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Tap Into Your Network

How I earned 130,000 in scholarship money// Scholarship Tips & List

Spread the word to your employer, coaches, friends, and members of your community that youre looking for scholarships. Ask your parents to check with their friends and HR departments at work about scholarships for family members.

There are usually a lot of scholarships offered locally that are not particularly well advertised. You can often find these through your high school counselor, in the local paper, or at the library. Check in directly with local foundations, community organizations, and local businesses to see if they offer any scholarships, too.

Apply For Scholarships With Smaller Awards

Many students look for scholarships that offer the biggest bucksbut those are also the most competitive. Scholarships with smaller awards usually have fewer applicants, so your chances of winning may be higher. These scholarships can help with college costs like books, supplies, and living expenses. Paying off those smaller expenses can quickly add up to big savings.

Apply For Many Scholarships Big And Small

Earning enough scholarship money to pay for college will likely come from many different sources. Youll need to apply to lots of scholarships to cover all your bases. Dont overlook those with smaller awards. Winning $1,000 here and there will add up quickly. Plus, the more you apply to, the better your odds of winning.

Make applying to scholarships your new habit. Set a goal to apply to one or two each month, starting sophomore year so youre ahead of the curve. There are scholarships available for high school students, undergrads, and graduate students, and some scholarships allow you to enter multiple times. For example, you can enter to win our College Ave $1,000 scholarship sweepstakes once a month. To have a good shot at the numbers game of applying to scholarships, make sure you keep your numbers up!

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Practice Your Interview Skills

Some scholarships necessitate a face-to-face interview. Win A Scholarship, It takes time to become a good interviewee, so practice answering questions about your background, interests, accomplishments, and aspirations. Remember, the more at ease you are conversing with the interviewer and answering questions, the better the interview will go. Dont be nervous your interviewer wants to get a sense of who you are and why youd be a good fit. Now is your chance to prove it to them.

Follow The Directions To A Tee

4 Scholarship Search Strategies Revealed #PassionFunded

Are you required to provide your GPA? Letters of recommendation? A photo of just your face? A 250-word essay on your involvement with community organizations? Then do precisely that! Dont deviate from the scholarships guidelines and risk being disqualified for a silly reason.

It sounds obvious. But its so important to make sure you submit everything necessary and show that you meet the eligibility requirements. Before submitting each scholarship application, triple check the requirements!

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When To Start Applying For Easy Scholarships

On, there are easy scholarships available for students at all levels of education, so thereâs no need to wait until college to start your search for financial aid. Many students start their search as high school seniors, but you can begin applying for easy scholarships at any point in high school, and any money won will be held for you until you enroll in a college or university.

However, itâs never too late to begin finding and winning scholarships. Whether youâre an undergraduate or graduate student, there are easy scholarships designed just for you. Start applying as soon as possible so you can maximize your chances of winning easy scholarships.

Use A Scholarship Matching Tool

Paper applications in the guidance counselors office are no longer accepted. Online, you can now quickly search through massive databases of thousands of available scholarships. You can find the ones that match your qualifications, experiences, background, or unique interests by using filters and keywords. Concentrate on the scholarships for which you are a good fit and disregard those for which you do not meet all of the requirements. Dont be daunted by the abundance of options. Simply take your time narrowing down the scholarships that are a good fit for you.

One of the best scholarship matching tool is Scholarshipscentre where you can find news and updates on all scholarships around the world.

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Moving Beyond College Scholarships

If you think its fun getting free money from people to pay for school, then picture this:

You can get WAY AHEAD of your peers when it comes to money with just a few simple tasks most people dont think about until their 30s.

By starting now, youll put yourself in a really great place to live a Rich Life. Instead of working yourself to death at a dead-end job, putting up with a boss you hate, counting down the days until you can retire and really start living, youll take control of your finances and put money to work for you.


Track Your Scholarship Applications

The Best Scholarship Websites For Finding Money

The more organized you are, the better. And if youre applying for a lot of scholarships then organization is key.

Scholly Search allows you to save upcoming scholarships, stay on top of due dates, and keep track of the scholarships youve applied for . But a spreadsheet also works well.

Whatever your preferred method, keeping a master list of scholarships and tracking them ensures that you wont miss out on any great opportunities. It also helps with college budgeting, since you can see how much youve earned and how much youll still have to cover.

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Write Strategically Unique College Scholarship Essays

When it comes to writing an amazing scholarship essay, Ive developed a highly complex intricate process of algorithms and systems that you need to follow EXACTLY if you want your writing to soar. The steps are:

  • Figure out what most students will write about
  • Write something else
  • and thats it. Why does this work? Most scholarship essays bore judges to tears. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who will be reading your application theyre going to be reading hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of these a day. And the fact of the matter is 99.99999% of the applications they read will be almost exactly the same.

    Oh, you got good grades? You were in a bunch of extracurriculars? That mission trip you took to Honduras junior year was life-changing?

    Get in line.

    Whats particularly unique about any of those things? Not a whole lot. And if you fall into the same formula as everyone else, I guarantee you your application wont get a second glance. However, if you subvert the expectations of the scholarship judge, youll grab and hold onto their attention allowing you to properly make your case. To do that, you need to follow the aforementioned two steps.

    Follow Directions And Proofread Before You Submit

    Nothing will disqualify you faster than missing pieces from your application or poor spelling and grammar. Youre trying to present your best self through these submissions, so check and double-check your application, essay, and supplemental materials. Then ask a teacher, parent, counselor, or grammatically gifted sibling or friend to read over everything for grammar, punctuation, flow, and tone.

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    Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship

    Odenza Marketing Group gives away two $500 scholarships each year, once in the spring and again in the fall. To compete for this award, applicants must like the Odenza Facebook page and write two short essays of about 500 words each. Each scholarship must have a clear thesis statement, offer supporting evidence in paragraph format, and be grammatically correct. In other words, these essays should follow the argumentative essay format you’ve learned in English class.

    • Eligibility: Current high school students aged 16-25 or students who have at least one year of college remaining. Applicants must also have a minimum 2.5 GPA.
    • Deadline March 30 for spring, November 15 for fall

    Some of these applications won’t take you longer than a few minutes.

    How Many Scholarship Applications Should You Submit

    Thinking of applying for a scholarship this semester. Use this ...

    You should apply to every scholarship for which you are eligible. Do not limit yourself to just one type of scholarship, such as less competitive scholarships, more generous scholarships and no essay scholarships.

    There are many talented students, so the odds of winning a scholarship involve some luck, not just skill. You can increase your odds of winning a scholarship by applying to more scholarships.

    But, dont apply to a scholarship if you dont match the selection criteria or if youve missed the deadline. Your scholarship application will not be considered.

    Dont get discouraged when you get rejections. Even students who win a gazillion dollars in scholarships get dozens of rejections for every scholarship they win.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Scholarships

    Even though easy scholarships provide stress-free scholarship applications for students, discussing scholarships can still be stressful with many floating questions without the right answers. Below, we will answer some of your most common questions in hopes that you will understand more about easy scholarships and how they work.

    What Are Easy Scholarships

    Easy scholarships can take many forms but are generally no-essay scholarships that require little effort to apply. Many easy scholarships on require no content to be submitted and only require applicants to install a free and helpful resource, such as theConscious Consumer Scholarship.

    Other scholarships just require a quick click of the âapplyâ button to enter, such as theUSM Transfer Students of NE Scholarship. In this way, easy scholarships often offer quick, stress-free applications for high school and college students.

    Additionally, some easy scholarships allow you to access your creative side by asking for a video, photograph, or other media in place of an essay. This not only spares students the time necessary to craft a winning essay but also offers a change of pace from typical essay-based applications.

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    Are No Essay Scholarships Legit

    Many college students wonder if scholarships no essay are& legit. Some even refer to them as sweepstake scholarships or no brainers. In fact, they are like contests.

    Many scholarships with no essay are from legit providers but you should be aware of scammers. Scammers ask for a fee, your banking, credit card or social security number so DONT give these out. Also be aware of the term guaranteed scholarships. Many awards do not guarantee that you may win. Also giving out an email address may invite lots of spam and malware so its best not to click through any unfamiliar links.

    Tips For Getting Scholarships

    Best Friends From Norwalk High School Earn Exclusive College Scholarships

    You can use these tips to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship:

    • Focus on your unique characteristics in essays: Depending on the scholarship, the review committee may look at a lot of applications and essays. Focus on what makes you different to separate yourself from other candidates.

    • Complete many simple scholarship applications: Some scholarships only require that you fill out your information and write a short essay. Completing many of these simple scholarship applications can increase your chance of earning one.

    • Ask friends and family to review your materials: Especially for essays, it can be a good idea to employ the help of your friends and family to ensure your essays are error-free and cohesive.

    • Start finding and applying for scholarships early: You can begin applying for scholarships as early as elementary school, but it’s a good idea to begin the process during your freshman or sophomore year of high school. By allowing yourself more time, you can complete more applications and increase your chances of earning scholarships.

    • Track your application information in a spreadsheet: When you apply for many scholarships at once, it’s difficult to remember due dates, essay information and award dates. Tracking scholarship information in a spreadsheet can help you submit applications on time and remember what each application requires.

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    Create A List Of Your Unique Traits

    Did you know that theres a scholarship out there for practically everything?

    Scholarships are available for students based on nationality, personal interests, GPA, languages spoken, extra curricular activities, and so on! There are scholarships for swimmers, pianists, fantasy football players, students who grew up with certain hardships, first-generation college students, LGBTQ individuals you get the picture!

    And heres the key. The students who get the most money dont apply to all of those scholarships. They find ones that fit them so that they can submit an application that makes them look like the perfect applicant!

    Thats why we recommend that you start by making a list of all of your unique traits. You might be really surprised by the number of scholarships out there that fit your individual skills and qualities, so dont leave anything off!

    You can start with this list of traits about who you are, including:

    • Personal interests and passions
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Hardships you or your family have endured
    • Career interests or goals
    • Personality traits
    • University you currently attend or the universities youre applying to

    Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest

    Do you have a creative side and an eye for fashion? Students can compete for the grand prize of $10,000 by designing and wearing prom outfits made out of duct tape. Check out the website for fun pictures of past winners!

    Eight $500 prizes are given to runners-up . Applicants can enter as individuals or as part of a couple. Submissions that get the most votes win prizes, so be sure to recruit your friends to vote for you!

    • Eligibility: High school students in the US and Canada
    • Deadline: The submission window will likely be between April and June 2022 voting will occur in June-July 2022

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    Raiseme: Another Way To Earn Scholarships

    As college affordability remains a hot topic for parents, new avenues regularly surface to help families pay for college costs. Scholarship websites are always popular, and one option getting attention is a new start-up called allows students to earn scholarships by completing tasks such as getting A’s, taking AP courses, or babysitting a younger sibling. Here are the key details on how it works: can be a fun and worthwhile way to earn money for college. We do want to remind students, however, to look at each college’s net cost when deciding which school to attend. A school that offers a large amount in scholarship funds may still cost a student the most when compared with other schools offering acceptance. Our College Cost Calculator can help students assess scholarship and financial aid offers and determine each college’s net cost. This can help students make the best financial decision for themselves and their families come decision time in May.

    Seek Out Smaller Less Competitive Scholarships

    Best Ways To Find Scholarships For College

    Popular, large-scale scholarships tend to be very competitive, so seek out smaller awards and contests that taken together can add up to a lot of college cash. Ask teachers and guidance counselors about subject- or interest-specific scholarships. Talk to church or community leaders about award opportunities. And slow down as you pass school and library bulletin boards, which may be a source of hidden treasures like essay or art contests for scholarships. Then apply for as many as possible. The more you apply for, the more likely you are to land at least some of them.

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    Courage To Grow Scholarship

    This $500 award is given out to one lucky student every month. To compete for the award, applicants must explain in 250 words why they think they deserve the scholarship, intended to support students who found courage to forge ahead when sometimes it would be easier to give up. Past recipients essays have discussed overcoming obstacles from bullying to breast cancer.

    • Eligibility: US high school juniors and seniors and college students with a minimum 2.5 GPA
    • Deadline: Last day of every month

    Pay Close Attention To The Application Essay Topic

    Win A Scholarship, once youve identified relevant scholarships to apply to, the next step is to ensure that each scholarship application you write is well-targeted for the opportunity at hand. Take the time to analyse the application essay topic,Razak Mohammed, another University Scholarship recipient, advises. Identify all keywords, take the time to understand them, and answer only to the question.

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    Implement A Scholarship Schedule

    It may sound obvious, but you should apply for as many scholarships as possible! Dont skimp.

    Searching and applying for scholarships should be a regular part of your college preparation routine, much like standardized test prep. Carve out time to dedicate solely to scholarship applications. You can even consider making a scholarship schedule.

    For example, every Monday, dedicate an hour to search for scholarships and make a list of the best ones. Then, every Wednesday, dedicate an hour to apply for a scholarship on your list. Choose what works best for you and stick to it. Were all busy, but if you make time to apply for scholarships, youll be thankful later!

    We highly recommend that you apply to 10 scholarships per month to drastically increase your chances of winning. If this sounds overwhelming, think of it this way: thats only 2-3 scholarship applications a week. The more you apply for, the greater your chances of winning.

    And, by the way, there are plenty of college scholarships out there that are easy to apply for. Some scholarship applications take as little as 15 minutes! In your schedule, try to stagger shorter and longer applications.

    Develop Relationships With Teachers And Counselors

    AXIE INFINITY SCHOLARSHIP | Best way to get free Axies!!

    Some scholarship applications require you to provide letters of recommendation from one or more of your teachers or your guidance counselor. While most teachers are willing to write letters for students who have performed well academically, the quality of the recommendation can improve considerably if youve established a good rapport with the writer.

    You can build these relationships by regularly participating in class discussions, showing respect, offering to be a teaching assistant and visiting your counselor to get advice.

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