Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements 2020

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Alternate Ways To Qualify For Fas And Fms Scholarships

Floridas class of 2020 gets second chance to boost test scores for Bright Futures scholarship

Students who dont meet the test requirements listed above may still be eligible for the FAS or FMS. If you received any of the following awards, you are exempt from testing requirements:

  • National Merit Finalist and Scholars
  • National Hispanic Scholars
  • Advanced International Certificate of Education
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma

What Act Score Do I Need For A Bright Futures Scholarship

Each Bright Futures scholarship has a different minimum ACT score, and each can be substituted for a qualifying SAT score if applicable. The Florida Academic Scholars award requires a minimum of 29 on the ACT, while the Florida Medallion Scholars program requires a minimum 25. Gold Seal CAPE Scholars have no minimum ACT score, and minimum scores vary by the different levels of Gold Seal Vocational Scholars.

National Recognition Scholarships For Hispanic American Latinx Or Indigenous Students African American Or Black Students Or Rural Or Small Town Students

Admitted students who identify as African American or Black, Hispanic American or Latinx, Indigenous, or attend school in a rural or small town may be selected for awards of $2,000 per year. These awards are renewable for up to eight semesters of undergraduate study and cannot be combined if you meet the criteria for more than one of these categories. Students must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or a U.S. territory to qualify. Students must apply for admission by January of their senior year. All eligible admission applicants are considered therefore, no separate application is required. National Recognition Scholars are also strongly considered for Presidential Scholarships.

For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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How Much Money Do Winners Receive

Understanding the exact cost of your future education is essential, so weve broken down what that 100% FAS award or 75% FMS award really looks like for you. Remember that both FAS and FMS awards run out after 120 credit hours!

  • FAS scholars receive $208.69 per credit hour, or $25,042.80 across 120 credit hours/4 years of college.
  • For FMS scholars, this breaks down to about $18, 781.20 across 120 credit hours, or $156.51 per credit hour.
  • GSV and GSC applicants can find their award amount per specific school/pathway on the Bright Futures Student Handbook, or on the Florida Student Scholarships & Grant Programs website.

Its important to know that maintaining a college GPA of 3.0 for FAS scholars and a GPA of 2.75 for FMS scholars is necessary to renew the scholarship across all four years. If each year represents 30 credit hours, students must maintain those GPA requirements every year to qualify for the funding again the next year until they have earned their full 120 credit hours.

Florida Private College/university Applicants


For students attending a private college or university in Florida, the FAS and FMS awards can still apply to tuition, but they will not cover the full cost. Heres what that looks like in action, with the Enrolled Credit Hours filled in as 120 and 60 to help you get a sense for your total funding you can also check out this information from the Bright Scholars program.

$70 x 60 + $200 = $4,400

For private school attendees, the minimum GPA requirements are the same!

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Note: A great SAT scholarship is available to underserved students.

Different Types Of Bright Futures Programs

Heres what you need to know to understand which scholarship is right for you.

  • Florida Academic Scholar : The FAS scholarship awards recipients 100% of the cost of education at a Florida public college or university about $25,000 across four years of college. For the high GPA and test score requirements, this scholarship can be tricky to earn.
  • Florida Medallion Scholar : The FMS scholarship awards recipients 75% of the cost of education at a Florida public college or university, or about $19,000 across four years of college. While FMS scholars do receive 25% less funding than FAS scholars do, the reduced GPA and test score requirements mean this scholarship is awarded to many deserving students every year.
  • Gold Seal Vocational Scholar : The GSV scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a certificate degree or vocational degree. GSV scholars earn up to 60 credit hours of funding for an applied technology program or up to 72 credit hours worth of funding for a technical degree program.
  • Gold Seal CAPE Scholar : The GSC scholarship is designed for students who earned an associates degree through the CAPE program who will go on to earn a Bachelors of Science/Bachelors of Applied Science at a Florida school. The GSC award fully funds 60 credit hours, or about two years worth of classes.

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Florida Bright Futures Renewal Requirements

  • All Bright Futures recipients are required to meet minimum credit hour and GPA requirements in order to renew their award each year. Students enrolled full time for both semesters are required to earn at least 24 semester hours in order to renew their award at the end of each academic year. For students not enrolled full time for both semesters, the hours required to renew are prorated.
  • Students who do NOT earn the credit hours for which they were funded by the end of the evaluation period will be TERMINATED from the scholarship program.
  • Students who do NOT earn their programs required GPA at the end of their first evaluation period will be permitted a one-time restoration opportunity. Traditional students receiving funding during fall/spring will be permitted a one-time summer opportunity. Innovation Academy students receiving funding during spring/summer will be permitted a one-time fall opportunity.

College Requirements To Maintain Your Scholarship

Florida Eases Rules On Bright Futures Scholarship Program
  • Weld County resident for two of the students high school years with one begin their senior year.
  • Stay Enrolled at your higher education institute or training program.
  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and upload your yearly transcripts.
  • Upload the EFC page of FAFSA/CASFA.
  • Do 16 hours of community service for Weld County.
  • The grant must be started within 2 years of GED or graduation and completed within 6 years.

Geographic Region

All Bright Futures grant recipients must attend Title IV institutions within Colorado and its surrounding states which includes Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming.

Bright Futures is a workforce initiative designed to strengthen the vitality of the Weld county community through its workforce. By nurturing and supporting the next generation, we are building a strong foundation for a stable economy.

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Qualifying For The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

Listen up and pull up a chair, if you are a resident in the state of Florida. Us Floridians have a wonderful gift in the name of college affordability. And it is called the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.

Florida Bright Futures, created in 1997, provides a major incentive for top academically-performing students to stay in-state for college. It pays for the costs of college tuition for qualifying students. This scholarship award is also renewable. As long as GPA and earned credit hours stay above the cutoff, students can continue to apply the scholarship to cover tuition and applicable fees.

The Florida Department of Education publishes a yearly handbook covering details of how to apply and eligibility and renewal requirements, but here is the quick and dirty that applies to most high school students, especially when strategizing how to best meet the qualifications. .

General Requirements For All Bright Futures Scholarships

Each Bright Futures scholarship program has its own set of requirements, but there are some that they all have in common. The following are the general requirements for participating in any Bright Futures program:

  • You must be a Florida resident and either a US citizen or an eligible noncitizen. You are eligible regardless of where your parents live as long as you are a Florida resident.
  • Earn a diploma from a Florida high school or an equivalent high school. This diploma can be obtained from a public high school or a certified private high school.
  • Be enrolled in, or planning to enroll in, at least six credit hours per semester.
  • Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by August 31, your graduation year.
  • Enroll in a postsecondary education program in Florida.
  • Not have a felony conviction.

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Summer Funding For Bright Futures Scholars

The Bright Futures Scholarship allows Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars and Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholars students to receive award funding during summer terms.

FAS students will receive an award that covers 100% of tuition and applicable fees for the summer term.

FMS students will receive an award that covers 75% of tuition and fees.

After Qualifying What Next

The Home Education Foundation

Come check out the second part of our Florida Bright Futures series perhaps this is not the end of the road in deciding which college to attend, as was the case with several of our one-on-one clients. We present a few case studies that highlight questions of comparing Bright Futures options against out-of-state college options.

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Starting Early To Qualify

I advise all of my students to begin working toward meeting the Bright Futures requirements early. First stop is consulting with your high school counselor regarding course selection. If your student is still a Freshman or Sophomore in high school, you have plenty of time to ensure that youre on track and each year youre taking courses to satisfy the requirements. If youre starting later, as a Junior or Senior, youve got to hustle to get the necessary coursework done.

It is also easy to accumulate the necessary community service hours if you start early. Summers are an ideal time to spend volunteering. You wont have to devote entire summers worth of time to acquire 75-100 hours, either. Survey your local neighborhood, community, or school for opportunities for volunteer work. Keep detailed records as you go for official documentation purposes.

Bright Futures Scholarship requirements are subject to change on a yearly basis, as decisions are made by the State of Florida legislature, so check back frequently to make sure you have the latest, most up-to-date information about how to qualify, apply, and most importantly, renew the scholarship for all 4 years of your college education.

How To Apply For Bright Futures

Students must apply for the scholarship by submitting the Florida Financial Aid Application no later than August 31 after high school graduation.

NOTE: In order to receive the Bright Futures Scholarship award, your post-secondary institution selection on the Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application must be stated as âUniversity of Central Florida.â If you have selected another institution on the FFAA and you are planning to attend UCF, you must update your institution name selection to reflect âUCFâ. To update your post-secondary institution name, you may visit the Florida Department of Education, Office of Student Financial Assistant website or call .

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Florida Bright Futures Scholarships Requirements

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Gold Seal Vocational Scholars

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill to expand Bright Futures scholarship requirements

The Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars program pays a set amount per credit hour, which varies depending on the program of study. This program is intended for students working toward a certificate or a vocational degree. Its GPA and test score requirements are lower than those of Florida Medallion Scholars and Florida Academic Scholars.

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Bright Future Scholarship: Requirement

GPAof 3.0 and show that you have made significant academic progress in order to qualify for a Bright Future Scholarship. You must also have a passion for learning and be an outstanding school community member.

Students in the United States are the only ones who can apply for Bright Future Scholarships. They are not accessible to students from other countries.

The Bright Future Scholarship has a yearly value of $40,000. It can be used to cover tuition, fees, and other costs associated with going to college.

Filling out our online application form is the first step in applying for a Bright Future Scholarship. After reviewing your application, we will get in touch with you if we determine that you qualify for a scholarship.

What Is The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

The Florida Bright Futures scholarship, funded by the Florida Lottery, provides up to 100% of college tuition for Florida students who remain in the state of Florida for their higher education. Good news: if you meet the criteria for the scholarship, youre virtually guaranteed the money! No essays, no fuss just the opportunity to pursue your degree without the financial strain.

This article breaks down the four types of Bright Futures scholarships , their requirements, the money they offer, and how to apply for them.

First, a quick chart with the key info:

Florida Academic Scholar
100% of tuition + applicable fees 75% of tuition and applicable fees Fixed cost per credit hour based on the type of institution learn more here Fixed cost per credit hour based on the type of institution learn more here

The GPA and service hour requirements are attainable for many students, but the SAT score minimums can be tricky.

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Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Update

Floridas Bright Futures Scholarship Program is as popular as ever, and with some recent modifications, its time for a few updates to keep us all straight.

While the Class of 2020 has faced some challenges due to COVID-19, they have caught a much-needed break with some conditions being adjusted to help students complete their requirements. Scholarship requirements can change year to year, so separately, the Class of 2021 will need to stretch a little farther to meet their new requirements.

Bright Futures is funded by the Florida Lottery and was started in 1997.

First, the Class of 2020: These recent grads were given an extra monththrough July 31to take the ACT/SAT. Also, if they were unable to complete service hours during the 2019-2020 academic year, they can submit statements from school counselors or authorized administrators certifying that the students had planned for and intended to complete the service hours.

As for the Class of 2021, lawmakers recently agreed to increase the minimum required test score on the SAT college entrance exam.

  • For the top Bright Futures award ), which pays for 100 percent of tuition and fees at state universities, the combined math and reading minimum is going up from 1290 to 1330.
  • For the next-highest scholarship award ), which covers 75 percent of those expenses, the SAT minimum will rise from 1170 to 1210.

Notably, the ACT minimum score remains the same for the top award.

Good luck!

Alternate Order To Qualify For Fas And Fms Scholarships

Scholarships To Apply For 2020 Florida

Students who dont meet the test requirements listed above may still be eligible for the FAS or FMS. If you received any of the following awards, you are exempt from testing requirements:

  • National Merit Finalist and Scholars
  • National Hispanic Scholars
  • Bright Futures requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in non-elective high school courses.
  • Enroll in a single career and technical education program for at least three credits.
  • A minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5 in career education courses is required.
  • Complete at least 30 hours of community service.
  • Must obtain the required minimum scores in one of the following tests:

Key Points

  • To be eligible for a Bright Futures Scholarship, you must be a Florida resident who is pursuing or has completed a Florida high school diploma and intends to attend a Florida postsecondary institution.
  • The scholarship is divided into several levels, each with a different award amount and set of requirements for coursework, GPA, and test scores.
  • To be considered for the Bright Futures scholarship, you must complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by August 31 of your graduation year.

Students who meet general florida bright futures requirements 2022-2023 are currently enrolled in a career education or certificate program are eligible.

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Davis United World College Scholars

All graduates of the United World Colleges system are eligible to receive a Davis incentive grant. Need-based awards range up to $30,000 to further studentsâ education at the University of Richmond.

UWC graduates who are non-U.S. citizens and who demonstrate eligibility for additional need-based aid are also considered for the limited need-based funds available to international students. For more information, contact the Office of Admission.

Bright Futures Information Page

Florida Bright Futures Information

Please take time to fully read all the information below.

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program has helped more than 500,000 Florida students attend a postsecondary institution. The program offers three levels of scholarship awards the Florida Academic Scholars award , the Florida Medallion Scholars award , and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars award .

Student Responsibilities: It is the students responsibility to know and meet the requirements of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program before high school graduation and throughout your college career. To learn more about these requirements go to

After submitting the FFAA, the student is responsible for tracking application and award status online and keeping the Office of Student Financial Assistance informed of any demographic or institutional changes. CHS Guidance Department will automatically submit all student transcripts directly to Bright Futures for evaluation.

  • 16 credits of college prep courses English, Math, Science, SS, and World Languages
  • 75 hours of community service
  • 1210 minimum SAT score or25 minimum composite ACT Score

FMS currently pays 75% tuition and fees at a Florida public university .

Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars eligibility:

Please note that Gold Seal Scholarship funds can only be used at one of the following programs:
  • Career Certification Program

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