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Can You Play Basketball Without A Scholarship

College Walk Ons Getting Scholarships!!!!! ( Emotional Moments)

If you are thinking of playing college basketball for a powerhouse team in NCAA Division 1 without being offered an athletic scholarship by college recruiters the chances are very slim. From time to time big schools such as these will have a tradition of having tryouts for 1-2 walk-ons, but you must understand if you would become such a walk-on there is a chance you would never see any actual playing time.

NCAA Division 2 and NAIA colleges and universities offer partial scholarships and are more readily acceptable to bringing in walk-ons to compete for roster spots. Also, as a walk-on you could work your way into gaining partial scholarships the next year as these scholarship awards are reviewed by the college coaches and recruiters on a yearly basis. You may also decide to play at a NCAA Division 3 school, which under NCAA guidelines are not permitted to offer athletic scholarships.

Athnet Is Here To Help You In Your Desire To Play Basketball At The Collegiate Level

Through our many resources including our website, free online profiles and various partnerships we will provide you, the college recruit, as well as your family, easy-to-understand advice and subsequent resources to catch the attention from college recruiters. Recruiting and scholarship advice comes to you from our knowledgeable company representatives as each of them carries the experience of a former college coach or player. Your online presence is really a great way to start your recruiting experience. Did you know the vast majority of college recruiters start the process with an online search of student-athletes?

420 thousand coaches are in our network of college recruiters and they will be looking at your latest video and statistics included in your profile. Dont miss out on your chance to get the early looks from college recruiters. With an Athnet profile you will be presenting your best at all times, and theres no need to worry about recruiting rules and eligibility changes. We do our very best to keep you informed of anything which may have an impact on your college recruiting process.

What Are The Chances Of Getting A Womens Basketball Scholarship

There are 28,305 womens basketball athletes across 1,946 programs, from NCAA Division 1 to JUCO. The odds of a high school basketball player making a Division 1 basketball roster is 83:1, and the odds of a high school basketball player making any college roster is 15:1.

Division 1 basketball is a headcount sport, so coaches have exactly 15 full-ride scholarships they can award to 15 players. Additional players are considered walk-ons and dont qualify for athletic aid. Division 2, on the other hand, is an equivalency sport, so coaches can award full scholarships or divide their funds among several athletes by offering partial scholarships. If we break down the scholarship opportunities to these two NCAA divisions, it comes out to 10,414 athletes competing for 8,345 scholarships. From an NAIA perspective, were talking 3,757 athletes competing for 1,875 basketball scholarships. JUCO offers the most opportunity as these programs can award a maximum of 15 scholarships per team and the average team size is 13 players.

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What Do Basketball Scouts Look For

Basketball scouts and college coaches look for the players who will make the most impact on college teams. Whether a basketball program needs a certain position or whether they are looking for someone with certain academic requirements, basketball scholarship recipients will be those who stand out during the recruiting process. If you want to be considered for college basketball programs, be sure to work on your basketball skills as well as your academics.

How Can D3 Athletes Get Scholarships For Womens Basketball

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  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 0
  • Total number of D3 womens basketball teams: 442
  • Average team size: 15

NCAA Division 3 basketball scholarships dont existschools cant offer athletic scholarships. However, they do leverage other types of aid the recruit might qualify for, such as academic scholarships, merit-based aid and grants, to create a competitive scholarship package. Division 3 is mostly made up of small private schools, so they tend to have these kinds of funds readily available. In fact, 82% of all Division 3 athletes receive some form of aid. Student-athletes with high test scores and a strong GPA will benefit the most from Division 3 scholarships.

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Top Mens Basketball Schools

NCSA analyzed over 1,310 four-year colleges with mens college basketball programs across four division levels to develop a list of the Best Mens Basketball Colleges for Student-Athletes.

NCSA Power Rankings are based on proprietary analysis of NCSA Favorites data obtained from the college search activity of the over 3 million student-athletes on the NCSA recruiting network, general academic rankings by U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges, IPEDS graduation rates and IPEDS average cost after aid.

For more information on the NCSA Power Rankings, visit our press kit or email us.

Benefits And Challenges Of Being A Student Athlete

The student athlete’s life isn’t for everyone. For those who can handle the challenge, it trains you for real life in a way nothing else can. You’ll build:

  • Discipline and time management. As a student athlete, you’ll balance academics with responsibilities to your team. You’ll figure out how to write that paper, pass the midterm, and still get to practice on time.
  • Strong social bonds. Playing on a college team is a great bonding experience. You come together almost every day, giving 100% to develop yourselves and work toward a common goal. Many students meet their lifelong friends on college teams.
  • Professional connections. College athletes are some of the most dedicated and driven people. The people you meeton your team and competing teamswill be the heavy-hitters to know as you build your future career.
  • Top-notch fitness. Starting college is stressful. With added responsibilities and new independence, many students let their health slide. As an athlete, you’ll have coaches and teammates pushing you to be stronger, faster, and healthier each day.
  • Dedication. Athletes always have new goals to reach. As a student athlete, you will learn to devote yourself to growth and giving 100% to your sport.

For every challenge in college sports, you will gain benefits that will last a lifetime.

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Wrapping Things Up: How To Get A Basketball Scholarship

If you want to get a college basketball scholarship, start the recruiting process early by making a list of potential colleges and contacting coaches. Work very hard and make sure you are where the recruiters are. Play in as many leagues and tournaments that are watched by recruiters, and this will improve your chances of getting noticed.

Register With The Ncaa

#1 Key to Getting a College Basketball Scholarship: Recruiting Tricks and Tips

To have a chance to receive any sort of athletic scholarship will require you to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Believe it or not, there are students every year who dont even get a chance to play basketball on a collegiate level simply because they overlooked this process.

This is done to validate that you are, indeed, an amateur athlete.

The process is painless and only a few requirements are needed to complete your registration.

Make this one of the first things you do in this entire process to ensure not missing out on anything when the time comes.

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How To Get A Basketball Scholarship

Every coach has a specific set of criteria they look for when recruiting student-athletes. Here are the most important aspects you should keep in mind as you search for scholarships:

  • Compete at the highest level possible: To accurately assess a recruits ability to compete in college, coaches want to see them play against high-ranked recruits from across the country. Thats why AAU is so popular among top-tier programsit provides recruits with a chance to play at the national level. However, this level of AAU is the most expensive as recruits are often required to travel to several tournaments. While club basketball can help, it isnt a necessary requirement to securing a scholarship. Varsity high school teams can also offer great competitive opportunities.
  • Compete in the summer during live periods: Scheduling conflicts make it difficult for college coaches to watch recruits play in-person during the regular season. So, they turn to live periods. These stretches in the offseason allow coaches to hit the road and scout several players at once. Bottom line: playing in front of college coaches in the summer is essential.
  • Create a highlight film. The best way to secure an in-depth and in-person evaluation is by sending coaches highlight and game film. Highlight film acts as a first impressionits a quick way to show coaches a snapshot of the recruits skill set.
  • What Are The Best Colleges For Basketball Scholarships

    The key to securing a basketball scholarship is finding college programs that are the best athletic fit. Think about it this waycoaches are going to prioritize scholarships to their strongest players, so student-athletes need to find programs where they can make an impact right away. If a recruits athletic ability doesnt quite match up, the coach is less inclined to offer a scholarship opportunity.

    To help you in your search, weve compiled a list of the best colleges for basketball scholarships across all the division levels. Recruits interested in these programs should visit the teams roster to determine if theyre an athletic fit and learn more about the coachs recruiting method, such as which areas they recruit in. Heres a look into the best colleges within each level:

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    How To Get A Womens Basketball Scholarship

    Every coach has a specific set of criteria they look for when recruiting student-athletes. Here are the most important aspects families should keep in mind throughout their recruiting journeyand how to get a Division 1 basketball scholarship:

  • Compete at the highest level possible: To accurately assess a recruits ability to compete in college, coaches want to see them play against high-ranked athletes from across the country. Thats why AAU is so popular among top-tier programsit provides recruits with a chance to play national elite teams. However, this level of AAU is the most expensive as recruits are often required to travel to several tournaments.
  • Compete in the summer during live periods: Scheduling conflicts make it difficult for college coaches to watch recruits play in-person during the regular season. So, they turn to live periods. These stretches in the offseason allow coaches to hit the road and scout several players at once. Bottom line: playing in front of college coaches in the summer is essential.
  • Attend elite camps: In addition to tournaments, college coaches also evaluate recruits at elite camps. These events, which can be invitation only, attract top talent and college coaches from across the country. Student-athletes should establish relationships with college coaches before attending a camp to improve their chances of being evaluated in person.
  • Find College Men’s Basketball Scholarships In Oklahoma

    Hoop Dreams: 17

    Welcome to the SportsRecruits college Men’s Basketball athletic scholarships page for the state of Oklahoma. Here you can research athletic, academic, merit-based and needs-based scholarship and recruiting opportunities from any of the 33 college Men’s Basketball programs in Oklahoma – all in one place. Most student-athletes believe the only opportunities to compete at the college level for Men’s Basketball in Oklahoma is to be a Sooner or a Cowboy – thats just not true. Thats why SportsRecruits was created, to help college Men’s Basketball prospects research schools and find the right fit.

    To review any of the colleges and universities offering Men’s Basketball in Oklahoma, simply click on the schools link and you can explore all the program has to offer a student-athlete interested in Men’s Basketball. Research academic, athletic and other scholarship and grant opportunities, as well as explore majors, admission requirements, and even learn about their coaching staff. The SportsRecruits college Men’s Basketball athletic scholarships page is a great resource for any college Men’s Basketball recruit looking to compete at the college level in Oklahoma.

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    How Many Scholarships Can Naia Schools Give For Womens Basketball

    • Maximum scholarships available per team: 8
    • Total number of NAIA womens basketball teams: 235
    • Average team size: 17

    Previously, the NAIA was home to two womens basketball divisions however, these two divisions are set to combine in the 202021 school year. When this happens, each team can award a maximum of eight scholarships.

    Furthermore, the NAIA will continue using the equivalency model where coaches receive a pool of athletic funds and decide how to distribute scholarships among athletes. Typically, to make the most of their recruiting efforts, coaches award multiple athletes on their team with partial scholarships. That does mean, though, that some student-athletes need to supplement with other types of aid, such as academic scholarships and need-based aid.

    How Many Scholarships Are There For D1 Womens Basketball

    • Division 1 womens basketball scholarships per team: 15
    • Total number of D1 womens basketball teams: 349
    • Average team size: 16

    We wont sugarcoat itNCAA Division 1 scholarships are hard to come by. Only 1.2% of high school athletes will compete at this level. Each Division 1 womens basketball program can award 15 headcount scholarships. Division 1 basketball scholarships are full rides and cover all college costs, including tuition, housing, books, etc. After the 15 scholarships have been awarded, additional athletes on the team and considered walk-ons and arent eligible to receive athletic aid.

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    How To Get A D1 Basketball Scholarship

    The first thing you need to know about NCAA Division 1 scholarships is that coaches recruit early. And we mean earlyin some cases middle school. So, if a student-athlete is looking to land a Division 1 scholarship, they need to be on a coachs radar before their junior year. Then, obviously, they need to be good. These are the best collegiate basketball players across the country and coaches are extremely selective when offering athletic scholarships. Elite Division 1 athletes rank nationally, such as making the ESPN Top 150 list. Less than one percent of high school athletes go on to play Division 1 basketball.

    Division 1 coaches typically find top recruits through AAU club teams as they roster top talent and compete nationally. But AAU ball is by no means the required path to competing in college outside of Division 1. Playing in tournaments over the summer is an important way to getting coach exposure. Another option is to attend an elite camp hosted by the college. In this case, families want to make sure theyre picking camps where the student-athlete is a good fit athletically and academically to maximize their chances of being evaluated. Remember that academics do matter to college coaches. The higher a recruits GPA and test scores, the more doors that will open for them.

    Does Basketball Offer Full Scholarships

    How To Get A NCAA Basketball Scholarship for INTERNATIONAL Basketball Players

    The level of scholarship granted is fundamentally dependent on what the coach of the American college wants to offer. A 100% scholarship or full ride covers the costs of tuition and fees, room and board, and textbooks, leaving only incidental costs to pay for the student-athlete. In this case, 100% of the costs are covered and it can be worth up to a staggering $400,000 over four years. At U.S Sports Scholarships, one in every four of our athletes will receive a full scholarship.

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    Can You Play College Basketball Without Scholarship

    Athletes can play college basketball without being awarded a basketball scholarship. We must say that this is not a very common occurrence and is very difficult to achieve.


    A player that plays college basketball in the NCAA without a basketball scholarship is considered to be a walk-on. A walk-on is a player that gains a spot on the basketball team after impressing the teams coaches during tryouts.

    Walk-on players arent usually better than players with scholarships, so there playing time is limited to nonexistent depending on the league they play in. NCAA Division II walk-ons are more likely to get playing time than NCAA division 1 walk-ons. In the NAIA and the JUCO leagues, it is much easier for walk-ons to make the basketball team.

    If you are trying to get to the NBA or other professional leagues after college but did not receive a college basketball scholarship, do not be dismayed. There are walk-ons who went on to have successful professional basketball careers after college.

    Create A Highlight Tape Of Your Game

    Creating a video showcasing your basketball skills makes you visible to scouts and coaches who can’t attend your games.

    To do this, record footage of your games and stitch several clips together into a 3 to 7-minute video highlighting all areas of your game:

    Ditch the urge to add distracting music and fancy editing.

    Just use good quality clips with clean, simple editing, put the video online, and share it.

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    Do You Fit The College Basketball Recruiters Player Traits

    Basketball scholarship monies are carefully handed out by college recruiters so each will carefully weigh numerous aspects involving you play. Are you tall your position at the college level? Are you finished growing? Is your body frame able to add more weight through college basketball conditioning programs? These are all physically-related questions basketball recruiters are thinking about when they come to see you play or start watching the video your recruiting service has provided them.

    To answer on-court questions, basketball recruiters and coaches will create a checklist regarding your skills. For each part of the checklist, college coaches/recruiters will score you as being Strong, Fair, or Weak. You will be rated for: Boxing Out, Offensive Rebounder, Ball Handling, 1-on-1 Offense, Penetrator, Passing Skills, Quickness, Defense , Defense , Spot Shooter, Free Throw Shooter, Aggressiveness, Leadership and Attitude.

    Dont forget your grades including Overall Grade Point Average and ACT/SAT scores. Be sure you take the college entrance tests, and re-take them if you score poorly. The NCAA Eligibility Center guidelines are for prospective D1 and D2 student-athletes to follow. Strong grades are also important for D3 schools as academic scholarships are available for incoming athletes meeting the award criteria.

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