Best Engineering Schools With Merit Scholarships

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Its Time For Your Hard Work To Pay Off

Merit Scholarships: How to get 6-figures in Scholarships for College! Top Colleges w/ Merit!

BU offers a wide variety of merit scholarships, some even covering full tuition, to recognize high achieving students who go above and beyond. Most awards are for academic achievement, while others go to talented athletes, performers, and artists. Plus, merit-based awards dont require you to submit a financial aid application and do not have to be repaid.

The competition is keen.

While criteria varies for each scholarship, recipients typically:

  • Rank in the top 5% of their high school class
  • Have shown incredible extracurricular achievements in their schools and communities

Though test scores are not required, students who submit scores typically:

  • Have SAT scores above 1500 and ACT scores above 33

Who is eligible to apply?

  • U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and eligible non-citizens are considered for all merit awards and other scholarships.
  • International students are considered for the Trustee and Presidential Scholarships only.

Trustee Scholarship

BUs most prestigious scholarship, scholars become part of a unique campus community that offers intellectual, cultural and social opportunities. Competitive applicants who are among the most accomplished in their class and demonstrate exceptional engagement in their schools and communities should apply.
All students are considered for the Trustee Scholarship: U.S. citizens, permanent residents, eligible non-citizens, and international students.

Sae/david Hermance Hybrid Technologies Scholarship

This scholarship grants one $2,500 non-renewable award each year and is available to college students who are pursuing an engineering or related degree in an ABET-accredited program. All applicants must be US residents and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

  • Eligibility: Incoming college junior at time of applying
  • Deadline: March 21, 2022

What Are The Subfields Of Engineering

There are many different ways that you can divide up the field of engineering, and so there is no single answer to this question. However, one commonly used denomination breaks engineering down into four distinct fields. Those are:

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers use knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, biology, and other sciences in order to create products and ensure safety throughout society. They may help design food production processes and help calculate the necessary inputs to create different products.

Civil engineering

Civil engineers focus on infrastructure. That includes our public water systems, our roads, highways, and bridges, our internet and phone lines, and more. All of those things that make our society function and that many people have come to take for granted, were probably designed by a civil engineer.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineers specialize in the design of everything electrical motors, circuits, and other pieces of electrical devices are their specialties. This could include designing computers, telephones, TVs, and larger things such as power grids, medial equipment, and more.

Mechanical engineering

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University Of Michiganann Arbor

At the University of Michigan, they provide thousands of ways for their students to engage in the engineering landscape. Michigan Engineering is the top-ranking department that collaborates within the countrys number one public research institution. It also ranked as one of the top ten engineering schools in the nation and among the top 15 schools in the world. It offers 17 undergraduate programs and grants degrees at the Bachelors, Masters, and PhD levels.

Rank: 5thTuition: $26,336 per year and $49,508 per year Enrollment: 3,285 Apply Now

Stem Colleges With Generous Merit Aid

What are Scholarship for engineering students?

A great STEM school does not have to break the bank. Many of the countrys best STEM colleges offer generous merit aid scholarships that make school affordable. You do not have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your degree in engineering, computer science, or mathematics. You can find a great college that offers financial assistance based on your previous academic and extracurricular achievements. Many of these schools even offer the potential to earn full rides based on your previous performance.

The following schools offer generous merit awards for a variety of different achievements both academic and otherwise. We have captured a shortlist of some of the best colleges and universities that have great STEM programs You can research more great STEM schools and view merit aid and admissions data at


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Stanford School Of Engineering

Stanford Engineering has long been at the forefront of ground-breaking research and innovation. Through the development and application of engineering principles across disciplines. The take major challenges of the 21st century.

Their department is equipped with many labs for research and focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to research, teaching and problem-solving.

You can choose to study anyone from these engineering programs:

  • Biochemical Engineering.

Currently Enrolled Student Scholarships

Currently enrolled students not already part of the Engineering Scholarship Program may apply for scholarships each year in their myBama account. Once you are logged in, you will click on the Admissions/Scholarships tab and then the Currently Enrolled Students link inside the Scholarships box. Awarding is subject to availability of funds. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2023. Entering freshmen and transfer students will gain access to the scholarship application after completing one semester.

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Applying For Mit Scholarship

Any candidate who apply for financial aid and fill out the CSS profile is automatically considered for an MIT Scholarship.

As an awardee you are expected to fill out an annual Students Information Review Form.

This will help the scholarship donor match you with the right scholarship. There scholarship donors take interest in knowing you the awardee.

However, the university board may ask the awardee to write to their donor and thank them for their support.

MIT scholarship donor provide grant to help low-income first-year students with the extra expenses that come with transition to college, such as sheets and towels for their room, or warm coat for the rough Boston winter.

The first year grant of $2,000 is divided equally between the fall and spring semesters.

They however, credit your student account along with other financial aids once the students are registered for the semester.

The grant is only for first year students. the College Boards College Scholarship Service is an online application form that is used by many private colleges and universities, like MIT, to award financial aid.

University Of Illinois Scholarship For International Students

USA Universities offering 100% scholarship for international students | Part 1

As a candidate, when you apply for Illinois you are automatically on the merit-based scholarship.

However, the university provides awards on variety of factors such as academic excellence, talent, athletic ability, leadership, geographical location, field of study, and financial need.

Scholarship worth$10,000, however, it is renewable for 4 year when a candidate can maintain a 3.0 GPA

For more information on the scholarship go through merit-based scholarships.

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B Charles Tiney Memorial Asce Student Chapter Scholarship

College students who are enrolled in a civil engineering or related program and who are members of an ASCE Student Chapter can apply for this award, whose amount varies annually. You’ll have to submit a completed application form, a personal statement, a detailed annual budget, an official transcript, a resume, and at least two letters of recommendation.

  • Eligibility: College student

Smaller Engineering Schools With Good Merit Aid

What would be some smaller engineering schools with good merit aid? I am a MO resident with 36 act and 4.0 UW gpa, will likely make NMF and am also doing IB. I know theres Missouri S& T and Tulsa but I dont like the Midwest so some schools farther away would be ideal. Thanks

If you do make NMF you can use the Benacquesto at Embry Riddle in Daytona. Its about $24k, and you can then stack it with Embry Riddle merit awards too.

Wyoming isnt an engineering school only, but has a very good engineering dept at a school of about 10,000. They have the Brown and Gold awards for OOS students, plus another $2500 or so for engineering students.

Same thing at New Mexico

Olin College in Massachusetts. Its tiny – 390 students. The class of 2019 was still getting scholarships worth 50% off tuition. Im not sure if that will continue.

Worcester Poly, also in MA, guarantees a minimum $20K/year scholarship to IB diploma students with a score of 40+.

Union College – Liberal arts college with renowned STEM and engineering, VERY small, also cold, but close to the Adirondacks. Also, its considered to be a little ivy.

Trinity College – NESCAC, little ivy, a preppy little school. Has an ABET accredited program, however, its a very small program.

Lafayette College – yet another little ivy. Small-ish engineering program, yet bigger then Trinity and Union.

Agree with the WPI recommendation.

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International Freshman Scholarship At Kent State University In The Usa

The International Freshman Scholarship program is available at Kent State University. The program is open to only new freshman students from across the globe, who have minimum cumulative Secondary school GPA 3.6 on the US 4.0 scale. The program provides awards in any field of subject.

Award: $2,000 to $20,000 per yearDeadline: February 1st.Apply Now

Tips For Using This List Of The Best Engineering Scholarships

Merit Scholarship

Scholarships are listed in alphabetical order. We’ve tried to include the pertinent details for each scholarship to make them more searchable. Simply use your keyboard’s ctrl + f function, and then type in the search term you’re looking for.

Let’s say you’re planning to major in electrical engineering and want to apply for scholarships in that particular field. If you search for “electrical” using ctrl + f, you’ll be able to find what you are looking for much more quickly.

Also, we’ve selected a mix of scholarships for both high school seniors and current college students. If a scholarship is open to high school students, it’ll be marked with an asterisk . That way you can tell if you meet the minimum eligibility criteria at a glance!

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Best Engineering Schools Under $20000

Im trying to find a balance between affordable and highly respected engineering schools. By highly respected, Im looking for courses that are rigorous and will prepare me well for work. I also want a decent amount of opportunities for connections, internships, and jobs . I know that this is a lot to ask, but any suggestions are appreciated. ***At the moment Im not considering fit bc I cant afford to be picky.

I want to major in civil or environmental engineering and am in VA. I already have VA Tech , University of Alabama, and VCU on my list.

I need a few more options where I could have a VERY likely chance to earn full tuition or enough merit aid to get the total price of college down to $20,000-15,000/yr or less. I dont qualify for any financial aid, but my parents dont have any savings, so the cheaper the better.


Wien2NC provided a great list. Try to make UVa or VT work, fantastic in-state schools and very close to your $20K a year target.

Two Florida schools

FSU shares its engineering college with FAMU, but it does have a decent Civil Engineering program. You likely would get an OOS tuition waiver , and a freshman scholarship . You have to apply by the Oct Admissions date.

USF has a strong engineering program , low OOS tuition and nice automatic merit scholarships. Currently, you would qualify for the USF Green & Gold Presidential Award $48,000 . They also have some other scholarships that stack. like the $2,000 honor college scholarship.


Who Qualifies For Merit Aid

This form of aid is usually given out by colleges and universities upon admission. Some scholarships are awarded for specific activities, but the majority of students are eligible for merit aid based on their GPA and test scores where applicable. Depending on your college or university you may need to submit a separate application or you may be automatically eligible upon admission. In 2021, over 50% of all freshman recevied some form of tuition discount.

Many people believe that these scholarships are set aside for students with a perfect 4.0. However, many colleges offer merit aid for B students. Merit aid scholarships are generally awarded to anywhere between 5% and 60% of incoming students depending on the college. Becuase the practice is so prevalent, all types of students would be eligible at the right college.

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Where Should You Look For A Full

If you’re hoping for a full ride, you might want to look at schools that are safe for your grades, test scores, and extracurricular achievements. If you’re scoring much higher than the average admitted student, you’ll have a better chance of getting scholarship money.

You might also want to consider colleges you’ve not heard of before. A lot of these schools offer top academic experiences but lack the name recognition of other schools. Thus, they are trying to attract student superstars who can help raise their profiles.

Of course, even if you apply to the schools on the list below, expect competition to be fierce. Don’t bank everything on getting one of these scholarshipsthey’re very tough to come by! This is why it’s important to go after other forms of college money as well, such as traditional need-based financial aid and other independent merit-based scholarships.

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Research And Campus Jobs

UK Universities offering 100% scholarship for international students

Students also have the opportunity to earn some extra money during the school year through campus jobs and research opportunities!

There is a wide range of campus job opportunities, like working in one of the dining courts on campus, being a Resident Assistant in our residence halls, working in one of the many retail operations on campus, or working with an academic department. As an example, the Office of Future Engineers employs current engineering students in our office year-round as Peer Counselors to connect with prospective students and families and assist our office’s daily operations.

On the research front, there are over 2,000 undergraduate research projects taking place on our campus every year. Students can get involved in research as early as their freshman year, and most of our students get involved simply by reaching out to professors whose research they are interested in. As an R1 research institution, all of our professors are involved in research activities, and they are almost always looking for undergraduate help in their labs or know a colleague who is. Research opportunities can be taken for class credit or for pay, and sometimes both.

Campus jobs and research won’t pay as much as internships and co-ops, but they can definitely help with having some extra spending money during the school year!

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What Is A Full

Getting a scholarship that fully covers tuition costs is most students’ dream. It’s hard to believe there’s something even better out there the full-ride scholarship. These scholarships are special because they cover not only tuition but also other basic costs such as room and board, books, travel, and supplies.

For most private schools, this means you’re getting more than $200,000 of expenses covered with these scholarships.

Unlike financial aid, which many schools offer to students based on what they and their families can afford to pay for their educations, these scholarships are based entirely on merit.

The idea is that these schools think certain students are specialso special that they want it to be a no-brainer for you to choose to attend their school. As a result, they’re going to try their hardest to make you want to partner with them for the next four years.

Scholarships For Engineering Students

Many students apply for scholarships to help cover the cost of earning an engineering degree. Nonprofits, private donors, schools, and government programs offer scholarships for students in the field. Learners can qualify for awards based on their academic performance, financial need, and membership in underrepresented groups. The list below includes a sampling of the scholarships available to engineering students.

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Kent W Hamlin Memorial Scholarship

One $2,000 award is handed out annually. This scholarship program targets students who are on their way to earning an associate degree and who are committed to pursuing a career in the nuclear power industry. Applicants must also be participants in the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program.

  • Eligibility: College student pursuing an associate degree
  • Deadline: April 1, 2022

Introduction To Production And Manufacturing Systems


Many engineering programs offer an elective, concentration, and major in production and manufacturing systems. This class surveys industrial engineering history and practice. Learners explore manufacturing types, integrated production systems, and material flow systems. Students also explore the duties and activities of industrial engineers, including solving problems, designing jobs, and measuring work. This course prepares students for careers as industrial engineers, construction project managers, and operations managers.

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Progress Toward Engineering Degree

  • Scholars must declare a major within the College of Engineering prior to the start of their third semester at the University. Undesignated Engineering majors will be disqualified from receiving all remaining semesters of College scholarship support at that point.
  • The College of Engineering requires students on scholarship make adequate progress toward an engineering or computer science degree. It is only when students enroll in courses with engineering prefixes or in course combinations specifically and uniquely required of engineering degree programs that the College would agree progress was being made. Basic science, math and elective coursework is considered core curriculum for all college students and does not fulfill Engineering scholarship retention requirements.
  • Stay on track with your major flowchart.
  • Students in the Engineering Scholarship Program are required to maintain a 3.000 cumulative institutional GPA. Transfer credit averages are not considered.
  • Scholars who need help with studies can take advantage of the Capstone Center for Student Success for learning strategies and free tutoring in a variety of subjects.
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