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Types Of Financial Aid

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  • School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Types of Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships offers grants and loans to students in the Veterinary Medicine program. Based on eligibility, students may receive a combination of grant, scholarship, and loan that does not exceed their cost of attendance. Need is determined through filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the California Dream Act Application. We strongly recommend researching all possible funding options in order to minimize loans and maximize any available grants or scholarships by contacting the School of Veterinary Medicine.

    Admitted and continuing students may log in to MyAwards to review the types of aid that may be included in their financial aid package. We anticipate MyAwards will be released for the upcoming academic year as follows:

    • Vet Med year 1 and 4 – April
    • Vet Med year 2 and 3 – June

    Brzozowski Family Veterinary Scholarship

    Veterinary students with Type 1 Diabetes can consider applying for the Brzozowski Family Scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded $1,000 towards their studies. In order to apply for this scholarship, students need to be a current sophomore or junior enrolled in veterinary school. Consideration for this award is based on each applicants grades, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, leadership qualities, letters of recommendation, and written essays. The required essays center around contributions the applicant has made to an organization through their leadership, contributions they have made as a volunteer, and a personal essay.

    Four Legs Or Two Scholarship

    The Four Legs or Two Scholarship is one of the veterinary school scholarships available to students enrolled or accepted in an equine program. This scholarship awards recipients with $1,000 that they can use to help cover the cost of their education. To apply for this award, students need to submit two references, their official transcript, and their answer to an essay question. For the essay question, students need to explain the ways they will have a positive impact on equine veterinary medicine in New England.

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    Single Semester Short Term Loans

    If you experience a financial hardship during your time in the DVM program, you can apply for a short term loan of up to $1,000, available through the UGA Student Accounts office. These loans have a six month repayment deadline. To apply, complete the Single Semester Short Term Loan Application and bring it to Student Account Services Loan Servicing, Business Services Building, room 110, 424 East Broad Street.

    Vet School Scholarship Faqs

    Scholarships &  Internships for Animal Lovers &  Veterinary Students ...

    The availability of veterinary scholarships will vary by school. Each vet school has its own policy. Some have sponsored scholarships and endowments for scholarships.

    Ross Vet strives to make education more affordable by offering school-specific scholarships, industry-related scholarships, and private scholarships.

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    How To Get Into A Veterinary School With A Low Gpa

    According to Dr. Miller in his interview, she was admitted to a veterinary school with a GPA of 2.92. However, there are many other considerations that were used in addition to the qualifications that she had.

    First of all, have extensive experience. If your GPA is very low, then you need to have a background in veterinary medicine. You can get this experience as a volunteer while in college and as a college student. You may even consider going back to school to get your masters degree or take advanced courses.

    Second, veterinary schools want diverse students. Because of this, you can volunteer and work with different veterinary clinics. In the same vein, let your undergraduate program be related to medicine. Make sure you have an anatomy background.

    Third, because the competition is stiff, applicants must have a solid application. If possible, pay an expert to write your personal statement. Also, prepare for the interview. If your application and credentials are good, but you extend the interview, chances are you wont receive an acceptance letter. Make sure your GRE Score is great too.

    Lastly, the application process is difficult, be prepared. Also, apply to easy vet schools as your acceptance will be easier with a low GPA.

    Ross Vet Scholarship Opportunities

    • High school seniors who have been accepted into a college or university
    • Current college and university students who attend at least part-time

    Eligibility and application requirements are available here.

    Merck Animal Health and The Foundation for the Horse are dedicated to preserving and improving the health and well-being of equines as well as honoring exceptional veterinary students dedicated to equine practice. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, leadership and a commitment to equine veterinary medicine. Students interested in applying must also have the support of AAEP members and their clinical instructors.


    • National AAEP Student Member and active within their schools AAEP chapter
    • Currently enrolled and in good standing at an AVMA-accredited school of veterinary medicine in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Europe with an active AAEP Student Chapter
    • Apply during your second or third year of veterinary school

    Eligibility and application requirements are available here.

    Deadline for applications is typically in July.

    Eligibility and application requirements are available here.

    The deadline for applications is April 30th.

    Eligibility and application requirements are available here.

    The deadline for applications is typically early Mid-May.

    Eligibility and application requirements are available here.

    The deadline for applications is typically late May.

    Eligibility and application requirements are available here.

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    Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

    Grants and Scholarships

    UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office administers grant to eligible students. The School of Veterinary Medicine annually administers approximately 700 scholarships. Some scholarships are based solely on academic criteria others are based on academic and financial criteria. More information is available from the School of Veterinary Medicine.


    Loans are financial aid awards that require repayment, with interest, under varying terms and conditions. Veterinary students may receive up to a maximum of $40,500 during their 1st through 3rd year and up to $47,167 during their 4th year in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan. Students may also borrow up to the cost of attendance minus other estimated financial aid in Graduate PLUS Loan. Veterinary students may also be eligible for the Health Professional Student Loan or can pursue Alternative Loans.

    Aaap Foundation Poultry Scholarship Program

    Step by Step Tutorial on How to Search and Apply for Scholarships in Canada

    Another scholarship offered by the American Association of Avian Pathologists is the AAAP Foundation Poultry Scholarship. This scholarship is available for undergraduate students or students attending a veterinary college. Students will need to be pursuing a degree related to poultry science, food science, or another field related to the health of poultry. Undergraduate recipients will receive a $500 scholarship and graduate students will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Recipients will be able to reapply to have their scholarship renewed for their subsequent years of education. When applying for this award, students need to write a short essay laying out their career aspirations. They will also need to share any experiences they have had in the poultry health or food safety fields and two letters of recommendation.

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    Discuss Your Personal And Professional Goals For The Future

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What kind of impact do you hope to make in the veterinary field? After veterinary school, where do you see yourself? Working in a small animal clinic? Joining a research team? Traveling the world to provide aid to under served communities?

    Committees overseeing scholarships for veterinary school may want to know that their investment will pay off in the long run, so be sure to discuss your plans for the future.

    Plan During Your Undergraduate Years

    If a postgraduate veterinary school degree is in your future, aim to choose an affordable school when youre an undergraduate. Get as much free aid as possible for your bachelors degree and borrow only what you need to in student loans.

    Budget while youre in school and look for ways to save or earn money, like working part time. Youll likely find it easier to have a job in college than during vet school, though working during the latter is possible. Plan to set aside some of your earnings for vet school costs, if you can.

    » MORE:Budgeting for college students: where to start

    Keep in mind future vets often start school right after their undergraduate program. If you do that, then opt for a year-long internship and three-year residency, it could be 12 years before youre making a good income. In other words, start living like a student early so youre accustomed to saving and scrimping later.

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    Nvma Centennial Scholarship Foundation

    An excellent option to consider when youre looking for veterinary school scholarship is the NVMA Centennial Scholarship Foundation. Each year, the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association awards this scholarship to Nebraska veterinary students. The board of directors sets a budget for the scholarship each year, but they typically range from $200 to $4,000. Multiple students may be selected to receive one of these scholarships. There are two different funds that are used for these scholarships: The Dr. O.H. and Ruth Person Scholarship Fund and the NVMA Centennial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Students need only complete one application to be considered for a scholarship from either fund.

    Patricia M Lowrie Diversity Leadership Scholarship

    Student Receives United States Air Force HPSP Scholarship

    The Patricia M. Lowrie Diversity Leadership Scholarship is available to second-, third-, or fourth-year students at AAVMC Member Institutions. This award was created as a way to celebrate students who will make great future leaders in the field of veterinary medicine. Students selected to receive this award must have participated in projects, activities, research, or community engagements centered around promoting inclusiveness and diversity in veterinary medicine. If selected, students will receive $6,000 to apply towards their goal of completing veterinary school.

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    To Study In Australia Or New Zealand

    Minority Students In Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

    As a measure to diversify the field of veterinary medicine, 365 Pet Insurance offers the Minority Students in Veterinary Medicine Scholarship. In order to apply for this scholarship, students need to be African American, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, or from another minority group. They will also need to be enrolled full-time in a veterinary medicine program. Two letters of reference, a resume, and a 300- to 500-word essay are also required with the application for this scholarship. The essay can be about some of the challenges facing animal health, why nutrition is an important component of animal health, or the meaning of veterinary medicine to the applicant.

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    National Dhia Scholarship Program

    Another great scholarship option available for veterinary students is the National Dairy Herd Information Association Scholarship. This is a $1,500 scholarship that is available to third- or fourth-year students studying veterinary medicine at a college accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. When selecting recipients for this award, the selection committee looks at each applicants participation in extra-curricular activities centered around dairy medicine, their interest/commitment in pursuing a career related to dairy medicine, and if they have an experience or interest in using diary software to help improve an animals health. When compiling their application for this scholarship, students will need to provide two reference letters, information about their background, any experience they have using DHIA data, and their career plan.

    Can You Get A Full Ride To Vet School

    How I won OVER $1 MILLION in scholarships for college | Scholarship Tips

    The U.S. Army Veterinary Corps offers a full-tuition scholarship, plus a monthly allowance, in exchange for military training and reserve service. Army Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program This program repays up to $120,000 over three years to repay veterinary school loans.

    Can you get into vet school for free?

    Students have some options to attend vet school for free or, in some cases, have significant chunks of their student loans paid off, but, of course, there are strings are attached. The program pays up to $25,000 per year for vet students willing to work for three years in an area with a shortage of practitioners.

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    Choose The Most Affordable Vet School For You

    Theres no Harvard effect with veterinary schools, says Dr. Tony Bartels, a board member of the VIN Foundation, a nonprofit that offers education and resources for veterinarians. That means vets dont make more money by graduating from a more prestigious school.

    Veterinary programs offer in-state students the best deal. Based on data from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, in-state residents paid roughly $65,000 less on average for vet school tuition and living expenses than their out-of-state counterparts in the class of 2019.

    If your home state doesnt have a school with an accredited veterinary program, or you didnt get into it, see if you can establish residency in the state where you plan to enroll. Ask your vet school about its residency requirements to determine if you can qualify.

    Its possible an out-of-state program could cost the least if it offers the most scholarships and grants. The extra amount non-residents pay will likely be tough to overcome, though.

    Cost Of Veterinary School

    The estimated cost of attendance is outlined below. While these figures are based on the expenses of a typical student, your individual spending habits will determine your actual expenses. The estimated cost of attendance is higher for third year students because of the continuous year of clinical training. Students attend nine semesters during the four-year DVM program. The most current rates for tuition and fees can be found on the UGA Bursar & Treasury Services website.

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    Student Scholarships And Awards

    Due to the generosity of our many donors, the college’s Scholarship and Awards Committee is able to award scholarships to DVM students each year. Award criteria vary, but can be based on academic achievement, financial need, state of residency, species interest, character, and other designations. During the 2020-2021 award cycle, the scholarship committee awarded approximately 310 scholarships totalling approximately $659,000.

    Rivma Veterinary Student Scholarship


    The Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association Veterinary Student Scholarship can offer great assistance to Rhode Island high school graduates. This scholarship will provide the recipient with $2,500 towards veterinary school. To apply for this scholarship, students need to be in their junior year at a veterinary college and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. The scholarship selection committee takes a students academic achievement and academic needs into consideration. Part of the application for this scholarship includes writing a statement of intent. Students will need to explain why they chose to apply for the scholarship and why they should be selected to receive it.

    Scholarship for veterinary students may not be as easy to find as scholarship opportunities for other fields, but there definitely are some great options out there. Hopefully, our list of suggestions for scholarships for vet school has opened your eyes to the world of possibilities that await!

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    Vip Petcare Veterinary Education Support Fund

    The VIP Petcare Veterinary Education Support Fund sponsors a video contest to provide financial support for students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. In order to apply for the contest, students need to create a two- to five-minute video about why they want to study veterinary medicine. This contest is also open to current veterinarians that have completed their degree. The winner of the contest receives $10,000 that can be applied towards their tuition, paying off student loans, or purchasing education supplies.

    Is Vet School Worth The Debt

    As with any advanced degree, a vet degree has both advantages and disadvantages to consider. The average vet salary is $108,350, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which means that paying off your debt will take some time.

    But being a veterinarian can be an incredibly rewarding career. In fact, the career compatibility CareerExplorer ranks vet satisfaction among the top 20 percent of all careers.

    If youre trying to decide if a vet degree is right for you, take some time to speak with people who have gone through vet school. You may also consider a job at a local veterinary clinic to get an idea of what the day-to-day job looks like.

    In the end, only you know what the best career path is for you, so take the time to research your options, weigh the pros and the cons and move forward with confidence.

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    Federal Student Loans For Graduate Students

    The vast majority of veterinary students who borrow for their education do so through the federal student loan program. If you borrowed federal student loans as an undergraduate student, there are some differences between the programs:

    • There are currently no subsidized federal student loans available for graduate students. This means that graduate student loans accrue interest while you are in veterinary school.
    • The interest rates for graduate student loans are generally higher than for undergraduate student loans.

    For an overview of federal student loans and repayment options, please the AVMAs My Veterinary Life website. This series of short videos includes an overview of the various income-based loan repayment and forgiveness options available through the federal student loan program. The Veterinary Information Network Foundations Student Debt Center offers additional in-depth resources

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