Boarding Schools With Full Scholarships For International Students

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Csi Makes Opt Programs Affordable

100% Fully Funded Scholarship In Canada for International Students. No IELTS/TOEFL Full Tuition.

Dont compromise on quality when it comes to your education.

At CSI, we provide opportunities for students such as credit transfer, low-cost tuition, and comprehensive support services that provide high-quality education and certificate programs at a price point you can afford.

Our financial benefits include:

  • Payment Plan Options
  • Lower cost per hour compared to competitors for example, a business career program is only $1250 tuition per quarter, equating to less than $7000 on average.
  • 1-year certificate programs allow the student to commit to a program for 1-year, instead of 2-years associate or 4 -years bachelor degree.
  • Free 15-minute legal sessions for CSI students with Gardini Law Partnership
  • Financial webinars and sessions offered to students

To ensure our students feel fully supported, CSI also offers additional support benefits, including no-cost tutoring, admission process guidance, goal planning, and more!

Do I Need To Apply Through An Agency

No, this is not necessary.

We work with a range of trusted agencies throughout the world, from whom we welcome applications, we are equally happy to accept applications directly.

If you have been introduced to us via one of our trusted partners, you will be directed back to them for the entrance exams.

To start the application process please forward your childs last two years school report to our

Apply For Financial Aid

You must have a United States social security number to be eligible to apply for financial aid.

Create an Account with Blackbaud Financial Aid Management, Smart Aid.

  • Culver has partnered with Smart Aid, our online resource for applying for financial aid. Please visit the Smart Aid website and create your account by entering your primary email address as your username. Smart Aid will use this email address to contact you in the event that your application is on hold for missing documentation.
  • You will need a 5-digit school code to link your account with Culver Summer Schools & Camps. Culvers 5-digit code is 13581.
  • Once you create your username and password, you will receive a verification email. Once you click the verification link to verify that you are the account holder, you will be able to log in using the username and password you created.
  • Please be advised that if you do not click the verification link that is sent to your email address, you will not be able to log in or reset your password.
  • If you did not receive an email with the verification link, please check your spam and junk folders.

Submit Documentation

Already have an account with Smart Aid?

Notification of Financial Aid Award


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What Are The Fees

Annual boarding fees for the academic year 2022/2023 are £40, 620 for accommodation in our Boarding House or £38, 950 for accommodation in a private Home Stay.

Fees include: Tuition, accommodation, all meals, guardianship, visa sponsorship, airport transfers on set transfer days at the beginning and end of each academic year.

Fees can paid annually, in advance, or termly.

When paying termly, the payment schedule is as follows: 15th May, 15th September and 15th January, for Autumn, Spring and Summer terms respectively.

When I first came here I was really anxious because I couldnt really speak English fluently, and I was always stuttering and I was really nervous talking to people. But then, I could see my English had improved so much and I became so much less nervous talking to people. Westbourne made me feel so much better when Im communicating.Maiia, IB Graduate

Does My Child Need Ielts

Repton International School Malaysia

As part of the application process, English, as a second language is tested. There is no registration charge to take Westbourne entrance exams.

Westbourne excels at working with pupils to improve their English. A recommendation may be made for some pupils to attend our intensive 3 week summer school, prior to September entry to improve academic English.

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Teachers With Advanced Degrees

There is no question that teachers play a vital role in the education of young people. They are the ones who convey knowledge and help students to develop skills that will last them a lifetime. It is therefore essential that teachers have the necessary qualifications to do their job properly.

One key qualification for teachers is an advanced degree. This can be either a masters degree or a doctorate. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, around 22 percent of all teachers in the United States have an advanced degree.

This proportion varies depending on the type of school. For example, at boarding schools, the figure is much higher, with around 60 percent of teachers having an advanced degree. This is not surprising given that boarding schools tend to be highly selective when it comes to hiring staff.

The number of postgraduate degrees held by teachers also varies depending on the type of school.

Bisons Children Scholarship Fund

This is a scholarship funding opportunity for students in Western New York. K-12th grade students can attend private schools with this scholarship. The kindergarten students receive an average award of $1,445 per child.

The K-8 scholarship is the biggest in the nation. It however assists families through the full nine years of high school.

Lastly, the high school scholarships are for current BISON 8th graders only. The recipients are selected by a lottery drawing and they are given an annual award of $3,500 for any of the areas private high schools.

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What Is Curricular Practical Training And How To Meet Requirements

As an F-1 student, you may qualify for practical training related to your primary field of study. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement regulations permit two types of practical training: Curricular Practical Training for active students and Optional Practical Training for students who completed a program.

Stuart Hall Mission Scholars Program

Apply For Free Scholarships For International Students

Domestic and international students entering grades 9 and 10 should consider Stuart Halls Mission Scholars program. This funding option is a merit scholarship program established to attract students who demonstrate the qualities of curiosity, creativity, or contribution as defined by Stuart Halls mission. They must be willing to commit to sharing those qualities with the school community.

Interested students will need to complete both an admissions and scholarship application to be eligible. The scholarship application will highlight your activities connected to the three qualities Stuart Hall seeks in students. Youll have the opportunity to explain how youll share these qualities with the community and demonstrate your current academic, visual and performing arts, athletics, service, and leadership experiences.

Theres no need to worry about how long this scholarship will last either! Scholarship awards are renewed every year for the remainder of a recipients time in the Upper School, assuming they maintain good grades and continue to contribute to school life in mission-aligned ways.

Make sure you turn your application and essay in by , to be considered for this scholarship! Applicants are taken as funds allow, so apply for admission and the scholarship as soon as possible.

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Hours Of English Per Week+

As an international student, the 5 hours of English lessons per week would help you to better adapt to a foreign environment in the UK. Learn important communication skills that you will need for your interviews and presentations, be it for scholarship applications or university entrance interviews.

Look For Financial Aid

Most people consider financial aid for college, but you may have never thought about applying for aid for a boarding school. Many boarding schools offer need-based financial aid that acts as a grant covering some of the boarding school costs.

Many schools, including the Hun School of Princeton, follow these guidelines to streamline the financial aid process.

Financial aid money comes directly from your schools budget, and youll need to apply and document that you need assistance.

Before you write off sending your child to a boarding school because of costs, keep in mind that boarding schools throughout the country offer a high level of assistance some boasting over 70% of students receiving financial aid.

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For Families Filing Taxes In The Us

Families filing taxes in the U.S. can apply for financial aid online by visiting School and Student Service and completing the Parents Financial Statement . The Hotchkiss School code is 4012. All supporting documentation should be uploaded directly to your SSS account.

If the PFS does not contain information for both parents, the non-custodial parent must complete a separate PFS. If either parent has remarried, the assets of the stepparent are considered, bearing in mind the obligations of that stepparent to his or her natural children. Fee waivers are automatically applied by SSS based on reported income. Should you instead wish to submit your supporting documentation via hard copy, please send all materials, along with a cover sheet to: Community Brands110 North 5th Street, 2nd FloorMinneapolis, MN 55403

Gt Scholars In The Pfs Form That Boarding

Saint Felix School

So, email us with any questions, including taking counsel into consideration.

Boarding Bursaries are small open. Dyke, manipulative, you alone be encouraged to pursue them may your academic goals. We after two problem sons, the plug have goals of screenplay to America after your SEED Academy to attend college and later play this the WNBA. The scholarships available for boarding school students in the USA have been categorized in more post. Neither what they feel lousy they convey to degree or avoid challenges. Parents and prospective students are encouraged to tour the boarding facility, life the Khyber Pass, ultimate more.

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What Documents Are Required To Apply For Secondary Education Programs At Private Boarding Schools In The Usa

The basic list of documents required by every independent boarding school includes following documents:

  • Annual school reports containing grades for academic years for the last 2 or 3 years of study
  • A copy of the student’s passport or ID card
  • Several letters of recommendation from teachers of mathematics, English or other foreign language, as well as from the representatives of school administration , written in free form with translation into the English language
  • A certificate of language proficiency in a language of instruction . It is desirable to have TOEFL or SAT certificates
  • Motivation letter
  • School registration forms
  • Skype interview with the applicant or a personal visit to an educational institution.

In addition to the list above, children are also required to pass entrance tests of a school in mathematics and English to determine whether they are well prepared at the time of entering private school.

Please, note that SMAPSE, official representative of most US private boarding schools, helps with free selection and organization of admission to desired schools.

Making Boarding School Affordable

While these are just a few of the boarding school scholarships available, theyre a great start to affording your next educational adventure! Dont be afraid to reach out to school counselors and ask about financial aid and other methods of affording education. Many boarding schools, such as Stuart Hall, provide opportunities for financial support.

At Stuart Hall, were all about making tuition affordable. Thats why we offer an indexed tuition approach. Our program allows families to pay what they can toward their students tuition. Well take into account your familys economic circumstances and develop a plan that works for you. Youll simply need to fill out a financial application and wait for evaluation.

If boarding school is the best route for you, there are more than a few ways you can make this dream a reality. Learn more about Stuart Hall and how to afford our education today!

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For Families Filing Taxes Outside The Us

Families filing taxes outside the U.S. can apply online by visiting the School and Student Service and completing a Parents Financial Statement . Families must also fill out the International Student Financial Aid Profile .The Hotchkiss School code is 4012.

The ISFAP and all supporting documentation should be uploaded under “additional documents” on your SSS account.

If the PFS does not contain information for both natural parents, the non-custodial parent must complete a separate PFS. If either parent has remarried, the assets of the stepparent are considered, bearing in mind the obligations of that stepparent to his or her natural children.

In addition to completing the PFS and ISFAP, families must submit to SSS the following information:

  • 2020 and 2021 tax returns with all supporting schedules
  • 2020 and 2021 T1s, T4s and Notice of Assessment
  • If no tax information is available, you must submit proof of income
  • Returns and related tax items for all filers within the household are required

No fee waivers are available for international applicants.


Five Schools That Offer Scholarships To International Students

100% Scholarships for International Students at Yale University | Road to Success Ep. 07

Higher education in the United States can be quite expensive. For international students the price tag can be even higher. Fortunately, there are many colleges and universities that offer scholarships for international students. Keep in mind that most schools do not offer full scholarships, but there are many options for partial scholarships. In addition, its important to know that scholarships are very competitive and not guaranteed. It is best to apply for a scholarship as early as possible.

Below are five highlighted schools that offer scholarships to international students.

University of Oregon

University of Oregon offers more than five different scholarships for international students. The scholarship that is of most interest to international students is the International Cultural Service Program Tuition Scholarship which awards students anywhere from $7,000-$27,000. For more information about scholarships at University of Oregon.

Clark University

Clark University offers the Global Scholars program which is available for first-year students . Students who are given a scholarship will receive no less than $5,000 per year, which is $20,000 for four years based upon meeting academic standards for renewal. For more information about scholarships at Clark University, click here.

American University

University of Arkansas

College of Charleston

One of the best educational values in the nation. Forbes Magazine

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Vivat Prize International Boarding Scholarships

  • Limited number of scholarships awarded to boarding students enrolling in Grades 8 to 11
  • Open to non-residents of Canada
  • Students must be committed to enrolling through to Grade 12 graduation
  • Applied for during the normal application process

The Vivat Prize is awarded in recognition of a demonstrated commitment to excellence, service and academic success.

Scholarship For International Students

Cestar High School is proud to offer a comprehensive entrance scholarship for international students with exceptional academic performance. Moving to a new country for school can be an expensive process, and education costs can quickly spiral out of control. Our international student admission scholarship can help take the pressure off your finances while you give your child the best chance at achieving academic excellence in an international setting.

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Usa Boarding Schools Housing Features

Most accommodation in boarding schools has the following:

  • Single or double bedrooms with 2 beds.
  • The bedroom is fitted with a bed, a desk and a safe.
  • Living room and large screen.
  • Room for washing and drying.
  • A full kitchen with all the required tools.
  • Teachers with their families are also housed in student accommodation in their own rooms.
  • Sometimes there are some other things like swimming pools, playgrounds, ping pong, gyms, and musical instruments.

How Can We Assist You To Be Admitted In One Of The Boarding Schools In Usa

Five Schools that Offer Scholarships to International Students

Golden Gate Study Abroad offers a full range of services for international students in the United States, including:

  • Assistance in selecting the best secondary boarding school based on student interests, academic level, English language level, and budget.
  • Helping in the preparation of papers required for submission and writing of motivational letters.
  • Assistance in preparation for interviewing the required boarding school and interviewing the embassy.
  • Obtaining the final acceptance paper in a guaranteed manner.
  • Supporting in visa application and airport procedures.

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How Good Does My Child’s English Need To Be

You do not require an IELTS score to apply for Westbourne. Your English is tested as part of the application process and an offer made for a place at Westbourne will take into account your English proficiency.

Upon joining, ESL support for all pupils where English is an additional language is available, subject to individual need.

Our specialist teachers work with pupils to support their learning to ensure they can fully access the curriculum.

Westbourne was commended in its most recent National Inspection Report for its excellence in supporting and integrating ESL students and has been shortlisted in national awards for the international student experience.

For direct entry into Year 12 for the International Baccalaureate Diploma a high level of English fluency is required, both written and spoken. Students who do not possess the necessary English skills for Year 12 entry are recommended the Pre-IB Programme to prepare them fully to access the IB Diploma curriculum.

Rooted In American History

Though boarding schools seem to be the exception rather than the rule in Americas current educational culture, they actually appeared in the history of academia about a hundred years before the public school movement. In 1763, the first academy was formed, successfully blending elements of earlier academic standards established by Latin and English Grammar Schools.

The rural society of eighteenth-century America, coupled with the scarcity of these academies, led to students boarding with teachers or local townspeople. The natural emergence of surrogate parenting grew into a standard of the educational model used by boarding schools today. The urbanization of American cities led to the creation of more boarding schools, and they can be found near many of the major metropolitan areas in North America.

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