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Cheerleading Scholarships With Full Funding

Local scholarship supports BYU cheerleader so she can keep cheering

College cheerleading does not frequently offer full scholarships. Coaches in these programs do not receive the same financing as coaches in other sports because cheerleading is not a recognized sport. Additionally, coaches find it extremely challenging to offer full-ride scholarships due to the average team size.

However, fiercely competitive programs frequently have some money set aside to give prizes to the best cheerleaders on their teams. The University of Hawaii is one of the well-known programs in the nation that does provide full-ride scholarships for both in-state and out-of-state students. Each academic year, they offer 12 to 14 full-ride scholarships. Since there are typically fewer male cheerleaders than female cheerleaders on each squad and some programs specifically designate a scholarship for male athletes on their team, men cheerleaders have a better chance of receiving a full-ride scholarship.

Recruits can drastically reduce their overall college cost by combining these scholarships with those they will receive from the institution, such as need-based aid or academic scholarships.

Be Prepared To Tryout

As mentioned above, the big caveat to earning some cheerleading scholarships is that you have to make the team first. Smaller schools may have fewer people at tryouts, but they may also have a smaller squad and fewer scholarships. And at larger schools with bigger squads, you can expect the competition to be fierce and plentiful. So, to prepare for a tryout, reach out to the coach ahead of time and ask about dates and requirements. Know the look of the team and the schools fight song and band dances. Then, work hard to prepare and make sure you ace the tryout.

Duke University Durham North Carolina

Duke is committed to ensuring financial aid for every student in need. Duke offers 9 different merit scholarships to incoming students. No separate application is required these full ride scholarships. Simply apply through Dukes regular admissions application for consideration for these scholarships.

These scholarships are led by a Faculty Director who works closely with merit scholars. Scholars engage with faculty through programs like Faculty Fellows. They listen to guest speakers during events like Faculty Flash Talks on Race and Society. Scholars may even participate in field trips.

The Durham, North Carolina-based university has a need-blind admission policy. They admit students based on promise and potential, regardless of financial status. They encourage students to apply to their school regardless of cost.

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Question: What Type Of Cheer Squad

Answer: Tech Cheer has two cheer squads: All-Girl and Co-Ed Cheer.

The All-Girl Cheer squad will be comprised of talented female cheerleaders. The Co-Ed Cheer squad is comprised of male and female cheerleaders.

Female cheerleaders trying out must chose which squad they would like to cheer on. Tryouts happen at same time, therefore, unable to tryout for both. At the end of tryouts, the Coach has the right to offer position on other squad, but this is not a guarantee.

Scholarships From Professional Associations


Though college-level chearleading may not currently receive the same widespread accolades as the teams they’re supporting, competitions and exhibitions for this highly athletic sport draw big businesses.

The National Council for Spirit Safety and Education heads up the Leadership through Sportsmanship Award, and though not a scholarship, per se, this program award is highly coveted and can only help your chances for funding sources. Based on an all-star team’s spirit and decorum, this prize is also based on teams’ positive interactions with other teams, on and off the mat.

The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators is another organization that helps to ensure the safety of its athletes and it offers financial support to eligible students as well.

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Competitive Cheer Coaches Association Of Michigan Scholarship

  • Eligibility: High school senior members of a current MHSSA Competitive Cheer team with a minimum 3.5 GPA by the end of their junior year. Each applicants coach must also be a CCAM member and their team must compete in the annual Scholarship Invitational
  • Deadline: February 13, 2023
  • Eligibility: High school seniors who are involved in cheer or dance and have a minimum 3.25 GPA. Applicants coaches must be WACPC members
  • Eligibility: All cheerleaders on the University of Kansas cheer team
  • Amount: $600/year
  • Deadline: November 1 , February 1 , May 1
  • Eligibility: Texas Tech University Cheer Squad members
  • Amount: $1,000 leadership scholarship + out of state tuition waiver + more!
  • Eligibility: High school senior cheerleaders whose coaches are ICCA members. Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA by the end of their junior year
  • Eligibility: University of Hawaii cheerleaders
  • Amount: Full-tuition half of tuition
  • Deadline: Varies by scholarship WUE can be applied for when you apply to UH
  • Eligibility: Cheerleaders at Angelo State University
  • Amount: Up to $1,000/year
  • Eligibility: Members of the Orange or Blue Teams on the University of Florida cheer team
  • Deadline: None!
  • Amount: Up to $2,000/year
  • Deadline: None!
  • Eligibility: Fort Hays State University cheerleaders
  • Amount: $1,600/year $500 stipend/semester
  • Deadline: None!

George Washington University Washington Dc Cheerleading Scholarship

The First Ladies Dance Team, the coed Cheer Team, the university mascot , and the Colonial Brass make up the George Washington University Spirit Program.

Tuition and fee savings, as well as stipends, are available to members through a competitive scholarship program.

Institutional scholarships are usually included in the admission package or as part of a financial aid package.

While other offices grant the majority of these scholarships, the GW Spirit Program staff is responsible for ensuring that GW Spirit Program members remain eligible. The staff is also in charge of renewing the student-athletes annual finances.

Members also receive the following incentives in addition to scholarships:

  • For GWU athletic events, front-row seats are available.
  • Uniforms, fitness gear, shoes, and travel bags from Adidas and Varsity are all free.
  • Post-season tournaments are free to attend.
  • Tickets to GWU sporting events are provided free of charge to family and friends.

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Tarleton State University Texas Cheerleading Scholarships

The Tarleton State University Cheerleaders have won the 2018 NCA National Championship, demonstrating that they are on their way to becoming a competitive team.

Many are on scholarships, and they all receive two hours of physical education credit, which is transferrable to most bachelors degree programs. For qualified cheerleaders, the university may also provide out-of-state tuition waivers.

Other scholarships are available through the university. Many are awarded based on academic achievement, while others are awarded based on financial need. The sum of each scholarship varies, but some of them can be combined.

George Washington University Washington Dc

Cheerleader has a CRAZY accident! | Cheerleaders Highlights

The George Washington University Spirit Program consists of the First Ladies Dance Team, the coed Cheer Team and the university mascot , and the Colonial Brass. The members are eligible for a competitive scholarship program that award tuition and fee discounts and stipends.

The institutional scholarships are typically offered as part of the admission package or a financial assistance package. While other offices award most of these scholarships, the GW Spirit Program staff must ensure continued eligibility among the GW Spirit Program members. The staff is also responsible for the annual funds renewal for its student-athletes.

In addition to scholarships, the members also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Front row seats for GWU athletic events
  • Free Adidas and Varsity uniforms, workout gear, shoes, and travel bags
  • Free travel to post-season tournaments
  • Complimentary tickets to GWU sporting events for family and friends

Team members also enjoy numerous community service activities, bonding events, and networking opportunities.

Note that a student cannot accept all awards for which he/she was deemed qualified. In other words, only one scholarship will be accepted, and its typically the largest award. Tuition Exchange or GW Employee Benefits cannot be combined with any of the merit-based awards.

For more information on athletic scholarships, contact Tiffany Jones and Josh Cohen, the GW Cheer head coaches, at

There are also several scholarships offered for student-athletes.

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Can You Get Recruited For Cheerleading

Cheerleading in college works somewhat differently from sports like football or basketball most universities have no recruiting process for cheerleaders. Instead, cheerleaders typically choose a school they would like to attend , then contact the cheerleading coach once theyve arrived at the college. From there, they can try out for the team, and hopefully will make it in.

Scholarships Available For Cheerleaders

Following through on its mission statement of eliminating the financial barrier to attending college, offers an extensive list of scholarships available to college students with any type of grade point average. In addition to broad scholarships open to all students, there are plenty more cheerleading scholarships available.

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Cheerleading Organizations That Offer Scholarships

Almost all college cheerleaders supplement their athletic scholarships with other forms of aid to bring down their total college cost. While they most commonly receive funding from the college, such as need-based aid and academic scholarships, another avenue they can explore is applying for scholarships through cheerleading organizations and professional associations. For example, USA Cheer, NCA, UCA, and the United States All Star Federation offer scholarships for student-athletes who want to pursue college cheerleading. Recruits can also turn to their local gyms and club teams to learn about any scholarship opportunities that might be offered.

Full Ride Scholarships For Cheerleading


Full ride scholarships are not common in college cheerleading. Because cheerleading isnt a sanctioned sport, coaches in these programs dont receive the same funding as other sports. Plus, because the average team size is so large, its very difficult for coaches to provide full-ride scholarships.

However, highly-competitive programs often have some funding available to award the top cheerleaders on their squads. One of the well-known programs in the country that does offer full-ride scholarshipsboth in state and out of stateis the University of Hawaii . They provide 12 to 14 full-ride scholarships per academic year. Generally, male cheerleaders have a better shot at landing a full-ride scholarship because some programs will designate a scholarship for male athletes on their team, and there tend to be fewer males than female cheerleaders on each squad.

But even though most programs dont award full scholarships, several have small cheerleading scholarship budgets available that can bring down college tuition and cover costs like uniforms, dorm and book expenses. For example, at the University of Delaware, cheerleaders can earn up to $7,500 per academic year the University of Kentucky awards a $2,500 scholarship to the cheerleader with the highest GPA each year and the University of Central Florida has a handful of scholarships available for athletes, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 per year. Plus, many schools cover travel and expenses to away games.

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What Is A Cheerleading Scholarship

A cheerleading scholarship is scholarship money granted to student-athletes who are interested in pursuing cheerleading and dance teams at the collegiate level. Cheerleading scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who intend on participating in college cheer programs and are often awarded in the form of college tuition.

College cheerleaders may earn full-ride college cheerleading scholarships or tuition scholarships for being a member of the cheerleading program. Cheerleading scholarship opportunities vary by college and program, especially if the school has a competitive scholarship program, so be sure conduct research to learn if you can get a college cheerleading scholarship.

Some schools are offered an annual allotment and given a limited cheerleading scholarship endowment. A cheerleading coach may decide to give a partial athletic scholarship to several cheerleaders rather than awarding a full-ride scholarship to one or two student-athletes, so it’s really important to stand out to your coach so you are selected as an awardee.

How Do You Get A Cheerleading Scholarship

Unlike other collegiate sports, colleges do not recruit as zealously when it comes to cheerleading.

While cheerleading is not recognized as one of the NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA athletic teams, it is still a sport in high demand. Tryouts are common when applying to colleges, or simply having a strong background in gymnastics, dance, or tumble may suffice.

Most scholarships in the sport are awarded directly by the cheerleaders intended colleges, although if you look hard enough, cheer organizations and associations such as the USA Cheer also offer awards to athletes looking to pursue the sport on the college level.

While there is less funding available to cheerleaders than football players, for example, programs with established cheerleading programs that win competitions will be more generous than schools without a cheerleading tradition.

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University Of Minnesota Cheerleading Scholarship

The Golden Gophers Spirit Squads are divided into four groups: male and female coed and small coed cheer squads the Minnesota Dance Team with 19 dancers and the all-girl cheer squad.

Scholarships are given to veteran squad members, albeit the number of scholars chosen is limited. However, every semester, all Spirit Squad members are given a book allowance.

Newcomers can apply for a variety of scholarships, including those for aspiring cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots for the Spirit Squad. These are merit-based scholarships with awards ranging from $1,000 for one year to $60,000 over four years.

The following scholarships are available to all students at the university:

  • Gold Scholar Award
  • Presidential Scholarships
  • Bentson Family Scholarship
  • National Scholarship

Spirit Squad participants can also apply for a number of college-specific scholarships. Within the University of Minnesota system, certain colleges grant these, such as the Carlson School of Management, College of Biological Sciences, and College of Education and Human Development. Here are several examples:

  • John and Jane Clark Scholarship ($20,000 every year for four years
  • Hinman Scholarship

The Puckett Scholars Program, ROTC scholarships, and BeGreek Scholarships are among the U of M Scholarships that need a separate application. Dont forget to look at these other scholarships.

Can You Get A Scholarship For Cheerleading Is Cheer A Sport

18-Year-Old Warns About Concussions in Cheerleading

In short, yes, cheer is a sport. However, it isnt sanctioned by the NCAA, meaning there arent official recruiting regulations in place. That also means theres less funding available for coaches at these programs, so you often wont find full-ride scholarships for college cheerleading.

But that doesnt mean its impossible to get a college cheerleading scholarship. Many colleges provide scholarships worth $500 and $1,000 per year to compensate cheerleaders for their participation on the team. And as the sport has evolved over the last several years, more cheerleading scholarships are becoming available at top programs in the country. Usually the most competitive and recognized programsthose who place well at NCA or UCA championshipshave the most funding.

But theres no standard amount of aid across schoolsthe scholarship amount an athlete can receive at each college ranges from program to program. For example, the University of Hawaii is known for handing out full-ride scholarships to their athletes, while some schools provide stipends, scholarships based on GPA or a flat-rate amount, like $2,000 per academic year.

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Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles California

Loyola Marymount University offers a variety of academic scholarship programs to incoming freshmen. Selection is based on factors like:

  • rigor of college prep curriculum
  • standardized test scores

Their most prestigious awards are the Presidential Scholarships. Presidential Scholars receive $30,000/year for four years and are admitted into the University Honors Program. The award also includes a paid summer research opportunity and participation in the Office of Career and Professional Developments Presidential Scholarship Mentorship Program.

Arrupe Scholarships are another competitive scholarship program. These awards range from $12,500/year to full tuition and can be renewed for four years.

Create A Recruitment Video

College cheer coaches want to see how incoming student-athletes will be an asset to their cheerleading squad and if you aren’t completely sure about what kind of program you’re interested in, let a recruitment video do the talking!

Recruiting student-athletes is a long process, especially with how many cheerleaders want a spot, so highlight your best stunting and tumbling skills and include a short introduction with your name, high school, and relevant experience.

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Washington University In St Louis

John B. Ervin Scholars Program: This is a program meant to foster a more diverse campus at WashU. Ervin Scholars gain access to a comprehensive program that includes orientation, meetings with university and community leaders, academic support and advising, and special events. Ervin Scholars are also expected to engage in the campus community and participate in community service projects.

Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program: This full-ride scholarship recognizes students of exceptional merit, with noteworthy academic and leadership achievements, and a penchant for community service. Through this scholarship, students gain access to a special orientation, meetings with university and community leaders, academic support and advising, the Rodriguez First Year Seminar, and other special events.

Danforth Scholars Program: Specifically for students passionate about community service, this scholarship may cover half or full tuition. These funds are renewable for each year of the students undergraduate study, provided that they maintain certain academic and character standards.

Stamps Scholarship: Students receiving a Stamps scholarship receive an award that covers tuition, room and board, fees, and books, along with access to additional funds for activities like studying abroad, academic conferences, and leadership training.

Scholarships For College Athlete/cheerleaders


Without cheerleaders few sports would be the same. Todays modern cheer squad is often a mix of men and women, all of whom are top caliber athletes.

Be warned that getting a spot on a top cheer squad can be as daunting and competitive as trying to land a spot on a top football team. Cheer squads for the leading college sports teams often participate in competitive activities well beyond those associated with cheerleading a football or basketball game.

One of the very best sources for cheerleading scholarship money is through your own college or university. Schools with funding to offer cheer scholarships may only have modest awards, but these small financial boons may help team members pay for uniforms and may help with offsetting costs associated with team travel.

The college or university of you choose should definitely be looked into for scholarship opportunities and the State where the college is located may have additional scholarship funds available. One good resource to get you started on State scholarships is Top Cheers.

Here are a few individual, college-based scholarships currently available:

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