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Aeronautics Scholarships More Hints

Direct PhD in Oklahoma University USA | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering | Foreign Admissions

submission portal: via employer website

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships submission via email applicability: Depend on employer

contact person or site for a question regarding scholarship: employer website

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships start date: varies

end date: varies

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships level: varies

language eligibility: varies

family cover for a spouse, partner and children: depends on several factors and on the provider

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships health insurance: varies from scholarship providers

work permit: varies from scholarship providers

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships country eligibility: varies from scholarship providers

Referee: varies from scholarship providers

when to apply? when it is on

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships for International, national or local? Varies

for graduate or undergraduate or post-docs? depends

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships application opening: whenever it is on

Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships deadline: varies, be ready to apply when it is on

Willis A Waas Scholarship

The Willis A. Waas Scholarship was established by Andrea Waas, Mr. Waas’s daughter, in 1990 to assist students at the University of Kansas in obtaining their private pilot license. This award is given in memory of Willis A. Waas, a 1951 KU graduate, who was killed in a 1987 small plane crash caused by mechanical failure.

The Waas Scholarship provides up to $1,500 to a full-time KU student in pursuit of a Private Pilot Certificate. The Waas Scholarship fund is used to establish a line of credit at a flight school.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Successful completion of FAA Private Pilot Airmen Knowledge written test
  • Have a current FAA third-class medical certificate
  • Be enrolled full-time at KU
  • Application Process

    Applications may be submitted at any time.

  • A completed Waas Application Form
  • A personal essay of less than 500 words explaining how the Waas Scholarship will support your pursuit and/or completion of the requirements of the Private Pilot Certificate
  • Copy of relevant pages of pilot logbook
  • The Imperial College Phd Scholarships

    The Imperial College PhD Scholarship Scheme is an exciting opportunity that will support 50 outstanding students from anywhere in the world to study for a PhD in any of the Colleges Faculties and Business School.

    The scholarships will cover tuition fees and provide a stipend of £20,000 per annum. We are able to offer these scholarships thanks to support from EPSRC and, crucially, the generosity of our alumni. More information about the support package and the application process is available via the student fees and funding pages.

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    Aeronautical Engineering Scholarships Hints

    Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships priority: Depend on employer

    the area considered: Varies.

    Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships for women? yes

    for physically challenged? see link

    Aeronautics Scholarships selection criteria: Depend on employer

    multiple applications? Depend on employer

    citizen eligibility: See link

    Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships countries eligibility: See link

    course eligibilities: See link

    Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships age eligibility: Depend on employer

    sex eligibility: Depend on the employer

    Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships awarded more than one? Depend on employer

    types: full time or part time? See links

    process: By application

    Aeronautics Fellowships and Scholarships degrees or course specialisation to apply for: Varies

    A Career In Aerospace Engineering & How To Get A Job In The Industry

    Aerospace Engineering Degree Launch / Faculty of Engineering and Built ...

    The aerospace industry is one of the top employers in the world. ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION , the U.S. aerospace industry supports more than 1.2 million jobs. It generates $300 billion in annual revenue, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration .

    The aerospace industry is highly competitive. However, it offers a wide range of job opportunities for those passionate about engineering and science. This article will find out how to get a job in the aerospace industry and what career opportunities are available for you as an aspiring engineer or scientist in this field.

    A career as an engineer or scientist in the aerospace industry can be challenging but rewarding if you are passionate about engineering or science. And have a real-world impact on society this is a career for you.

    The aerospace industry is becoming increasingly more competitive. Many companies compete with each other and try to be the best in their market and have the most cutting-edge technologies. This results in a highly rewarding career that pays well. In the United States, there is ~$118 billion spent on aircraft annually, of which Boeing estimates that ~$100 billion is from military contracts. There is potential for those with a strong STEM background to make well-above-average salaries and positively impact the aerospace industry.

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    Campus Aid For Aerospace Engineers

    Individual campuses support their aerospace programs with supplemtntal scholarships that bridge the affordibility gap for stand-out degree candidates. These recent campus-specifc scholarship examples bring aerospace education within reach for top students:

    University of Minnesota sponsors scholarships for students enrolled in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department:

    • Dennis Longren Scholarship Fund is open to undergraduate students in the program who show demonstrated academic achievement in combination with financial need.
    • R. Minkin Aerospace Engineering Scholarship is given to an outstanding sophomore in the program. Awards are worth $500 each.
    • Boeing Scholarships award up to $3,000 each to eligible applicants in their junior year. Successful candidates are at the head of their classes, academically, and interested in careers with Boeing.

    Auburn University sponsors nearly a dozen endowed scholarships for students enrolled in the aerospace engineering program:

    • Fred Martin Annual Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering is designated for students with academic merit who are members of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
    • Rodney Bradford Endowment is awarded annually, to a financially needy student from Alabama pursuing a major in aerospace engineering.

    Texas A& M University Aerospace Engineering Department sponsors the following scholarships for students pursuing Aerospace Engineering degrees:

    Top 4 Tips For Getting An Aerospace Engineering Scholarship And Why They Are Important

    The aerospace engineering scholarship is one of the best ways to get into a career in the aerospace industry. There are four tips for getting an aerospace engineering scholarship and why they are important.

  • Find a mentor: Find someone already in the industry and ask them for advice on how to get into this field. They will be able to point you in the right direction and help you with your application process.
  • 2. Research scholarships: Take time to research scholarships available for your chosen field of study before submitting your application, as some scholarships require specific qualifications or experience that you may not have yet.
  • 3. Choose an accredited university: Make sure that you choose an accredited university if you want to be able to apply for a scholarship with them, as some universities offer better opportunities
  • You can apply for several scholarships, and one misconception is that only certain universities can offer them. That is not the case. You need to ensure that the appropriate governing body accredits your chosen university. . The American Council on Education has a list of institutions that have been granted full or provisional status.

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    Capt John C North Memorial Scholarship

    The Capt. John North Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Capt. John C. North, Jr. in 1972 by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. North, Sr. and his friends. Captain North, who was a graduate of the University of Kansas, died tragically in the crash of an Air Force KC-135. The North Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding Aerospace Engineering student who will become a sophomore or junior in the academic year the scholarship will be given.

    Aerospace Engineering Scholarships 2022

    International scholarships at Bristol

    Are you a students of Aerospace Engineering and looking for PhD Aerospace Engineering scholarships, Masters Aerospace Engineering scholarships or undergraduate programs in Aerospace Engineering on fully funded or partial support scholarship, you can find list of Aerospace Engineering scholarships for international students at this page.

    PhD, Masters, Bachelor All Subjects scholarships.

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    Aerospace Engineering Scholarships From The Federal Government

    The federal government sponsors a number of programs that require aggressive recruitment of talented aerospace engineers from the limited pool of American graduates. Start taking advantage of those opportunities by looking at scholarships like these:

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the government Mecca for aerospace engineers, a large employer that makes a most impressive resume entry. The agency sponsors a popular and very competitive program aimed at eventual employment that includes scholarships, which come with internships, and fellowships.

    Dozens of scholarship and cash programs are funded annually, including the Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology Project. This program targets sophomore and junior undergraduates, and the summer internship brings a paycheck of $6,000. You must maintain a 3.0 GPA to qualify.

    The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program bestows awards on outstanding students pursuing science, mathematics, and engineering degrees. There is a great deal of competition for these, and you must be nominated by a Goldwater Faculty Representative.Goldwater Scholarships cover college tuition and other expenses up to $7,500. Over 300 are given each year, and you must display significant talent in and commitment to your chosen field of study.

    Which Scholarships Are Available For International Students

    Available in the United States. These scholarships can help international students pay for tuition, living expenses, and other academic-related costs.

    The U.S. Department of State has a scholarship program that offers up to $5,000 per year for international students studying at accredited colleges or universities in the United States. The USAID also offers grants of up to $500 per month for one year to international students who study a STEM-related degree or field such as engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

    There are many scholarships available from private organizations too. Some examples include the Fulbright Scholarship Program, offered by the U.S. Department of State and provides awards of up to $4,000 per year for graduate study abroad, and the Gates Millennium Scholars program, which provides scholarships of up to $7,500 annually for students pursuing undergraduate degrees.

    There are other ways to fund your Education loans, grants, or work-study programs. Some examples of these include Pell Grants and Title IV aid from the U.S. Department of Education. Awards and Scholarships also count as financial aid. Students may receive their assets to help pay for college. These assets can be anything of value, such as a car or house, and are counted in the total family resources figure on the FAFSA form.

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    Fund Your Aerospace Studies With A Cranfield Scholarship

    Cranfield University has a vibrant international community and is historically a popular destination for students coming from France. More than 500 of them join Cranfield every year to pursue their studies.

    Cranfield offer specialist Aviation, Aerospace and Computer Engineering masters degrees alongside broader subjects including artificial intelligence, robotics, structures, CFD and autonomous systems. Cranfield is a Top 5 British University where students benefit from high quality courses, infrastructure and links within renowned industries.

    Whether they come from other universities, grandes ecoles or schools of engineering, French students find a valuable learning experience and a strong network of industries to boost their career at Cranfield. So if Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Thales, Safran, Boeing, MDBA or Bombardier are companies you dream of working for, take the first step towards a brilliant future and look at our Aerospace courses.

    The Grainger College Of Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative


    In 2013, in partnership with The Grainger Foundation, The Grainger College of Engineering launched an ambitious initiative to raise $100 million in endowment support with a special emphasis on unrestricted scholarships. The Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative has since paved the way for hundreds of deserving students to make their dreams of becoming an engineer a reality.

    The Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative attracts the brightest students, ensures a diverse and talented class, and helps reduce debt. We place a particular focus on highly qualified students from the state of Illinois.

    Scott R. White EVS Fund:

    Professor Scott White was a faculty member in the Department of Aerospace Engineering from 1990-2018. He was a visionary researcher in the area of composite materials and was instrumental in creating the field of self-healing materials. Professor White was deeply committed to providing undergraduate students with research opportunities. He cared for his students and pushed them to reach their fullest potential. For those students who knew him best, he was a wonderful mentor who was extremely driven and who always set the highest standards for his students. The fund was created to encourage and recognize undergraduate research in the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

    Class of 77 EVS Fund:

    Rodney L. Burton EVS Fund:

    Professor Rodney Burton joined the department in 1989. His primary research was in the area of combustion and propulsion.

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    Canadian Aerospace Engineering Awards Bursaries Prizes And Scholarships

    Faculty of Engineering and Design Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Carleton University Faculty of Engineering and Design Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, School of Architecture and the School of Industrial Design

    Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program Afdb 2021

    • University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Nelson Mandela Africa Institute of Science and Technology, University of Ghana +9 More, University of Ibadan, University of Ouagadougou, The University of Tokyo, Sophia University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Hiroshima University, Kogakuin University, Kyushu University
    • Energy, Agriculture, Health, Engineering Various
    • African Students

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    Degrees Earn You Exciting Careers In Aviation And Space Exploration

    Technical personnel who work in the aviation and space industries are educated in reputable aerospace engineering and aeronautics programs across the country. Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degrees are starting points for aerospace education, which often continues on to graduate research work for qualified academics. Use campus-specific resources, and scholarships from professional organizations to help realize your aerospace engineering potential.

    Aeronautical Engineering Scholarships 2022

    Scholarship for Girl Students 2022 – Rolls-Royce Unnati Scholarships for Women Engineering Students

    Are you a students of Aeronautical Engineering and looking for PhD Aeronautical Engineering scholarships, Masters Aeronautical Engineering scholarships or undergraduate programs in Aeronautical Engineering on fully funded or partial support scholarship, you can find list of Aeronautical Engineering scholarships for international students at this page.

    PhD, Masters, Bachelor All Subjects scholarships.

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    Department Of Aeronautics Msc Scholarship

    The Department of Aeronautics is pleased to offer two full scholarships to academically excellent students with a keen interest in pursuing an MSc within the field of Aeronautical Engineering.

    All successful applicants to one of the Departments three MSc programmes who have applied by 31 March 2022 will be automatically considered for one of these scholarships:

    Please contact for further information.

    School Of Aeronautics And Astronautics Scholarships

    The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has scholarships and student support available thanks to the generosity of alumni, friends and industrial sponsors. To receive full consideration for scholarships awarded using these funds for the 2021-22 academic year, please complete the application by April 15, 2021. All students who will be enrolled as an undergraduate student in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics in the Fall 2021 semester are encouraged to apply for scholarships. The application will open on March 1, 2021.

    The Purdue University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics is grateful to generous alumni, friends of the School and industrial partners that provide support for the following scholarships and student support.

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    Your Student Loan Your Way

    Amount: $4,000

    Deadline: August 7, 2020

    The USRA Scholarship Awards Program has established four scholarship programs. The programs support students pursuing majors related to aeronautics-related sciences, space science research, or space science education. Each of the programs offers a one-time $4,000 award to the winner. As a bonus, the scholarship matches students to the most appropriate one for their specific field of study.

    Like any other scholarship, there are a few requirements. First, you need full-time undergrad status. Second, youre currently enrolled in a four-year accredited U.S. college or university to qualify. Finally, you must be within two years of earning a bachelors degree in the field of engineering or science by the time you get the award.

    Amount: $2,500

    Deadline: TBD for 2020-2021

    The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund collaborates with NASA to fund this scholarship. The scholarship provides financial aid to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans majoring in aerospace engineering and other related fields.

    There are a few things you need to meet in order to qualify. First, only students of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity can apply for this $2,500 award. Additionally, applicants must have a 2.8 GPA to qualify.

    Deadline: June 16, 2020

    The Women in Aerospace Foundation encourages women to go into the aerospace field.

    Amount: Varies

    Deadline: April 1, 2020

    How To Fund Your Studies

    Scholars of Space

    Ambition, impact, respect and community are the four values that define us at Cranfield University. We offer a wide range of scholarships to ambitious and talented students to help fund their studies and make an impact in the world of aerospace. We highly value and respect the quality of the French engineering teaching programmes so, every year, a large number of French students join our community thanks to our merit-based scholarships.

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    Ae Undergraduate Student Awards And Scholarships Students May Self

    Every spring term, continuing Aero students are invited to apply for department endowed scholarships and awards. A call for applications is emailed to all eligible students in December/January. For more information, contact Cpurtney McLearin, . To be eligible for the following scholarships, students must be a registered undergraduate student in the current academic year in which it is awarded. To apply, complete and submit the form online.

    Each of the awards/scholarships/fellowships listed below come with a monetary award as well.

    Michael W. Miller Aerospace Engineering Innovation Award

    Mike Miller graduated from the Aerospace Department in 1977 and was one of the founders of Orbital Science. With over 40 years of experience as a venture capitalist in the aerospace industry and Director and Founder of Comspace Development, Miller created the award to encourage entrepreneurial innovation in the Aerospace Engineering industry.

    This award was established to increase awareness of entrepreneurship in aerospace engineering.

    Robert W. McCloy Memorial Scholarship

    Professor McCloy was the first faculty hired in the new Department of Aeronautical Engineering. He was known for his research and teaching in propulsion and for his pioneering work in jet propulsion.

    This scholarship is awarded annually to an Aerospace Engineering student in recognition of excellent academic performance.

    Lee H. Sentman Memorial Scholarship

    H.S. Stillwell Memorial Scholarship

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