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Black Hills State University Cost

Black Hills State University part 2 of 2

In-State Cost of Attendance:

Total Sticker Price


Since Black Hills State is a public university, there are different costs for in-state students and out-of-state students. The sticker price at Black Hills State is $21,572.00 for in-state students in South Dakota, and $24,642.00 for out-of-state students. This sticker price includes costs for tuition, books and supplies, room and board, and other miscellaneous expenses. This net price includes the total cost of attendance, including tuition, room, board, and other fees. For students at Black Hills State, the average net price is $16,961.00.

How Much Does Black Hills State University Cost

Knowing what a school costs is Step #1 in managing college costs. Theres more to think about than just the tuitionyou also have to factor in where you’ll live, what you’ll eat, and more while attending Black Hills State University.

The “Cost of Attendance” is the total amount of money the average student has to pay, WITHOUT any financial aid, to attend a particular school. Think of it as a schools sticker price. It includes not just Black Hills State University tuition and fees, but also room, board, textbooks, and personal expenses.

The Cost of Attendance breakdown for Black Hills State University differs depending on whether youre in-state or out-of-state student – in-state students can expect lower costs for tuition and fees.

Choose your state of residence here for the most accurate info:

Heres the Cost of Attendance breakdown for Black Hills State University:

  • Tuition and Fees $7617$9617
  • Other Expenses$3200
  • Typical Total Cost for In-State, On-Campus StudentsTypical Total Cost for Out-Of-State, On-Campus Students $17862 $19862
  • Typical Total Cost for In-State, Off-Campus StudentsTypical Total Cost for Out-Of-State, Off-Campus Students $18629 $20629

$2000 more than if you were an in-state studentExclusive: Want to get into Black Hills State University with higher chances?Learn how to improve your SAT score by 160 points.

Black Hills State University Net Price

The sticker cost of Black Hills State University is not actually what students will pay. Depending on factors such as student and parent finances, the actual cost can be lower. This price that takes financial aid into account is also known as a net price.

Family Income

$110,000+ family income


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What Would It Cost You To Attend Black Hills State University

Finally, we get to the bottom line: what will Black Hills State University actually cost YOU? Every family has a different situation, and depending on your income level, you’ll have to pay more or less to go to college.

What is Net Price, and Why Does it Matter?

Above, we’ve covered Black Hills State University’s Cost of Attendance . We also covered its typical financial aid in grants, loans, and scholarships.

The Net Price is the total cost minus the total aid given. In other words, this is the price you have to pay to the school out of pocket. The lower the school’s cost, and the more aid you get, the lower the Net Price.

We’ll cover two ways to get your Net Price for Black Hills State University – the fast way, and the precise way.

Are These Bhsu Scholarships Limited By Major

Black Hills State University fees, admission, courses, scholarships ...

Youll need to check each scholarships own guidelines to determine if it is restricted to a specific major. However, most scholarships in this database are open to all students – some scholarships may only be open to certain students based on geographic criteria or areas of interest but they should be clearly marked. Whether youre a nursing student, honors student, engineering major, or studying another discipline, chances are youll find at least 1 scholarship for you.

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Black Hills State University Financial Aid

003459How to Complete the FAFSA Guide

Pell Grants at Black Hills State University

23% of students at Black Hills State University receive Pell Grants, which are awarded to undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need . Pell Grants are awarded by the federal government and do not need to be repaid. To apply for a Pell Grant, students will need to submit their FAFSA. If you are awarded a Pell Grant, youll see it listed in your financial aid award letter if you are accepted to Black Hills State University.You can learn more about Pell Grant eligibility here.

Outside Scholarships

Student loan default rate


Official Sports Team: Black Hills State Yellow Jackets

The Yellow Jackets are the official varsity team of the BHSU in all intercollegiate games. They are National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference members. The Rodeo team is a National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association member. The sports the Yellow Jackets participates into are basketball, track & field, rodeo, football, and cross country for the male team while the female sports are basketball, volleyball, track & field, softball, rodeo, golf and cross country.

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How Much Aid Is Available That I Don’t Have To Pay Back

The numbers listed below make reference to help which is offered by Black Hills State University.

47.0% of new students were offered scholarships at Black Hills State University, averaging $2,696 per person. This ranks in the bottom 40th percentile of all colleges nationwide.

170 first years also received federal grant aid. About 38.0% of Black Hills State University freshmen obtained grants around $4,822 per person.

Check out the average level of scholarships and grants freshmen receive by checking out the chart below.

Grants vs. Scholarships

Can You Afford To Attend Black Hills State University

Black Hills State University part 1 of 2

Once you have a Net Price estimate, youll want to figure out whether your family can afford to pay Black Hills State University tuition and costs. Once again, the Net Price is the total cost of attending, minus the aid you can expect to get . It’s the amount you’d have to cover yourself.

The US government has come up with a standardized way to calculate how much a typical family can afford to pay without help. They call this the Expected Family Contribution, or EFC.

As an example, a family that brings home $80,000 in income before taxes, with no assets and no other children in college, has an EFC of around $7,000. This is the amount the government thinks that family can reasonably pay, and the school will have to step in and cover the rest.

Colleges use this number as a guideline to decide how much aid to give you, but it’s just a guideline. Some schools will be stingier with aid, and you’ll have to pay more than the government’s suggested EFC.

So we’re going to calculate your EFC and compare it to Black Hills State University’s Net Price. If the Net Price is higher than the EFC, the school will cost more than you can typically afford. It’s a simple equation:

Net Price – Expected Family Contribution = Deficit

We’ve constructed a simple tool to figure out whether Black Hills State University is affordable for you:

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Questions And Answers About Black Hills State University


I really enjoyed my time at BHSU. Some of the buildings, equipment, and academics are a little dated, but itâs a great atmosphere. Class sizes are small and itâs super easy to get involved. The students really work to make the campus a comfortable and welcoming community. I was an athlete during undergrad and it was very manageable to balance athletics and soccer because of the help from coaches and teachers. It was also a great way to meet new people!

The food at the cafeteria is okay, but sometimes difficult to get there after practice for athletes. As an exercise science major, it is important to be educated on updated equipment and new finding about the body. BHSU was a little dated in these areas.

Black Hills State University Athletic Scholarships

Black Hills State University is a public university offering four year courses. It is located in Spearfish, South Dakota, USA and is established in 1883. BHSU has around 4,700 students, 586 of these are postgraduates. It is the largest public school, which offers undergraduate as well as graduate courses. This 123 acre rural campus has campus sites located in Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and Yankton and provides distance learning. The South Dakota Board of Regents is responsible for governing the university.

BHSU was originally known as the Dakota College or Dakota Academy. BHSUs name was changed in 1883 to Dakota Territory Spearfish Norman School. Its other names were Black Hills Teachers College and Black Hills State College. The 3 colleges of BHSU include the College of Business & Natural Sciences, the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts.

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Is Black Hills State Worth It

College is an investment, which is why it is important to assess the return on your education. To understand your return on investment or ROI, you will need to first understand what that investment will look like financially.By completing the net price calculator, you will have a good sense of how much Black Hills State will cost you. This will also give you a sense of how much debt you can expect to graduate with.Once you have a sense of your investment, you can think about your return or what you will get out of an education at Black Hills State University. In other words, what types of outcomes can you expect?The important factors to consider when thinking about outcomes are the graduation rate of the institution, as well as your expected earnings.

Heres how Black Hills State stacks up:

  • 6-year graduation rate: 39.26
  • Median earnings : $39,963.00

Note that the average earnings will vary by both major and intended career, so this is not a perfect metric, but should serve as a good starting point.

Guide To Athletic Scholarship At Black Hills State University


Black Hills State University assists students who are qualified to reach their academic goal of finishing college. There are many ways by which BHSU provides to meet this ultimate goal. BHSUs financial aids are grants, loans, scholarships and student employment. Grants include the Federal Pell Grants, FSEOG Grants, TEACH Grants, Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grants and aid for Military Families. Scholarships are merit-based. These scholarships are earned on the basis of academics or special trait, talent or even interest while some are on the basis of financial need. One example of an athletic scholarship is the Larscheid scholarship, which is among the fifth largest athletic scholarship. The Yellow Jacket foundation also offers scholarships for student athletes. The John Vucurevich scholarship is another athletic scholarship.

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How Much Financial Aid Do Students At Black Hills State University Get

The Cost of Attendance listed above might be intimidating. The good news is that most students dont end up paying that full price to attend Black Hills State University.Financial aid helps make up the difference between the Cost of Attendance and what families can actually afford.

Here we’ll cover how many students get Black Hills State University financial aid, what types of aid they get, and how much.

A Brief Intro to Financial Aid

Aid comes in many forms, including:

  • Need-based grants

This financial aid comes from a few different places:

  • Federal aid comes from the federal government, or is subsidized by the federal government.
  • Institutional aid comes from your school itself.

Generally, its better for MORE students to receive HIGH amounts of financial aidthis means students pay less for college.

Lets take a look at how Black Hills State University compares to other schools.

% Get Any School Grants

This is 6% LOWER than the average for Public schools, which is 46%.

Because Black Hills State University gives a smaller percentage of its students institutional grants than similar schools, it may offer less competitive financial aid.

Some schools may claim to offer large amounts of aid to prospective students without advertising that much of this money may come in the form of student loans – money that you have to pay back. To figure out if this is the case, check out our following section on student loan debt at Black Hills State University.

The amount of money that students actually get is just as important than the percent of students who get grants. If you receive a grant, youll want it to be big enough to do you some good.

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Black Hills State Receives Grant Funding For Stem Scholarships

Black Hills State University in Spearfish has received a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation for STEM students. STEM stands for science, engineering, technology and math.

The program will provide $10,000 per year scholarships to three cohorts of eight low-income students. The students must have a financial need and interests in fields like biology, chemistry and physical science.

Along with scholarships, students will be provided opportunities for faculty mentoring and a STEM Pathways Course. Tutoring, peer instruction, and undergraduate research opportunities are also available.

BHSU raised a further $150,000 for academic scholarships during its annual Scholarship Gala held at the end of July.

Our academic scholarship program is awarding one-million dollars more than it did prior to the founding of the Gala in 2014, so it is definitely making a difference, said Steve Meeker, vice president for University Advancement.

Athletic Programs Of Black Hills State University

Black Hills State University scheduled to host graduation ceremony, virtually

BHSU is guided in providing and promoting student life. These are Live, Learn and Play. Live aspect consists of residence life, dining services, student health services, and student counseling. Learn aspect consists of a student success center, disability services, Veterans affairs and advising. Play aspect consists of club organizations, campus calendar, disc golf, and the Young center. These are sources of student activities.

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Black Hills State University Tuition And Financial Aid

This guide is designed to answer one question for you: How are you going to afford Black Hills State University?

You probably know that planning for expenses is an important part of the college application process. What you may not know is how many different things you need to keep track of to pay tuition and apply for financial aid.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How much does Black Hills State University tuition cost?
  • How much financial aid do students at Black Hills State University usually get?
  • How much debt is typical for students at Black Hills State University?
  • How much will Black Hills State University cost YOU, and can you actually afford it?
  • Is Black Hills State University a good value for you?
  • What are other schools that might be a better value than Black Hills State University?

School location: Spearfish, SD

Net Price: The Quick And Easy Way

If you want a quick, general idea of your annual Net Price at Black Hills State University, here’s a handy chart showing the net price of real students. All you need is your family income.

If your family makes between… Your Net Price will likely be around…
$0 – $30,000
$110,000 and up $14887

Note that these values may be a few years old, and today’s prices may be a bit higher.

As we’ll discuss next, your exact Net Price will depend on other factors like the number of family members and total assets, but this represents the typical Net Price.

Net Price: The Most Accurate Method

Most schools have an updated Net Price calculator available. To find it, just google “Black Hills State University Net Price Calculator” – the official tool should be one of the top search results.

Often the school will ask for more information than just income:

  • The number of people in your household
  • The number of family members in college
  • Parental wages, income, and assets
  • Student wages, income, and assets

This will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and you’ll get a specific net price that’s more accurate than the table above.

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What Do You Need To Do To Apply For Easy Scholarships

Each scholarship has its own set of requirements for applicants to follow. Even if the scholarship says it offers an easy-to-apply method, it is still important to learn as much as possible about the requirements for submission. This information may help you to avoid the mistake that could disqualify you from the scholarship award.

What Is An Easy Scholarship

Black Hills State University (South Dakota) Men

Easy scholarships are simple and quick to apply for. They may also be considered no essay scholarships. The scholarship application may take less than 5 minutes to complete.Simply enter for a chance to win and select submit on the screen. Is it really that simple? In most cases, you must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States and enrolled in school/university. There is no requirement for academic performance, references, or exam scores.

As you can see, some scholarships have easier application steps and requirements. There are a variety of reasons why they save time. They may not require as much effort to finish, and the process might be faster. They could provide an easy application that does not necessitate extensive essay preparation or difficult questionnaires to complete.

Keep in mind that many students are seeking easy scholarships, so the competition may be a bit more intense than usual. One thing is for certain, you cant win if you dont apply.

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How Do You Find An Easy Scholarship

The biggest step many people have to take is knowing where to find easy scholarships to apply for from scholarship providers. There are various ways to gather information on available scholarships. This includes simply researching options online.

Unigo makes the process a bit easier by providing information on many of the available scholarships in one location, on this page!

Another way to speed up the process potentially is to use tools. There are many, many options out there when it comes to scholarships. It could take a long time to find all of those options, reach them, and then apply. Instead, Unigo provides a tool that allows you to provide some information about yourself and some of the qualifications that may apply to meet the established requirements set by scholarship providers. This tool helps to match your qualifications with available scholarships, so you may be able to apply for them quickly.

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