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Scholarships provide Asian-American and Pacific Islander students a second chance

This concept appears to elevate Asian Americans by portraying them as an elite group of successful, highly educated, intelligent, and wealthy individuals, but it can also be considered an overly narrow and overly one-dimensional portrayal of Asian Americans, leaving out other human qualities such as vocal leadership, negative emotions, risk taking, ability to learn from mistakes, and desire for creative expression. Furthermore, Asian Americans who do not fit into the model minority mold can face challenges when people’s expectations based on the model minority myth do not match with reality. Traits outside of the model minority mold can be seen as negative character flaws for Asian Americans despite those very same traits being positive for the general American majority . For this reason, Asian Americans encounter a “bamboo ceiling”, the Asian American equivalent of the glass ceiling in the workplace, with only 1.5% of Fortune 500CEOs being Asians, a percentage smaller than their percentage of the total United States population.

Asian American / Pacific Islander Scholarship

Asian American and Pacific Islanders make up a diverse, vibrant group of people with backgrounds of more than 50 countries and regions, celebrating rich cultural diversity and cultural traditions.

Students who are Asian American or Pacific Islander make up around 8% of those attending universities and colleges within the US. Enrollment among students in this group is up nearly one-third since 2000, however, a majority of the members are underserved in their overall needs, particularly when it comes to getting a 4-year degree at a major college or university.

The bi-annual Asian American/Pacific Islander Scholarship is meant to encourage diversity in academia. This $750 award will help high school seniors and current undergraduate students who are Asian American/Pacific Islander pay their tuition or student loans.

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: | National

The Scholarship is a double sized opportunity for future engineers. 100 high school seniors like you will win $40,000 for college and a guaranteed paid internship at Amazon!

To apply, you must be a high school senior planning to pursue a bachelors degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering or another computer science related field of study from an accredited 4-year college or university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and must either be currently enrolled in or have completed a high school or college dual degree course where computer science is the subject. Example courses include:

  • International Baccalaureate Computer Science Course
  • Advanced Placement Computer Science A or Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
  • Computer science through a college dual enrollment program
  • Other High School course where only Computer Science is taught

Recipients of the award receive a renewable $10,000 scholarship at an accredited four-year college or university as well as a paid summer internship at Amazon after their freshman year of college.

Opening November 2022

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Explore All Kinds Of Scholarships For All Kinds Of Students

The application deadline is Apr 16, 2022. Winners will be announced on May 16, 2022.

Your privacy is a top priority on the platform, and you can find our privacy policy in full here. You may opt out of communications from at any time, and unless weâve first notified you and gotten your consent, youâll never receive communication from any third parties related to personal information you give us.

Award amounts per winner are designated by the donor. Check the award amount for a detailed breakdown.

The winner will be publicly announced on May 16, 2022. Prior to the announcement date, we may contact finalists with additional questions about their application. We will work with donors to review all applications according to the scholarship criteria. Winners will be chosen based on the merit of their application.

Award checks will be sent to the financial aid office of the winner’s academic institution or future academic institution in their name to be applied to their tuition, and in the name of their institution . If the award is for a qualified educational non-tuition expense, we will work with the winner directly to distribute the award and make sure it goes towards qualified expenses.

Before we award the scholarship, the winner will be required to confirm their academic enrollment status. Depending on the circumstances, verification of Student ID and/or their most recent transcript will be required.

Get $1000 From Scholarship Owl

Asian American Scholarships
  • Target: Students of the United States.
  • Benefits: $2,500 $15,000
  • Level and Discipline: Undergraduate degree in any subject
  • Host Institution: Any institution USA
  • Deadline:Please anticipate in January every year

The applications for the APIASF Scholarship are now accepted. Students who are being enrolled or will be attending college or university in the U.S. are welcome to apply. The winning students will receive up to $15,000.

Scholarship DescriptionThe Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund is the nations largest non-profit organization that provides college scholarships to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders with financial need. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of APIA students by providing them resources that increase their access to higher education which serves as the foundation for their future success and contributions to a stronger America.

Award ValueThe most deserving candidates may expect to receive awards amounting $2,500 $15,000.

Level and Area of StudiesUndergraduate degree in any subject.

Place of StudyIn the United States of America.

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When To Start Applying For Scholarships

Beginning your scholarship search as early as possible is a great way to maximize your financial aid winnings. Many students begin their scholarship search as high school seniors, but you can begin at any point in high school to get ahead of the competition.

If you’re already a high school graduate and haven’t begun to apply yet, don’t worry! Many undergraduate students are just beginning to search for scholarships, and there are plenty of opportunities for graduate students as well.

While starting your search as a graduate student reduces your opportunities to win, it’s never too late to apply and take control of your college finances.

Check The Additional Requirements Of The Scholarship

In addition to having Asian ancestry, some scholarships have additional requirements. Certain scholarships require applicants to show academic achievement through grade point average, demonstrate financial need, or be of a certain education level.

Some scholarships are specifically open to current college students, including undergraduate students and graduate students, while others are strictly open to certain grades, such as high school seniors or college freshmen.

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Scholarships & Financial Aid For Asian American And Pacific Islander Students

There are three main types of financial aid: loans, grants, and scholarships. All three can help pay for tuition, room, board, and living expenses. However, loans must be paid back often with interest while grants and scholarships do not. Grants are usually based on someones financial situation, while scholarships may place a greater emphasis on student achievement. As a result, scholarships are often the most sought after form of financial aid. See if one of these scholarships fits your academic and financial needs.

Adrienne M & Charles Shelby Rooks Fellowship For Racial & Ethnic Theological Students

The History of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


The Adrienne M. & Charles Shelby Rooks Fellowship was created to help racial and ethnic members of the United Church of Christ who are underrepresented in the church body get a seminary education. To qualify for a renewable award between $500 and $5000, students must be part of a congregation of the United Church of Christ and from an ethnic group that is not well represented. Part-time and full-time students must also be enrolled in school of theology that is accredited, and currently hold a B average in college studies.


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Asian And Pacific Islander Americans Scholars General Scholarship Program

The APIA Scholarship Program offers various scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander students, ranging in value from $2,500-$20,000. Applicants with Asian and/or Pacific Islander heritage qualify. Most awards focus on serving first-generation or low-income students, and learners with a proven record of community engagement and service.

Hsiao Memorial Social Sciences Scholarship

Open to graduate students in social science or economics programs, the scholarship awards $1,000 to one student annually. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, with preference given to those researching topics that benefit Asian communities in need. The scholarship application deadline is May 17, 2021.

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About Asian American And Pacific Islander Scholarships

Asian American and Pacific Islanders make up a diverse, vibrant group of people with backgrounds of more than 50 countries and regions, celebrating rich cultural diversity and cultural traditions.

As a growing group of college students, there is an influx of scholarship opportunities specifically geared towards the Asian Pacific American community.

Ametek Foundation Inc International Stem Scholarship

College Access Fairfax

Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: May 31, 2023 |

AMETEK Foundation, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist residents of China, Serbia, the United Kingdom and the European Union who plan to continue their education in a STEM field.

Applicants must be residents of the European Union or the United Kingdom to apply for the scholarships offered in France and in the United Kingdom OR be residents of Serbia to apply for scholarships offered in Serbia, OR be residents of China to apply for the scholarship offered in China.

All applicants must be in their final year of upper or higher secondary school or be current technical or university level students, and planning to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at one of the following universities for the entire upcoming academic year:

  • Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

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Where To Look For Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities can be found in a variety of places. If you are currently a student in high school, a visit with your school counselor is a great place to start, as they can have valuable insights into the scholarships available specifically for you and your area. They may also offer practical tips to get you started on your search and to make your application stand out.

In addition, you can check the U.S. Department of Labors free scholarship search tool, your colleges financial aid office, and You may even check with community organizations such as churches, volunteer groups, or your local library to find less-known award opportunities.

Chevron Filipino Employee Network Scholarship

The scholarship serves incoming Asian and Pacific Islander first-year learners studying engineering, computer science, physical science, or environmental science. The scholarship awards $2,000-$3,000 to 2-3 applicants each year. Applicants must hold a minimum 2.8 GPA and demonstrate financial need. The scholarship deadline is March 26, 2021.

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The Importance Of Scholarships For Asian Americans

Asian American and Pacific Islander students are making up an increasingly significant portion of college populations. AAPI students make up 8% of the student body at public four-year institutions.

Additionally, the number of AAPI students enrolled in college has increased by 36% since 2000. Unfortunately, AAPI students are often underserved when it comes to higher education.

The rising costs of tuition make it even more difficult for AAPI and other minority students to afford higher education, whether they’re graduating high school seniors, seeking a Bachelor’s degree, or working on a graduate degree.

As Asian Americans and other minority students begin to make up larger shares of student populations, it is critical that their needs are met and they have the necessary resources to attain their college education.

How To Apply For Scholarships For Minority Students

Asian American and Pacific Islander Women in Utah

Every scholarship on will have application directions in the description, including eligibility criteria. If you’re applying for a no-essay scholarship, you can quickly apply with just a few clicks, and other scholarships that require application materials, such as essays, pictures, or videos, will have prompts to direct your submission.

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Scholarships For Pacific Islanders

Are you a Native Hawaiian or hail from any other Pacific island and planning to attend a U.S. college or university? The good news: There are many scholarships available to you! Many come from organizations designed to fund scholarships for these types of students, such as the corporate-funded Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and the Asian Pacific Fund, which is a community foundation funded by private donors. Eligibility requirements may include meeting a minimum GPA and submitting a letter of recommendation. Various professional associations, corporations and foundations also provide scholarships for those of Pacific Island descent amounts and eligibility requirements vary but can be gender-specific or require that applicants pursue a particular area of study. Find out more about scholarships for Pacific Islanders by referring to the list below.



  • Ethnicity:Be |Native American|Asian|Pacific Islander|Hispanic|African American/Black|Be |Native American|Asian|Pacific Islander|Hispanic|African American/Black|
  • Residence:Live in |Kent, MI|Live in |Kent, MI|
  • School :|Non-Profit Public College|Private College||Non-Profit Public College|Private College|

Appzen Stem Scholarship For Racial Justice

Open Next Academic Year | Deadline: May 30, 2022 | National

AppZen, developer of the worlds leading AI platform for modern finance teams, has established the AppZen STEM Scholarship for Racial Justice, to support Black students pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields.

Applicants must identify as Black or African American, and be high school seniors, high school graduates or current postsecondary undergraduates, who plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university for the entire upcoming academic year. In addition, applicants must be planning to pursue a major in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics .

Scholarship recipients will earn a $3,000 award for undergraduate study.

Opening April 2022

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Apply As Early As Possible

Being among the first to apply for a scholarship can help distinguish your application when the donor begins their review. We publish an average of three new scholarship opportunities per day, and you can sign up for email or text notifications to be alerted when new scholarships are published.

Additionally, you can filter the scholarship list by date added so you can see the newest additions and get your application in as quickly as possible.

Grand Rapids Community Fund Scholarships

APIASF: Asian &  Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. Today

A community foundation based in Michigan, the Grand Rapids Community Fund serves students throughout Kent County and western Michigan. The fund provides grants and scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander students to overcome racial, economic, and social inequalities. GRCF offers financial support to both nonprofits and individual students statewide.

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Best Scholarships For Asian American Students In 2022

With Asian Americans making up about 5% of the U.S. population, and about 40% of them attending college , its important that this demographic receives the resources and support needed to fulfill their higher education experience.

These resources can come in the form of financial aid, with much being offered from the federal governments, as well as many state governments. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid provides an instrumental starting point for students to discover and submit their eligibility for federal financial aid. FAFSA helps the Department of Education to understand the context of your current individual and family financial situation so they can determine your financial needs for attending college.

After completing FAFSA, youll then be offered a combination of grants and loans to help cover your tuition and living expenses as a college student. Most of the time, however, more assistance is needed to cover the costs. The first places to seek additional help are your state and your school, as they may be able to offer grants or scholarships to assist you.

There are several additional opportunities out there for Asian American or Pacific Islander students to find scholarships. Minority advocacy organizations, educational foundations, professional corporations, and other organizations may provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships or grants.

Scholarships For Asian/pacific Islander Students

Even if you did not know about Asian Pacific Islander scholarships, you should check them out and explore various options that will help you to achieve academic excellence and focus on your life and family.

Of course, you can always apply for any diversity or minority college scholarship that is not precisely AAPI-related. Make sure to prepare your financial needs and academic achievement before you apply. You can calculate GPA online at EduBirdie.

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Kahdine Ann Dacosta Scholarship For Excellence In Leadership

Baltimore-based I Am O-Kah! offers these $1,000 scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander students to Morgan State University first-generation students. Applicants must major in communications or possess Caribbean ancestry. The scholarship committee considers financial need and academic achievement.

Top Asian American Scholarships & Grants To Apply For

Students celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month

Here are a few examples of some of the financial assistance that is available for students of Asian heritage, or Asian Americans. These scholarship awards could be applied to students pursuing various types of higher education, including an undergraduate degree or graduate degree. These awards may also be of interest to graduating high school seniors, though these awards are not limited to just graduating high school seniors. Because any student seeking a college education likely has specific academic interests or personal interests, this list will also contain a few awards for students with different interests.

  • Application Deadline: June 20, 2022

This scholarship is specifically for undergraduate BIPOC women at the University of Texas at Dallas who are pursuing careers in the STEM field. To apply, write about your career goals after college and how you plan to achieve them.

  • Application Deadline: July 14, 2022

The student debt crisis has been expanding, with 1 in 8 Americans now holding student loan debt totaling $1.6 trillion. Financial literacy is an important skill for students to have so they can make informed decisions about their college funding. This award aims to support students who are passionate about taking charge of their personal finances. Any student may apply for this award. To apply, students need to share a personal finance lesson that has benefited them.

  • Application Deadline: July 13, 2022
  • Application Deadline: July 2, 2022

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