Arkansas Governor’s Scholarship 2022

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Oregon Governor Commutes Death Sentences Of All 17 On Death Row

Election 2022: Arkansas PBS Debates Governor Press Conferences

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday commuted the sentences of all 17 people on the states death row, changing their punishment from execution to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Washington Post

Oregon Gov. Kate Browns decision to commute all the death sentences naturally brought to mind Republican Gov. Winthrop Rockefellers of all 15 inmates on Arkansass Death Row. He said, in part:

My position on capital punishment has been clear since long before I became governor, Rockefeller wrote in a statement. I am unalterably opposed to it and will remain so as long as I live. What earthly mortal has the omnipotence to say who among us shall live and who shall die? I do not. Moreover, in that the law grants me authority to set aside the death penalty, I cannot and will not turn my back on lifelong Christian teachings and beliefs, merely to let history run out its course on a fallible and failing theory of punitive justice.

Brown was the latest in a series of governors committed to a moratorium on executions, including her coming successor, who has citrd religious reasons.

From the Arkansas Times article on Rockefellers decision:

Loans And Financial Aid Services For Arkansas Students

For students in need of loans for school, the Arkansas Student Loan Authority is designed to help. The ASLAs goal is to make higher education more accessible to students through affordable student loan programs and by providing college planning services to Arkansas families.

In addition to ASLA, some loans are available from the State of Arkansas, such as the following:

About Arkansas Governors Distinguished Scholars

Pay attention to the section below which contains description about this financial aid.

Applicant must either meet the criteria for standardized test scores and GPA or be a National Merit finalist, or a National Achievement Scholar. Application must be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

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Arkansas Governor Scholarshipwhats The Award

The scholarship will cover its awardees room, board, and tuition fees up to $10,000 per year. You can renew the scholarship for another three years if you complete at least 27 credit hours per year and keep your GPA high. Depending on your GPA, you can receive:

  • $4,000 if the GPA is between 3.0 and 3.25
  • $10,000 if the GPA is above 3.25

For most students, $10,000 a year is not a big enough reduction of the tuition fee for them to be able to afford college expenses. Luckily, you can combine the Arkansas Governors Distinguished Scholarship with other financial aid programs and add the awards together to lower or even eliminate personal contributions.

If youre struggling to find scholarships, you should ! With our app, you will receive a custom-made list of all scholarships for which you qualify, and it will take only a few moments.

Law Enforcement Officers Dependents Scholarship

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Governor Arkansas 2022 Bumper Sticker Sarah ...

LEO provides a waiver of tuition, fees, and room at any public college, university, or technical institute in Arkansas for dependents and spouses of Arkansas law enforcement officers, some Highway and Transportation Department employees, and other public employees, who were killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. The amount of the award varies as the prize waives in-state tuition, mandatory fees, and on-campus room charges.

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What Is The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship

The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is a program for Arkansas residents who wish to pursue a college education. Its not specific to any gender or ethnicity. Moreover, students may be in any program of their choosing, as long as its from an accredited facility. An Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is funded by the Arkansas Scholarship lottery. In the state of Arkansas, its the most common form of state aid. The organization offers scholarships for high school students looking for assistance with paying for school, and they also have another program thats for non-traditional students. This includes students who are starting college after being out of high school for more than a year or students who are already in college.

The Arkansas Challenge scholarship amounts vary based on what year of a students higher education theyre in. For instance, first-year students are eligible for $500 per semester, which is the same as $1,000 per year. Second-year students are eligible for $4,000 per year and so are third-year college students. The amount for students going into the fourth year of their education is $2,500 per nine weeks. This is the same as $5,000 for the entire year. Students may receive a scholarship from this organization even if they dont attend school full time. However, the Arkansas Challenge scholarship amounts depend on the number of hours a student attends each semester.

Arkansas Governors Distinguished Scholarship In A Nutshell

Students across the United States struggle to pay their tuition fees, which only get higher with each academic year. This leads to many college students ending up in debt long after they finish their education.

Companies and state organizations are aware of this, which is why they offer financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants. One such organization is the Arkansas Department of Higher Education , and its behind the Arkansas Governors Distinguished Scholarship.

In this guide, well explain how the program works in terms of eligibility requirements and how you can apply for it.

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Governor’s School Ag Teacher Receives National Award

Hunter Thomas Morton, a native of Seneca and teacher at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Agriculture, is one of 33 agricultural educators nationwide who received the 2022 Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship Award from the National Association of Agricultural Educators.

The prestigious award was presented during the 2022 NAAE Convention, held Nov. 29 through Dec. 3 in Las Vegas.

We are extremely proud of Mr. Morton, said Timothy Keown, president of the Governors School for Agriculture. His accomplishments in and out of the classroom are second to none. Being named the Teacher Turn the Key winner for South Carolina puts him at the top of the states young agricultural educators. Mr. Morton has a bright future in his educational career, and this award is just the beginning.

Morton, a graduate of Pendleton High School and Clemson University, teaches on the environmental and natural resources pathway at the Governors School for Agriculture, one of four agriculture-focused pathways offered to students.

In addition to attending professional development, each of the TTTK scholarship recipients was recognized at a general session during the NAAE convention.

The mission of NAAE is professionals providing agricultural education for the global community through visionary leadership, advocacy and service. The NAAE is headquartered in Lexington, Ky.

Submitted by Tony Baughman

Discover Additional Awards With Donotpay

Arkansas Governor candidates debate | 2022 elections

DoNotPay will help you in your quest for as much free money as you need to pay for college. With our app, you will come across hundreds of scholarships that cater to students of your profile.

If the competition for the Arkansas Governors Distinguished Scholarship seems too tough, you can find awards that arent highly competitive and cater to specific groups, such as:

  • via any browser
  • Search for the Apply for Scholarships product
  • Answer a few questions from our chatbot about your grades, field and level of study, and other details
  • With the information you provide, our app will create a personalized list of all scholarships for which youre eligible.

    If the list comes up with an eye-catching no-essay scholarship, you can apply for it directly within the app. All you need to do is select the programs that interest you, and we will complete the application process on your behalf.

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    Who Can Apply For The Arkansas Governor’s Scholarship

    Before you get to join the competition and compare your academic performance to other applicants, there are requirements that you need to fulfill. The scholarship is not available to international students or newly-transferred onesonly Arkansas residents.

    To be eligible to apply, you need to be:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Arkansas resident or an out-of-state student who has continuously lived at least six months in Arkansas before applying for the program
  • Eligible for admission in a full-time college program
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    How To Win Scholarships And Grants From The State Of Arkansas

    Arkansas, College Scholarships, Financial Aid, Graduate Students, High School Students, Undergraduate Students

    The State of Arkansas has a number of scholarships and grants available to help students pay for their education. These scholarship programs are designed to help students cover a variety of education-related costs, including tuition, room and board, books, and more.

    If you are a resident of the state, you should be sure to check out these programs before enrolling in college or university. You might be eligible for a scholarship that will help you keep your educational costs low!

    Before doing anything else in your journey to find financial aid, its important to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . You can find more information about how to apply by visiting the Federal Student Aid Office of the U.S. Department of Education. Its important to note that this is a federal program.

    Five Distinguished Seniors Earn Academic Honor

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    CAVE CITY, Ark. – A special group of graduating seniors in Northeast Arkansas represent their community like few can, and now, their possibilities are endless.

    This year, fewer than 400 students across the state will receive the Governors Distinguished Scholarship, with five of those students from the Cave City High School.

    They are outstanding kids. These are good people, High School Principal Marc Walling said.

    Esther Beller, Austin Bailey, Britton Smith, Jonathan Townsley, and Dalton Hooker all scored at least a 32 on the ACT and held at least a 3.5 GPA, qualifying for the scholarship worth $40,000 over four years to any school in the state of Arkansas.

    As for their future plans:

    • Beller will attend the University of Arkansas and pursue a degree in Accounting.
    • Bailey will attend Arkansas State University and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    • Smith will attend the College of the Ozarks and play baseball while pursuing a degree in Business Administration.
    • Townsley will attend Harding University and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    • Hooker will attend the University of Central Arkansas and pursue a degree in Communication Sciences.

    All five are multi-sport athletes and said they carry their competitive spirit to the classroom.

    In fact, four years ago, the school had four students receive the scholarship. The class of 2022 took that as a challenge.

    However, there may be one other secret weapon that sets Cave City apart.

    Most Read

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    Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship

    The Arkansas Academic Challenge Program provides scholarships to Arkansas residents pursuing higher education. Funded in large part by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is available to students regardless of their academic status, whether just graduating from high school, currently enrolled in college, enrolling in college for the first time, or re-enrolling after a period of time out of college.

    The award amount is as follows: 4 Year Institutions: $1,000 freshman year | $4,000 sophomore year | $4,000 junior year | $5,000 senior year. 2 Year Institutions: $1,000 freshman year | $3,000 sophomore year.

    Arkansas Governors Scholars Program

    • Available ONLY January 1 to February 1
    • Governors Distinguished Scholarships
    • Students who meet the following minimum eligibility criteria are eligible to be named Governors Distinguished Scholars: either a 32 composite score on a single ACT test and a 3.5 GPA, or selection as a National Achievement finalist or National Merit Finalist. If funding allows, up to 300 Governors Distinguished Scholars may be named. If there are more than 300 qualified applicants, the applications will be scored based on the criteria for Governors Scholarships in the following paragraph.
  • Governors Scholarships
  • Students who do not meet the Governors Distinguished Scholars criteria compete for the Governors Scholarship, which will be awarded to the student who scores the highest in each of Arkansas 75 counties . Selection is based on the following: 45% ACT, 35% high school grade point average in academic courses, 10% class rank, and 10% leadership.
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    Are There Grants For Arkansas College Students

    The Arkansas Health Education Grant offers grants to students who are going to pursue a graduate degree in a medical-related field of study. It offers assistance with paying for tuition as well as room and board.

    Students may find grants in Arkansas for college through the state. This grant is available to students who want to pursue a career in chiropractic, osteopathic, or podiatric medicine. Its also available to individuals who are planning to attend school for dentistry, optometry, or veterinary medicine. There isnt a set number of grants given each year from this program. Its dependent upon the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

    Grants in Arkansas for college are also available from the Go! Opportunities Grant program. As one of the Arkansas grants for college, students may receive $1,000 per year for college and may qualify for this opportunity for up to four years. One of the Arkansas grants for college is for teachers only. Students cant qualify for this program until they already have student loan debt. The funds are to go toward their loans.

    Students may also find Arkansas grants for college on a national level by checking the options available from the nations education department. These options are for students who financially need assistance paying for college or who are attending a certain type of program.

    Joe Magnini Patriot Scholarship

    The key races to watch in Arkansas’s 2022 elections

    A scholarship fund was established to honor the memory of our friend and colleague, Joe Magnini. This scholarship was designed to encourage and assist high school seniors with their educational pursuits. The students parents/guardian must be a member of the cooperative to apply. Applications are available at our head quarters office located at 4818 Highway 8 West, Arkadelphia or may be downloaded from our website. Deadline to apply is March 31 for the fall semester. If you require additional information, contact Hayley Tibbs at 870.246.1832 or Sandy Manning at 870.246.1231.

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    Ready To Start Your Journey

    For many students, a scholarship means the difference between going or not going to college. Thats especially true, though, for low-income students, rural students, minority students, and non-traditional aged students, and Arkansas has all of those in high proportions. Whether through the Arkansas Lottery Scholarships, state-sponsored grants, or private foundations and charities, Arkansas students have many opportunities to show what theyre made of with a scholarship.

    To get your search going, College Consensus editors have listed a few scholarships in Arkansas worth checking out. Programs are presented here in alphabetical order by name.

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    Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship

    The purpose of the scholarship is for workforce training in high-demand areas of healthcare, information technology, and industry. Classes are not limited to credit-bearing programs. Non-credit, workforce-training classes that fit into the three above categories may also qualify. Those eligible for the prize are every person who has graduated from an Arkansas high school, Arkansas home school or GED program, or anyone who has a high school diploma or GED earned from another state and has lived in Arkansas for the last year. Students must enroll in a high demand area of study in the programs of Information Technology, Healthcare, and Industry. The award offers up to $800 per program.

    What Is The Arkansas Governors Distinguished Scholarship

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    Studying in Arkansas is not cheap, regardless of whether youre a high school, undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studentcosts await every step of the way. The ADHE offers help to reduce the financial burden on students and their families. The program offers a myriad of awards to Arkansans, including:

    TheArkansas Governors Distinguished Scholarship is for high school seniors who plan to enroll in an Arkansas college or university approved by the program. They must enroll full-time and show outstanding academic achievement.

    Its one of the most rigorous programs, and the competitiveness means that only a small percentage of applicants get the award.

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    Gov Hutchinson Announces Winners Of The Sixth Annual Governors All

    LITTLE ROCK Governor Asa Hutchinson on Saturday attended Arkansass sixth annual Governors All-State Coding Competition. Gov. Hutchinson, in partnership with ARCodeKids, announced the winners of the competition in the Ida Waldron Auditorium of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

    ARCodeKids, a 501c3 non-profit established to support the Arkansas Computer Science and Computing Initiative, will provide funds of up to $50,000 to support the competition. This funding was made possible by a grant from Microsoft Philanthropies, which has committed to providing another $50,000 for next years competition.

    Over one hundred and fifty teams from across the state participated in the digital regional competition. The top sixteen teams from that regional event along with a team from last years first-place team received invitations to compete in the 2022 Governors All-State Coding Competition.

    Gov. Hutchinson also recognized the five state finalists of the 2022 Arkansas Computer Science Educator of the Year award. Each of the following finalists will receive a $2,500 award from the ADE Office of Computer Science:

    • Brenda Qualls, teacher at Bryant High School
    • Carl Frank, teacher at Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts in Hot Spring
    • Kimberly Raup, teacher at Conway High School
    • Nicholas Seward, teacher at Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts in Hot Springs
    • Phillip Blake, teacher at eStem Public Charter Schools in Little Rock

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