodwind and brass applicants must perform a two-octave scale of their choice in quarter notes at a pace between quarter notes. On the other hand, percussion candidates must demonstrate two warm-up exercises in a 30-second period. Color guard applicants can upload a video of their high school or college marching band executing a full piece or a 60-second flag-based routine.

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Step Two: Video Audition

We will require 2 video submissions from each applicant by WednesdayOne video will consist of a flag routine and the second will consist of a dance/pom routine.

  • On, all candidates will receive an email containing the required material for the videos. Additionally, the email will include directions for how to submit completed audition videos. Candidates who applied after April 1st will receive the documents as their application is received.

Video Requirements and Attire: Please upload videos to YouTube and be sure the links are unlisted to allow our staff to access them. Taking the current circumstances into account, it is not required that the performer record the material inside a studio or a gym. Any open space inside the home, garage, or even the yard is perfectly acceptable, as long as the skills can be performed safely.

  • Wear a black leotard with dance tights, dance shoes, and performance quality hair and makeup
  • Be sure that we can hear the music
  • Make sure we can see your full body and flag and that there is adequate light. Make sure you are not so far away from the camera that we cannot see your face.

Prospective Member Interest Form

The “Marching Owls” Marching Band is the largest, most visible student organization on our campus and thrills thousands of fans with exciting performances each week. The tradition of excellence was initiated in the Fall 2015 as The Marching Owls began its pursuit in the highest levels of visual and musical performance at the Fifth-Third Bank Stadium in Kennesaw, GA. so we can email you more information about The Marching Owls.

Contact Info

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National Color Guard Scholarships

Winter Guard International Sports of the Arts is the American-based global leader in the organization of indoor percussion, winds and color guard competitions. And they usually organize the Winter Guard International World Championships each year for active members of marching bands.

Every group that takes part in the championships can nominate one member. And that nominee must provide relevant documentation such as letters of recommendations, high school or college transcripts and a headshot photo, among other things.

So far, the organization has provided over $800,000 worth of scholarships. And if you are nominated and end up being the outstanding color guard performer in the competition, you will likely receive some financial support, which usually varies. In 2019, one winner got $1,000.

While you are unlikely to always get a full scholarship as a member of a color guard, what you get will be helpful in offsetting your student loans. So, consider applying for as many scholarships as possible that are available in your locale. And since each institution has unique criteria, be prepared to send customized applications to each.


Alfred Watkins Step Scholarship

Brown and Williamson Color Guard Macon Ga

SENIORS are encouraged to apply for the Alfred Watkins STEP Scholarship. The purpose of the award and scholarship is to recognize two male and two female graduating high school seniors from the Lassiter Marching Band Program that demonstrate a proven track record of excellence to the Band Program. The award is not based solely on marching or concert band prowess but is structured to reward total contributions in the classroom, the band program, and the community.

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Western Carolina University Marching Band Scholarships

Western Carolina Universitys marching band scholarships were endowed by the generosity of family and friends in memory of Daniel Ledford and Mandy Buchanan. Both individuals attended Tuscola High School and were members of The Pride of the Mountains Marching Band. The award is available to Haywood County music majors who are or have been active members of the universitys marching band.

The sum of these awards varies depending on the marching band directors recommendation. Donations from outside the university have been made in acknowledgment of this ensembles remarkable performances. They are renewable if the student makes good progress toward a music degree and the music faculty recommends it.

Georgia State University Panther Band Color Guardgraduate Assistant Application

Georgia State University Panther Band and Winter Guard seek applicants for the position of Color Guard Graduate Assistant.

The GSU Panther Band and Winter Guard programs are active in state, regional, and national events throughout the year including all home football games, parades , Southern Association of Performing Arts , and Winter Guard International .

The guard program is vibrant with approximately 50 participants across the fall and winter seasons and includes an Independent Open winter guard and a skilled fall color guard. The staff structure has been one of a guard director and numerous staff to complement and fill out the program needs.

GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITYAnticipated Graduate Assistantships in Athletic Bands: Color GuardAvailable for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

DUTIES: Assist in the administration, planning, and operation of all facets of the Panther Band color guard and winter guard including, but not limited to teaching, rehearsing, choreographing, maintenance, and supervision.

QUALIFICATIONS: Admission to a qualified Georgia State University graduate degree programmost degree programs across the University apply . Successful teaching experience at the high school and/or drum corps color guard level is highly desired. Participation in a college marching band is desired but not required.

Submit questions and inquiries to:

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The Baylor University Golden Wave Band Scholarships

Baylor University Golden Wave Band participants are eligible for a limited number of marching band scholarships. Several criteria are used to determine awards, including ensemble instrumentation requirements, musical skill, leadership potential, and student financial need. However, the majority of money made available for Golden Wave Band Scholarships are categorized as need-based.

Students who want to apply for a scholarship must have completed the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. They must also be registered for the Marching Band class. To be considered for the scholarship, new Golden Wave members must complete a rigorous application process. On the other hand, students majoring in music generally have scholarship money included in their scholarship packages for marching band participation.

What College Has The Best Color Guard

Director Dawson

There is no definite answer to this question as different schools have different color guards that are considered to be some of the best in the country. However, some colleges that come to mind when thinking about which has the best color guard are Princeton University, University of Texas at Austin, and University of California at Berkeley.

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Meet The Carolina Colorguard Captains

Taylor is a senior Nursing major and is pursuing a double minor in leadership studies and Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. In Taylors free time, she enjoys doing Xtreme Hip Hop and reading by the pool. She also works part-time as a Pharmacy Technician with Walgreens. Taylor has been doing Colorguard for eight years and has a dance background focusing in on Acro dance. She also cheered for her HS Varsity team for three years while cohesively doing marching band. Taylor knew she wanted to be part of the Carolina Band when she came for a USC HS cheerleading event and the Carolina Marching Band had her captivated the moment they stepped onto the field with Gridiron. She has been marching with the band for three years and is ecstatic to start her fourth season. She is grateful for this opportunity and cant wait for this exciting new journey with the band.

Leeanna Hames is a junior at the University of South Carolina and a third-year member of the Carolina Colorguard. She came to USC from her hometown of Blacksburg, South Carolina, where she began her passion for colorguard eight years prior at Blacksburg High School. She is currently earning a degree in art education with a minor in dance. In the Carolina Colorguard’s offseason, she spends her time performing with the Etude A Winterguard, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Leeanna is thrilled to be on the leadership team and looks forward to another Carolina Band season!

Questions about the Carolina Colorguard?

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