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New scholarship at Roberts Wesleyan College named for bowling legend Millie Ignizio

Regardless of division, region, or athletic association, bowling is a fiercely competitive collegiate sport that draws student-athletes to stand-out athletic programs at U.S. colleges and universities. To make ends meet, gifted bowlers tap scholarship resources reserved for star performers within the sport. Whatever your academic goals are, higher education sponsorship helps ease the financial burden of college. Use all your abilities to land financial aid for school, including your gift on the lanes.

Scholarship Limits Per Team

Depending on division, coaches are bound to a maximum number of scholarships they are allowed to hand out to their athletes. The athletic scholarship cap is set by the respective governing body, such as NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA and athletic departments need to make sure they donât award more scholarship money than what they are allowed to. It is important to understand that while the scholarship limits below are the maximum amount permissible, a school may decide to allocate a coach less budget, for reasons such as budget constraints or a newly started team, which needs to establish itself first. A team, which has the full amount of scholarship money to spend is called a fully-funded program. A team, which works with a smaller budget than peer schools, is called partially funded.

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HCheadcount sport: the scholarship limit is absolute and the number of total athletes on a scholarship limited to the maximum number of scholarships.If basketball is not a HC sport, it is an equivalency sport in scholarship terms, meaning the coach is free to award available funds to any number of athlete, up to the maximum limit.

NCAA D3 and NJCAA D3 teams dont award athletic scholarships to athletes, but students are able to receive other types of financial aid, such as academic scholarships.

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Top Women’s Bowling Schools

Student athletes have lots of options to chooose from today when trying to decide which college to attend. Our mission at College Factual is to arm you with as much information as we can to help you make that decision. Our Best Colleges for Women’s Bowling ranking is one tool we have developed to help in this regard.

We analyzed 6 colleges and universities across the United States to determine which were the best for Women’s Bowling athletes. Our ranking is based on several objective factors, including the school’s overall quality and the athletic competitiveness of the school. We steer clear of subjective measures since they don’t give a clear picture when determining how one school compares to another. So, even if a school has a great team, it won’t place well if it is also considered a low quality college or university.

We know that one set of rankings doesn’t always help you determine the best school for you, so we’ve created the ability to narrow your list by location as well as alternative rankings that prioritize different factors such as those of importance to online students or returning adults or those who value diversity and value for your money.

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How Do You Get A Bowling Scholarship For College

USBC ANNUAL ZEB SCHOLARSHIP Applicants must be in their junior or senior year of high school, and must be a Non-Professional USBC members in good standing. This scholarship is based mainly on community service and very strong academic success. Bowling success does not factor into the selection process.

Sam Houston State University

Can You Get A College Scholarship For Bowling?  Bowling Overhaul

Sam Houston State University offers bowling scholarships to male and female students. The universitys athletic department awards these scholarships based on academic performance, as well as participation in bowling. Bowling scholarships are awarded to students who have a 3.0 GPA, or higher, and have scored in the top 50% on their SAT/ACT scores. For example, if you had an ACT score of 28 with a GPA of 3.8, you would be eligible for a bowling scholarship from Sam Houston State University!

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St Francis College Brooklyn Heights

The bowling scholarship at St. Francis College is available to students of any major who maintain a 3.0 GPA or above, and must be enrolled full-time. The scholarship covers tuition, room and board costs, books and fees. In addition, recipients will also receive a $2,000 stipend for the academic year .

The application process for this scholarship requires you to submit your official high school transcript as well as SAT/ACT scores if applicable however, it does not require an essay or additional paperwork beyond those documents. Once youve submitted your completed application materials along with supporting documentation , they will be reviewed by the schools admissions team on a rolling basis until March 15th each year to determine eligibility for this scholarship award option being offered through athletic department officials at St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights New York City area!

The Academic Requirements For A Bowling Scholarship

At a minimum you must meet the NCAA Eligibility standards. Here is a complete list of the NCAA Eligibility requirements. Just because you meet the academic requirements for the NCAA doesnt garuantee you will get into the school you want. This is why it is critical you work with each coach recruiting you to make sure you meet the academic requirements for their university.

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Icipation In College Bowling

Any student can participate in college bowling, but competition is just as intense as in other college sports. There are people who have been playing their whole lives, scouts who watch high school students, and college tryouts with sometimes 100 people attempting to land a slot on an eight-person team.

Ursuline College in Ohio added bowling to its list of sports in 2009. Since then the program has been recruiting players like any other sports program. They even announce when theyve signed particularly skilled bowlers.

If you are interested in college bowling, but dont want as much competition, many schools have smaller club or intracollege leagues. Another option if your school has no program is to help organize one. In fact, because a fledgling program hasnt been around to recruit or gain support, you might have more chance to play competitively for your school.

Scholarships From The United States Bowling Congress

On a roll: Greensboro graduate earns college bowling scholarship

The United States Bowling Congress is an organization that offers its young members a chance to earn college scholarships and pursue their college dreams.

Each season, over $6 million dollars in scholarships money is offered by bowling associations, councils, certified tournaments, and proprietors throughout the United States.

The USBC has organized SMART, Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins, which is a program designed to help these organizations set up, manage, and disburse these funds across the United Sates, reaching youth bowlers who wouldnt hear about the funds otherwise.

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Ncaa Division 3 Field Hockey Scholarships

  • D3 field hockey scholarships per team: 0
  • Total number of D3 field hockey teams: 168
  • Average team size: 21

Over 3,500 student-athletes play field hockey at a Division 3 school. Known for their high academic standards, Division 3 schools award academic scholarships to eligible student-athletes, rather than athletic scholarships. In some cases, the financial aid packages offered at Division 3 schools are stronger than the athletic scholarships offered at Division 1 and 2 schools.

Our List Of Bowling Scholarships

Bowling ability and other personal characteristics open scholarship doors for academically-minded athletes. Use national resources, as well as local bowling organizations, to build higher education funding. These examples illustrate the types of college aid available to gifted bowlers:

Elmira Youth Bowling League

Elmira Youth Bowling Scholarships are open to student bowlers in the Elmira, New York youth bowling league. Applicants must be under 21 and enrolled in post-secondary educational programs. Awards are valued at $500 each.

Wisconsin Dells Family Bowling Scholarship Team Tournament

The Wisconsin Dells Family Bowling Scholarship Team Tournament invites family teams consisting of two junior bowlers and two adult bowlers to compete for student scholarships. USBA rules apply and winners receive scholarship money once they have actually enrolled in post-secondary colleges or universities. the program is administered by the Wisconsin Dells Education Foundation.

United States Bowling Congress Scholarships

The USBC is a virtual clearinghouse for bowling scholarships. The following, recent awards illustrate the organizations commitment to education. Contact the United States Bowling Congress for information regarding specific programs.

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All Applicants Who Apply For Merit

Each year Vanderbilt awards merit-based scholarships to applicants who demonstrate exceptional accomplishment and intellectual promise. These students represent the top 1 percent of all freshman applicants to Vanderbilt, and with the limited number of merit scholarships available, the selection process is very competitive.

All merit-based scholarships offered at Vanderbilt are renewable through four years of undergraduate study as long as the recipient maintains satisfactory academic performance. Each of the four undergraduate schools awards a number of scholarships proportionate to the school’s enrollment. Financial need is not a factor unless otherwise indicated.

Learn more about Vanderbilt’s three signature scholarships:

The approximately 250 recipients of these scholarshipsone of our three signature scholarship programsare guaranteed full-tuition awards plus summer stipends for study abroad, research or service projects.

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program

Any student athlete, who is a high school senior and has a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, is eligible to receive one of the weekly $100 awards provided by the Davis Law Group. A total of 30 awards will be provided, with one female and one male athlete being chosen as the Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete of the Year. Each Scholar Athlete of the Year receives an additional $1,000 college scholarship. Applications will be available on March 15.

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Are There College Scholarships For Bowling

The NCAA is the largest athletic association in the U.S. If you are good enough to bowl for a Division I or Division II school, you may be eligible for some scholarship dollars. There are 43 member schools that offer Div 1 or Div 2 Womens Bowling and only 2 schools that offer scholarship bowling for Men.

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Us Bowling Congress Scholarships

The US Bowling Congress is an organization that serves amateur adult and youth bowlers in the United States. They offer several scholarships for bowlers. The scholarships include:

In addition, the SMART Program & Scholarships Web site lists more than $6 million in scholarships offered by bowling associations and councils, tournaments and proprietors.

Other Sources For Bowling Scholarships

Peyton Manning Hosts the Ultimate Academic Challenge – Capital One College Bowl

Are there other organizations that award bowling scholarships?

State and regional bowling associations often make it part of their mission to offer some scholarship reward.


  • The Greater Detroit Old Timers Bowling Association Scholarship is awarded to a local male student pursuing college and active in a local bowling league. Awards are $500.
  • The Pennsylvania State Bowling Association awards an annual $500 scholarship. Eligible students must be active in a state bowling league and intending to enroll in a college or university degree program. Minimum GPA is 2.0. Awards are renewable.

Check with your state or local bowling league and ask for information on any available student scholarships.

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Ncaa Scholarships For Women

The NCAA is the largest athletic association in the U.S. If you are good enough to bowl for a Division I or Division II school, you may be eligible for some scholarship dollars. There are 43 member schools that offer Div 1 or Div 2 Womens Bowling and only 2 schools that offer scholarship bowling for Men. There are, however, many mens college bowling teams.

Field Hockey Scholarship Requirements

The NCAA has established eligibility requirements that student-athletes must meet in order to be eligible for a roster spot on an NCAA team. Eligibility is determined by a student-athletes academics and amateurism status. There are three factors in determining academic eligibility: core course requirements, core course GPA and the NCAA sliding scale. The NCAA requires student-athletes to pass 16 core courses during high school. If the student-athlete completes all 16 courses, then the NCAA uses a sliding scale that combines the athletes SAT/ACT test scores and their GPA in these core courses to determine eligibility.

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Hen F Austin State University

If youre into bowling, Stephen F. Austin State University is the place for you! The university has a club bowling team that competes in the Southland Bowling Conference and is coached by Keith St. John. The team was first established in 2000, but it didnt start winning championships until 2015, when it won the SLC Championship and went on to compete at nationals. The next year, it won another SLC Championship title and again advanced to nationals. In 2016, SFASUs bowling team won its third consecutive conference championship title , which makes them one of the most successful collegiate teams around!

How To Get Recruited For A Bowling Scholarship

WCBC Collegians

You should be prepared for your junior year itself. If a bowling program interests you, then do some research to see if your competition scores match up with the individuals on their roster. If the school seems to be the right fit, then contact your coaches. They will guide you and help you to receive the scholarship.

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Alberta E Crowe Star Of Tomorrow Scholarship

The United States Bowling Congress offers one $6,000 scholarship to a female USBC member. The applicant must be a high school senior or current undergraduate student and must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The winner will also receive travel and hotel expenses to attend the annual USBC Convention. Deadline: December 1.

Top College Bowling Programs

Last season the top three mens bowling programs were Webber International University, Robert Morris University in Illinois and Wichita State University. For women, Wichita State was ranked No. 1, followed by McKendree University and Lindenwood University.

All these schools are consistent powerhouses: Wichita State has been ranked in the top three for both men and women since 2002.

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Ncaa Division 2 Field Hockey Scholarships

  • D2 field hockey scholarships per team: 6.3
  • Total number of D2 field hockey teams: 36
  • Average team size: 24

NCAA Division 2 programs are limited to just over half the number of scholarships that Division 1 programs are allowed. While only 14 percent of all collegiate field hockey players compete at the Division 2 level, the level of competition is still high.

How Many Field Hockey Scholarships Are Allowed

Emma Jones Bowling Recruitment
Division Level
281 22

*Scholarship limits per team: The NCAA sets a scholarship limit per team, which dictates the maximum number of scholarships that a program can award each year. Fully funded Division 1 and Division 2 college field hockey teams can award 12 and 6.3 scholarships, respectively. Unfortunately, not all programs are fully funded, which means most college coaches have even fewer scholarships to award student-athletes. This also makes it hard for coaches to award full-ride scholarships. It should be noted that Ivy League schools do not award athletic scholarships. Instead, these elite schools provide financial aid through academic scholarships.

**Equivalency scholarship: As an equivalency sport, NCAA field hockey programs are given a scholarship budget based on the scholarship limit per team and the funding available at each institution. College coaches have the freedom to divide up their scholarship budget however they like to award recruits and current roster players with scholarship funding. For example, a field hockey coach could divide the equivalent of 12 scholarships in any portion among 15 field hockey players. Due to the limited number of scholarships allowed by the NCAA, most student-athletes only receive partial funding, as opposed to a full-ride scholarship.

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