American Legion Scholarship For Grandchildren Of Veterans

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$15000 In Scholarshipschildren And Grandchildren Of Members

American Legion Legacy Scholarship helps daughter of Air Force veteran

Eligibility for The American Legion Family Scholarship is open to the children and grandchildren of current paid members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and the Sons of The American Legion and the children and grandchildren of members who are deceased and who, at the time of death, were current paid members of the above organizations.

How Can I Win This Grandchildren Of Veterans Scholarship

For a chance to win this scholarship, please respond to a prompt below:

  • 1

    What sacrifices have you and/or your family made because of military service? In your 250-500 word response you may include:

  • Why your background as a grandchild of a Veteran is an advantage
  • Challenges you have faced
  • 2

    Some people have experienced emotional distress during times when their loved ones were away on military service. If you are such a person, tell us your story.In your 250-500 word response, you may highlight:

  • What those challenging times taught you
  • How it has shaped you
  • 3

    When you reflect on your family memberâs military service, what are you most proud of and what are you most grateful for? In your 250-500 word response you may include:

  • Why your background as a grandchild of a Veteran is an advantage to your educational or career goals
  • What you hope to pursue through your college education and beyond
  • 4

    What do you wish the American people better understood about military service or military families? In your 250-500 word response you may include:

  • Why your military background is an advantage to your educational or career goals
  • Challenges you have faced

Army Nurse Corps Association Education Fund

Applicants of the ANCA Education Fund must be currently enrolled in an accredited baccalaureate or advanced degree program in nursing, nurse anesthesia, or related healthcare field who are serving or have previously served in any branch, and at any rank, of a component of the US Army and are not currently receiving funding by a component of the US Army or the Department of Veterans Affairs, . For veteran applicants, an honorable discharge is required.

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The Organizations That Offer Scholarship For Grandchildren Of Wwii Veterans

We can never deny the contribution of the Veterans as they have always stood up for the country by protecting it and helped us in living a safe life. Our well being is always dependent on the Veterans and thus we recognize the importance of their contributions. There are many government organizations and non profit organizations that offer scholarships to the children or grandchildren of the WWII Veterans, Navy, Army and Vietnam War Veterans.

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Lowe’s Amvets Technology Scholarships

Cherry Hill Scholarship Awarded  American Legion Cherry Hill NJ Post 372

Computer Science features enough variety to appeal to people from all walks of life. The wide-ranging disciplines within the industry ensures that aspiring computer scientists are able to take advantage of their strengths while having the opportunity to expand and refine their skills. The challenges, the resilience and the rewards that exist in Computer Science closely mirror attributes that make up military life. Uniting these two worlds is a natural progression. AMVETS and Lowes want to support veterans, service members and military spouses advance in Computer Science as they set goals for themselves and surpass them. An industry such as Computer Science that steadily attracts qualified individuals encourages the best and brightest candidates to push themselves to innovate and stand out from the crowd. How will you use your strengths to distinguish yourself from the competition? How will you demonstrate your ingenuity? For eligible service members, veterans and spouses, AMVETS is offering 10 scholarships of $5,000.

Each year, the MCA provides financial assistance to several seminary students who are currently serving as chaplain candidates in the Air Force, Army, or Navy.

Eligibility Requirements:

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Scholarships For Dependants Of Veterans

Most college scholarships for children of veterans are also sometimes available to their grandchildren. There are even organizations that provide scholarships or financial aid for siblings, stepchildren, and adopted children of veterans. Lets start by looking at some college scholarships for children of veterans.

Specifications Of The Application

  • Judging Criteria: At all levels, judging will be based on the following criteria: Essay/Application 25 percent Character/Leadership 25 percent Scholarships are available for those who have a financial need of 25% or more.
  • Transcript: Required
  • Resume/Activity List: Required
  • Essay: An original essay of no more than 1,000 words is required . How Military will be the title of the essay.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Four letters of recommendation are required: a. One letter from the applicants graduating principal of the school or guidance counselor, detailing the size of the class, the students position in the class, and the cumulative grade point average. B. One letter from the individuals preferred clergyman/clergywoman. C. Two letters from adults who are not related to the applicant attesting to his or her character in terms of conduct, citizenship, and leadership.

Other Documents Required

  • A letter from the receiving organization attesting to 50 hours of volunteer service completed while high school.
  • A photocopy or certified transcript of the applicants high school diploma
  • A copy of your ACT or SAT results FAFSA form, FAFSA Summary Report, and Confirmation Page, or FAFSA Student Aid Report .
  • A summary of your parents or grandparents military service, including a branch of service and dates of service, or a photocopy of their discharge papers.
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    Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program For Children Of The Fallen

    The Scholarship Foundation guarantees scholarships of $30,000 over four years to eligible children of the following:

    • Children of Marines and veteran Marines whose parent was killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
    • Children of Marines who were killed in combat operations or during a Department of Defense operation, training exercise, or domestic terrorist incident on or after September 11, 2001.
    • Children of Navy Corpsmen, Chaplains or Navy Religious Program Specialists attached to a Marine unit who were killed in combat operations or during a Department of Defense operation, training exercise, or domestic terrorist incident on or after September 11, 2001.
    • Children of Marines, Navy Corpsmen, Chaplains or Religious Program Specialists attached to a Marine unit whose parent died by suicide as a result of combat related Post-Traumatic Stress.

    List Of Scholarships For Grandchildren Of Vietnam Veterans

    Nate Smith – American Legion Legacy Scholarship Recipient

    You can find a few organizations that offer scholarship programs for grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans just like the scholarship that is offered for the grandchildren of WWII Veterans. The programs help the students to pursue their study by providing them with financial aid and reach their educational goals.

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    Scholarship Programs For Children Of Veterans

    Children and grandchildren of US military veterans and service members can qualify for various scholarship opportunities to save thousands of dollars on college tuition. College scholarships for children of veterans can be combined with military tuition assistance, student discounts, and other types of financial aid to make higher education more affordable.

    Even if your family includes veterans or active-duty service members, earning your degree doesnt need to be expensive. We have information on college scholarships for children of veterans, spouses of military personnel, and other dependents of military personnel. Some of the resources available and the scholarships you may be eligible for might surprise you.

    Children Of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship

    Three $5,000 scholarships are awarded annually per geographic division, for a total of 15 scholarships. These scholarships are for undergraduate study only at a four-year accredited college or university, and may be used for tuition, books, fees, room, and board.

    Deadline: March 1 of each calendar year

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    Paralyzed Veterans Of America Educational Scholarship Program

    Unmarried applicants and dependents of a Paralyzed Veterans of America member may apply for the scholarship. Scholarship winners may apply again, but theyre limited to two awards in their lifetime. Part-time or full-time students are eligible to apply. Part-time students will receive $1,000, while full-time students will receive $2,500.

    To qualify for the program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • PVA members, their spouses, or an unmarried child under 24 who is financially dependent on the member can apply.
    • Citizens of the United States.
    • Admission to a US college or university and enrollment as a full-time or part-time student.

    Fisher House Scholarship For Military Children

    Auxiliary  Virginia 16th District  The American Legion

    The Military Commissary Association created scholarships for Military Children to honor the contributions of military families to the readiness of the fighting force and the commissarys role in the community of military families.

    The scholarship program will award 500 grants of $2,000 each for use at four-year undergraduate public colleges and universities or two-year community colleges. Scholarships valued at $16.7 million have been given to more than 10,000 students through the program over the past 17 years.

    At every commissary that receives qualified applications, the program will select at least one recipient. Additional recipients will be selected on a prorated basis, so more applications will be selected from those commissaries with a larger number of applicants.

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    Do You Know About These 10 Scholarships For Children Of Veterans

    Children of American soldiers face a unique set of challenges the expenses of higher education shouldnt be one of them. Fortunately, there are an ever-increasing number of scholarships available to military children.

    In light of the fact that military children attend an average of six to nine different primary and/or secondary schools and research indicates that students who bounce among schools often have unique needs USC has launched the Welcoming Practices Consortium, an initiative funded by the Department of Defense Education Activity that ensures school district and staff members have access to the tools they need to create welcoming and effective transition procedures for students.

    But what about help with higher education? When considering the financial feasibility of college, service members and their families frequently overlook the more than $300 million in scholarships and grants reserved specifically for them.

    With that in mind and in honor of April as the Month of the Military Child here are 10 college scholarships available to military children.

    1. General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant

    The centerpiece of the Air Force Aid Societys education program, the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant is available to dependent children of active duty, Title 10 Reservists on extended active duty, Title 32 Guard performing full-time active duty, retired, retired Reserve, and deceased Air Force members. Grants range from $500 to $4,000.

    3. MCSF Scholarship

    Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship

    The VFW’s “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” provides service members and veterans with the financial assistance they need to complete their educational goals without incurring excessive student loan debt. Its just another way for us to say thank you to those who fought for our freedoms.

    Scholarship Details:

    • Scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded to qualified applicants.
    • Awarded scholarships are limited to one per family per semester.
    • Applications for the fall semester will be accepted Jan. 1 through April 30.
    • Applications for the spring semester will be accepted Aug. 1 through Nov. 15.
    • Fall semester scholarships will be awarded in August, and spring semester scholarships will be awarded in January.
    • Scholarships must be used by the end of the school semester for which the veteran is applying, or they will become null and void.
    • Scholarships are restricted for tuition and fees only and will be paid directly to accredited schools.

    Eligible Applicants Must:

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    Daniel E Lambert Memorial Scholarship

    The scholarship was created to offer financial assistance to exceptional students who have a veteran parent or grandparent who is enrolled in an approved college or vocational-technical school in Maine. You will also need to submit a copy of the veterans certificate of honourable discharge. Scores on the SAT and/or ACT a completed and signed copy of the 1040 tax return for the parent/guardian Applicants originals The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that you can fill out and apply for financial aid. a letter of acceptance from the approved school where you will be enrolled Proof of education costs. Click the link below to apply or for further information about the scholarship.

    Provided By: American Legion – MaineAward: $1000Apply Now

    Womans Army Corps Veterans Association Scholarship

    McVey family get help from The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund

    Children and grandchildren of WWII veterans can attend high school and college thanks to the Womens Army Corps Veterans Associations scholarship program for grandchildren of WWII veterans. Graduates of high schools and students who plan to enroll in an accredited university or college must apply. This organization offers scholarships for granddaughters of WWII veterans who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. As part of the application process, applicants must submit a biographical essay, recommendation letters, and a list of academic accomplishments.

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    Samsung American Legion Scholarships

    As part of its support for American veterans, Samsung offers a $5 million endowment scholarship in partnership with the American Legion. The scholarships are awarded to high school juniors who are members of the American Legion Boys State or Auxiliary Girls State program. Children of veterans, including World War II veterans, are also eligible. Applicants must submit a 500-word essay and their academic history, school involvement, and financial need. The amount given varies, but successful applicants can use it for tuition, books, fees, and boarding.

    Florence Lemcke Fine Arts

    The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Washington, created the scholarship to provide financial assistance to high school seniors wishing to pursue a study in a Fine Arts related area. In order to be eligible, the applicant must pursue or must be pursuing a degree in Painting, drawing, , literature, architecture, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, and drama. Click the link below to apply or for further information about the scholarship.

    Provided By: American Legion Auxiliary – Department of WashingtonAward: $1000Education level: High school seniorSubject: Fine Arts

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    The Bonsai Finance Veterans Scholarship

    The scholarship celebrates veteran and dependent students who strive for excellence in their lives and provides a one-time payment of $2,500 for current or future education costs. Candidates must not have previously earned a bachelors degree from a college or university. Candidates will need to answer the following essay question in 500 words or fewer: Please tell us how you strive for excellence in your life. What are the accomplishments of which you are most proud? What challenges did you overcome to achieve what you have?

    Afcea War Veterans Scholarships

    William D. &  Jewell Brewer Scholarship $500 Award  The American Legion ...

    Merit-based scholarships of $2,500 will be awarded to persons on active duty in the uniformed military services or honorably discharged U.S. military veterans who deployed abroad in support of one of the Overseas Contingency Operations . Recipients must be currently enrolled and attending classes in an undergraduate program part time or full time in an eligible STEM major degree program at an accredited four year college or university in the U.S . Distance-learning or online programs affiliated with a major U.S. institution are eligible.

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    Stanley Johnson Nursing / Health Science Scholarship

    The Stanley Johnson Nursing / Health Science Scholarship is awarded to the student who continues his/her higher education pursuing a degree in nursing/medical or health science fields.

    Stanley Johnson came to the United States from England at the age of 15. He worked for many years at the U.S. Challenge Company in Batavia, Illinois and later at Burgess-Norton in Geneva, Illinois. Stanley Johnson so loved this country that he joined the United States Armed Forces in World War I.After being honorably discharged Stanley married Hattie Swan and together they worked tirelessly for the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. Stanley served 52 years as Treasurer American Legion Post 504.This scholarship was established by the Johnson’s in honor of his niece, Jean Johnson, who was a British nurse. Because of the importance of encouraging our youth to become future doctors, nurses or other health related professionals American Legion Post ___ has continued awarding this scholarship to date.

    Military Dependent Scholarships For Children Of Veterans

    #1: The American Patriot Freedom Scholarship

    Homefront America awards the American Patriot Freedom Scholarship to eligible dependent children of military veterans. The scholarship, which awards up to $1,000 per recipient, goes toward expenses such as tuition, fees, room, and board.

    #2: ASF Scholarships

    If youre the child of an active-duty Army member, including active-duty Reserve personnel, you may qualify for a scholarship from the Army Scholarship Foundation . ASF scholarships range from $500 to $2,000 in value.

    #3: The CGF Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded by the Coast Guard Foundation to eligible children of active-duty, Reserve, or retired Coast Guard members. The amount varies from $1,000 to $5,000.

    #4: MCSF Scholarships

    The has a prestigious history dating back more than half a century. Over that time, the MCSF has awarded more than 37,000 scholarships totaling over $110 million an average of nearly $3,000 per scholarship. If youre the son or daughter of a retired, Reserve, or active-duty Marine and meet other eligibility criteria, you can apply for an MCSF scholarship online.

    #5: The Wings Over America Scholarship

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    Samsung Scholarship For Grandchildren Of Korean War Veterans

    American Legion Auxiliary Department of Oregon is the sponsor.

    The award supports undergraduate studies of direct descendants or a lawfully adopted child of a former soldier who completed active service on specified eligible periods as specified by the American Legion in commemoration of US veterans who assisted Korea against communist forces during the Korean War.

    A delegate to an American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program is required.

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