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My Education In Digital Scholarship From Duke Libraries

Introducing the Washington Duke Scholars Program

This post by Joseph Mulligan is part of an occasional series on graduate students Intern Experience at Duke University Libraries. Joseph received his PhD in Romance Studies in 2022 and is currently a Post-Doctoral Associate at Duke.

Like many graduate students, I spent much of my academic career reading and researching in the library. But I also participated in initiatives based out of the Libraries and worked in various Libraries departments. Perhaps my most formative experience was through my work as a Humanities Unbounded Graduate Assistant in Duke Libraries Digital Scholarship and Publishing Services department. The skills I learned from my libraries work have been translatable in surprising ways. In this post I share my experience so that graduate students in the earlier stages of their programs might see how working with the libraries can be an integrating force in their doctoral experience.

In each of these cases, my position in the Libraries allowed me to collaborate with faculty and students to create, develop, and sustain innovative scholarship. The Libraries are distinctive in offering these kinds of opportunities for exploration and cross-disciplinary partnership, and as a result of my work here, Ive been able to cultivate skills that continue to enrich my scholarship and teaching.

You Dont Need To Be A Duke Student To Apply For A Scholarship

Duke offers more than $27 million in scholarships each year. You can find the scholarship application form on the Duke website, or you can request a copy from the office of financial aid.

There are several ways to apply for a Duke scholarship. You can fill out an online application, download an application form, or submit a paper application. The deadline for applications is usually early May, but check the website for specific dates.

The following are some tips for filling out an online application:

Be sure to include all of the required information on your application form. You will need your name, date of birth, email address, and mailing address.

Include a statement about why you want to attend Duke. This can be anything from explaining your academic achievements to describing your personal interests or values.

Make sure your application is accurate and complete. If you have any corrections or updates to make, please make them as soon as possible.

Check your application twice for errors before submitting it. Once you have submitted your application, there is no way to change or update it.

Duke Merit Scholarships Open To All Undergraduate Students

This table summarizes the most sought-after merit scholarships offered annually to every undergraduate enrolled at Duke:

Merit Scholarship
  • Use their voice to offer original perspectives on multiple issues

The amount offered may vary after considering the need-based grant issued to the student

Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
  • If you are a high school senior who enrolls at Duke University, you will be automatically considered for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
  • The program provides a financial award of up to $50,000 and also supports you financially if you want to:
  • Study abroad for two semesters
  • Apply for a national scholarship

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How To Apply For A Duke Scholarship

The application process for Duke scholarships can be a little overwhelming, but its definitely worth it to get into one of the best universities in the world.

Here are some tips on how to apply for scholarships at Duke:

1. Start by gathering all the information you need about the award youre applying for. This includes the criteria, amount, and deadline.

2. Create a strong resume that shows your academic achievements and experiences.

3. Write a compelling letter of recommendation that highlights your strengths as a student.

4. Attend scholarship fairs and events hosted by Duke admissions offices. These events are a great way to meet scholarship committee members and learn more about the awards available.

5. Apply early! The earlier you submit your application, the better chance you have of being accepted.

How Many Merit Scholarships Does Duke Give


This scholarship program is actually a group of 13 scholarships available to North and South Carolina students, especially residents of the High Point area. Like other merit-based scholarships, students get access to additional mentorship programs and community-building programs.


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Alumni Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

DAA established this scholarship in 1979 to recognize the achievements of children or grandchildren of Duke alumni accepted for undergraduate admission to Duke. The scholarship funds full tuition for eight semesters of undergraduate study, as well as a stipend for a summer study away program and opportunities to meet with other scholarship recipients.

We award the scholarship on the basis of academic achievement, leadership performance and meritorious activity outside the classroom. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate some financial need as determined by the director of Financial Aid.

Merit Scholarships For Incoming First Year Students

  • Merit Scholarships for Incoming First Year Students
  • Academic Community & Faculty Engagement

    Merit Scholars contribute to and benefit from being part of a community of ambitious and collegial thinkers. Each scholarship is led by a Faculty Director, a distinguished Duke faculty member and campus leader who has chosen to dedicate extra time to working with undergraduate merit scholars. During the academic year, Scholars will also engage with faculty mentors through programs likeFaculty Fellows, learn from guest speakers at events like the Faculty Flash Talks on Race and Society, and enjoy the occasional field trip.

    Enrichment Experiences

    Merit Scholars have a variety of options for educational enrichment over the course of their Duke careers. After completion of their first year, Scholars may apply to use their enrichment funds to support a variety of experiential opportunities. Scholars conduct research in labs and archives around the world, intern in the private or public sector, engage in service work, and pursue creative projects. Each year, scholars present their projects at the annual OUSF Poster Session.

    Research & Professional Development

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    Ab Duke Memorial Scholars Program

    • Summary: The Angier B. Duke Scholarship provides support for the intellectually adventurous and curious
    • Qualifications: All undergraduate applicants are automatically considered for 9 of the 10 merit scholarships.
    • How many are available: N/A
    • Deadline: CSS profile and FAFSA due February 1st
    • Award amount: N/A

    You Dont Need To Have Perfect Grades To Get A Duke Scholarship

    Scholars of Excellence – A.B. Duke

    Duke scholarships are available to students with a wide range of backgrounds and grades.

    Application deadlines are typically in early December for the fall semester, and in late March for the spring semester.

    To apply for a Duke scholarship, you will need to submit an application, letters of recommendation, and a transcript.

    You can also visit the website to find more information on how to apply and what requirements you need to meet.

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    Get Access To Merit Scholarship Information From All Schools In One Place

    Want to easily research merit scholarships for all schools without having to google each collegeâs common data set?

    Check out our College Insights tool. An easy to use resource that combines government college data with common data set information.

    In one resource youâll be able to filter, sort, and compare colleges by merit scholarships as well as other variables such as:

    • Average and 75th Percentile Test Scores
    • Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision Admit Rates
    • Availability of Honors or Co-op Programs
    • Acceptance of AP Credits
    • Application, Financial Aid, and Housing Deposit Deadlines
    • And so much more!

    Having this information all in one place saves you time otherwise spent searching individual college websites. It also gives you the ability to filter, sort, and compare ANY criteria or combination of criteria thatâs important to your family.

    You can quickly and easily use College Insights to find colleges where your student is in the top 25th percentile of applicants and more likely to receive merit scholarships.

    Use College Insights to quickly search and find schools where your student is likely to be accepted and receive need based aid and/or merit scholarships.

    Merit scholarship information for other schools:

    Fulbright Scholarships At Duke:

    The Fulbright Program, begun in 1946 and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is one of the oldest and most prestigious international exchange programs in the world. Designed to increase mutual understanding between people and cultures through academic activity it has expanded greatly over the years, now encompassing thousands of exchanges each year with 140 countries worldwide. The Duke-Fulbright program provides competitive funding to enable select American citizens to pursue teaching or other academic assignments abroad as Fulbright Specialist or Scholar.

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    Deans Graduate Fellowships For Phd Graduates:

    A Deans Graduate Fellowship may be a possibility for you if you are an advanced graduate student in the natural or social sciences, mathematics, engineering, humanities, physical education or medicine. You must be in your third year of Ph.D. study at Duke and have already received a Ph.D. to be eligible for this program.

    Alumni Endowed Scholars Program

    Duke University
    • Summary: The Alumni Endowed Scholars Program is for exceptional students with strong family connections to Duke.
    • Qualifications: All undergraduate applicants are automatically considered for 9 of the 10 merit scholarships.
    • How many are available: N/A
    • Deadline: CSS profile and FAFSA due February 1st
    • Award amount: N/A

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    Duke University Grants Scholarships For Undergraduate Graduate And Professional Studies

    Duke University has a wide variety of scholarships available for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies. Duke offers more than $130 million in scholarships each year, making it one of the most generous universities in the country when it comes to awarding financial assistance.

    The university offers over 100 types of scholarships, including merit-based and need-based scholarships. In addition to traditional scholarship programs, Duke also offers many unique and innovative scholarship opportunities, such as the Duke Arts Scholarships and the Duke Alumni Research Fellowship Program.

    If you are interested in applying for a Duke University scholarship, be sure to visit the scholarship website or contact the Scholarship Office in advance. You can also find information about specific scholarship programs on the website or by contacting the Scholarship Office.

    Duke University Scholarships 2023

    For the class of 2023-2024, Duke University is accepting applications for partially and fully funded scholarships for BS, MS, and PhD programs. The Duke University-sponsored programs are open to domestic and international applicants from developing countries without any IELTS requirements for the intake session of 2022-2023.

    Duke University is a top-ten national university located in Durham, United States. With outstanding research facilities, it offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses in a wide range of disciplines. Furthermore, Duke Universitys Law, Medical, Business, & Engineering schools grant bursaries and scholarships to overseas students.

    For students interested in completing higher education in the USA, Duke University offers quality education, academic excellence, and affordable tuition fees. With or without IELTS scores, applicants have the opportunity to finance their degrees through funded scholarships.

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    Summer Scholarships For Duke Students

    The following scholarships are available to Duke students, for Duke-In summer programs. Students may only receive one of these scholarships per summer preference is given to those who have not previously received a scholarship. Non-Duke students are not eligible.

    • For Duke undergraduates on financial aid
    • Eligible students will be automatically considered.

    The Stephenson Pope Babcock Scholarship was generously established by the Babcock family in memory of their son. This scholarship is administered by the Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support.

    Duke undergraduate financial aid recipients accepted to Duke-administered summer programs will automatically be considered for this scholarship. In most cases, the Babcock Scholarship will replace the need-based loan portion of the summer financial aid package, after factoring in the family contribution.

    Contact your financial aid counselor for more information.

    • For Duke undergraduates studying on a Duke-In summer program taught in a foreign language

    Duke undergraduates are eligible for a merit-based Mac Anderson Scholarship for the following Duke-In summer programs taught in a foreign language:

    • Duke in the Arab World
    • Duke in Aix-en-Provence
    • Duke Pratt in Costa Rica

    *Only Duke in Berlin students who take their summer courses in German are eligible for this scholarship.

    The Mac Anderson application is accepted through a general MyExperientialEd scholarship form.

    Paying For Duke University

    Duke Nursing PhD Program: Why Duke?

    Duke has made a commitment to ensure that all admitted students are able to pay for their education using a need-blind approach to admissions. Students can also use the Estimate Your Aid tool to help get an idea of the cost of their future education and potential financial aid.

    If you want to be considered for all of the possible financial assistance at Duke, you must fill out the FAFSA and the CSS profile. You will then be considered for need-based scholarships and grants. Grants will include state, federal, and university-based ones. You can also qualify for

    federal student loans and/or federal parent loans if you need additional help paying for school. All students at Duke who are qualified for financial aid will receive the opportunity of using the federal work study program. There are many options on and off-campus of FWS opportunities.

    Students wishing to pursue their education throughout the summer months may be eligible for summer school aid. Additionally, veteran benefits and programs are available to veteran students are available to help navigate the financial aid world and transition to school. Duke provides resources for undocumented students, as well.

    You may also search for outside scholarships to help supplement your educational costs.

    Students can find answers to commonly asked questions here!

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    Does Duke University Give Scholarships To International Students

    The answer is yes! Duke University gives various scholarships to their international students, and it may depend on your chosen program, nationality, and degree. For example, international undergraduate students are eligible for Karsh International Scholarship, a merit-based scholarship covering eight semesters tuition fees.

    Other scholarships at Duke University are listed in the article below. We will discuss the scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, so make sure to read more!

    Do Duke University Scholarships Easy To Get

    When it comes to getting scholarships, Duke university is one of the easier schools to get into. They offer a variety of scholarships that are specific to different students.

    One of the most popular Duke scholarships is the Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship is given to top students in their class and is worth $40,000.

    There are also a number of other Duke scholarships that are specific to students who have a certain athletic or academic achievement.

    If youre interested in getting a Duke scholarship, be sure to visit their website for more information.

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    Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholars Program

    • Summary: The Howard Memorial Scholars Program is for students Of African heritage with exceptional academic and personal accomplishments.
    • Qualifications: All undergraduate applicants are automatically considered for 9 of the 10 merit scholarships.
    • How many are available: N/A
    • Deadline: CSS profile and FAFSA due February 1st
    • Award amount: N/A

    Trinity Deans Summer Research Fellowships

    Meet this Year

    The Global Education Office for Undergraduates supports Study Abroad Research Fellowship awards through the Trinity College Deans’ Summer Research Fellowship competition.

    The Global Education Office makes these fellowships available to highlight and strengthen opportunities for Trinity undergraduates to engage in research projects abroad, specifically, to plan and conduct summer projects inspired by and based on academic study abroad experiences.

    The intention of providing support through Study Abroad Research Fellowships is to increase the numbers of humanities and social science students who pursue senior distinction projects with an international component in a country other than the U.S.

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    Full Scholarships At Duke University

    Duke University is one of the best universities in the world. As it has very generous aid/grant policy, it provides full scholarships to a few deserving students at Duke University.

    Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina. It is home to world-renowned faculty and also an innovative educational institution where aspiring curious, creative and geniuses refine their talents.

    Moreover, Duke ranks 9th in the whole United States of America in 2018 edition of Best College. Similarly, Duke is a highly reputed college not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well.

    US, UK and Australia Colleges and Universities

    Additionally, Duke is best known for its STEM faculty, especially, its engineering programs. Also, it is one of the most athletic universities in the country.

    Duke University offers 53 majors, 52 minors and 23 certificates. With the ability to create combinations of the three, a student has 437,989 unique academic combinations available. In addition, 83% of Dukes students go beyond their major to earn at least one more major, minor or certificate.

    Duke Merit Scholarships For Specific Student Groups

    The table below displays some examples of Duke merit scholarships that focus on a certain demographic:

    Merit Scholarship
    • Are conducting health-related research at Duke University

    This scholarship entails a monetary prize of $10,000

    B.N. Duke Scholars Program
    • This scholarship is open to all residents of North and South Carolina who are accepted for any undergraduate program at Duke University
    • It is only awarded to students who show exemplary civic engagement

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    How Much Is Duke Scholarship

    There are a few ways to calculate how much a Duke Scholarship is worth. One way is to use the net price calculator. This calculator determines how much money you would need to pay after taking into account scholarships, grants and other financial aid options. Another way to determine the value of a Duke Scholarship is to use the scholarship estimate tool. This tool uses a formula that considers your grades and SAT or ACT scores as well as extracurricular activities and work experience.

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