Best Act Scores For Scholarships

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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Sending ACT Scores

MIT has a generous scholarship program for high-performing students. MITs scholarships are merit-based, not need-based.

MIT offers a variety of scholarships, including the MIT Presidential Scholarship, MIT Trustee Scholarship, and the MIT Questbridge Scholarship. The Questbridge Scholarship is worth up to $60K per year , while other awards can range from $20K to $10K per year.

Test Security Score Inquiry

ACT takes seriously its responsibility to report valid test scores that accurately reflect examinees educational achievement and independent work.

In addition to conducting our own internal score reviews, ACT regularly receives inquiries from college admissions officers, high school counselors, and others who have concerns about an individual examinee’s score.

You can report concerns using ACT’s Score Inquiry form. ACT will review the inquiry and investigate the validity of the scores. If you prefer, you may submit an inquiry anonymously online or by calling 855.382.2645 to use our dedicated Test Security Hotline.

After conducting a preliminary review of the information available to ACT, we will determine whether to initiate an Individual Score Review. Individual Score Reviews begin with a letter to the examinee stating the reasons for ACTs concerns and asking for the examinees assistance in answering questions about the scores.

For more complete details about ACTs Individual Score Review process, please see the brochure Procedures for Conducting Individual Score Reviews.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How To Look Up Automatic Scholarships

The examples of scholarships above are just thatexamples! It isn’t by any means a full list of every university in the country where you can get automatic money for your ACT or SAT score.

So how do you find that information? Search for merit scholarships.

The majority of scholarships given for test scores and GPA are merit scholarshipsin other words, they are given based on your achievements, unlike need-based scholarships, which are based on your demonstrated financial need. Make sure to look for pages titled “Merit-Based” or “Academic-Based” scholarships.

Many colleges and universities have separate pages for merit scholarships that a simple search will pull up. If you do not see one, try searching ” Scholarships” or ” Financial Aid.” If you start at the university’s financial aid section, you can find information on scholarships from there. If you can’t find the information online, try contacting either the financial aid or undergraduate admissions offices.

Keep the following guidelines in mind as you search:

  • Make sure the scholarships you find are specifically designated for “Entering Freshmen.” These are the scholarships that will apply to you as a high school student applying to college.
  • Check if there are separate application requirements or deadlines. Scholarship money is limited, so in general, the earlier you can apply, the better.

Use the steps below to look up whether there are automatic scholarships at any of the colleges you are interested in.

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Canact Scores Help Students Win Scholarships

Yes. A students ACT score may grant him/her scholarships from top institutes. Some students are automatically granted scholarships after they receive their ACT scores. These are the highly talented students who exceptionally demonstrate their capabilities in their ACT tests.

Other students may qualify to receive scholarships by sending special applications. For instance, lets say you have a good ACT score and you score high on a college admission exam. That institute may reward your performance with financial assistance. Overall, achieving a high ACT score can increase your chances of earning scholarships.

Students who want ACT-based scholarships must conduct thorough research into these offers and create appropriate study plans. Heres a list of top-tier universities that frequently offer ACT-based and other merit-based scholarships –

What Kind Of Schools Offer Full

Guaranteed Scholarships Based on SAT/ACT Scores

As you look through the list of schools below, you’ll probably recognize at least some of the names. A lot of the schools on this list are very good schools, but apart from a few notable exceptions, you’re not likely to see top schools in the country giving out full-ride scholarships. Why is this?

Full-ride scholarships are meant to lure top, super-attractive students who have a lot of choices. It’s the school’s way of telling you that among the student population, you really stand out. These full-ride scholarships are merit based, meaning that in your grades, extracurricular activities, and/or leadership skills, you’ve worked harder or achieved more than the average student.

At the most competitive schools, full rides are extremely rare. Pretty much all applicants to these schools are going to be high achievers across the board, making it a lot harder to pick out who the real stars are.

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Moving Onto The Sat And Act

While the PSAT is important for National Merit Scholarship consideration, it also provides a warmup for the main event, the SAT exam. Most colleges accept both SAT and ACT scores, and it is up to students to decide which score they want to highlight. There are a litany of differences between the two tests, the main being the addition of a scientific reasoning section on the ACT. Regardless of your personal achievement, many schools have scholarships that reward outstanding scores on either exam.

How Scholarship Programs Use Act Scores

Some scholarship programs may use ACT test results with other information such as high school grades to identify qualified candidates. However, the programs may not look at academic potential alone. The ACT score report provides information about a student’s educational needs, extracurricular achievements, and educational plans. This information, along with high school grades and test scores, helps the programs evaluate applications for scholarships and other financial assistance.

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There Are So Many Scholarships Awarded Based On Your Impressive Sat And Act Score

A cursory Google search reveals that hundreds and hundreds of schools award merit-based scholarships from test scores. Both state schools and private institutions of higher learning get into the mix, ensuring that, if you do a great job on your SAT or ACT, you have great odds to attend the school of your choice regardless of personal financial standing.

The academic experience at college is vastly different from that in high school, where some students can earn high grades without studying. College is designed to weed out students who are not willing to put the necessary effort into their studies. This process does not necessarily start with your application and submission of test scores, but colleges will definitely take notice if you ace the SAT or ACT. If you dont kill it on either exam, dont fret colleges dont look at test scores with tunnel vision. That being said, besides the pride a high score will bring you personally, a high-level mark can bring a financial package that could shape your entire experience at a school.

Use College Raptor to discover personalized college matches, cost estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid for schools around the USfor FREE!

Colleges That Require A High Act Score

100% Scholarships for International Students at NYU | Road to Success Ep. 16

Most colleges accept applicants with ACT scores ranging from 15 to 19. On the contrary, certain elite universities and colleges in the country accept students with high scores on the ACT these scores are way above the national average.

Here are some colleges that have high score requirements. You must prepare well to get into the top colleges via

  • Columbia University needs 32 to 35 ACT score
  • Cornell University: 30 to 33 score
  • Dartmouth College: 30 to 34 score
  • Harvard University: 32 to 35
  • Princeton University: 31 to 35
  • The University of Pennsylvania:30 to 34
  • Yale University: 31 to 35

Frequently Asked Questions on 22 ACT Score

  • Is 22 a good ACT score?

A score of 22 is a good score and is better than average. It puts you in the top 62nd percentile of the applicants for the test. You have a chance of getting admissions into some good colleges with 22 on the ACT.

  • What is a good ACT score?

The ACT score ranges from 1 to 36. A composite score corresponds to a percentile. This percentile compares your performance to other ACT applicants. Here are some ACT scores and their corresponding percentiles.

  • ACT score < 16 represents the bottom 25%
  • ACT score of 20 is the average score and shows that you lie in the middle.
  • ACT score of 24+ corresponds to the top 25%
  • ACT score of 28+ puts you in the top 10%
  • ACT of 30+ places you in the top 5%
  • ACT score of 33+ are some of the best performances and represent the top 1% of test-takers.
  • What is the SAT score equivalent to a 22 on the ACT?

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Why Consider Using Act Scores For A Merit Scholarship

More than 1.9 million people took the ACT test in 2018. One study reports that a decade ago, one of every 2,600 students got a perfect score. In 2018, one of every 500 students nailed a perfect score.

But you dont have to get a perfect ACT score to get a merit scholarship. Otherwise, all 4 year colleges and universities in the United States accept ACT test scores.

Here are a few other reasons to use your ACT scores for merit scholarships:

  • Taking the ACT may help boost your chances of winning a scholarship from colleges and scholarship organizations.
  • Some colleges award scholarships based on your ACT scores. For example, offer scholarships ranging from $40,000 to $84,000 based on a combination of test scores, class rank, and GPA.
  • Higher test scores may also lead to more scholarship dollars. For instance, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville offers $5,000 awards per year for ACT scores between 34 to 36.
  • Being rewarded for good grades is one way to make college more affordable. At last check, the average amount of scholarship and grant aid received by undergrads is $11,810.
  • Unlike a loan, you do not have to pay back ACT scholarship funds. Though you do have to abide by their terms. You should also strive to maintain a specific GPA.
  • Certain ACT/SAT scores may place you in the running for a full ride scholarship.
  • Recipients and finalists of the National Merit Scholarship may also be eligible for other awards and aid. The National Merit Scholarship looks at PSAT scores.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Find Act Scholarships

Ques: What ACT score is needed for most scholarships?

Ans: You should be able to apply for scholarships of a lesser level if you have a score of at least 25 on the ACT. Scholarships, on the other hand, grow increasingly difficult to get as the amount of money available, and the score ranges expand. To reiterate, the score range of 20-25 should serve as the very minimum goal to strive for.

Ques: What ACT score gives you a full ride?

Ans: ACT Composite of 3236: Many colleges and institutions provide full ride scholarships to students who have an ACT score in this range on the ACT and a grade point average of 3.5 or better on their high school transcript.

Ques: Is a 36 on the ACT a good score?

Ans:Yes, a composite score of 36 is perfect. This number is the average of your four section scores for English, Math, Reading, and Science. Even though you don’t need a perfect score to get into elite institutions, a 36 on the ACT can help you stand out.

Ques: Do we get scholarships in ACT?

Ans:Yes, there are certain colleges that will automatically award scholarships based on your ACT score. There are several universities that reward students with automatic scholarships if they have high ACT scores together with other academic accomplishments such as a solid grade point average and an outstanding academic record.

Ques: What is the highest paying scholarship?

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Making The Most Of Test Day

It’s essential to go into your ACT test day with your mind and body primed for focus and calm. This means you must be well-rested and well-fed. Get a full sleep the night before. Limit your activities that evening and go to bed early enough that you can get at least 8-9 hours in. Then, in the morning, be sure to get a balanced, nutritious breakfast so you don’t get too hungry during the test.

The entire ACT test is about 3.5 hours, including breaks. The ACT Plus Writing adds about another half hour. So your entire testing day, including all the administrative instructions and protocols, will probably fall between 4.5-5 hours. That’s a pretty long day. Be sure to bring a snack and water bottle along with you. You’ll get a chance to snack during your test breaks as the day progresses.

It’s perfectly normal for test-takers to get a little nervous before a test as big and important as the ACT. A little bit of nervousness can enhance your focus on strengthening your performance. But excess test anxiety can set you up for a miserable day. Take a few deep breaths if you start to feel too overwhelmed. And keep in mind, even if things don’t go as you planned, you’ll always have other options. The ACT is not the only factor colleges will consider during the college admission process.

Scholarships With Score Cut

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Although many universities don’t have automatic scholarships based on test scores, GPA, or class rank, many use these factors as cut-offs for scholarship consideration. So even though in these cases high scores don’t guarantee you scholarships, they are an important factor in being considered.

Just like when you were a kid and couldn’t get onto the roller coasters at the theme park, you won’t even be considered for some scholarships without high enough SAT/ACT scores.

For example, Texas A& M offers multiple scholarships based on test scores, GPA, and/or class rank. So are scholarships like these guaranteed even if you meet these minimum scores? No. But you won’t be considered for them at all unless your ACT or SAT score is above a certain level. Many other colleges have GPA and score cut-offs for scholarship consideration, so the higher you can get your scores, the more likely you are to earn merit scholarships.

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Schools Offering Automatic Scholarships Based On Test Scores

Are you happy with your SAT or ACT score?

If you are and would like to get rid of as much tuition and fees as possible, then consider applying to colleges and universities that give automatic scholarship programs based on test scores. There are no questions asked you just have to show your impressive SAT or ACT score.

However, its not enough that your standardized test score is high.

To be eligible for automatic scholarships some schools offer, your SAT or ACT score should be equal to or higher than the minimum score they are looking for.

Otherwise, you can say goodbye to the opportunity of a lifetime, although you can still apply for other scholarship programs to help keep the cost of college from going beyond your means.

Below, you will come across some colleges and universities offering automatic scholarships according to ones test scores. Under each school, you will learn the minimum SAT or ACT score necessary for a student to be eligible for an automatic scholarship program, and also the award amount given per academic year.

Lets take a quick look at each one of them:

Question #: What Are The Average Act Scores For Accepted Students At 3

Once youve considered the scores listed above, you should check in with prospective colleges regarding their average ACT scores for admission.

You can use tools like or your prospective colleges’ admissions pages to uncover this information.

Most colleges list the middle 50% of the range of accepted scores, eliminating the very high and very low score outliers from the accepted applicants the previous year. In order to be considered a strong applicant in the following year, you’ll want to target the upper half of this range.

If your ACT scores fall in this upper half or above, you can breathe easy and continue to hone the other aspects of your application to make yourself an even more competitive applicant.If your scores aren’t quite within that range yet, you’ll want to come up with a game plan to prepare for your next ACT so you can get into that score range.

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How Are Act Scores Calculated

The ACT exam constitutes 4 sections – Math, Science, Reading, and English, along with an optional writing section. For the Math section, students have to answer 60 questions in 60 minutes. The Science and Reading sections each consist of 40 questions that need to be answered in 35 minutes, while the English section comprises 75 questions that must be answered in 45 minutes. In addition to these 4 sections, students have an optional essay which they need to write within 40 minutes.

So the ACT consists of a total of 215 questions and an optional essay. Students receive 2 hours and 55 minutes in total to complete all sections. There are no penalties for guessing. Raw scores are exclusively dependent on the number of questions answered correctly. Hence, students shouldnt leave any questions blank.

Each of the four sections is scored on a scale of 1-36. The optional essay is scored individually on a scale of 1-12. Students receive individual section scores along with composite scores. Colleges typically use composite scores to assess a students performance on the ACT.

The concept of ACT composite scores is the main source of confusion for most students. Heres a straightforward three-step process of calculating your composite ACT score –

  • Calculate the raw scores for each section

  • Convert the raw scores to scale scores on a scale of 1-36 using score conversion tables

  • Calculate the composite scores by dividing the sum of scale scores by 4

What Is A Good Composite Act Score

Merit Scholarships: How to get 6-figures in Scholarships for College! Top Colleges w/ Merit!

Let’s review what makes up a composite ACT score: The ACT test is made up of four required sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Each is scored on a scale from 1-36, and then your composite score is the average of all four.

In general, composite scores above the 50th percentile â about 19-21 â are decent, average ACT scores. However, it probably won’t be a strong enough score for a competitive college. You’ll probably find it’s best to aim for the 75th percentile â a score of about 24 â for an above-average ACT score.

Keep in mind, though, that the concept of a âgood scoreâ is quite relative. It all depends on your goals and the type of college or university you hope to attend. For example, to attend a highly competitive school, such as an Ivy League, you’d want to aim for a score closer to the 32-26 range . This is why it’s critical to devote some of your ACT prep time to determining the post-secondary path you hope to pursue.

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